6 Quirky things about me.

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Thanks to Jane, BigEyedGal and Yvelle for this. I had fun thinking what would be the top 6 quirky things about me.

The rules:

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Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself.
1. I eat Milo for dessert.
2. I prefer rubber shoes and crocs over the “kikay” and girly shoes.
3. I am a certified Marc Nelson fan.
4. I love to watch reality shows like Amazing Race, American Idol, Survivor, etc.
5. I rarely watch shows from the local channels. The only local show that I watch is Eat Bulaga, Wish ko Lang, Star Talk and Showbiz Central.
6. I a certified SATC fan.

Now share yours Andrea, Chat, Sexy Mom, Eds, Jan and Apple.



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My best friend just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month. When she was pregnant, they decided that they move in first in the house of my friend’s parents as she is having a sensitive and difficult pregnancy. Her mother insists that they stay there so they can take care of my friend.

But now that she has given birth, they plan to move to their newly purchased house. They know that moving is a stressful process more so now that they have a baby. But I told them that moving would be less stressful if they hire a reputable moving company. And so I told them to visit the site of ServiceNetwork. They have a network of different reputable moving companies and my friend can easily get a moving quote online and get in touch with the movers right away.


Racks famous Ribs

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Last Sunday, when my dad fetched me from work, I saw a big van with a picture of Racks famous ribs. It really made me hungry and for almost one week now I have been craving for it. Hmm, there’s a Racks restaurant at El Pueblo. Maybe, we can go there for lunch after Bela’s class on Sunday.

See, I’m already looking forward for our weekend, so have a great weekend everyone.


Pritson for Lunch

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Our schedule for work every Friday is from 8:00 AM to 1:30 only and so it has been a tradition in our department that we would have lunch together every Friday. Each of the staff will take turns in taking care of the food and treating the whole department. And today, Mar, our Personnel Assistant treated us with a yummy taste of Pritson.

This is the first time for me to ate pritson and I really lost track already on how many wraps of pritson I ate. LOL. All I can remember is that it was really crispy and tasty. Too bad I won’t be able to let my family taste it as all of them have high blood pressure. LOL. But it was really delicious. I like it with the garlic and honey mustard sauce. I asked the attendant who prepared the pritson and it cost P4500 and it’s good for 30-35 servings already. Not bad right?

Thanks again Mar for the yummy lunch. So what’s the menu for next week?


I need to finish my graduate degree

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I just received an email from our Personnel officer reminding me to start doing my performance appraisal report since it is due to be submitted in just a couple of months. I then reviewed my last year’s appraisal and I remembered that finishing my graduate degree was part of my last year’s career development plan and it’s been a year now and I still haven’t finished my graduate degree.

I have been busy with performing my duties as a mother and I’m working full time as well that I was not able to find the time to finish my graduate degree. Right now, I’m looking at the different online degree programs being offered as this might be the answer so I may finally finish my IT graduate degree.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.


Thursday Lunch out

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When we still had our office at Allied Bank, we would always go out for lunch as we are very near Greenbelt, Glorietta and even Landmark. We even have a schedule per month on where we will eat because we really had a lot of options. But when we moved here at RBCB, aside from the fact that restaurants here are a little pricey, there’s not much option. So majority of us always bring our packed lunch to save money and at least we will have food variety. But we all agreed that we should have at least one day of the week for lunch out and we all decided that we will always have it on a Thursday.

And so yesterday we ate at Arkipelago. We had laing, crispy pata, Sinigang na babot and seafood rice. The food was really yummy and we’re all really full after that sumptuous meal. I wonder we’re we will be eating next week.


Enrollment Time

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I’m going to Toddlers Unlimited tomorrow to enroll Bela to their summer class. We decided to enroll her to the twice a week schedule to try it out first and we’ll decide from there on what we will do for the SY 2008-2009.

I initially wanted to enroll her to the thrice a week schedule but the lolo is so much against it. He said that Bela easily gets bored and he’s scared that Bela might be too bored already come June. And since my dad and my mom will be the one taking Bela to class, I have no choice but to agree with what my dad wants. LOL.

I prepared all the requirements: 2 pieces 2x2 picture, 2 pieces 1x1 picture (for the ID), photocopy of her immunization record and certificate from her pedia stating that she is fit to attend class (to follow since we won’t be visiting her pedia, not until March or April).

I’m so excited already!!


Looking for a job?

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I just received a text message from my best friend today and she told me that her husband just lost his job. She was really worried and depressed and her husband was twice as depressed as her for what happened. I just told her that things like that happen and all her husband can do now is start looking for another job instead of dwelling on what happened.

I told her that her husband can visit the attorney jobs blog of A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc to look for the latest job opportunities for his field. They have the best recruiters which can help his husband match the right job for him. They have good reputation and good record of successful placement that’s why they have a good relationship with the best companies in the industry.

In time, my friend’s husband can surely find a job with the help of A.E. Feldman Associates.


Do you think she’s spoiled?

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Look what Bela did to her lola. My mom showed this to me when I got home from work a while ago.

She asked her lola to hold all of her stuffed toys. My poor mom can’t even move as Bela will start to cry if one of her stuffed toys slips from my mom’s arms.

So can you imagine now how spoiled Bela is to her grandmother?



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Howell and Bela are already past asleep. I’m feeling sleepy too and the bed is really inviting for one good night sleep. But I sleep have some opps to finish, add to that some two to three filler posts and some tags too. I hope I can get through this since I want to finish all my opps before I go to bed. Any suggestions on how to keep me awake? Online window shopping perhaps? LOL.


Thanks goodness for Allegro Medical

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I got sick again last week. It must have been the ever changing weather or my lack of sleep this past couple of weeks that made me sick.

I hate it when I get sick because this means I have to take medicines to make me well. Good thing, there are online home medical store like Allegro Medical nowadays which saves me the trip of going to the drugstore to buy the things that I need. They are the number online retailer of life saving products in the United Sates. And they have a wide variety of products like maternity and baby supplies, nutritional dietary supplements and even outdoor gear. What I like about their site is that they offer $10 off for purchases that are more than $100. Thank goodness there is Allegro Medical.


Pass it to the Front

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I was tagged by apple. Thanks sis.

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I'm tagging BigEyedGal, Farah, Ems & Vien


My Aunt = Bible Study

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I dreamt of my aunt who past away 4 year ago last night. If there is one thing that I would remember of her, it is her genuine desire to preach the word of God. She is a volunteer catechist in our parish and everyday they would visit the different areas in our vicinity to conduct Bible Study to the kids. She is so passionate about this because she really wants to help in spreading the good news of God. When we we’re kids I remember we always have story telling session from my aunt of the different bible stories and we would fondly listen to her. By doing this, she is already installing in us our love for God.

