Supplier Review: Videoke Machine

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We know that we needed entertainment for the party of my mom and dad so it will not be quiet and boring and of course, the only answer to that is a videoke machine.

We would have wanted to get a live band complete with their electric guitar, Aquarian Drums, bass guitar and more but we are working on a limited budget and there is not much space in our garage for this.

My aunt was the one who looked for a supplier where we can rent a videoke machine and she instantly found one just in our neighborhood. We got the machine for only P500 for 24 hours of use so we were using the machine up to the next day. LOL.

The videoke machine was a huge hit as it was never vacant because there will always be someone who will be lining up their song on queue. It did provide a great entertainment and it surely did make the party bvery lively and fun.


Supplier Review: Iya of That Looks Tasty Goodies

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I ordered the personalized cake for my mom and dad’s party from Iya of Thatlookstasty Goodies (you can search for her in Facebook). She was recommended by my friend Mai and Thea. 

Details of the topper. Napahaba lang ang buntot ng tatay ko

Her cakes were delicious, affordable and very creative so I did not think twice to order from her after exchanging several emails of inquiries. We just talked via direct message in Facebook and I just gave her descriptions of my mom and dad and she was the one who made the overall concept for the cake. We all like how the cake turned out.

The price that we agreed to is suppose to be for a one layer 8” inch cake but she went out of her way to make it 2-layer to make the cake even nicer. I told her that I am not particular with the cupcake boxes and she tried looking for a cheaper alternative to further lower the price for the cupcake.

Aside from adding to the special effect of the main cake, the cupcake became the souvenirs as we gave each guests one cupcake that they can take home with them. We were initially thinking of getting cheap fragrances but we are not sure which scent will each of our guest like, so we decided to settle with the cupcake as the souvenir instead.

One more thing I love about Iya is I don’t have to worry on how to pick up the cake as she personally delivered them with a minimal fee to our house. She arrived very early and so we had a lot of time to setup the cakes even before the guests started to arrive.

I will be getting her again for Cobi’s 2nd birthday party and I am excited to see how Cobi’s cake will turn out.


Supplier Review: Blue Petals

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We got Blue Petals to cater for the joint birthday party of my mom and dad last April 8. I have tried Blue Petals many times already (for Bela’s first birthday party, Cobi’s 1st birthday party and my cousin’s wedding) so I am already comfortable working with them and I am confident that they will be able to deliver. Aside from this, their price is really so affordable and their food all taste really good which is our major requirement.

We ordered the following from them:
• Honey Sauced Pork Spareribs
• Beef tips with mushroom
• Fish Fillet with Chili Garlic
• Baked Macaroni
• Fruit Salad
• 2 rounds of soda

I totally forgot about my diet that day and I said to myself that I will just resort to cheap diet pills so I don't have to control my appetite so I can enjoy all the food that was served during the party. LOL.

The staff of Blue Petals arrived around 2 PM to set up the tables and chairs and then a few hours after, the food arrived so everything was setup even before the guests arrive.

The serving was just right for all the guests that we invited. Everybody was able to eat and there were no leftovers, which goes to show how everybody enjoyed the good food.

I will definitely book them again for all my other events and the next one will be Bela’s7th birthday party.


Mom & Dad's Joint Bday Celebration: Success

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My mom and dad’s joint birthday celebration held last Easter Sunday was a huge success. It was a last minute decision on our part (my siblings and I) to host a party at home. Our initial plan was to rent a yacht, which can accommodate 30 guests, and we will have a party with the family and a few of my mom and dad’s friends. We also considered having the celebration either in Casa Roces (my husband and I’s favorite restaurant), Barbaras (and avail the promo from one of the discount shopping site) or the buffet dinner in Vikings.

But we figured that it will be more fun if our mom and our dad can invite as many of their friends as possible so we decided to just have the party at home.

I contracted my usual caterer, Blue Petals, to cater the food for the party, and then I got the personalized cakes from That Looks Tasty which is a recommendation from my good friend Mai and Thea, the mobile bar from Bartenders at Work and a videoke machine from one of our neighbors.

Everybody that they invited came and the party was a huge hit. Thanks to the cocktails and shooters that made all the guests drunk (including me. LOL), which added fun to the party and the videoke machine plus my mom’s friends who are so game in showing their talent in singing.

Our mom and our dad were really happy with how the celebration turned out and my siblings and I were really glad, as we really wanted to make their birthdays extra special and memorable.


Toys for the Big Boys

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This is my entry for March’s Photo-a-day challenge for Day 30 with a theme, Toys.

These are just some of the few toys from hubby’s collections. He collects all sorts of stuff from NBA, NHL, Wrestling action figures, yoyo, Japanese anime, FPJ DVDs and more.

This is now stored in our spare room which hubby claims as his office. Sine we moved, he just unpacked these toys from the box but haven’t really gotten the time to arrange it yet. His dream was to turn this spare room into a mini museum of his collections and I am sure he can easily fill the room as he has tons and tons of toys. He still has a lot in our house in Bulacan.

Oh well, at least hubby is into this hobby. I would rather see him play with toys rather than gamble or alcohol and most especially not girls. LOL.


Mom & Dad's Joint Bday Celebration

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I am looking for Grandparent gift ideas as my kids’ gift for their grandparents on their joint birthday celebration on Saturday:

My dad just turned 58 years old last March 21 and my mom will be 60 on April 6 and so we thought of having a joint party for them on Easter Sunday.

I have made arrangements already for the party and have booked the following:
• Blue Petals Catering for the food for the party. I have paid the 75% down payment already to confirm the event.
• Cake and cupcakes for the event from That Looks Tasty Goodies. I have finalized the cake design with Iya and I can’t wait to see how the cake will turn out.
• Mobile Bar from Bartenders at Work. I purchased a voucher from Groupon and have finalized the arrangements with the owner via SMS. This is the first time that I bought a voucher from Groupon site and have transacted with Bartenders at Work unlike my other suppliers who have either been recommended to me or I have tried already, so hopefully they will be able to deliver.
• Invitations care of my cousin, Joseph.
• Styro backdrop and additional food for the party courtesy of my sister in law.

We are all excited for this party. This is the first party that we will host in our new home and hopefully the celebrants and the guests will have fun.

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