Today I feel... Tomorrow I like

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1. Today I feel very— tired. I did an overtime today which involves physical labor so I feel really, really tired.
2. I enjoy — my evening playtime with Bela.
3. I am unhappy when — Bela is sick.
4. I feel good when — I’m with my family.
5. I wish my boss — would show some true concern for his staff.
6. My officemates think — I'm a funny person.
7. My work area is — a spacious room where I have total privacy.
8. I enjoy reading about — fashion, raising up kids, showbiz chika.
9. I like myself best when — I’m not stressed out and just having fun with Howell and Bela.
10. If I had a choice I would — be a SAHM.
11. I wish — good health, safety, and happiness for my family.
12. Tomorrow I would like to — eat a crepe at Crepes & Cream

Passing this on to Summer, Andrea, Jan , Joanne and Sexy Mom.


sis! thankies for tagging me. hehe, this started from me! see my answers here http://labskiddies.blogspot.com/2008/02/shouting-out-my-feelings.html added your other link. have a great week ahead!

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