And so when I was browsing the net last night and accidentally discovered the site of BibleKeeper.com, I can’t help but remember my aunt and reminisce all the times we spent together. For sure, my aunt would be the number one visitor of this online bible site since she can easily read Bible Verses online and even get bible study tools with just one click of the button. All she has to do is do a search either by book, chapter and verse or by specific word search and she can easily locate the bible verse that she is looking for which she can use for her bible study sessions. The site is really useful since it is available in 28 languages and it even has Christian Finance articles, Christian Leadership blog and a collection of classic Christian hymn lyrics.


On USB Drive & Trojan Virus

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I just finished reformatting and reinstalling all the applications on my stand alone and networked PC. I have to reformat it since both were infected by a virus. This is the second time that I caught a virus from a USB drive. The first one was our home PC when my sister inserted her USB drive to our PC and the second one is when my officemate asked for my help in reformatting her USB drive.

One thing I learned is that USB drive is really dangerous. Since it’s mobile and has a big capacity we always use it to store all our files and we just connect it to any PC that we can use. Like the USB drive of my sister, she connects it to PCs in the internet café which I think is where she got the virus. And since virus spread so fast, USB Drive can easily get infected.

So the next time you try to use a USB drive make sure that it is free from virus and you should have a powerful anti virus software installed on your PC to detect and clean the virus.


BibleKeeper.com – Your Online Bible Resource

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When asked what my wish is for my daughter, I always answer them that I asked for nothing more except that she grows up to be healthy and God fearing. I grew up in a Catholic home where we are taught that thee is an ultimate being above us all. I can say that we are quite a religious family and we always rely on prayers and we always put God as the center of our lives. One of the most precious gifts that we received during our wedding was a Bible from my husband’s brother who is a priest. I remember my mother in law is always saying that a Bible should be one of the first things that we should have in our house. And we keep it by our bed stand to read Bible verses to inspire our day to day lives.

But I was happy to discover that I can still read the bible even if I don’t have a physical bible at home or in the office because there is now an Online Bible. I discovered BibleKeeper.com, a Bible Online site available in 28 different languages. The site is so user friendly since I can just search for any Bible verse by using specific text search or by book, chapter and verse. I’m so happy I discovered BibleKeeper.com as I can now read Bible verses even if I’m at the office.


My Planet Purple

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I gave in. I joined the band wagon and finally accepted that I have to shed $10 to buy my own domain. LOL.

I purchased it yesterday morning and I never thought thinking of a domain name would be a challenge as most of the names I listed is already taken. It’s still a work in progress. I’m still working on my blog roll and I have to add a few widgets and a chat box. But I’m starting to post entries to it now and I’ve already used it to post tags and awards.

When I’m finally done with it, I will visit all of you guys to ask all of you to add me to your blog roll.

Thanks again sisters for all your suggestions, tips, and help in setting up my own domain. I owe all of this to all of you guys.

So hope you will visit my new site as much as you do on my other 2 blogs.


Silent War: Update

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Howell must have read my blog yesterday as he called me in the office explaining his side. In fairness to him, nagkasalisi nga lang talaga kami. And since he accidentally left his phone sa office, of course nobody was answering when I called him. So all is well na sana as he said sorry and I love you over the phone. Kaso he confessed na sa sobrang bad trip nya, he threw his phone and looks like it’s already broken. He also cut his sim card into 2. So instead of me feeling ok about it, the more I get pissed. Hello, I maybe shopaholic but I’m not rich. hehehe. So I really find it stupid and a waste of money to do something like that.

So I was still pissed when I reached home. He was already talking to me as if nothing happened. We have to go to the grocery but since I was still pissed I asked that they do the grocery without me.

Come bed time, he was playing with Bela. And when Bela was already asleep, he hugged me and said sorry. And that’s it, syempre di ko din sya kaya tiisin noh. So kiss and make up na!!

Regarding the phone. It is still working when he tried it this morning. But I have to get a new sim card from Smart.


Nice Matters Award

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I got this award from jhona. Thank you for this sis. What a nice way to start the week.

Now Im passing this award to peachy, pheng, vien, apols, thea and sexy mom.


Business Insurance Quotes for Small Business

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We have been in the cell phone business for more than two years now and in that two years, we have learn a lot about our business and on how well we can improve it. We also have learned that our business highly relies on our sales personnel because they are the ones generating sales for our business. And it is really important that we make them happy so they will be more productive.

One improvement that we are thinking for the benefit of our employees is getting a health insurance for them so they have health plan coverage just in case they got sick or if anything happens to them. But since we are just new in the business and our business is still small compared to other cell phone shops, we are also concern with the sky rocketing cost of health insurance. So as much as we want to give the best health insurance coverage for our employee, we should also take into consideration the cost so we can still generate income even if we have additional business expense.

So I was really thankful to discover 2insure4less.com. I can easily get and compare Business Insurance quotes just by filling out their online intuitive form. After filling out the form, they will instantly give me Business Insurance quotes that I can compare so I will be able to select the best health insurance for us and for our employees.


Silent War

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We are in silent war right now. Both of us are really mad, that we didn’t even talk when we saw each other last night. I think that I’m right and maybe he thinks that he’s right too that’s why nobody wants to give in. And so we went to bed without even talking about it. Both of us must be really pissed as we never do this. We always make it a point to resolve our issues before the day ends. And worst part is, I think even Bela can feel how much we hated each other as Bela was crying and he is asking me to call his dad and that we sleep beside each other. But still even if Bela did that, it still didn’t change how we feel for each other.

I left for work this morning and didn’t wait for him. While he was lying down on the coach and looks like he has no plans of going to work. I don’t know. I’m still mad. I know I have a point but I don’t think he will understand that. Oh well, let’s see what will happen later.


Pink is not for me

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I used to love the color pink. But now, every time I see pink, it really makes me feel sad. You want to know why?

Every time I click the refresh button, I see the number of available opps increasing but all of them are in pink (and you guys know what pink means). So it’s really frustrating to see a lot of opps and there’s not even one for me. Oh well, sometimes not all nice colors are for me.


Paypal to BPI: Success

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I made a withdrawal from PayPal to my BPI account last February 18, 2008. The status of the transfer was changed from Pending to Completed the next day. And when I checked my BPI saving account, the amount transferred was reflected to my account on February 21, 2008. So it just took PayPal 3 banking days to transfer the funds to my local bank account.

I was not charged with any processing fee as the amount I transferred is more than P7, 000. Although the exchange rate (P39.28 = $1) is a little lower than the prevailing exchange rate.

So for those who are planning to withdraw to their local bank account, I can attest that this new service of paypal really works.


Own Domain: My Decision

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Thank you very much to all those who read my post and gave their suggestions and comments. You really helped me decide on what to do.

You’re all right; it’s really difficult to maintain 3 blogs. I just realized that since I only have 2 blogs now and I can barely catch up with all the messages in my chat box, with the tags and awards and I can barely blog hop (this, I really miss doing since I really enjoy reading all the stories that you share in your blog).

