Easter at the Farm

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I am so busy this week and the coming week as I still have a lot of pending work to finish before I take a 3-week off from work. But let me just make this post abut my family’s Easter celebration at the farm before I totally forget to post about it again.

We decided to celebrate Easter in our house in Pandi which we haven’t done in a long while now. We are all excited as Pandi brings a lot of our childhood memories since this is where we always celebrate special occasion when we were still kids.

So we left the house around 9 AM and by 10 AM we were already at the farm. Howell brought out all the toys in the storage for the kids to enjoy. We even put out the inflatable pool so kids and adult alike can enjoy a dip. Then we had Easter egg hunting too.

Since it was a very hot day, we decided to go to a nearby resort for some real swimming since we haven’t had our summer outing yet. Thankfully we found a nice, clean resort near our house which is not crowded unlike Amana and Villa Concepcion. So right after eating lunch and Easter egg hunt, we all went to Villa Manaoag.

Of course all the kids had fun swimming. After swimming we went back to our house for late snack and then we head back home to Manila.

We all wish that we can do this more often.


On Our Way to Weight Loss

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One’s determination and courage to face the sometimes insurmountable challenge of losing weight, adapting a strict diet, and combating obesity, are not enough to help us succeed. Can you recall how many times you have attempted to lose weight? Have you been a fan of fad diets? Are you still hesitant of seeking help to overcome obesity? We can either continue to have these questions ringing in our heads or we can take a firm stand and begin to take action.

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Once you have jumpstarted your diet and have taken the plunge against obesity, fuel your drive by keeping to your goal. The dread of climbing the scale or even looking at reflection at the mirror will be a thing of the past. Imagine how rewarding it would be to fit into your little black dress or to tuck your crisp white shirt without the unsightly bulging belly! There is indeed a way to curb the temptation to be sidetracked because it takes a lot of effort to prepare your meal. You can always rely on Bistro MD to be right at your doorstep, bearing the unbelievable tasty and healthy meals! Do not be worrisome of the costs as Bistro md coupons and discounts give you the best deals ever!

We can now truly say that we are really on our way to weight loss. Picture yourself reaching your ideal weight, seeing old friends amazed by your remarkable transformation, and smiling triumphantly to a brand-new you! Always keep in mind the savings promo code or coupon discount of your diet plan and choose the best and most tasteful healthy menu to supplement your weight-loss goals. Dieting need not be boring! Enjoy and savour every bite without the guilt. Imagine the transformation this healthy practice will make of you even after you’ve achieved that most coveted weight and figure. Think long term and consider this your new lifestyle. Move forward and never go back.

AbieL is a freelance writer and professional blogger. Her current writing project is for WeightLossTriumph, a diet blog about weight loss programs, meal delivery, discounts and coupons for Diet to Go and Bistro MD and many more. They share in this blog Diet To Go promo code and Bistro md coupons and discounts so check it out if you want to enjoy great savings.


2 Weeks to Go

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All our bags are packed and we are ready to go….

I wish. But we only have two weeks left before our 3-week US vacation and I haven’t started packing yet. I still have a lot of work to finish before we leave, plus I also want to make sure that everything is good for Cobi’s birthday that is why I haven’t started packing our stuff yet.

But at least I am sure that Bela will not be bored during our stop over and long haul flight because I have downloaded a number of her favorite movies that she can watch on board. Thanks to the software called HandBrake, it was such a breeze converting these movies to iTouch format.

I have loaded the movies also on my laptop and have installed various media player like KMPlayer, Media Player Classic and Mplayer so I will be sure that all the movies will play no matter what format I was able to download it.

And in case we can find a WiFi spot, I have installed Miranda IM on my laptop so Bela can chat with her granddad who is not coming with us.

But I am always like this every time we travel so I am sure that I will be able to prepare for our stuff at least a few hours before our flight. LOL.


One Morning in Baywalk

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I noticed that I haven’t blogged about personal post in the last couple of weeks because I am so busy. So this one is another long overdue post.

