10 Years and Still in Love

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Yikes, I can't believe that in just 3 months, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary. We actually have no plans yet on how we will celebrate it. My husband initially wanted to have a renewal of vows since our kids can now play a big part in the ceremony but I don't think it will be possible due to budget constraints. So maybe, we can just have a short getaway, so we can just relax and enjoy each others company.

I am also checking for gold wedding rings as hubby lost his already and mine doesn't fit me anymore so maybe this will be the perfect time to replace it.

So we will see. We have 3 months left before our big day. But I am sure no matter how we will celebrate it, it will still be the best day of our lives because we are still together, still in love after 10 years.


Hello September

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In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas early and it begins as soon as we enter the “BER” months. That is why on September 1, you shouldn’t be surprised if you will already hear Christmas songs playing on the radio or if you can see Christmas decors being sold in stores.

And as per our family, hubby and the kids are so excited that hubby already put out our Christmas tree from storage. They are planning to start decorating this weekend so I am also looking at the site of patience brewster as I heard that they have lots of nice Christmas decorations.

So to all our friends and family, Advance Merry Christmas.


Proud of Team Gilas Pilipinas

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It was a very memorable week for the Filipinos last week as we watch game per game of our team Gilas Pilipinas. We lost the first four games but in spite of that, the Filipinos are still very proud of what our team have accomplished.

The Philippines was able to come back to FIBA after 36 years and when they did came back, our players showed the world what Philippine basketball is and gained the world’s respect in the process.

The win against Senegal for Game 5 is just an icing on the cake as Gilas Pilipinas had already accomplished their goal.

And behind this great team is the team captain, Jimmy Alapag. And my husband dig our picture chest just to find this picture. 


The Beauty of Music

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Since there was no electricity and we don’t want to stress ourselves too much from worrying because of the flood, we just put out our musical instruments and we drown our fears in a song while we are all stranded in our house.

My cousin started playing the guitar and we all sing along with him. We even played the name that tune song and even the kids participated and had fun.Even my daughter joined and she started playing drums too.

Our family is really music lovers and music always plays an important role in our lives that is why we love the site of musician friend. The flooding that we experienced a few days ago was something new to us and we are glad that we were able to surpass that ordeal with the company of each other accompanied by good music.


For Bela's Room

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Bela has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for more than a year now. Her drum set is placed in her room which is just across our room. Now that Zaak has arrived, we know that we have to do something so Zaak will not be bothered if Bela would want to play with her drums.

We are working on a limited budget but thankfully we discovered a cheaper way to sound proof Bela’s room and that is with the use of egg crate foam. That is why hubby plans to buy egg crate foam this coming weekend so he can start to sound proof Bela’s room.

Bela and hubby is really excited with this project because finally they can continue their jamming sessions without disturbing our precious little one.

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