For Bela's Room

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Bela has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for more than a year now. Her drum set is placed in her room which is just across our room. Now that Zaak has arrived, we know that we have to do something so Zaak will not be bothered if Bela would want to play with her drums.

We are working on a limited budget but thankfully we discovered a cheaper way to sound proof Bela’s room and that is with the use of egg crate foam. That is why hubby plans to buy egg crate foam this coming weekend so he can start to sound proof Bela’s room.

Bela and hubby is really excited with this project because finally they can continue their jamming sessions without disturbing our precious little one.


Tagaytay again

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For the nth time, we went to Tagaytay again last weekend as hubby wanted to unwind and I was making the most of my last two weekends before I go back to work. But to change things a little, we decided to visit Paradizoo this time. Paradizoo is a mini zoo and themed farm located in Cavite. We left Manila around 11 AM already so we just grabbed food for takeout along SLEX and we head straight to Paradizoo. I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet but this is one of the family pictures that we took inside Paradizoo:
Bela and Cobi really had a blast even though there are just a few animals in the zoo. But they enjoyed it because some of the animals are just freely roaming around the farm so the kids had a chance to play and pet the animals. After our visit to Paradizoo, we went to Carlo’s Pizza for merienda before heading back home to Manila.


The Beauty of Music

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Since there was no electricity and we don’t want to stress ourselves too much from worrying because of the flood, we just put out our musical instruments and we drown our fears in a song while we are all stranded in our house.

My cousin started playing the guitar and we all sing along with him. We even played the name that tune song and even the kids participated and had fun. It would have been nice if we can use our affordable turntables from guitar center, but since there is no electricity, acoustic music will do the trick.

Our family is really music lovers and music always plays an important role in our lives. The flooding that we experience a few days ago was something new to us and we are glad that we were able to surpass that ordeal with the company of each other accompanied by good music.


Success of Bela's Rock Star Concert Party Courtesy of Dear Hubby

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This is hubby the night after Bela’s party:
He was so dead tired after the party that he went to bed, without even changing to his night clothes, as soon as we reached home as he has the main man in-charge during Bela’s party. When we were still in the planning stage for Bela’s Rockstar party, we have been arguing as he was really pushing that we will not rent a styro backdrop for the stage, but instead, he will do the stage décor himself.

His idea was to use a projector to make it look like an LED wall and he and my brother-in-law will create additional props for the stage décor. Hubby and my brother-in-law did not sleep the night before the party as they are still finishing the props that they need.

On the day of the party, hubby was the jack-of-all-trades doing carpentry, installing the projector, decorating the stage, testing the tascam dr 07 and all.

But I guess he is not Superman and he can only do too much with the little time that he has. I got a bit worried that they will not be able to finish their project, there have been times that we had been quarrelling about it and I was at my highest stress level on the day of the party as I watch them cram to finish everything. But all in all, I can say that all the stress is all worth it as hubby and brother-in-law again delivered and they have succeeded in transforming the party venue into a concern scene. We have received a lot of praises about it from all our family and friends who attended Bela's party.

Thanks to my husband Howell, who I know would not let me stop him as he really wants to do this for his princess. And my hats off to him as I know what he did were unbelievable. All of this he found the strength and the energy to finish, all because of her love for her daughter and I thank God for giving me a husband like him.


12 Rocking Group Sessions of Music or Dance from Academy of Rock

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Have you seen this promo from Deal Grocer for a 12 group session of music or dance at Academy of Rock:

This voucher is available for only P5,760 instead of P7,200 and it includes 12 group sessions at Academy of Rock for Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals or Dance.

Academy of Rock is the newest music school in Rockwell, which is a franchise from Singapore, and they are the only school in the Philippines that specializes in rock and popular music. Their teachers are the best in the industry and I remember my friend mentioned that her son’s drum instructor is the drummer of a popular local band.

This promo is such as steal as it sums up to only P480 per session. So get your skb mixer cases at guitar center or your guitar or your dancing shoes and don’t miss this great promo of Academy of Rock from Deal Grocer.

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