Baby Nicole's Baptism

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My best friend just gave her birth a couple of weeks ago to a pretty little girl (who by the way looks exactly alike as my best friend’s husband). They are currently in Singapore but they are planning to come home in July so their friends and relatives can see baby Nicole. And since most of their friends and families are here in Manila, they will be holding the baptism christening of their Baby Nicole while they are here.

July is just a couple of days away so she asked for my help to prepare for the Christening. I already inquired from several restaurants of their choice and I already emailed her for the quotations. So far the date that they are targeting is still available so the reception venue is already taken care of.

I think they would also like to hold the baptism in the same church where they got married so that is the next one on my list that I need to contact.

Of course I also need to prepare for baptism invitations. I am not sure if we will still have time to make DIY baptismal invitations and I can’t commit to my friend that we will take care of this since I know how busy our schedule is. But I think this will not be a big problem as I know a site where I can order personalized Invitations Baptism Ceremony without fuzz so I know that this can be easily taken cared of.

Then of course I have to do a text brigade also as I know my friend won’t have time to contact our friends here in Manila to invite them for the baptism. So once the date is finalized, I will start doing the reservations and the booking so all will run smoothly when my friend and her family arrives here in Manila in July.



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To say that Howell and I are very busy is an understatement. I still manage to keep up with all the paper works that I need to finish for all my three subjects for my masters plus I have to finish my pending tasks for my sideline too and we are still quite busy at work. So almost everyday, Howell and I will be up until 3 – 4 AM just to finish all of this. Sometimes I have to start late since I have to wait before Bela goes to bed first (since I can’t work anyways because she always want either me or Howell to play with her, or watch movies with her or just chat with her). Sometimes she goes to bed at 11 PM so that is the only time that I can start with my work.

Just like last night, I stayed up until 3 AM. I am quite happy though because I was able to finish my to-do list but that is just the first part of my list as I still have a lot of things to do. That is why Howell suggested that we should get vitamins and supplements because otherwise, we both might get sick. So I learned about Allegro Medical System. It is an online site where I can buy almost all my health care needs from medical supplies, to baby products, and even Urological supplies like foley catheter. What I like about their site is that they have an auto re-order system which is what I need so that is one less thing for me to worry about.

So I will log off now and hopefully I will be able to finish my to-do list again tonight so I can at least go to be before midnight.


Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

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I love Sophie Kinsella’s books. I read all of them and I have a copy of all of her books except for the "Can you Keep a Secret? " (I think). So when my good friend and kumareng Peachy shared with me Sophie’s account in Face Book and gave me the good news that Sophie will be releasing another book this July, I was thrilled.

Well actually July will definitely be a busy month for me as it is the midterm week plus I have to finish all my requirements for all my three subjects in my Masters before our August trip but I am sure I will be able to find time to sit down and read Sophie’s new book. (I can say that because that is what I did this month – I have tons of paper work to do but I was able to finish the Amazing Race Season 13 and CSI Season 9 Episodes 16 – 23). Well I guess this things are what is making me sane nowadays because of my busy and crazy schedule so I wouldn’t mind taking a break for a bit from my busy schedule and enjoy Sophie’s Twenties Girl book.

Check more information about the book here.

Picture snagged from Randomhouse Au.


Manic Monday # 173

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My Manic Monday answers on a Wednesday

Do you usually wear perfume/cologne? If so, what's your current favorite? Yes. My favorite is the Green Tea scent of Elizabeth Arden. It is so much my favorite that I have 2 big bottles in my cabinet.

What's the last book you've read that you thought was really good? If you don't have one, what looks promising on your to-be-read list? Twligth series of Stephanie Meyer. My favorite is Book 1 because that is where I fell in love with Edward. LOL.

Fill in the blank: I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the 60’s clothes that I see in my mom’s pictures.


My Random Thoughts

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If you will ask me to make a wish list let’s say for my birthday, then here is the list that I will come up:

1. My Neverfull
2. Coach’s Satin bag from Faye’s site
3. Philip Stein watch
4. Vacation with my family in Shangri-La Mactan
5. Disneyland trip in Hong Kong
6. Jewelry – But I am not picky when it comes to jewelry. I don’t need it to be expensive. I just want it to be fashionable, classic and stylish (I told you I am not picky) just like the discount costume jewelry from Holsted Jewelers. What I like about them is that their designers have put a lot of time in making true “wow” jewelry that I won’t be able to find their designs from any retail store.