So what’s my decision? Since my dad enjoyed writing posts on Bela’s blog, I will turn over Bela’s blog to him. He is now a retiree and he is really bored at home since he is not used to being idle. So I gave him a crash course on blogging 101. He is still learning the tricks but for sure, in time, he will get used to the system of blogspot. I already enrolled Bela’s blog to Sponsored Review and my dad did the first 3 opps approved for Bela’s blog.

So eventually, I would just have 2 blogs to maintain after I fully turned over Bela’s blog to my dad. I will buy my own domain tomorrow, so while I’m still handling Bela’s blog, my new domain will soon be crawled by Google so it can be indexed in Google soon. So when I’m ready to fully maintain it, it will already be indexed in Google. I still can’t think what domain name to use as the one that I like (journeytolife.com) is no longer available.

Thanks again for all your suggestions sisters and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


let’s play domino

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Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

Thea is {bloggerhappy.com}
My Scrappy Side

You may want to allow pings on your entry to enjoy the full domino effect. Have fun!

I’m tagging big eyed gal, vien, andrea, jan & sexy mom.


About my Money

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Last week, I just got a call from one of the credit card companies and they are offering me a credit card. I’m really looking for a great credit card company where I will get my card but with all the available credit card companies out there, I really feel confuse as to where will I apply. Some of them offer 0% on balance transfers or some of them even offer rewards and cash backs. With all these offers that I have been receiving in the mail or through phone, the more I get confused and lost that I sometimes get tempted to just grab the first offer that I received.

But of course, it would really be better if I can review all the deals that credit card providers offer so I can really choose the best card for me based on my preferences and requirements. It’s a good thing I discovered the site of aboutyourmoney.co.uk. Form their site I can compare all the credit card deals from credit card providers in just a matter of seconds. Credit cards are grouped based from customers’ needs. Like credit cards that offer 0% Balance Transfers are grouped together, cards which offer Cash back & Rewards are grouped as one or cards that have Standard Interest Rate on Purchases can be found in one category. They even have a list of the top 10 credit cards in UK. And what’s good about their site is once I made my choice, I can easily apply online.

Aboutyourmoney.co.uk does not concentrate on just Credit Card offers. They also have a page where customers can compare Home Insurance Quotes and Car Insurance instantly. And they are also grouped according to the clients needs like insurance that offers discounts, Car Insurance for women or for those over 50 years old.

I’m so happy that I discovered Aboutyourmoney.co.uk. They can really help me get the best in every single centavo that I will spend. Do check them out now.


UK Gift Company

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I was chatting with my friend and she is worrying as she still hasn’t got a present for her boss. Since she has double jobs, she has no time to go mall hoping to find the prefect gift for her boss. She is already panicking as her boss’s birthday will be in the next 5 days.

So I helped her find the perfect gift for her boss and that’s when I stumbled upon the site of UK Gift Company. They are UK’s premier online gift and Collectibles Company. I have browsed their site and find great finds which can be a great gift for my friend’s boss. I checked out their lilliput lane collection and found great hand crafted miniature cottages. What’s nice about lilliput lane’s cottages is that majority of them are patterned from real buildings. Their lladro collection is also interesting and my friend can is sure find a gift for her boss from this collection. All figures and images are modeled by expert Lladro sculptors so they are really of finest quality. My favorite among UK Gift Company’s collections is their range of willow tree collectibles. I can really feel the emotions come alive to all the willow tree figurines that I saw from their site.

What’s good about this is that my friend can shop at her own free time right at the comfort of her own home. She was really thankful for all the help that I did for her as she is definite she will find a special gift for her boss at UK Gift Company.


More Hoorah to Dad!!

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Looks like 2008 is a really good year for Howell. He took his exam this afternoon to upgrade his MCSE 2003 certification to MCTS 2008. He passed the exam and he even got a perfect score. Good job Dad!!

By passing this exam, he automatically gets certified in Windows Server 2008 Application Services, Configuring Network Infrastructure and Configuring Active Directory. He just took one exam for all the three certification since he is already a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Congrats again Dad!! You really make me & Bela proud. And I promise I will review for my exam also, after I’m done with all my opps. LOL.


Still Blogging

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I waited for Howell at Chowking Buendia since he came from their Pasay office, so I don’t have to commute going home. And guess what I was doing while waiting for him. I was composing filler posts for my blog. LOL. (I was able to make 4 fillers.) Thanks to my reliable (but outdated), Palm m515. I just beamed the file to my laptop, & voila, I have fillers for my 3 Blogitive opps.


Plan your wedding with WeddingChannel.com

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One of my friends is getting married this March and she has seek my help in preparing for her dream wedding. I love every aspect about Wedding Planning. This brings back memories of how my then husband to be and I prepared for our big event. We are both hands on when it comes to all the preparations. We meet all suppliers personally, we do ocular visits of our prospective venue, we canvass and we do research on the net and asked for feedbacks from previous clients of our prospective supplier.

All in all, I can say that we really did have the wedding of our dreams. And one of the major factors that contribute to the success is the help that we got from WeddingChannel.com. I subscribed to WeddingChannel.com and it is where I got all the information like directory of local vendors, wedding store and I even found the designer of my gown from them. Even the emails of the tips and advices that I got from them is really very helpful for our wedding planning.

So I asked my friend to register also to WeddingChannel.com so she too can get help in planning for her dream wedding.


drumroll please

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I got these series of awards from Ems and Jesse.

Thanks sis. Much appreciated. I really had one tough day today and receiving these awards really lifted m spirit. What one great way to end the week.

And so I’m passing this award to: Kitts, Nice, Mec, Jesse, and to my sister Vien.


Bad Day

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I really had a terrible day today. First, I was 10 minutes late from work today (So Raft3r, you’re right. It's really impossible for me to meet my goal of 0 tardy for February. LOL). Then it was one long day for me since I worked overtime. And the worst part is my 2 PC got infected by a virus.

One of my officemates asked for my help since she can't open her flash drive. I plugged it in my standalone PC & tried to format it but it still didn't work. So I disconnected it & tried plugging it on my network PC, & argghh, I received an alert that the flash drive is infected. Good thing our Anti virus software was very effective that it was able to stop the trojan virus before spreading it to the network.

So now I need to backed files from my 2 PC as I need to format it to remove the virus. Looks like I’ll have another long day on Monday.

And I also like to apologize to all my YM contacts who received weird messages from me. It's one of the effects of the virus. And thanks to Peachy & Gelo for again taking care of my YM account.


Beauty is her Passion

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One of our friend recently finished a hair and make up course and she has been telling us how the course has helped her boost her confidence and land a good paying job in one of the famous salon in the US. My best friend got really interested and since fashion and hair and make up is really her passion, she thought that this might be the right job for her. Since then, she has been looking for hair schools where she can take beauty courses to help her nurture her craft on hair and make up and eventually might help her get a job.

After much research, she discovered the website of Regency Beauty Institute. They have 50 years of solid foundation in the beauty education and they are the fastest growing beauty school in the US. She learned that Regency Beauty Institute have top of the line facilities and a talented group of instructors so my friend believes that this would really be the best school for her.


