My Best Performers

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My daughter Bela will be participating in their school’s year-end program. They are also encouraging parents to join the performance of their kids as well and as expected, I will say no for this, but not for hubby.

As I’ve told you before, hubby can showcase his talents when it comes to singing and playing instruments. I think he is the one that my kids look up to that’s why they are very eager to learn how to play musical instruments.

Since Bela is attending drums lessons, hubby came up with the idea about their performance. Bela’s coach said that she can already read notes and she can even play Roar which is one of Katy Perry’s songs. So hubby said that both of them can jam to the tune of Roar with Bela being the drummer and him being the guitarist. Bela loves the idea that’s why she’s been practicing at home with her new drum set. As per hubby, he’s quite nervous but he said that he’s confident enough that they can nail it. He is even looking for a guitar store where he can order one of the newest models of guitar so they can have the best quality of sounds.

I just can’t wait to see both of them on the stage. For sure, I’ll be the first one to give them the standing ovation and applause. 


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