So if there is anyone out there asking what I want for a gift, then here is my list. LOL.



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Ok, I will just rant for a bit here. I just feel so pressured with all the papers and assignments that I have to submit this week for my masteral. I should have started working with it today but I can’t find the energy to work. For one something happened yesterday that made me really pissed of and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind and so I am so distracted that I can’t find the inspiration to finish my tasks. Second, I feel so bored reading all our modules and doing everything by myself without any classroom discussions. So I have to understand everything and I can’t even find anybody who can answer my question. I know Howell is my classmates but he is so busy with work that he hasn’t found the time to read our modules. Then I have my duties too at work so I am dead tired already when I reach home to finish all my assignments.

I am already thinking of dropping. LOL. I am so tired and I am not sure if this will be of any help to advance my career. Or maybe I should just buy a Nespresso espresso machine because for sure it will be a very hectic week for me and I will definitely sleep late this coming days to finish all my tasks. Look at the list of the things that I have to do:
1. Finish my online tasks – I don’t have that much this week but honestly I would rather have a dozen of online tasks rather than read a dozen of my modules at school.
2. Finish my Tutor Marked Assignment for my Development Communication subject (Deadline for this is June 26).
3. Read Chapter 3 and 2 additional readings and then write a comment about what I read to be posted on our discussion board. (Deadline for this is June 26).
4. Read Chapter 1-2 for my Principles of Programming Languages Subject
5. Finish my first Tutor Mark Assignment for this subject (Deadline for this is June 27).

Thinking about it makes me irritated already. But I guess, I have no choice…I just don’t know how I can survive this coming week with all the tasks that I need to finish….


Parents Orientation @ MSS

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I took a day off from work today to attend the Parents’ Orientation at Bela’s school. I woke up around 7:30 AM to prepare since the orientation is scheduled at 8:30 AM. Howell woke up the same time as he normally does if we have to go to work. I thought he was just excited to attend the orientation (LOL) but then he tried to wake me up also and he was saying that we are late for work. So I realized, he totally forgot about the orientation. LOL.

I met Bela’s teachers, Teacher Sarah and Teacher Eulene. They both handled Bela under the Magic Strokes program during summer where Teacher Sarah is the head teacher for the program. Actually, I made reservations for the 9 AM class but when I called MSS the day before I enrolled Bela, I learned that Teacher Sarah will be handling the 8:30 AM class. I let Bela choose between the three previous teachers she had last summer and she does not hesitate when she answered Teacher Sarah. I don't know but for some reasons, I feel comfortable more with Teacher Sarah compared to Bela's other teachers. And I can feel (using my mother's instinct. LOL) that she likes Bela too even though Bela can be a handful at times. I was really looking for the same compassion and sweetness as Bela's teachers at TU and I think I found that in Teacher Sarah. So I decided to move Bela to the 8:30 AM class and so far after chatting with Teacher Sarah and Teacher Eulene this morning, I can say that I am happy with my decision.


On Wedding Preps

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I haven’t posted pictures yet when my whole family accompanied my brother to her fiancée’s house to formally ask permission from his fiancée’s parents for their marriage. But my future sister and law and I were able to talk and, me my sibling and my cousin promised to help her with the preparations for their wedding.

I was exchanging sms messages with her just now and we are discussing about their honeymoon. My future sister in law wants to have their honeymoon in Europe but my brother thinks otherwise. My brother wants to prioritize other stuffs that will help them be prepared for married life like buying their own house, a new car and a new business as an additional source of income for their soon to be growing family. Add to that the expenses for their dream wedding so my sister in law thinks that a Europe honeymoon is not really possible.

But my brother promised her a romantic cancun vacation in the white beaches of Riviera Maya once they recovered from all their wedding expenses and my future sister in law is just thrilled. Who wouldn’t have be thrilled once you imagine a relaxing day while lounging in your room that is overlooking the ocean, or enjoying the pampering of a beach spa treatment. That is something that I will really be thrilled about.


