Howell....is leaving tomorrow

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Howell will be leaving for Germany tomorrow. His flight is at 4:45 PM via Gulf Air. (I know, I know we could have chosen a much better airline like KLM or Singapore Air but Gulf Air offers the cheapest rate and since he is traveling on business, he has to select the cheapest airfare since the company is paying for it). He still has to drop by his office before his flight as he still have a lot of things to turned over to his staff since he will be gone for 25 days. He won’t be going home before the flight and he will go to the airport straight from the office as he doesn’t want Bela to see him with his big backpack as he fears that Bela might cry. I am sure if that happens, Howell might leave the house crying too.

May parents together with Bela fetched me at my office then we fetched Howell and we decided to have dinner out before Howell leaves. We ate at Blue Bay, one of the restaurants along Roxas Boulevard strip. You know those restos beside the Luneta Grandstand and Ocean Park and beside a big parking lot which was used to be a children’s Playground. (You know, that big parking can pass as one of those rv parks that are very common in the Unites States. I always dream to have one of those here and then we can go on a road trip with our rv.) Anyway, back to my story, we had dinner and then we went home to pack for Howell’s things. Howell is keen on just bringing a back pack for this trip as he said that it will be more convenient for him but I will still bring a trolley bag.

Please pray that hubby will have a safe trip to Germany tomorrow and though I still feel sad for leaving Bela, I am a little excited now as in just a few days I will be following him there.


be happy it's friday

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Got this tag from Jan. Thanks girl and glad you're back to blogging again and sorry if I haven't visited your blog in a while. I have been super busy lately. I miss your Coffee Break series.

Happier faces. Beaming smiles. Sunnier dispositions. Roaring laughter. What's the reason for all of these, you ask. It is the end of work week and everyone seems happier today than the rest of the week. It is Be-Happy-It's-Friday!

I'm sending out this Be-Happy-It's-Friday tag to 3 friends: all my MBAP friends. See you all on Sunday.


Finally Ready

Most of you might know that my daughter had a congenital heart disease when she was born. I was crying almost every night ever since her cardiologist confirmed that she has a hole in her heart. My heart was in pain imagining the condition of my daughter. Of course, all parents only want the best for their kids and I was really worried if she will still have a normal life if ever the hole in her heart will not close. We were lucky though because of the prayers that our family and friends had offered for Bela, God made a miracle because when she turned two, her cardiologist confirmed that the hole in Bela’s heart is now close.

I can’t explain the different kind of happiness that me and my husband felt when we had Bela but because of Bela’s heart condition, it somehow gave me a trauma and I got scared of having another child for the fear of having to go through all the pain again when we found out of Bela’s condition. But I realized that I am being selfish. I know how much Bela will love it to have another baby brother or sister and I know how much my husband is dying to have a second child (he wants 5 kids actually). At first I was telling myself that I am a bad mom and a bad wife for not wanting to have a second child but my friends are telling me that in time, it will all come back – I will enjoy giving out baby birth announcements again and I will enjoy the idea of having a second child again.

And they are right. Now I think I am finally ready and I can’t wait to send out birth photo announcement to all our friends and relatives. Even my friends and relatives are all excited to finally receive photo birth announcements from us as they have been waiting for it for years now.

And since hubby and I will be going on a trip this coming August, we are hoping and praying that a few months after we get back from this trip, we will be ordering Announcements Birth Cards from Cards-411.com to announce the coming of a new blessing in our life. So please pray for us and wish us luck.


Treat for Bela

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Since we will be leaving Bela for 20 days when we go on our trip this August and I am really feeling so guilty for doing it, Howell said that we will make it up with Bela by going on a family vacation before the year ends. (I am really crossing my fingers that we will be able to save up for this trip as I really wanted to treat Bela and spend some quality time with her especially since we will be leaving her for a good 20 days.)

I was checking for possible places where we can go and the site of Karisma Hotels and Resorts caught my attention. Bela always loved the beach and I know she will have a great time if we go to one of the resorts of Karisma in the Mexican Riviera Maya.

Judging from their website, I can really tell that we have a relaxing time there. They also have a lot of activities in the resort that the whole family will enjoy like snorkeling, swimming, play volleyball and the like.