Last March 26, we decided to wake up early to catch the morning sun as both Cobi and Bela have cough and colds. We went to the seaside in PICC and we promised Bela that we will ride the boat that goes around Manila Bay and we will also rent a bike that she can use after. But it has been ages since we last went to PICC Baywalk and so we did not know that they already remove the boat that accepts passengers in the morning to go around Manila Bay and they also remove all the bikes for rent in the area.

Baywalk FunSunrise for the Earlyrisers

Bela was disappointed because of this because we have been telling her that these are the activities that she can do there. So the lolo came to the rescue and of course, he does not want to disappoint her dear apo so we tried to go to the Bay Area in Mall of Asia and we were surprise since there are a lot of activities that we can do there.

Bela first tried the ball walk, then we rented the small motor bike for her, then we waited for the grand carousel to open and Bela and Cobi tried it.
Bela had a blast @ San Miguel by the bayGrand Carousel

When the mall opened, we decided to go there for lunch at Don Henricos (My dad’s favorite). We definitely had a blast and we will surely do this again….soon…


Health Talk

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Bought this for my mom from Amazon:

For my mom
It is a digital blood pressure monitor. My mom’s blood pressure is so erratic and is always on the high side that is why it is very important that she monitors her blood pressure all the time. And since she will be going with us to our vacation, I decided to get her one so she has something portable and reliable to bring so she can check her blood pressure every now and then during our trip just to be sure of her condition.

I told her that I got her a digital blood pressure monitor and I explained to her how it works. She asked me if she has to position it at heart level and when I said yes, she and my sister said right away that for sure, it will be difficult to use since they have tried something like that before. But when her new gadget arrived, she tested it and it work like a charm. She did not have a hard time looking for the heart position as there was a light indicator which tells if you are in the right position or not.

My mom was just so happy with her new tool and I even jokingly told her that she can even wear it like a watch. LOL.

Now my next project is to get my mom and dad Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage so they have a health insurance which can cover all their medical related expenses. My parents most of the time skip a trip to their doctors because they are worried about the medical bills. So with a health insurance, there is no need for them to worry and they can have checkups with their doctors anytime they need to have one.


On Anorexia and Other Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

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Wintergirls is a young adult novel by critically acclaimed author Laurie Halse Anderson. The novel is about two girls, Lia and Cassie, who share the strongest kind of friendship. They engage in a pact to become the skinniest girl of them all. The pact turned out to be very deadly when Lia’s fragile body cannot support her anymore, and eventually succumbs into anorexia. The book details a girl’s battle against anorexia and her painful path towards recovery. One reviewer writes, Wintergirls is a brutal and poetic deconstruction of how one girl stealthily vanishes into the depths of anorexia.

Anorexia is a complex eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image. Some signs include preoccupation with food, obsession with calories, fat grams, and nutrition, dieting even though they’re perfectly fit. The impetus that drives anorexia is a low self-esteem. Many believe that they are not thin enough, and continue depriving themselves of food.

The figures for anorexia are alarming. Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer are battling anorexia in America. This eating disorder is especially prevalent among sixteen to eighteen year old girls. And these numbers are not to be taken lightly, for anorexia can deteriorate your health and may even cost your life.

Several models are restricting their diets just to keep that body shape they desire. However, some models push their bodies to their limits just to attain that gaunt figure, to a point that their bodies just can’t handle it. Recently, model Isabel Caro, who gained worldwide publicity posing nude for an anti-anorexia campaign while suffering from the illness, passed away because of anorexia. "I wanted to show, in its raw state, the full horror of anorexia," Caro said, after posing for the anti-anorexia billboards.

Sadly, in our society, anorexia has changed the ideal of beauty—being extremely thin is the standard of beauty now. The society is fazed with the unrealistic; it is now suffering from a state of mental illness. Everyone is hyped to get skinny legs, protruding collarbones, shrunken waist, and this is exacerbated by the media who glamorize thin models.