Today I feel... Tomorrow I like

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Tagged by Chat.

1. Today I feel very— tired. I did an overtime today which involves physical labor so I feel really, really tired.
2. I enjoy — my evening playtime with Bela.
3. I am unhappy when — Bela is sick.
4. I feel good when — I’m with my family.
5. I wish my boss — would show some true concern for his staff.
6. My officemates think — I'm a funny person.
7. My work area is — a spacious room where I have total privacy.
8. I enjoy reading about — fashion, raising up kids, showbiz chika.
9. I like myself best when — I’m not stressed out and just having fun with Howell and Bela.
10. If I had a choice I would — be a SAHM.
11. I wish — good health, safety, and happiness for my family.
12. Tomorrow I would like to — eat a crepe at Crepes & Cream

Passing this on to Summer, Andrea, Jan , Joanne and Sexy Mom.


OT Pay

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I usually get off from work at 1:30 PM every Friday. But I had a long day today as I worked overtime. Good thing we were able to finish earlier than planned.

This would really be a short weekend for me as I have to do overtime work from 8 - 5 PM until Sunday. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired already. Another bad side about it is I won't be able to spend my weekend with Bela. But the good side is I already made my calculations & I think I can earn enough for Bela's tuition fee at TU this summer plus I still have extra cash for shopping or an out of town adventure. (wink, wink).


Bulk Wedding Flowers

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When I got married last 2005, I was really a hands on bride. I talked to all the suppliers personally and carefully picked all the suppliers so we may have the wedding of our dreams. But of course like most young couples, we wanted to have our dream wedding but still within the range of our budget. So we looked for a supplier that we think can deliver on our wedding, but as the same time, affordable.

On the top of our list for priority things for our wedding are the flowers. We feel that having a beautiful flower arrangement and setup can really set the mood for the church and for the venue. That’s why we looked for a supplier that offers bulk wedding flowers like FiftyFlowers.com. Their flowers are really affordable since customers order directly to them, no more wholesalers and retailers. And they really make it fuss free for the couple since they will deliver the freshly cut flowers directly to the bride or event planner’s doorstep.



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My husband is a true blue FPJ fan. He loves collecting original FPJ DVDs and VCDs. I know that FPJ is really “The King” when it comes to action films. It is really non debatable. But have you heard him sing? For sure, you must have seen at least one of his movies and have seen him do a song and dance number as part of the scene in the movie (a song & dance number as one of the scenes in the movie is a trademark in Filipino movies). And oh boy, I really can’t take it.

So just imagine me, on our way home from Howell’s office, listening to FPJ while he is singing. I really feel tortured. LOL. Howell saw an album of FPJ in Quiapo containing collections of songs he used in his movies and he performed it himself. And Howell insisted that we listen to the album on our way home. I really wanted to get out of the car…LOL. And Howell was just laughing and having the time of his life while my ears almost bleed from listening to FPJ singing. LOL. Oh well, I guess that’s part of my job being his wife.


SEO tools improve Online Business

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It’s just a few days away before my father’s 53rd birthday. I have been talking to my siblings and we’re planning to give our dad a surprise birthday party. They asked me to look for a restaurant that has a private function room and can accommodate at least 20-30 people. I immediately searched the Internet for a restaurant that can accommodate our requirements and I was never mistaken since I was able to find a good restaurant for the event just by doing a search using the search engines available on the net.

Internet has always been the best marketing and advertising tool any major business can have. People rely heavily on Internet search engines for searching just about anything that they need in their day to day life. Search engines are the major drivers of any online business so it is really important that an Internet site have a high web traffic and good positioning in the World Wide Web so they will always be at the top 5 or top 10 of any search engine results. So big companies really invest in hiring firms that can help them develop and implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy to increase their site’s web traffic and positioning on search engine results.


My Own Domain

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A lot of my blogging friends have been convincing me already to get my own domain since it really has a lot of advantages over my free blogspot account. I have been thinking about it and right now I have two options:

* I can get my own domain name for my original blog (howellabie.blogspot.com). I have inquired to all the paid blogging sites where my original blog is already approved. And so far, only Smorty requires that I re-apply again my new domain name. The rest of the sites only requires me to send them an email and they will update my account with the new domain name.

* I can get a domain name as my new blog. This is les complicated since I just have to wait for 3 months until it gets indexed in Google and as soon as I have 10 posts per month within 3 months, then I can just apply for it’s approval from all the paid blogging sites. But the disadvantage of this is that, I now have 3 blogs (howellabie.blogspot.com, princessbela16.blogspot.com and my new domain) to maintain which I think would really take a lot of my time.

Hmm, what do you think guys? I plan to buy my own domain this weekend (Cut off for my credit card). Please help me decide.


On Sitemap

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I tried searching for the URL of Bela’s blog from Google to check if it is already indexed in Google but it didn’t return any search results. So after 3 months of actively posting, I was really disappointed to found out that it still hasn’t been indexed in Google.

I was researching about Sitemap this afternoon after learning from Thea that submitting my blog’s sitemap can help speed up the indexing of my blog and is a good search engine placement tool. I will try to do more research about it and hopefully it can really help in indexing my other blog in Google. I already tried applying for four paid blogging sites but I only got approved from one of the sites since my blog is not indexed yet in Google.


Grand vacation at Riviera Maya

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Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, my husband and I never really had a really intimate time together. Since both of us prefers to always include in our activity our dear precious daughter. We always have family bonding time together and all our weekend happenings should always be child friendly so we can always tag along our daughter with us.

But a lot of our friends advised us that we should still have our own quality time together as husband and wife. This can very well help preserve and nurture the love that we have for each other.

If I am to plan for a romantic getaway for me and my husband, I would choose a romantic vacation riviera maya style. Imagine having the white sand beaches of Riviera maya, plus Beach beds overlooking the Mexican Caribbean, hot tubs, spas, and a butler that will do everything for us. For sure, this will be one relaxing and great bonding time for me and my husband.


Wednesday morning traffic

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We left the house a little late this morning, as I have to give some instructions for Howell regarding our online orders. It was raining a little bit and we we’re greeted by a heavy traffic on our way to the terminal where I will take my ride. Good thing I was able to ride an FX with an efficient driver who knows how to get his away around the Manila and Makati traffic. So I arrived at 7:54 AM in the office. I’m targeting for zero tardiness this month. Hope I will be able to achieve it.


Crepes & Cream Addict

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Peachy was right, Crepes and cream is really addicting. LOL. We we’re able to try it yesterday when we dropped by at Robinson’s Place Ermita. And it was so tasty and delicious that I really can’t get it out of my mind. And so on our way home, I have to ask my dear husband to drop me off at the Midtown wind so I can buy crepes again. I tried the Savory ground beef this time while Howell still preferred the Hazelnut Banana Chocolate which he tried yesterday.

I can’t wait for my next crepe at Crepes and Cream.