Just imagining my whole family enjoying a perfect day at one of the Karisma hotels is keeping me out of stress already, what more if we can actually go there. Hopefully, someday soon.



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Hubby is so thankful since he received a number of bookings for this month. He covered a wedding, a first birthday party, an and outdoor shoot. He even got a gig to setup the network system of one company in Ortigas and the pay that he received for doing a one day job was really good. He even has to say no to one of the event since we have an appointment already on the 26th (of course, we can’t miss the MBAP party).

I on the other hand is so thankful also since we finally received the news that we have been waiting for months now – we will have an across the board increase come August and retro active pay will be given for our salary from April. This means I have extra money (yes, I consider this as extra money since it is not part of my budget for April – July.) This means I can use it to buy something for myself – a bag or a watch perhaps? So I am really excited.

I am also so happy and thankful since Bela is really having fun at school and everyday she always brings home stories of her fun experiences at school. She has also improved specially for her writing skills since her teacher said that she is starting to work independently now.

And of course, we are so thankful because God has been really good to our family. He has always been protecting us away from harm and he has been keeping our family safe and healthy which is the most important thing for me.


Party Venue: Booked

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Two weeks ago, while I was waiting for Bela’s swimming class to finish, I tried calling Jollibee branches to check which has a function room that can accommodate 100++ guests. I was surprised to find that in Jollibee Blue Wave, my first choice for the date is already booked so I decided to pencil book November 14 for Bela’s 4th birthday party. They only gave me a week for my pencil booking but we were busy last weekend and were not able to drop by at Jollibee to pay the reservation.

Actually, I still don’t have definite plans yet as to what we will do for Bela’s 4th birthday party. I am actually thinking of just having a party at her school but then I know that I will have second thoughts about this again (just like last year) so I decided to pay the reservations already last Saturday and we will just have a simple party for Bela’s 4th birthday.

Jollibee Blue Wave’s function room is really big and I like it. No entertainment is allowed so at least I have no reason to think for extra entertainment for the party (but I plan to get a Balloon Artist or a Face Painter. LOL). As per the invitations and tarpaulin, hubby can take care of it when we get back. (This reminds me that I have to look for Halloween invitations too for my cousin’s party). I also contacted party suppliers already to inquire for their balloon decorations and cake. I am still also thinking of the souvenir that we will have this time for the party (we already have the backpack and personalized tumbler).

I still have a lot to do but I think I have no time to deal with these before I leave. But at least the venue is already booked and I just have to deal to the little details of the party when I get back (I really promise hubby that it will really be a simple one for this year. LOL).


Weekend Party

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We attended the first birthday party for the daughter of hubby’s colleague at Active Fun. Hubby was the official photographer for the event so I was hesitant if we will come or not since most of the people that I know from husband’s office is not coming. But it has been a while since we last brought Bela at Active Fun so we decided to come.

Bela had a great time at the party (I will make a separate post about this with pictures, I promise. Soon. LOL). She joined all the games and we brought home a lot prizes, she even watched the magic show, she played in the play area and she even eat with the other kids.

I was wearing the short summer dress that I bought from Katrice Wear and most of the guests thought that I was pregnant since two of hubby’s colleague asked me about it. LOL. I guess this is really a sign that I need to take the best weight loss supplements. LOL. Even Bela thinks that I am no longer sexy and my tummy is so yucky. (And that is coming from a three year old kid. LOL.)

I better hang all my “preggy-look” clothes for the meantime until I get those fats out of my tummy first.


Starbucks, Papers, Etc

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Almost every evening, I will ask my yaya to prepare a cup of coffee for me and Howell with the hopes that it will keep us awake until the wee hours of the morning to finish all our papers for our masters. But since we are both really tired already from work, even a strong cup of coffee won’t do the trick.