Wishing to change one’s appearance or fixing something about you is inherent among us humans. But when preoccupation with being thin comes to a point when it takes over your eating habits, thoughts and your own life, it’s already unhealthy for you. Many people don’t have to resort to food deprivation or purging just to get a thin body. There is a multitude of other ways like exercise, which is proven to lead to long life. Maintain a food diary that keeps track of the food that you eat. Studies have found that people who maintain food diaries wind up eating about 15 percent less food than those who don’t. If they are busy people, they could try doing diet programs like Medifast and Nutrisystem which is medically proven to be a fast and easy way of losing weight. There are a number of coupon code and coupon discount that you can find online so you can get these healthy meal replacement plans at discounted price. Where can you get 4 meals a day for only $11? So not only these diet plans healthy and effective, with savings promo code, they can be very affordable too.

So there are really a lot of other healthy and easy options where you do not need to compromise your health or your life.

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Our Holy Week

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How did you celebrate Holy Week?

As for my family, we just stayed at home since Maundy Thursday up to Saturday. It has been a tradition of our family to just stay at home during the Holy Week to reflect, pray and just spend some quality time with the family.

We also hosted three stations of the Stations of the Cross as what we normally do every year.

Then we also had a “Caridad” where we give out bread to the kids in our neighbourhood. It is our small little way of saying thank you for all the blessings that God has given our family. We bought 150 pieces of bread and it was gone in less than 1 minute as soon as we brought it out. LOL.

Tomorrow, we will be going to our farm where we will celebrate Easter Sunday will my entire family.

Hope everybody had a blessed and meaningful Holy Week.



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Experiencing an accident or an injury can be a very traumatic experience for a family. This is the case that my friend is experiencing now with her mother. My friend was in tears upon learning of her mother’s heart attack. I know no matter how much I sympathize with her, there is really no way for me to take away her pain.

They confirmed from their doctor that her mother’s heart attack could have been brought by the medicine called Crestor. Crestor is a medicine use to cure high cholesterol, which her mother was taking.

I did some research and I found out that they can file for a Crestor lawsuit for the personal injury that Crestor has brought to my friend’s mom. The lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath can definitely help them with their case, as they are the experts when it comes to personal injury cases.

I hope and pray that my friend and her family will get justice soon.


The Graduate

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It is now official. Last April 15, my sister marched wearing her toga for her graduation. She is now officially one of the Computer Science graduates of PLM.

I am so proud of my sister as I know how difficult it is to graduate under this course. I am a witness to the number of sleepless nights that she has to endure to finish all her projects especially during her last semester in school. And even before graduating, she was able to get a job already as a Quality Assurance Programmer and now as a Team Leader to one of the accounts of Convergys. I know she too will make it big in the IT industry someday.

I haven’t bought a gift for her but I am thinking to get her one of those custom laptops. She really needs a new laptop since the Mac book that she is using is so old and outdated already, and with her line of work, a laptop can really come in handy.

Don’t worry sister, you will surely get a gift from us even if it is late.

Congrats again and we are so proud of you!!


Yakimix Dinner to Celebrate Mom's Bday

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This is a long overdue post but as what they always say, it is better late than never


My mom celebrated her nth birthday (LOL) last April 6, 2011. My bad because I did not really plan for anything special for my mom as I really have a lot on my plate these past few weeks that I did not have time to organize a party for her.

Since we all came from Mc Do to fetch Bela from her Kiddie Crew Workshop and since we have to drop by at Toyota Manila Bay to drop off some paper work for the insurance of our car, we decided to just have dinner at Yakimix.

We left McDo around 5:30 PM and we went straight to Yakimix as I know that they always have a long queue especially during dinner time. I was not able to make any reservations but thankfully, we were the 6th or 7th in line when we arrive since they open at exactly 6 PM so we were just in time for their opening.

It did not take that long before we got seated and so in no time, we were all lining up already at the buffet table to fill up our plate. My mom and my dad enjoyed it as it is their first time in Yakimix and they were just so ecstatic because they have overflowing servings of some of their favorite dishes like the California Maki, Tempura and Crabs.