Thank goodness for balance transfer

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We just purchased a new high end PC which my husband can use in doing the lay outs for his photography business. He has been complaining for the longest time already on how slow our laptop is. And sometimes he has to fight his way so I can give him a chance to use the laptop in the evening.

We have been delaying the purchase for this new PC since we really don’t have an allocated budget for it. Good thing I was able to avail of the Credit Card Balance Transfer promo so I was able to transfer my balance and have the payment deferred at 12 months. This would be a much easier set up for us since we will pay for the purchase of our new PC in a much lighter installment plan which won’t have a drastic effect with our monthly budget.



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After having no opps this past few days, I’m so happy that I was able to make a rebound today and was able to grab 6 opps from Blogitive. I’m so happy. I only have two weeks left and I hope I can meet my target earning for this month. And no, it is not for shopping (well, we still have to see about that…LOL), but I plan to save my earnings for this month so we can have pocket money for our planned SG trip. (I really have to start saving so this trip will push through).

Hoping for more opps to come in the coming days.


Break from Online Shopping

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Peachy and I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately. All courtesy of our blogging money. You can read about my recent online grabs, which I posted on my other blog. This really makes me feel really, really rewarded as I was able to buy lot of stuffs for Bela and a little something for Howell.

Peachy even discovered another good site, which sells toys and other kids stuff - allaboardtoys.com. And the best things about it is it accepts payment through paypal. There are a lot of items on sale and I’m tempted again to shop. Too bad, I just made a withdrawal from my paypal account and it now has zero balance. Oh well, maybe it’s a sign that I should rest from online shopping for the mean time.


Our 2008 Travel Plans

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Hubby and I have been talking about our travel plans for this year. Since we are planning to have another baby next year, I told him that I want to have at least three more travels for this year. Be it domestic or international travel as long as I have one travel to the US.

I have been to Los Angeles twice already and so if ever we will push through with our US trip this year, we are planning to visit our friend in Orlando this time. I know my daughter would still be too young to enjoy the rides at Disney World and so we’re eyeing to visit Sea World as we know how much he loves animals and for sure, Sea World would be a definite hit for her.

Everything is still in planning stage as we have to consider a lot of things like our schedule and most importantly our budget. We don’t have to worry about accommodation as our friend is so willing to let us stay in their house. So I just need to allot a budget for our airfare and pocket money which should include a big bulk for purchasing theme park admission tickets. So as early as now I have been checking sites where I can purchase discounted Sea World Tickets so I can start making my budget and who knows, maybe we can get to visit Sea World before the year ends.


All work, no Play

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That’s what I would be this weekend. There will be some carpet cleaning to be done this weekend and they need two systems administrators per day to supervise the cleaners in disconnecting the PCs and connecting it back to the network when the carpets are dry already. That would mean a whole day of work, as they need to finish all three floors during the weekend.

My boss asked us if we want to work during the weekend and of course who would say no to extra cash. So I said yes for overtime work. I initially volunteered to work from Friday to Sunday, but I figured at least I need one day during the weekend to rest and be with my family. So I just volunteered to work for Saturday and Sunday. That means I won’t be able to go with Bela at Little Gym.

But I promise dad, once I get my overtime pay, I will buy something special for him and Bela.


Best Blog

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Thank you so much Yvetchie for this award. I feel like an American Idol winner. LOL. This is one of the reasons why I love blogging so much. Awards keep coming in. Thanks again sis and more to come.

I am now passing this Best blog in the Digital world to Eds, Gracie and Farah.


Vegas again this 2008

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If there is one thing that I enjoyed the most during our last US trip, it would be our 3 nights stay at Las Vegas. We drove all the way from Los Angeles with my friend and her husband just to give us an experience of Sin City. And now that we have our ten year multiple entry visas, we plan to go back there with our daughter traveling with us this time. Hopefully, if our budget permits, we will visit our friend in Los Angeles come October or November and then we will all drive again to Las Vegas.

As early as now, I have been checking sites where we can get the best deals in hotel accommodation. I’m also checking out the Las Vegas Shows as I want to watch the famous Cirque du Soleil show with my daughter. Hopefully, if all goes as plan, we will definitely have one great time again in Vegas.



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Got this tag from Ems.

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J. journey to life
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O. originalmx5.net
P. peapodsquadstuff.com
Q. qweddings.com
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T. TenaciousCreations.com
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Tagging: Chat, Jenny, Lizz, Yvetchie & Pam


I need a break

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After doing more than 7 posts, my head is already aching from composing write-ups and paid ads. I need a break!!

But hey, just thinking of the extra money that I can get from doing this and just thinking of the stuffs that I can buy online, makes me want to continue writing and just ignore my head ache


New Approach to Call Center VoIP Phone Systems

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Call center has become one of the most successful businesses here in the Philippines. Almost all my college friends now work for a call center company which only shows the number of Call Center companies here.

One of my best friend works as a Systems Administrator in one of the call center companies here. He just got back from his training at San Francisco and he shared to me the latest in Call Center technology. New approach to Call Center VoIP Phone Systems is being introduced now in the call center industry. This new approach is more affordable, easier to install and it eliminates site maintenance and labor as the call center grows and changes. He is sure that this new system will definitely replace the traditional call center phone systems as it addresses all major technical problems that call centers are experiencing.



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I got this wonderful “I love your Blog” award from Eds and Jesse. Thank you very much sisters. I really, really appreciate it. This inspires me to write more interesting stuff in my blog. Hope you won’t get tired in visiting my blog.

Now, I’m passing this award to Dennis, Nick, Ems and Big Eyed Gal.


Last Friday – Travel Expo, Shopping, Etc

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Last Friday, we went to the Travel Expo at SMX in MOA. The exhibit hall was big and it was really filled with a lot of Travel Agencies that offers good deal for domestic and international travel.

Unfortunately I was not feeling well already so I just grab and grab brochures and prices for Singapore packages but I didn’t find the time to review it, as I was already feeling dizzy. After going around the exhibit hall, we finally decided to have our merienda, as we’re all very hungry already.

We met up with my good friend Dennis and we ate at Tokyo Café. I just had crepes, as I just want something sweet because I’m still feeling a little nauseous. Howell met us there also.

After eating, we all decided to go home as we still have other appointments in the evening. On our way to the parking lot, I saw the 50% off sign at Mossimo. And I’m a big fan for Sale, so I went inside and was able to grab a pair of clothes again for Bela. Then we dropped by Astrovision also as Howell wants to grab some DVDs and VCDs.

After a tiring day, we just had dinner and I fell asleep instantly. The next day, I am down with a fever. That’s what you get from too much malling & shopping. LOL.


Our Passion for Denver Magazine

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If there is one thing that my husband loves next to his DVD collection and NBA action figure, it would be his magazine collection. He loves collecting and reading sports magazines. Every time we go to a bookstore, I can just leave him at the magazine section and he will just stay there and read the entire sports magazine that he can find in the magazine rack.

