Bela's Milestone at 20 months

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It’s already 11:45 and I’m still wide awake. Just want to post Bela’s milestone at 20 months. Baka lang makalimutan ko:

  • She now knows the different shapes – circle, square, rectangle, star, heart. She can point it to you if you ask her which is which.
  • She can pronounce and distinguish the letters S (she pronounced it as “esss”), A, and K (she pronounced it as “Ka”) and the number three
  • More words have been added to her vocabulary: art for heart, egg, ti for three, eyesss (with the emphasis on the “s”), up (she says this when she wants to go up our room already), ilk for milk. This is really a big relief for us. Some of you might remember I even posted about my worries on Bela’s talking skills in n@w because her Pedia recommended that we let her have a hearing test when she turns 2 kse sabi nga naming sa Pedia nya, kaunti pa lang words na alam nya. But now we are amazed at how quickly she can pick up the words that we introduce to her so this is just a big assurance for us na wala nga syang hearing problems.
  • She knows the different parts of her body. She can point to you where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue is when you ask her.
  • She nods by moving her head up and down when she wants to say Yes and moves her head left and right when she means No.
  • She can do the action for the song “My toes, my knees, my shoulder, my head” and she can point her toes, knees, shoulder and head correctly.
  • She just loves to sing. Her tatay bought her a DVD-oke of the different nursery rhymes together with a microphone and stand. And every time she wants it played, she will get the DVD from the DVD rack, give it to us so we can play it then grabs her microphone and then she starts to sing (although, most of her lyrics di pa namin maintindihan). Future Song Bird ata anak ko…hehehe

Well that’s it for now. Time to sleep para marami energy tomorrow. We’ll be watching the Sesame Street Concert tomorrow and I’m really excited for Bela.


Things I Hate

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I’ve been tagged by Nice & Jane

1. Food you hate - Oatmeal. (Di ko gusto itsura eh)

2. Fruits you hate - None.

3. Veggies that you hate - None. I love eating vegetables. Kahit ampalaya, love ko.

4. Celebrities or people that you hate - Paris Hilton, yung mga tao na mayabang, sipsip at ingitera

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate - When my aunt died.

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate - Mga tele-nobela

7. Type of Music that you hate - Kahit ano na sobrang ingay and walang sense ang lyrics

8. Household chore that you hate - Lahat. Tamad ako eh. LOL.

9. Things you hate about the world - Poverty & Corruption

10. Things that you hate about yourself - I easily get stressed out, madali ako mag panic and madali ako mainis. And pag bad trip ako, kawawa naman hubby ko kse sya taga salo ng toyo ko. (wawa naman si howell).

I don't know who to tag na eh. Most of you kse nasagutan na tong tag na to. So whoever wants to answer it na lang.


Just before bedtime....

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Before we go to bed we always make it a point that we spend some time with our daughter. Either we'll play with her, read books with her, watch TV with her or kahit anong activity na makakapag bonding kami. Sa gabi na lang kse kami nakakapag bonding coz my husband and I are both working.

Syempre, ang photographer na tatay ni Bela, di mapigilan na kuhaan ng kuhaan ng picture ang prinsesa nya habang nag lalaro.

Eto feeling model na naman ang anak ko:

These pictures were just taken last nigth habang nag lalaro si bela (mukha pa bang kwarto ang bedroom namin or mukha ng play area ni Bela? LOL)

Bela's fav toy - her little touch leap pad
conscious sa cam, nag po-pose pa din habang naglalaro
wala na kaming matulugan sa dami ng toys ni bela sa bed namin


Bela's Sunday Tambayan - Fun Ranch

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After ng class ni Bela every Sunday sa Little Gym, we always drop by at Fun Ranch. Nakasanayan na nga to ni Bela and once na makita pa lang nya yung fountain sa entrance ng Tiendesitas, super excited na sya kse alam nya nasa Fun Ranch na sya.

Below are some recent pictures that Howell took:

by the hanging bridge

the new train ride

bela, dancing with the gopets mascot

ang anak ko, amaze na amaze sa mascot

These pictures were just taken last Sunday:

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