It was a very intimate dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday and we all wish that we can come back at Yakimix again as we definitely had fun.


A Parent's Pain

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Nothing is more important to my husband and me than our kids. They are our source of joy and inspiration. They are the reason why my husband and I have been working really hard so we will be able to give them all the best this world has to offer.

Every time they are sick and in pain, we as their parents, are the first one to get hurt seeing them suffer. If only we can take all the pain away, we will whole-heartedly do it for our kids.

That is why I can feel the pain that my friend is experiencing now after seeing her child suffer from cleft lip. My friend is actually blaming herself for what happened because her doctor suspects that it could be caused by the medicine that she took for her migraine while she was pregnant. But it could also be the fault of the doctor who prescribed the medicine.

These are just some of the common medical mistakes that could have easily been avoided if physicians have a way of communicating amongst each other faster and easily. This is the aim of Doximity.

Doximity is an application that doctors can use to communicate and exchange ideas with their colleagues to improve patient care. With this application, they can easily check the profile of a particular doctor, let say of Peter Youssef MD, if one doctor needs to consult on something that is the specialty of Youssef.

This application also allows instant sharing of files, images and text messages as it provides tool for doctors to efficiently exchange ideas.

With Doximity, patient care can definitely improve a lot.


Walt Disney World Resort: Next Travel Destination

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Bela was only 1.5 years old when she first had her Disneyland experience in Hong Kong Disneyland. At that age, she already had so much fun as she interacts with each of the Disney characters that are freely roaming around.

Bela's favorite disney heroIMG_0044

We went back to Hong Kong Disneyland when she turned three years old, and as always she had a blast.


This year we are very fortunate that we will be able to make our dreams come true in finally being able to bring our kids to the US so they can experience another kind of Disneyland. We will be leaving next Saturday and for the past few weeks, my daughter has been counting the days left before our trip.

We will be traveling with our 5 year old daughter and my 11 month old son and we will be going to Los Angeles to meet with our friends and enjoy the theme parks there and have Walt Disney tours. Hubby and I initially planned to go to Florida for Disney World but we know that it is one big theme park and you need a week to explore it so we were discouraged because we know how difficult it is to travel with a toddler and a baby in tow.

But if only I knew about the private tours that Michael’s VIPs are offering, then we would have a different plan. With Michael’s VIPs, they will plan everything for us: from the transportation, hotel and airport pickups, itinerary of theme parks to visit and they would even recommend the best restaurants, the best shows, fireworks exhibit so we will not miss a thing. And what is best is that their VIP guide will help us avoid the long lines as they know when to be at a particular attraction and what time to avoid the crowd.

Our next travel destination target now is Walt Disney World Resort and I will surely keep Michael’s VIPs in mind when I start planning for this trip.


Wacoal Sale: Everything at P100 each

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I should start taking adapexin-p if I want to loose those excess pounds so I can find the guts to wear the swim suits that I bought from the Wacoal sale last Saturday.

Two of my friends shared to me about the on going Wacoal sale at the Standard Chartered Building in Ayala. This sale is actually a fund raising activity for the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. They are selling Wacoal bras and bathing suit for a price that you can’t imagine – P100.

Yes, you heard it right. I got 3 swimsuits which were originally priced at P2000++ and I got it for a whopping price of P100 only. I did not even try it on as I just grabbed and grabbed every nice thing that I see.

My sister and I were lucky as they just brought down one box of swimsuits when we arrived. I thought that there will be a stampede (this is a little exaggerated. LOL) when the staff put down the box as all the girls went swarming towards the box so my sister and I just took whatever we can reach from the box and luckily we were able to grab nice ones that we ended up paying for 4 swimsuits (1 for my sister and 3 for me). Unfortunately, only 2 out of the 3 that I got is the right size for me so I gave the other one to my sister.

I did not really intent to do a panic buying of swimsuit but for P100 Wacoal swimsuit, who can say no?

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