So last night, we decided to try a different strategy. LOL. Howell was sleepy already after dinner so I asked him if we can drive to Starbucks to buy a grande Frapuccino. And it worked. We were up until 3:30 AM. But we were still not able to finish our papers. I was so busy looking for our hotel in Venice and Rome so what I thought will only take me an hour to do take forever since I am working on a budget and most of the hotels that I like are really not within our budget. Howell on the other hand was multi tasking. He was helping me figure out the best hotel base on location so he has to do a research about Venice and Mestre (this is where we will get off from Vienna via coach bus) and he was also burning pictures to CD for the birthday party that he covered last weekend.

So even with our favorite Starbucks drink, we still end up having piles of paper work to do which is already due this weekend so I am already in panic mode. LOL.


Cruise anyone?

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Travel plans have been one of the topics of discussions when I logged in to Twitter this morning. You see, I love to make travel plans and if only I have all the money in the world I will travel to my heart’s delight with my family.

It is really nice to explore new things together. Especially now that we have a daughter who loves going to the beach, going to one of those Caribbean cruises is surely one of the things that we will do, hopefully someday.

One thing I love about joining a cruise is I can visit a number of places in one trip. Like the Southern Caribbean Cruise of Carnival Cruise. Imagine if we joined this cruise, we can enjoy the beaches of Aruba and rain forest of Dominica. We can go swimming and snorkeling which I am sure my daughter will really enjoy. And while on board the cruise, there are a lot activities that our whole family can enjoy because Carnival Cruise offers a lot of on-board activities that kids and adults alike will surely enjoy.

This is really one of my To-Do list and hopefully someday we will be able to save up so we can afford for the whole family to try any of the cruise that Carnival Cruise offers.


For my Niece

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It is back to school season again and thank goodness I saw Zenni Optical on TV!!! My aunt asked me to help her look for $ 8 Rx eyeglasses for her daughter. She just sent her daughter for an eye checkup and she needs new prescription glasses.

Specially now that kids are back to school, my aunt really wanted to get her kid a new pair as she knows that it will really help her perform better in school. High Five to Zenni Optical because we found what we are looking for from their site – chic, durable and most specially affordable prescription glasses for my niece.


Aug 7 - 19 is the date

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According to the Chinese Calendar, from Aug 7-19:

My Chinese Age: 33
Chinese Lunar Month: June
Gender: Boy

August 6-20 is our planned Euro tour…so read between the lines. LOL.


On Sports, Friends and Security

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My hubby used to be a sports lover. I say “used to be” since it has been a while since I saw him play any kind of sports. We have been really busy with school, with work, with our sideline that the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is not enough for us to do all the things that we need to do.

But I know how much he misses he sports. He used to do a lot of sports before even those dare devils sports that I am really not in favor of. Just last week, hubby was able to chat with his friend who already moved to the US. This friend of his is his sports buddy because they do all sort of sports together. But even though he moved to the US, he is still into a lot of sports. Well according to hubby’s friend, this is what is keeping his mind busy so he won’t miss his life here in the Philippines. But hubby said that his thinking matured for a bit since he availed of disability insurance from Allsup just to be on the safe side since he knows that Allsup has a 98% success rate in helping their clients claim their SSDI. Hubby said that his friend can’t give up his sports because this is what keeps him happy but at least now he has insurance for his security and his family's security too.



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On my way home, I can’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation of the two passengers beside me. They were talking about stock options and how his investments doubled in just a couple of weeks.

I am really intrigued with how stock options work. I have always wanted to do an investment in stock options but I am always thinking twice since I don’t know how stocks work. All I understand is that you should know what market to invest your money so you will be sure of a high return on investment.

But how will I know if that market will be able to give me a good ROI? And that’s where Power Options comes in. Power Options is the software that I need to do the entire job for me – it gathers data and makes comparisons and reports on the best stock options trading to invest to. That way, I will be sure that I will be investing my money on a good market that will give me a good return on investment.

I am sure my husband will agree with my new investment discovery and will be happy that I am looking at investments options that will help us earn additional income.


Euro Tour?

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I told myself that I have to finish my paper tonight. But since I got hold of my laptop, I have been busy checking out EuroCheapo sites to search for hotel accommodations in Europe. So does this mean I am already joining Howell for his trip and leave Bela for 3 weeks? Actually, the answer lies on the hands of the visa officer. LOL. I am almost 95% sure that I will be joining Howell for this trip and we will do a Euro tour but I am still waiting for my Schengen Visa. We had our interview last Monday and we have to wait for a minimum of 14 days for our visa to be processed. They took our passport so I thought that is a guarantee that our visa will be issued but as it turns out, they are collecting all the passports from the applicants and all applicants have to wait for 14 days for the processing of visa.