But if there is one magazine that both of us like, it will be the Denver Magazine. What we love about this magazine is its vast range of topics and articles from arts, dining at Denver, Denver’s best kept salons and spas, fashion and even sports. That’s why my husband and I share the same passion for Denver magazine because we both have an article to relate to in every issue.



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I got this award from Peachy and Mich. Thanks sisters. Both of you really made me feel sexy with this award. LOL.

I’m giving back this award to Peachy and Mich and to all the hot mommas I’ve met personally – Aggie, Apols, Apple, Jacqui, Jane, Jody, Joy, Kelly, and Thea. Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon at our next coffee meeting.


1st Attempt: Paypal to BPI

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I made a withdrawal today from paypal to my BPI account. It will take 5-7 days for the transfer to be completed. I’m just hoping that I will not have the same problem as Aggie when she tried transferring to her EON card. I’ll know next week. I’ll update you guys if the transfer will be successful.


Try Kava

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When my daughter turned six months, she was allowed by her pediatrician to start taking solids. We never think twice and we preferred to give her all organic foods to make sure that we give her only healthy foods.

And so we come to discover the many benefits that organic foods can give to our body. So my husband and I started to make it a habit to prefer organic foods for us as well. And so I was really happy to discover the many organic products from Kava Farms. They have kava roots, kava drinks, kava paste, and even kava capsules. My favorite is the Kava instant drink mix which comes in different flavors so I get the same benefits of kava root without its bitter root taste.


crepes & cream, shopping, etc

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Howell was on holiday yesterday (President’s Day) so they (Bela and Howell) fetched me at the office. They arrived just a couple of minutes before the office closes so Bela was able to play inside my room and visit some of her ninangs and my other officemates. We left the office around 5 PM and we then head to Robinson’s Place Ermita. We first went to BPI, as I need to fill up some forms for my credit card transaction. It was already past six when I finished my transactions with BPI and we’re all very hungry.

And I remember how much Peachy and Gelo love the crepes at Crepes and Cream. So we trooped to the Midtown wing and ate our merienda at Crepes and Cream. I tried the Sweet crepes with Strawberry while Howell tried the Banana Hazelnut. And Peachy was right, it was really delicious. I wanted to try the savory beef but I’m already full. Maybe next time.

After eating merienda, we checked out the stores at the 3/F. And as usual, we ended up shopping for Bela again. I posted my shopping kwento here on my other blog.

We love the Midtown wing of Robinson’s Place. It’s really spacious and it’s not crowded. I was not really feeling well when they fetched me since kakagaling ko lang sa sakit, but after doing some shopping, bigla ako nagging ok. Lakwatsa lang pala gamot sa sakit ko. LOL.


Sick Again

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I have been sick since Friday so I haven’t been updating my blog. Can you imagine, I haven’t touched my laptop for three days and I was able to control myself on not to check if there are any opps available. I must have been really sick then. LOL. I was down with colds and cough and I have fever since Friday. My mom gave me medicines to take. My cough is ok now and fever is gone although I still feel that my body is still too tired and I’m still nanlalata.

We just stayed at home from Friday to Sunday so I was able to rest and sleep. Hubby told me that I should stop staying up late to check for opps. We’ll see….sayang din kse extra kita. LOL.

I still owe you guys a lot of tags and awards. And don’t think I’m ignoring all your messages and comments for me. I will try to catch up with them soon.


My Future Investment

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I have been into paid blogging for about four months now and I can say I have earned a considerable amount of money from it. I have used the money that I earned from blogging for all my online shopping and I just realized that I should have saved a part of it so it will go to something more worthwhile.

I have been researching the net for a good investment that I can take for my blogging earnings and I found an interesting way to invest my blogging earnings. I discovered the site of Monex. Monex is the number one coin dealer in the US. I can purchase 90% Silver U.S. Coin Bag, or a 40% Silver U.S. Coin Bag, a Silver American Eagles or a Silver Canadian Maple Leafs.

I’ll just check their site for up to date silver prices and price charts so I can review which investment will work best for me.


Congrats Dad

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(Wink, wink). I never doubted even for just one second that you wouldn’t get the promotion. When you called me after your interview, I already had a good feeling about it and I knew that you would get the promotion. Congrats, congrats. I know that you work hard for this and you truly deserve it. Bela and I are so proud of you!!! We love you very much.

Congrats again BOSS!!


Super Affected

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I can’t even think how I can be able to blog about it. I can’t accept the result of the amazing race. I was kind of expecting that Marc and Rovilson will arrive second at least if they will not win. But I have already foreseen that it will all boils down to the mental challenge.

I think Marc and Rovilson made a wrong decision in making Rovilson do the road block. They could have predicted from the clue that it is something related to geography and Marc could have done a better job since it looks like he knows his flags.

But in fairness, Colin and Adrian deserve to win also since they did a good job too. It’s just that it’s really difficult for me to accept the fact that the Philippine team didn’t win when in fact they are one tough team to beat. Just thinking about the final result of TARA makes me feel sad talaga. Super affected ako, promise…LOL.

But I know Marc & Rovilson really did a good job. They really made the Filipinos proud since they race fair, they made us laugh and they really entertained us. So to Marc & Rovilson, congratulations and we’re all proud of you. Truly, you made the Filipinos proud!!!


Toddlers Unlimited?

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Looks like we already made up our mind on where to enroll Bela. After talking it out with hubby and with lolo and lola, looks lie we’re all set to enroll Bela this summer at Toddlers Unlimited. We figured that a 3x a week schedule is a much better set up since she will just go to school every other day, instead of going to school everyday.

So I’ll just contact Teacher Gabby so I can get the requirements for enrollment this summer.

Oh I’m getting excited already. LOL. You can read all about my preschool hunt kwento in my other blog.


Got some Love

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I got this awards from Thea. Thanks sis. I really love it.

Awards are really pouring in this week. And so I’m passing this award to maybelle, mm, pam & racquel.


LifeLock Reviews – help you get the best

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I just got back from our monthly conference call meeting. The topic that we discussed today is all about network security and one of the attacks that were sited, as an example, which is considered to be one of the biggest crimes, is identity theft. And with the number of Identity Theft protection program available in the market, you have to be sure that the system you’re subscribing to can really help you get protected from Identity Theft. So before subscribing to any Identity Theft Protection system, consider reading the LifeLock Reviews from the LifeLock website. The Life Lock Review page listed the features of LifeLock Identity Theft protection system alongside the features that is being offered by LifeLock competitors. By reviewing the LifeLock Review page, it can help you decide the best identity theft protection system that will really work for your protection.


Our alternative: Homeschooling

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As most of you know, I already started searching for a preschool for my daughter. We have visited a number of preschools already and most of them are only offering a five times a week schedule. For now, I’m only looking for a school that offers a three times a week schedule because I think that a five times a week schedule is still too much for my daughter. But I learned after calling a number of preschools that I only have a limited option for such school. Another problem that I encountered is that, I was able to find a good school that offers a three times a week schedule, but is a little far from our house. This means that my daughter has to endure a long travel at least three times a day to get to school and we don’t want her to experience that.

