Paranoid Mommy

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The news that has been circulating regarding kidnapping and abduction of young children is making me feel paranoid. I heard stories when kids in the mall will just be grabbed without being noticed by the parents or kids will be tricked by the bad guys so the innocent kids will go with them either to kidnap them or get all their valuables and belongings.

That is why whenever we are out, my husband and I always sees to it that at least one of us is with our kids even if we have our nannies to help us. We don’t know how smart these crooked guys are that our nannies can easily fall as their victims.

And speaking of nannies, it is also important that we conduct criminal background check since these are people that we allow to enter our homes and entrust our kids. We don’t want to go home one day and find out that our kids have been abducted by our nannies.

I am lucky as my parents are living with us so they get to monitor the nannies while my husband and I leave for work. Otherwise, I would have resigned and leave my work as I can’t bear the fact that I will leave my kids the whole day with just the nannies.


Hubby's Trip to the ER

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Last Sunday, hubby had a minor accident when he bumped his foot on our stairs. I thought that it was nothing serious as it always happens to me. But hubby has high tolerance for pain and so when he complains, I know that he is really hurting. And when I looked at his foot, it is already swollen.

@ the Xray Department@ SLMC QC ER

So we went to the emergency Room of St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City to have his foot check. He had undergone X-ray and the doctor gave him pain reliever via IV. The X-ray results revealed that there is no fracture and it is only a sprain so we are really thankful. The doctor just prescribed pain reliever if he will still feel pain and just recommends that we consult our preferred physician if the swelling and pain persists.

We were not able to go to work Monday because of our trip to the ER but that is just okay. We are thankful that it is nothing serious like the pain and trauma that mesothelioma survival brings to the patient, and we are happy that at least we were able to just stay at home, rest and spend some time with the kids while the husband recuperates from his injury.


Our Easter Sunday in Ulingan

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I haven’t blog much about this because of lack of time, but I am happy and proud to say that my husband and I are one of the volunteers of Project PEARLS.

PEARLS is the non-profit organization that is helping the less fortunate families in Ulingan. Last Easter Sunday, we joined their outreach program and celebrated Easter Sunday with the kids.

And so with the peavey amps setup, we had one great party. We started with the feeding program where we serve breakfast for the kids at the daycare. Then we had games for the kids where we gave out small prices for the winner. Then we went to the Ulingan factory where we distributed food also for the kids who can’t come to the daycare because they are working at the factory. Then there were kids who danced and sing to entertain the other kids and the volunteers. 

It was indeed one great way to celebrate Easter and to reflect on its true meaning.I am glad that Project PEARLS has let us take part in their mission and making us part of this wonderful organization to be able to help the families in Ulingan.

Photo courtesy of Sidney Snoeck.

Get involved. Advocate. Share. Contribute. Anyone can help. Anyone can make a difference ~ projectpearls.org


Supplier Review: Bartenders at Work

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During the wedding of my cousin last March, they had a mobile bar and all of us enjoyed it even the oldies and the younger generation in our family. That is why when I was planning for the party for my mom and dad, I know that we should get a mobile bar too.

We initially plan to get the same supplier as my cousins but luckily I found a good deal from one of the discount shopping sites, Groupon. I got the package for only P4,000 and is good for 30 – 50 guests already and it includes 5 international cocktails, 2 flaming shooters and 2 jello shots.

I was a bit scared at first to book them as it is the first time that I will be getting their service so I don’t know if they will be able to deliver or not. All our transactions are through text only so all the more I got a bit nervous. But I was really happy with the service that I got from them. They arrived early at the venue to set up the bar and the bartenders were really accommodating and friendly. They even created one of the drinks that we requested, which is not in their list. We extended for another 2 hours and the owner was so accommodating to our request that he also gave it to us at a discounted price.

I will definitely get them again for our future parties.

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