So I guess my final decision will be base on the result of our visa application. If I will be given a visa, then maybe I will join Howell for this trip and if not, then the answer is clear - maybe I am really not meant to have a Euro Tour this year.


Going Fishing

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A friend of mine has a husband who is addicted to fishing. He would usually save a weekend in a month to go fishing with friends and would often take out his fishing rod equipment and clean it. After a day spent fishing, he would come home and tell stories of the catch they made. Of course, he would still complain of how much recreational fishing is underdeveloped here. He would like to go to the US, specifically in Washington, just to experience fishing! He would pore over a washington fishing guide book and dream of going there. He would want to try going on a fishing trip with MegaBytes Guides Service. They are oregon fishing guides and washington fishing guides and have boats specifically made for fishing. He got so excited when he saw how large their catches were. The oregon fishing guide is great too.

It is said you need to book with them at least two to six months in advance. That's how booked they are.


On Wedding Preps

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A few weeks ago, we went to Tagaytay with my brother and his fiancée to check out their wedding reception venue. It made me reminisce the time when we were still preparing for our own wedding.

I was a hands-on bride to be then. I made sure that I am always at the top of things because we wanted our wedding to be something that reflects our personality. So all the choices, from the suppliers, to the flowers, and souvenirs, was personally hand picked by us.

One of the favorite things in my wedding is our souvenirs which we got from the Knot Wedding Shop. The Knot website has been my homepage while we were preparing for our wedding since their site provided lots of tips and ideas like unique wedding favor ideas that can truly help couples who are preparing for their wedding.

I gave the link of The Knot to my future sister in law as I am sure she will be able to get a lot of nice ideas and tips that they can use for their wedding.



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Last night, I plan to finish all my tasks. I master with all my might to try not to sleep so I can finish all my tasks but I guess I am just too tired and even with one strong cup of coffee, I doze off to sleep after mid night.

I still have a lot to do and I have a deadline to meet. I only have a few hours left and I don’t know how I can squeeze all my tasks with the limited time that I have. I am so thankful since hubby is really very supportive and he has been helping me with my paperwork even though he has some paper work that he needs to finish too.

Oh well, I have to try hard. Of course I can just say no and just pass the opportunity but who wouldn’t want extra moolah right? LOL. So although my brain is toasted already and I can’t think of anymore topic to write, I still have to try. I just have to reward myself after this (I deserve it, this is really hard work. LOL).


As a Mom, What Can’t You Live Without?

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Tag from Litzie.

As a Mom, What are the top 5 Things You Just Can’t Live Without When Going Out with Your Kid/s and why?
1. Her bottle and formula – of course no one wants their kids to go hungry. So we always make sure that we bring with us more than enough bottles and formula if we are out.
2. Biscuits, cheese, dutch mill and Yakult – my Bela is a very picky eater so we always bring her favorite food just in case she doesn’t want to eat the food in the resto where we will dine in, we have something for to keep her tummy full.
3. Extra blouse and shorts – Just in case she needs to change.
4. Diaper, baby wipes and powder – She is already potty trained but she will still prefer to do # 2 while wearing her nappy. Every time she needs to do # 2, she will ask us to put her nappy on so we always make sure that we have at least 1-2 nappies in our diaper bag.
5. Her Ipod and her red bag full of her Littlest petshop toys – to keep her busy in her seat if we are on the road or when dining out.


Wise Investment

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I requested for bank certificates and history of bank transactions from my bank last week as it is a requirement for my application of a Schengen Visa. After studying my bank transactions, I realized that it has been years since I deposited my money in the bank and it did not earn that much.

Which got me into thinking that depositing money in bank is not a good way to invest money. If I want to really make use of my savings, then I should be investing it instead of just letting it sit in the bank.

