Aetas' Trail: Zoobic Safari

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One of the unique experiences that we had when we went to Zoobic Safari was the Aetas’ Trail. In this attraction, we were treated with a presentation of the Aetas. They did several dance numbers like the Dragon fly dance, monkey dance and the warrior dance, which they do every time they send a warrior to battle.
There was never a dull moment during the presentation as the dances that they performed are something that is new to us. Even Cobi and Bela enjoyed the show. There was even one Aeta who was playing a musical instrument, something like the theramin, to accompany the dance numbers.

The Aetas’ Trail was the second to the last attraction in our tour at Zoobic Safari. Make sure you will not miss this next time you happen to be here.


Zoobic Safari Experience

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Hubby arrived at around 9 PM last Saturday from his tour of duty in Majuro and looks like he really missed us so much that he wanted to go on an out of town trip the very next day of his arrival.

He really wanted to go to Zoobic Safari and so we just had breakfast and drove North to Subic. It was actually our first time here, except for hubby who had visited the place a few years ago. I was actually reluctant at first because I can’t imagine being in a place where I can experience a close encounter with the tigers. But I know that Bela will enjoy it, so I gave in.
The entrance ticket is P499 for adult plus P50 for the tram ride. It includes 11 attractions already like the Forbidden Cave, Bone Museum, Tiger Safari, Close Encounter, Aetas Trail, Coco Loco and more. They do the tour per group and so it was like a field trip where you will visit each attraction per group and they will just give you a set amount of time to enjoy each attraction. This limits your freedom to choose which attraction you like as you really have to follow the flow of the tour.

The entrance also includes the Tiger Safari where we rode a jeepney and we entered the safari area where we can have close encounter with the tigers. Bela was surprised though when the safari was already over as we only encountered 2 tigers during the trip.

Overall, it was a unique and fun experience (although a bit scary for me). Next time we go back here, we should leave early so we can watch the shows which are scheduled at 10:30, 1:30 and 3 PM before or after our guided tour.


Sad News: Bye Sophie

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Last Tuesday, we received very sad news that our Labrador Sophie passed away. Sophie was hubby’s gift to me when I was pregnant with Cobi so he was Cobi’s age. We got a text from our care taker in Bulacan that Sophie was sick for 3 days now and she was not eating. Hubby arranged for a jeepney to pick Sophie in Bulacan right away to bring here in Manila so we can have a veterinarian checked her.

On the way to Bulacan, we received a text message that Sophie passed away already. Hubby was mad. We should have been informed of what was happening with Sophie since she was sick for 3 days already. We felt guilty also because we could have made a way to save her life.

But there is nothing that we can do anymore. But we still have one Labrador left and we just have to make effort to save her also. We haven’t visited Bulacan in months now so we were really surprised when we saw our other Labrador Sassy, so thin and really malnourished. Hubby decided to bring her back here in Manila so we can personally take care of her.

That is why we are looking for wireless electric fence so Sassy can roam freely in our garage. We will also take her to a vet this weekend and have her checked. I just hope that it is still not too late for Sassy. I don’t know how we will take it if she too will leave us.


Hubby is Home

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And dad is finally home after 1.5 months of being away from us:
This is the longest that we have been separated from each other but we have no choice because it is part of his work. But I am close to going crazy from missing him. LOL.

Thankfully there is Skype, my family, my friends and my kids who kept me sane during the 1.5 months that hubby was away. And this trip just proves that there is no way I am letting Howell find a work abroad. Or if he does, we will all go with him as I can’t stand being far away from him.


Last Hurrah

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Since hubby will be home in 2 weeks, I have started to check the website www.peterglenn.com/ to check out for items that I can buy to gear up for our next adventure.

Hubby promised the kids that we will have a vacation once he goes back so we are all looking forward to that. I am not sure though where we are going. Hubby wants to try Zoobic Safari then go to one of the beach resorts in Subic but I would rather stay in a beach resort all weekend.

Hubby and I haven’t really made any final plans. But I am sure it is easy to book now as it is already the start of the school year and the end of the peak season.



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From 33 days:
to 22 days
And now, we are down to 14 days to go and hubby will be home.

Gosh this is the longest that hubby and I have been away from each other. Last time he went on temporary duty was more than a year ago for three weeks. Every time he goes on training, we try to join him if budget permits. But the destination of his temporary duty now is in a remote location and we have nothing to do there plus the fact that airfares are steep.

But I am glad I have my family, my kids and my friends who kept me sane during the first 4 weeks that hubby is away. If not for them, I might have gone crazy.

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