To Singapore

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A week before Bela’s birthday I have to work overtime for three days from Friday to Sunday. We were working until 1 or 2 AM and so I did not go home for 2 nights as we just stayed in the hotel where the event was held.

I miss my family during those three days and 2 nights but I am thankful for this great opportunity because I have earned a little extra to treat my family. And just the perfect timing because the Wednesday after that weekend, Cebu Pacific offered a 75% off to all their domestic and international flights.

My husband and I woke up at 4 AM to book our tickets and we are so lucky because we were able to secure a flight to Singapore on February 23-26, 2013.

The good thing about the flight that we booked is that it falls on a weekend and the EDSA People Power holiday so Bela will only be absent for one day.

Now I am really excited. This will be our third time in Singapore but the first time for Cobi and the last time we were there, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands and Lego Land is not open yet so there are a lot of new places that we can explore on our trip there this February.


Christmas Gift Ideas

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Are you running out of ideas for gifts to your families and friends this Christmas? Except from my dad who I am not worried of what to give for Christmas because I know how much he loves swishers cigars, I am in the same boat as the majority as I can’t think of anything unique to give as Christmas presents.

But thanks to my wonderful and creative friends, I can now start my shopping list with their handmade and 100% made with love products:

• Embellished Designed Studios is a graphic design company that specializes in printable needs. Some of the nice items that are perfect for gift include note cards, note pad and ball pen set, and more.

• The Clay Craft Studio makes 100% heart-made tokens and gift ideas using polymer clay. Some of their cute products include cell phone pluggies, key chains, bookmarks, and more.

• Dainty Ashley is all about handmade dainty hair trinkets and accessories just like some of the pictures below:


Me, Busy

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I have been out of the loop for weeks now as I have been really busy. So what have I been busy with?

• we have 3 parties to attend to every Sunday: Ashley’s 1st birthday, Byko’s 1st birthday, Twitterafia’s Christmas party
• we are so busy preparing for Bela’s 7th birthday party
• a week before Bela’s party, I have to work overtime from Friday to Sunday
• and of course my sideline job

This is the reason why I have not been online lately, thus I rarely get the chance to post updates here. And I think this will be the trend as the busy Christmas season enters….


Tips When Planning for your Next Beach Vacation

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If you are planning for your next family adventure and you are thinking where to go, then going to a beach resort might be something that you may want to consider as the sea, sand and sun is something that the whole family will surely enjoy.

There are a lot of things that kids and adult alike can do while in a beach resort. It can be a whole day full of fun activities, a weekend and even a whole week. If you check out the Things to do in Provo, one of the newest beach resorts in Utah, you will discover a whole lot of activities to keep you and your family busy and entertained while on your vacation.

When planning for a beach vacation, here are some tips that you should consider:

1. Get ideas from all the family members. This will ensure that you will find a beach destination that everyone will enjoy and that they have something to look forward to in your destination of choice.
2. Decide when to go. Do you want to go during the high season where the beach may be crowded or during the off-season where you can have the beach to yourself to relax and have fun? You can also check for events lined up, as it may be something that you don’t want to miss.
3. Check the resort facilities. When choosing your beach resort destination, check for the services that the resort offers especially if you are traveling with kids. You can check if the resort offers babysitting, kid friendly activities, family suite that has a lot of space for the whole family and more. 

If you plan ahead, you will be able to choose the best beach destination that will give your family the ultimate fun and relaxation during your vacation.


Divisoria Trip

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November 1 is an official Philippine holiday but we decided to go to Divisoria anyways to shop for prizes for Bela’s party. We feel that it will not be that crowded since most of the people are either out of town or in the cemetery to pay their respects for their departed loved ones.

We left home early around 7:30 AM and we went straight to 168. Unfortunately, 168 will not be open until 12 noon but good thing Divisoria market is open and this is where I shop for toys anyways.

It was a bit crowded already as there are a lot of people shopping for things that they can sell to the cemetery. So I just checked out 2-3 stores and got all my loots from there. We were done by 10 AM and these are our loots:
I hope this is enough for the prizes for the party as I am expecting more than 100 kids.

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