So I did some research which led me to the site of Monex and I got really interested in investing in gold and silver coins. Precious metals are tangible assets that won’t depreciate with time and with the experienced agents of Monex, I am sure I will get the best deal in the market.

I will do some more reading so I can present this to my husband so we can finally be able to make a wise investment.


Party Planning Na?

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While I was waiting for Bela’s swimming class to finish last Saturday, I was able to use that spare time to call different Jollibee branches to inquire for their party package. I tried calling Jollibee Green Meadows, Ortigas-Roosevelt and Blue Wave and all of them have 140 – 200 capacity for their function room which is what I am looking for. So far, Jollibee Blue Wave is the best bet since it is the closest branch from Manila that has a big function room.

I panicked for a bit since the date that I was eyeing (November 15) for Bela’s party is already booked. I prefer November 15 since I initially thought that Mich’s Andie will celebrate her first birthday party on the 14th (November will be a very busy month for the MBAPs since most of the MBAP kids are born on this month so we have to coordinate our party dates. LOL). But thankfully, I confirmed from Mich that they will have Andie’s party on the 21st instead.

I pencil booked November 14 at Jollibee Blue Wave and I have until July 11 to pay the reservation fee. So I still have a few days to get convince hubby to have a party for Bela. LOL.


Addicted to Farm Town

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I don’t know what it is with Farm Town that turns me into one addicted Face Book member. LOL. Yup, I logged in to Face Book just so I can play Farm Town and I am so happy because I got promoted again and I am now Level 9 – Popular Farmer. This means I can give cows as gifts to my friends and buy Silo. But I am still so far from reaching my goal of earning 70,000 coins so I will be able to purchase my first Farm House. LOL.

I promise you should give Farm Town a try and I bet you will be as addicted to this game as I am (I heard Judy Santos plays this game too. LOL. I wish I can add her as my neighbor).


Our Second Shot

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Who would have thought that despite our very busy schedule (both Howell and I have our own sideline aside from our day job) that we would still be able to go back to school and hopefully be able to finish our masters.

Thanks to the online university degree program, we have a chance again to finally finish our masters degree. Just like what the speaker during the student’s orientation had mentioned, with online degree, we will be able to spend less time traveling to go to the campus and so we will be able to spend more time studying. This is the perfect choice for those who live a very busy lifestyle (like us) since we can study at our own pace at the comforts of our own home.

We are now on our first semester (still surviving), but hope this time we will be able to finally obtain our masters degree.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com


Baby # 2

So will I be joining Howell for his trip to Germany? Still haven’t decided yet. My reservation has been extended again until July 10 so I still have until Friday to decide. But my colleagues have been convincing me to go as they all can’t wait to receive invitation baby shower from us for our next baby.

I realized that I can’t wait for baby number two also. My daughter is growing up so fast and I am sure she is ready to distribute shower invitations and become the elder sister for her baby brother (yes we are hoping for a baby boy for our second child).

I can still remember when I had Bela, my friends organized baby showers for me complete with invitations shower, souvenirs and of course a lot of good food. And it really made us so happy because we felt how much our friends and relatives our anticipating the birth of our first born.

We are planning for baby number tow this year so I am sure, it won’t be long before I need to look for Baby Invitations from Cards-411.com again.


Conversations with Bela

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I know I should be posting this on Bela’s blog but since I need fillers for this blog, I decided to post it here:

Conversations with Bela

Attending mass.

Me: Bela say thank you to Jesus for giving you your mom and dad, and your lolo, lola…..
Bela: Yes. Teacher says, God is great. God is good. God gives us food.


Me: Bela let’s go to Mercury. We need to buy your milk.
Bela: Ok, we will go to Mercury only mom. Church is close today
(She said this because we always go to Mercury Drug right after Sunday mass.)
Me: Yes Bela. We will only go to Mercury today. We go to Church on Sundays.
Bela (singing): There are seven days, there are seven days, there are seven days in a week. Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday.


Ever since classes begun, Bela will go to bed anytime between 8-10 PM and will wake up around 6-7 AM just in time before we leave for work. So every morning we have to think of ways so she will allow us to leave her with yaya.