Those were the days

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Do you have some frustrations when you were a child? Like for me, did you know that I was frustrated singer, ballet dancer, swimmer and pianist. LOL. I have no talent whatsoever, so I grew up just being an audience instead of being a performer. But I think I am little good in dancing because I remember I always participate in school programs and even in programs in our barangay and me and my friends will perform a dance number. Oh, those were the days.

But if I have to bring it all back, I think I will love to enjoy the same things that kids nowadays are enjoying. Like with Bela, I was able to enroll her to swimming class at age 1, to ballet class at age 3, and gymnastics class at age 2. Back during my childhood days, I don’t think there are centers who accepts students as young as 1 year old in their class. Like now, I can see that Bela loves music also so I am thinking of enrolling her to piano lessons. But I think the youngest that they accept is 7 years old. Maybe, I can join Bela with her lessons so I will get to learn how to play at least one musical instruments. LOL. I checked out the online piano lessons of Yoke Wong and I watched the videos and looks like it is something that I can handle. What do you think, am I too late already for this? LOL.


Saturday Six - Episode 268

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1. You’re planning a trip that would be an eight-hour car ride, a four-hour train ride, or a two-hour plane ride. With money and time being no object, which would you most likely choose and why? I would prefer a two hour plane ride. The lesser time I spent traveling, the better for me as I would get to my destination the fastest where I can truly relax and enjoy. I hate long travels really…LOL.
2. Has your worst travel experience been on a plane, on a bus or in a car? I think on a bus. I hate bus rides because they are so uncomfortable especially if it is a long ride.
3. Of the following modes of transportation, which one are you most likely to be able to sleep in as a passenger? When did you last doze in that vehicle? I think a car and I don’t have a hard time dozing off to sleep while traveling.
4. Of that same list, which one would you least likely to be able to sleep in as a passenger? What’s the biggest stumbling block to your being able to sleep that way?
A bus maybe. Bus drivers here in the Philippines are so unreliable because they usually break traffic rules so I really feel uncomfortable when I am riding one.
5. Take the quiz: What Type of Transportation Are You?

You Are A Plane

You are ultra modern and futuristic. You embrace technology.

You like to live a fast paced life. You don't like to wait around much.

You are a jet setter who loves to travel far and travel often

You are quite fearless. You are not plagued by common phobias.

6. In you response to the quiz, which single line best describes you?
I think this line best describes me, because if I have all the time and money, then I will definitely not think twice and I will travel to my heart’s content. LOL.
"You are a jet setter who loves to travel far and travel often."


Bed Weather

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Today, hubby is out since he was invited by the Philippine Society for Industrial Security (PSIS) to give a training to their members about Internet and Computer Security. This is the first time that they will be offering this course to their members and hubby was much honored that this prestigious organization (where he is a member also) have invited him to do the training.

Hubby’s first job was a teaching job and his parents are both teachers too so I guess teaching is really in his heart. So he was so excited and honored when he got a call from Sir Ed Fulgencio (PSIS president) and he was asked to deliver the Security training. I think hubby just loves sharing his knowledge to others so he has been preparing for this training for weeks now. I am sure he will do well and the participants will really learn a lot from him.

So while Howell is out, Bela and I are just here at home bumming around and by bumming, I mean sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating. LOL. I think I would really need the best weight loss supplement to help me loose weight since I have been in this routine for weeks now. Can you blame me? The weather is so nice to do those things, right? And then last night we went to my brother’s fiancée’s house for our “Pamanhikan" and we brought lots of food also so for two hours, while our parents and my brother’s fiancée’s parents are busy discussing about the wedding, the rest of the family is busy eating. LOL.



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I caught my good friend from California online yesterday and she was asking me when we will visit them again. She just gave birth last year and we can’t wait to see her lovely daughter and we can’t wait for them to see our equally lovely Ysabela also.

Airfare to the United States is on sale actually from Philippine Airlines and we are thinking if we should avail of this promo because my friend has been telling us about hilton head south carolina. They have been to hilton head island during one of their vacations and they really enjoyed the place because it is really relaxing, they enjoyed the beach and they enjoyed the good food that their restaurants have to offer. And though Howell doesn’t play golf, the world class golf course located in hilton head real estate will really encourage Howell to play and try golf.

This really is a tempting offer and if only we have the budget, I might have purchased our airline ticket and book a flight to California. But I told my friend that I have to do some computations first if we can afford a US vacation this year.

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