We have a lot of concerns in enrolling our daughter to a preschool this summer and so I have been searching the net for other alternatives that we can take. While I was doing some research, I was able to find out an alternative that we can consider, which is home schooling. I found out about The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool. Parents can teach their kids on their own pace and they can seek help and assistance from The Southern Baptist Academy trained professionals. Parents are provided with tools that can aid them in their homeschooling process such as online tools, DVDs, videos, audio files and printed materials.

I’m a little concerned before because I’m really having a hard time looking for the best schooling for my daughter. But after reading about the Southern Baptist Academy, I feel a little relieve knowing that I have an alternative to consider.


Awards Galore

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I received all of these awards from Chat. Thanks sis. I really appreciate it. Awards are really pouring in. What a really great way to start the week.

Thanks again sis. And I’m passing this award to all the mommy bloggers – aggie, apols, apple, jacqui, jane, jody, joy, kelly, mich, thea, peachy


2008 Friendship Contract

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Toni gave me this award.

After serious and cautious consideration…your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2008! It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!!

My Wish for You in 2008

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires! May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words …May 2008 be the best year of your life!

Thanks for this sis. Much appreciated.

And I am now passing this award to Raft3r, Ems & Big Eyed Gal


White Rose

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Thanks Andrea for this White Rose.

White roses can mean many things to many different people. They can convey feelings of love, friendship, respect and hope. Underlying all of these messages is the impression of innocence and purity with which white roses are now synonymous. An arrangement of white roses is not only beautiful; it can carry a complexity that belies its simpler appearance. Whatever the reason white roses are given, it can be assured that they will be deeply appreciated by their recipient.

I am passing this to Jesse, Kathy & Mec


Back to work

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After being off from work for 4 days, I’ll be back to reality tomorrow. I was off from work Friday and Monday since I scheduled a trial class for Bela at Toddlers Unlimited and Cambridge Child Development Center. (You can read how the trial went on my other blog).

For sure, I will miss my baby terribly. So wish me luck. Hope I can switch back from vacation mode to work mode that easy after my long weekend.


Circle Of Friends

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Eds tagged me with this one. Thanks sis!

-->Start Here<--

Anger is only one letter short of danger
If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.
Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.
Learn from the mistakes of others
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.
Friends, you and me...
You brought another friend...
And then there were 3...
We started our group...
Our circle of friends...
And like that circle...
There is no beginning or end...
Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.

So now, let's see how many circle's of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1-Catsy Carpe Diem, 2- Catsy Downloads, 3-Out of the Blue, 4- A Day to Savor and Relish 5- A Piece of Idea 6- Write Shy 7- Stupid Wise 8-http://onlinememorylane.blogspot.com/ 9 - http://www.jk-nocargo.blogspot.com/ 10- Teacher's Corner 11- Abby of Mom and the City 12- My Views On My So Called Life 13- My Life 14- My Precious 15- Journey to Life 16- Ysabela's Domain

Now I'm tagging Andrea, Farah, and Issa


Biggest heart award

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Thanks to Chat, Jacqui, Jesse and Jody for this award. Just like what Jacqui said, nakakataba ng puso. Advance happy hearts day too and I’m giving back this award to you two.

I'm passing this award to my shopping buddy Peachy and my constant ka chika online – Jane, Ems, Kelly, Pheng and Yvelle. Advance Happy Hearts day too to all of you.


Easy Online Payday Loan

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On my way to work last week, a bank staff handed me a flyer about the services their bank is offering. One of the services that they highlighted is their payday loan.

I’m quite in the need for money right now to pay for some of my bills so I was interested to read the requirements on how I can avail of their payday loan. And I was so disappointed to find out that I have to submit a lot of requirements like employment certificate, tax identification, bank certificate and even credit card records. I need the money right away and if I have to submit all these requirements, then I need days to accomplish all of it.

So I tried checking the net and I found out that I can easily get a payday loan without submitting or faxing any documents. Their only requirement is that I should be at least 18 years of age, that I have a regular monthly income and I have a direct deposit system set up with my local bank. I definitely qualify in all of these requirements. So all I need to do now is submit my application online and once my application gets approved, the money will be deposited to my bank account.

This is the safest, easiest and discrete way of availing a payday loan.


Be protected from Identity Theft

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Do you sometimes think that anytime, your identity can be stolen and other people can use your name to gain credit or purchase a product? Identity Theft has been one of the most rampant crimes reported and everyday hundreds of people are being victims by it. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from worrying that any time, somebody can just steal your identity. The wise move is to get an identity theft protection that really works. Like the identity theft protection of LifeLock.

LifeLock has been in the business since 2005 and since then, they have become the industry’s leader in identity theft protection. Their success is due to the fact that they have been funded by the respected investors.

If you signed up with LifeLock, you will get automatic fraud alert, alert renewals, credit report, removal from pre-approved credit ads, legal assistance to recover stolen identities and wallet lock that comes free with LifeLock. And the best deal is that they offer a $1,000,000 guarantee which you can’t get from their competitors plus they are backed up by an excellent customer service.

They are offering a promo right now where you will get a 30 days Free and 17.5% off on annual membership. You just have to enter the LifeLock.com promotion code RD17.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for the best identity theft protection system.


And the journey continues to Africa

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Oh my, oh my. This is the best leg of the Amazing Race Asia for me. They went to Cape Town, South Africa for this leg. Africa is really my dream vacation. I would trade going to Paris if I’m to choose between the two. But I think, it would just be a “dream vacation spot” for me since it would be impossible for me to go there because it is too expensive.

So I was really excited while watching this episode. (Plus the fact that this is the last leg before the finale).

I was really happy with the teams who made it to the finale three. They are really the teams that I’m rooting for. I was surprised when the dancing mums cried when they left the center for the children with AIDS. I always see them to have tough personality and I can’t imagine them crying. But hey, as mothers who wouldn’t feel sad about the plight of those kids in the center.

I was so happy too that Marc and Rovilson claim back their position for number 1. And oh men they we’re so lucky that they won an all expense paid trip to South Africa. So they will go whale watching and enjoy the safari again. Oh boy, this two are really lucky. And for me, even if they don’t win the race, it’s like they still won a million bucks since the African Safari trip is worth P500,000 – 1M already. But of course, I would still want them to win. So good luck Marc & Rovilson. Hope you’ll bring home the bacon next week.


Blego what?

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Blego What?... from Farah

Rules: The person tagged must copy the word and paste the definitions of the word contributed previously by the people who did the meme. Link backs would be nice, but not necessary. The person tagged must then add her own definition in this format:
‘yourname.com’s definition’ and place your link.Being creative with the acronym is encouraged.Answer the following questions.tag 5 other people to do the meme.

