Hi5 Musical Party for Cobi's 3rd

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Cobi will be having a Hi5 inspired party for his 3rd birthday, which is in 1.5 months. I haven’t prepared much for the party but one this is for sure, hubby and Cobi has to bring out their banjo from musicians friend because they will be doing a musical number.

Well Cobi loves to sing and dance and it fits really well with the Hi5 theme so why not take this opportunity to show his talent on stage, right? He knows a lot of the Hi5 songs, Maroon 5 and One Direction songs so it is just up to him to decide what songs he want to sing. Yes you heard me right, Cobi will be the one to choose what song he wants. At almost 3 years old, he acts like a grown up already and he makes his own decision.

I just wish that he will not chicken out and he will be in the mood to perform and entertain her guests.


Milette in Manila

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We had another Balikbayan visitor last month. She is the cousin of my best friend whom we met when we went to the US. She was touring the US with her cousin and so we were able to spend a few days with her in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

She was here for a month for temporary work and glad that we were able to go out with her while she was here in Manila.
She sponsored one Saturday feeding first in Ulingan so I accompanied her there and I am thankful that she spent some time and shared her blessings with our kids from Ulingan. After the outreach, we went home to freshen up and then went to Casa Roces for lunch.
After lunch, we took her to Manila Ocean Park as per her request because she wanted to try the foot spa. My kids and hubby joined her and from the looks of it, they enjoyed the experience.
After Manila Ocean Park, we parted ways as they had to go home for their family dinner.

It was nice seeing you in Manila, Milette. Looking forward to seeing you if not in August, then maybe in October.


Inspiration from Bo Sanchez

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Our car loan will be expiring next year and this means that we will have a little extra money that we can save in case of emergency. But aside from saving, my husband and I have been thinking of investment options to maximize the potential of the extra money that we will have.

We attended a seminar of Bo Sanchez a few months ago and it is all about investing and managing our finances. After the seminar, we have been considering investing on US silver coins and in the stock market as well.

I have always been scared to invest on stocks as I find it too risky and complicated. But thanks to Bo’s teachings, I finally understand how to invest safely in stocks and over time, will give our money its maximum potential.

I have printed out the forms and hopefully I will be able to submit it to CITISEC so I can start with stock investing real soon.

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