1 wedding + 2 birthdays + 1 despedida + 1st day of class at LG

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That’s how busy our weekend was.

Saturday was my best friend’s wedding. I’m the matron of honor / over all day coordinator so I was at Aberdeen Hotel around 7 AM to help her organize things at the hotel and to prepare the stuffs for the church & reception.

Fokalente Fotograpi (which is the photography sideline of my hubby and cousin) will be covering the event kaya Howell was busy also. So I asked our good friend Jeff to come to the hotel early so he can assist me with all the stuffs I need to prepare.

The wedding was really intimate. Almost all their close relatives and friends are present to witness Carol & Val exchange vows. The reception ended with the heart-warming speech of Carol. It was really one emotional wedding and I’m truly happy for my best friend, that finally she is now a wifey to her beloved husband, Val.

After the wedding we headed straight home to get some rest because we’re meeting my hubby’s college friends in the evening for the despedida of Tophs (he’s leaving for the US). We all met at MOA and had dinner at Guilly’s Island. It was a fun get-together. Its been ages na ata since they last had a get together. Syempre, kasama din ang mga kids ng mga friends ni Howell kaya super enjoy din ang mga bata sa pag lalaro.

Sunday, was Bela’s first day of class sa Little Gym. I was really proud and happy with how Bela improved. She’s already comfortable with Teacher PJ (good thing, hindi nagpalit ng Teacher for this quarter) that’s why she participated with almost all the activities. She even did all the skills thought that week with Teacher PJ. Even the Balance beam and the Bars which she never , never tried noong first quarter. She also explored the gym by herself na and sobrang bihira na lang sya nag pa karga sa akin. I was really one proud and happy mom last Sunday. Teacher PJ was always praising Bela nga with how well she improved. Sayang, Howell was not able to see this coz she just dropped us off sa Litte Gym coz he has to go to Jollibee Frisco because he’ll be covering the 7th birthday of her niece.

After Bela’s class at Little Gym, we headed straight to Jollibee Frisco. Bela fell asleep on our way their. Since walang traffic, we reached Frisco after 15 minutes of driving lang kaya bitin yung tulog ni Bela. Kaya may topak tuloy sya noong start ng party. But after seeing Jollibee, hay nawala talaga topak nya (iba talaga karisma ni Jollibee sa mga bata). She was dancing with Jollibee and she was joining the other big kids in chasing after Jollibee.

See some pictures below:

nawala ang topak pagkakita kay jollibee

parang big girl na, at nakikipagsiksikan with the big kids

hi jollibee

After Shane’s party, we headed straight naman sa 1st Birthday Party ni Justin (my HS friend’s son). Todo party hopping na talaga. Howell was supposed to be the photographer also but he promised his mom that he’ll be covering his niece’s party so di na lang nya kinuha yung birthday ni Justin. But my friend didn’t hire any photographer na din for the party kaya pag dating namin, parang si Howell na din ang naging official photographer.

Hay, Bela enjoyed this party also. Specially si Chickie Boy (yung Chicken mascot ng Maxs).

After all of the party hopping, sobrang pagod na naming lahat kaya diretso uwi na kami.
Ano kaya activity namin for next week? I think we need a break…hehehe


Five Best Nights

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I've been tagged by Kitts.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

  1. Dec 22, 2003 – The night Howell proposed
  2. Jan 29, 2005 – Our Wedding Day
  3. Feb 2005 – Bohol Honeymoon
  4. Nov 16, 2005 – I gave birth to Bela
  5. Playtime with Bela just before bedtime

I'm tagging Peachy, Jane, Apple & Kelly


Our Weekend

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Howell is covering a Debut Party in Paranaque so Bela & I just stayed at home for most part of the day.

Late in the afternoon, I went to the house blessing of my best friend (which is just a couple of blocks away from our house). I initially plan to bring Bela with me but she fell asleep around 5 PM so I just decided to go by myself. Di naman din ako nagtagal sa party kse walaNG kasama sa house si Bela (si yaya lang) because my mom was sick also.


We attended Alyana’s 7th Birthday Party. Howell is also the official photographer so kami lang ni Bela ang magaksama during the entire party. And sobrang enjoy naman kse mas na appreciate na ni Bela ngayon ang mga parties. She even watched the magic show and gusto pa nya nakaupo din sya sa kiddie chair like the rest of the big kids.

And guess who won the Best in Costume award? Nagulat nga ako kse si Bela ulit ang nanalo. Last year kse, sya din yung Best in Costume sa 6th Birthday Party ni Alyana. Natuwa kse siguro yung Manager ng hotel (sya yung judge) kay Bela kse sya yung pinakamaliit sa mga sumali and nag participate din si Bela sa Costume parade kaya natuwa yung Manager sa kanya. Syempre, one proud mom na naman ako.Kina career ko nga ata talaga ang pagiging stage mom.