Bela: Mommy don’t leave me. I love you, I love you. Don’t go to the office.
Me: I will be back, I promise. I just have to go to the office to work so I will be able to get money to buy your toys (though I don’t think it is a good thing to encourage her to buy toys but I am already running late and I need to think of a fast way to be able to get out of the house. LOL)
Bela: No mommy, don’t get money in the office. Just get money in your wallet. You have money there.


More Concerns

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Another concern that I have on why I am having second thoughts in joining Howell for his Euro trip is that we have a lot of papers that is due for submission on those dates that we will be away. So it is either, we will do the papers way ahead of schedule so we can submit it before we leave. Or we will bring all our books and reading materials while we travel and look for some Internet connection in the middle of our city tour to submit our assignments and papers. If this is the case, then I really have to buy one of those netbooks like this cute HP mini netbook so it will be lightweight and it will not be so bulky especially we will be moving from one city to the next. Or another option is we will just not submit our paper and we will just enjoy our vacation, then let fate decide on what our grades will be for the three subjects that we are enrolled in. LOL.

Oh well, I will deal with it next week after my interview at the German Embassy. Besides, if I will not be issued a visa then I don’t have anything to think about.

So I have to go for now. Hubby is already calling me as our McDonald’s delivery is already here so we will enjoy our midnight snack first.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo snagged from buy.com.


Still not Decided, but I am Applying...

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I am still not 100% decided if I will go with Howell to Germany but we will be applying for our Schengen Visa. It will be our interview on Monday and it is only today that I started to prepare for the documents and the other requirements that we will be needing for the interview. But I am glad that I was able to obtain all the papers that I need including the travel insurance which is one of the requirements to obtain a Schengen Visa.

I hate visa interviews. It always gives me butterflies in my stomach. I got denied when I first applied for a US visa and since then, applying for any type of visa is a really stressful thing for me (I will really need my wrinkle cream as I am really so stress out).

But thankfully, I have a lot of colleagues who applied for a Schengen Visa already and so I was able to get some tips from them. Hopefully it will be enough (partnered with more research that I will be doing later) to convince the visa officer to give me a visa. Otherwise, then maybe it is a sign that I should not leave Bela and I will just stay here in Manila with her. LOL.


8-MCDO, CitiMobile and Ice Age 3

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Bela and hubby has been obsessing about the new toy that comes with Mc Donald’s Happy meal. Yesterday, hubby fetched me from work and while he was waiting for me, he decided to drop by at Mc Donald’s and that’s when he saw the Ice Age 3 toy that comes with the happy meal. So he ordered 3 Happy Meals to get the Ice Age toy for Bela. Manny the Mammoth toy is no longer available in the Mc Donald’s branch where Howell ate so we even Drive Thru another branch to get Manny because according to Howell, he has to get it on the first day of release otherwise, we might have a hard time looking for it.

But hubby’s effort was all worth it as Bela went gaga over her toys. We were not able to buy Sid the slot to complete the three major characters in the original Ice Age movie and so Bela was looking for it. So Howell’s solution, 8-MCDO. Yup, we ordered for delivery since we will be working late anyways and we are a little hungry already. Hopefully they have the Sid character. And what I love about this delivery is I paid for it using my Citimobile. With just one text, I was able to pay for my orders. Cool….


Catholics and First Communion

I remember when I was still in school, my First Communion was a big thing for my parents. First Communion is a very important event in Roman Catholics because it is the person’s first reception to the Holy sacrament of the Eucharist. To some Roman Catholic families, they would even have parties and would send invitations communion to invite their friends and relatives to celebrate with them for this special event in their life.

We are a Catholic family too and we also observe the importance of First Communion. I am a product of a Catholic School and I remember during my first communion, my parents even send out communion invitation to our relatives and friends as we have a big party to celebrate the event.

And now that my cousin will be having her First Communion also, my entire family is busy labeling the communion cards and in distributing First Communion Invitations that we got from Announcements-shoppe.com to our friends and relatives so they can witness too this special event in my cousin's life.

I am sure when it is Bela’s turn, we will be as busy as this in preparing for her First Communion.


Hi-Lo for this week

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Hi: It is Canada Day today so we’re on a holiday.
Lo: I am stuck at home doing all my homework.

