Hubby's Duties

Posted by abie on 1:34 PM
Hubby is always the one in charge whenever there are things that need to be repaired or fixed in our house. Like for example, hubby is the one fixing all the electricity and internet cable wires at home so that it will be safer for everyone especially for our kids. But due to his busy schedule for the past months, my dad takes over of most of the minor works at home.

In fact, last week when we were at the mall, we passed by the handyman store to buy paints and some tools. I spotted the clamps I wanted for hubby during the time that he was looking for one. It was actually a good steal that’s why I insisted to buy it since it is useful as well.

But even if my dad is the one who does all the work, hubby still sees to it that he’ll find time to check on things at home. He usually does it during weekends or whenever he gets a free time.

We are very thankful that my dad is always willing to help and we really feel assured that everything stays in place.


Good News

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Looks like I will be needing plus size sport bras after 9 months. Do you know why?

We received another good news 3 weeks ago when we confirmed that I am pregnant with our third child. I am now on my 10th week, and as usual the first trimester is the hardest as I am experiencing major morning or shall I say all day sickness. I am dizzy almost the whole day with no energy to do anything, but of course I still have to force myself to go to work.

But this stage will pass and the whole family is really excited for the coming of our another bundle of joy.

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