Blego (evilwoobie.com’s definition) – n. an acronym of “blog ego”, which pertains to a blogger’s sense of self in the blogosphere.
Blego (ebooktechie.com’s definition) – n. bloggers’ blogging ego
Blego (nonstandardized.com’s definition) – n. a huge piece of lego. Haha.
Blego (dre.onewickedsoul.com’s definition) - n. an ego post of a big-headed-blogger *lol*
Blego (doorlight.ihousha.net’s definition) - n. a misspelled word.
Blego (janu-jenn.blogspot.com's definition ) - n. a plague in the blogsphere (I was thinking of plague-o, that's why).
Blego (ariella.blogspot.com's definition ) - n. blog ling-o (bloggers language, way of communicating)
Blego (elapot.wifespeaks.com's definition ) - n. a blogger with a lot of ego, sense of self-worth
Blego (wifeynibangis.blogspot.com’s definition) – n. (slang) the blogging self; I the blogger
Blego (howellabie.blogspot.com’s definition) – n. (acronym) B-loggers L-ooking for E-xtra G-imik O-nline (bloggers who are into paid blogging. LOL)

The Questions:

1) Do you know what your blog is really about, and can you write a one-sentence promotional material for it in a flash?
* My blog is about anything and everything under the sun. I don’t set a particular topic to write in my blog. I blog about anything that happens in my day to life as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an employee, or just the plain me.

2) Do you join social networks to promote your blog? If yes, do you hope to find friends in these social networks and in the process get regular readers of your blog?* I’m a member of a social network (w@w & n@w – if they are considered to be social network) even before I discovered blogging and I learn the wonderful world of blogging from the friends that I met in these social network.

3) Do you or do you plan to join ranking sites that put your blog in competition with others for popularity? If yes, do you or do you plan to monitor your stats regularly?
* I don’t want to join ranking sites but I regularly monitor my stats as higher stats means more opps for me. LOL.

4) Do you tweak your blog often in accordance with the tips you get from blogging guides and gurus? If yes, list the bloggers you visit often to obtain these tips.
* No, I just use my own style in blogging. And I think it works since readers (which majority of them are my friends) never gets tired of visiting my blog.

5) Do you think of your next post even if you have just written a new one? If yes, list your inspirations for posting, and/or some routines that you go through before posting.
* hehehe. Yes, I do that. That’s how much love to blog about my life.

let's see what peachy, jane, jacqui, kitts, mich would say about their blogs.


Xtra, Xtra

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Early this morning we we’re called by our boss for a short meeting. He said that he has some good and bad news for us.

Bad news is, there will be some work to be done on most of the floors since the flooring in most rooms and corridors needs to be repaired since majority of the tiles have cracks already. Good news is, they will do it in the weekend and they requested us to disconnect the PCs in all the rooms then wait until they are finish with the floor works, then we will connect and set up the PC again. This means overtime for us, so more extra money. Our supervisor wants to know if we’re okay with the overtime that’s why he called for the meeting. Of course we’re all interested for the overtime. Who would say no to extra moolah.


Joyland Casino

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Have you ever experience being alone at home and have noting interesting to do. Well, if ever you land in the same situation again, save yourself from boredom by playing in online casinos. All you need to do is visit the site of casino joyland to download the software. After the installation of the software, you can immediately access the online casino and start playing either for real money or for fun. What’s best about joyland casino is that they offer a lot of promos and bonuses to their players. They even offer an $808 welcome bonus to new players.


Live Healthy. Drink Tea.

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Howell and I are not really the health conscious type of couple. We eat what we want to eat, drink what we want to drink without thinking of the bad effects it can bring to our body. We are never really conscious of what we eat, basically because we just love to eat. I think this is due to that fact that it is part of our culture also. We really love to eat. I remember I read an article from a local magazine abut how we Filipinos love to eat. An example that was cited is that every time there is a special occasion, food is always abundant and overflowing. But I know that it is not a good habit and if ever we want to have a longer and healthy life, then we have to start living healthy.

We had this realization since one of my aunt died of cancer. And then jus last year, another of my mom’s sister underwent radiation therapy because small cancer cells have been found in her uterus. So this made me and my husband decide that we should start living a healthy lifestyle now so we can live longer and enjoy the company of each other and specially our daughter till we grow old.

So I did a research on the net and found out that we can start living healthy by just drinking four to six cups of tea daily. I just found out from my research that there is really hard evidence that proves the great benefits of tea to our body. All tea, whether it is green tea, black tea or red tea, all contains polyphenols which helps prevent cancer or even high blood pressure. Tea can also help prevent arthritis, infection and helps lower cholesterol levels. Among all the tea types, the green tea is the one that is less processed so it contains more polyphenols for a much higher chance of caner prevention and even removal. Among the green tea, my favorite is the Acai Tea where in they put berry flavor to the tea for a more refreshing taste.

This would be a good start for us in our efforts to start living a healthy lifestyle. We’re both tea drinkers anyway, although not on a regular basis, so this wouldn’t be hard for us. All we need to do is include four to six cups of tea in our daily routine.


Anniversary Celebration @ Tagaytay

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I was not able to post our pictures when we last went to Tagaytay as I was too lazy to download and resize the pictures. But I was able to find time last night to select and resize them so I’m sharing it with you guys now.

.: while waiting for the food to be serve :.

.: at the "kubo" :.

.: kubo floating in the water lily pond :.

.: love birds :..: with "wowo ben" :..: dad & bela in the garden :..: enjoying the garden :.

As what I mentioned in my last post, we had lunch at Moon Garden. The place is really nice and you might want to try it out if you want to have a quiet lunch. They serve breakfast from 7 AM – 2 PM. Lunch and dinner is by reservation only.


Ash Wednesday

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I didn’t realize it’s Ash Wednesday na pala. I just saw a lady on my way to work with a big cross on her forehead. Then I realize Holy Week is a little early this year. There’s a mass at the chapel here at RCBC at 12:15 but for sure the chapel will be packed by hundreds of employees working here at RCBC. So Howell and I might just hear mass at Ermita church later after I meet him there.


#1 Stretch Mark Cream

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I just got the good news that my best friend just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. So my husband and I visited her at the hospital. She was so overjoyed with the coming of the new baby. She has been raving about how much joy their baby is giving to their life specially to her and her husband.

But while she was happy with the coming of the baby, there is one aspect in her pregnancy that she really hated the most and that is her stretch marks. She asked me if I have stretch marks since I already gave birth also and she was so shocked when I told her that I don’t have any stretch marks at all. Thanks to the stretch mark cream that I used, I was able to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy.

But I warned her that she shouldn’t just be buying any kind of stretch mark creams. There are a lot of available stretch mark creams in the market claiming that they are effective, but would just be a waste of money. So I told her to buy only revitol stretch mark cream as it is proven to be very effective in preventing stretch marks.

My friend was so thankful for all the information I shared to her about stretch marks. At least there is still a chance to erase all her stretch marks and go back to her flawless skin.

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