Hi: I am at home with Bela.
Lo: I still have colds so I am trying not to hug and kiss Bela so she will not catch the virus from me.

Hi: Looks like it is a go for our Europe tour.
Lo: This means I will be away from Bela for a maximum of 20 days and I don’t think I can bear it.

Hi: Howell copied the Amazing Race Season 14 and House MD Season 1 on my Iphone.
Lo: I don’t have time to watch it.

Hi: My Iphone’s OS is now upgraded to version 3 so it now has the copy & paste feature and the SMS forward.
Lo: I lost my cycorder program when I upgraded the OS and MMS is only available for the Iphone 3G.


On Accidents

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I posted as my weekend snapshot entry for this week our trip to Tagaytay last week. On our way to Tagaytay, we had a minor boo-boo because our car was hit by a truck. We were in Pasay, it was a little traffic, I was busy tinkering with my Iphone when I was shocked by the strong tug inside our car and when I turn to look, I saw a big truck on our left side who just came out of nowhere and it looks as though he did not even notice that he hit us.

My dad was driving the car and the truck speed off as if nothing happened so my dad has to get out of the car and run after him. Good thing there was a heavy traffic so my dad was able to caught up with the truck and they were able to get an MMDA official to check the accident.

Of course the truck driver was denying his fault and he kept on saying that it is impossible for him to hit us without him noticing it so he knows that it is not his truck that hit us.

Problems with accidents like this, we need to go to the nearest Traffic Bureau and it may take us the whole day to sort everything (you know how our government system works). And since we are on our way to Tagaytay for my brother’s birthday celebration and our Father’s Day Celebration too, we don’t have time to go through all the legal process to report the accident. So we just settled for whatever cash the truck driver can give us, which is like P500 only. LOL. But at least we have comprehensive insurance so our car is in the casa now for repainting. Good thing the car only hit a small portion at the side of our car (at the top of the rear wheel).

Accidents like this make me really paranoid about the safety of our streets. That is why when Howell is convincing me to allow him to buy a motorcycle, my answer is always a strong NO. We have a friend who was a victim of a motorcycle accident but they are lucky because they have a good Morristown personal injury lawyer and so they were able to get medical claims caused by the accident.

But no matter how much Howell will try to convince me, I will still never let him buy a motorcycle. It is a total magnet for accidents and disasters so even if he hates me (which I know he wouldn’t), my answer is till a big NO.


Back in the Game

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Hubby was complaining last night that his tummy is getting bigger and bigger due to lack of exercise. He used to play paintball when he was still single. He was so fit and healthy back in those days because he was really into a lot of sports and paintball is one of his favorites. I remember they even go out of town almost every weekend to compete. I even came with him in a number of his competitions and boy I can see how they perspire a lot that is why it is a good exercise for him.

He sold most of his paintball rifles already because ever since he got married, he rarely played the sport. But he saw the aeg airsoft rifle that my brother wants to buy on the net and suddenly he got interested again with the sports and he wants to try airsoft this time.

Airsoft is almost the same as paintball but it just uses airsoft pellets for the rifle. My brother wants to try the sport so he is encouraging my husband to join him since he knows that Howell is into that kind of sports before.

I hope hubby finds the time to do some sports again as it is also healthy for him because he really needs to do some exercise and airsoft is a good way to loose his tummy flab. LOL.


Deli France Lunch

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This is what I had for lunch last Friday:

I was really not feeling well because I have colds and I was so looking forward to dismissal time already but my spirit was lightened up when my boss showed up in my room carrying the big box from Deli France.

Pesto, ham and cheese sandwich, salad, dessert and iced tea

Yum, yum. One complete meal. And before I knew it I was able to finish all of the contents of the box. Guess I was really hungry that day. LOL. (But if I remember it correctly I had rice for breakfast. LOL).

Actually I always see the Deli France tarpaulin for their set meal but I find it too expensive. So I guess I am lucky to have a very generous boss who treats his staff to lunch almost every Friday. (And I am lucky too because he gave me a good mark for my performance evaluation for this year.) So what more can I ask for?

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