Just want to share some pictures (wala nga kami gaano pictures ni Bela kse busy si Howell covering the event)

And dahil sa dalawang sideline ni Howell noong weekend, he earned extra cash and bougth Bela an awesome passalubong. Play the video to see how much Bela truly enjoyed Tatay's gift for her.

Thank you Tatay.


Bela's Show Day at Little Gym - 08.12.2007

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I'm still not finish drafting my kwento about our HK trip so yung show day muna ni Bela ang i-kwento ko.

It was Bela’s Show Day for the International Summer Quarter at Little Gym last Sunday, Aug 12, 2007. We we’re really excited for Bela. Of course we are armed with our digital camera and video camera to capture every moment. And of course, we also brought with us Bela’s number 1 fans, her 2 lolas (my mom and my mom’s sister).

Howell was not able to capture that much pictures as he is also the one taking the video. Bela was so excited kse to show off what she learned to her lolas that she wanted her lola to join her sa gym. Of course, I have to assist my mom kse baka mabigla naman sya sa mga activites nila Bela (coz I’m telling you, nakakapagod talaga sya). So Howell has to take pictures while taking the videos (wawa naman si Tatay). But after the class, the lolas had fun naman and they were both happy & proud for their dear apo.

Here’s Teacher PJ’s appraisal for Bela.

Appraisal Card
Bela Laguerta
Beasts Sunday (19 months – 2.5 years old)
International Summer Quarter (May 27 – August 18, 2007)


(Includes tumbling, vaulting, bars & beam skills)

When Bela started the Beasties class with me, she seldom tried skills. She even wants mom to carry her even if she can walk and run on her own. Now she is able to do some warm-up skills without being carried.

Bela also resists when I try to help her do gymnastics skills, so she did not get to try some skills before. Now she occasionally tries skills with me, and she has shown that she is actually very strong.

(Includes interaction, confidence, taking turns, sharing, courtesy, etc)
Bela usually stays with her mom. She often wants her mom to carry her in the gym. Eventually she has shown signs of independence because there were times when she explores on her own for a time. When other kids and adults are around, she looks for her mom again.


We're so proud of what our daughter has accomplished. I was reading nga Peachy’s post re: Joaqui’s Show day, and nakaka relate ako sa post nya. Play class pa lang to pero sobrang stage parents na kami. What more pa kaya pag school graduation na.

Just want to share some pictures taken by tatay during the Show Day:


enjoying the parachute with lola Bela learned to pack away her toys after playing with them at Little Gym. So she does this also at home after she's done playing with her toys.

she suddenly becomes close to Teacher PJ, after seeing Teacher PJ's gift for her. LOL

After the class, we just had a lunch at Banana Leaf and I was telling my mom that it is Bela's graduation treat for them. LOL.


Bela’s Sesame Street Experience

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Finally, I was able to find time to blog about Bela’s Sesame Street Experience.

We bought tickets for the 3 PM Friday (July 20, 2007) Show. I’m off from work at 1:30 every Friday so we decided that we will just meet somewhere along Buendia. Nag half day lang si hubby so he can go home and fetch Bela and yaya. They we’re able to leave the house around 12:30 and since walang traffic that time, they decided to fetch me at RCBC na lang instead of meeting at Buendia.

We dropped off yaya sa Mall of Asia so she can go around the mall while waiting for us. We arrived at the Aliw Theatre around 2:15 and the gates are not yet open. They started to let us in around 2:30. I thought there where some souvenir shops inside (just like in Araneta) where I can buy Sesame Street souvenirs for Bela kaya we decided to go in early. Pero wala palang mga shops sa loob, so we just took pictures while waiting for the show to start.

The show started at 3:30. My daughter was really star-strucked. Tulala ata sya for the first 5-10 minutes ng show. Parang di ata sya makapaniwala na she’s seeing the whole Sesame Street gang live.

And after she realized that she is not really dreaming, she started dancing na and clapping. She was so happy. Sabi ko nga sa hubby ko, sobrang sulit talaga nya.

Her eyes we’re glued sa stage. Everytime we called her for picture, di talaga sya lumilingon sa amin. Talagang concentrated sya sa show.

We we’re also lucky because when Elmo and Cookie Monster went down the stage, they stopped right in front of us. Cookie Monster was even playing with Bela. Yun nga lang, medyo natakot si Bela kaya we we’re not able to take a decent picture of her with Elmo and Cookie Monster.

I think, the show lasted for 1.5 hours (including intermission) and Bela was behaved the whole time. She was just sitting with either me or Howell, and di sya talaga naiinip. Yun kse ang fear naming eh, na baka mainip si Bela at mag aya na lumabas. Sayang naman ticket namin. But she really did enjoy the show. We we’re one happy parents seeing how happy our daughter was.

Here are some pictures that we took during the show:

After the show, we just fetched Yaya at MOA and we just had some merienda at Yellow Cab. Di na kami nakapag picture and pagod na kami pareho ni Howell.

Sana this December may Disney on Ice or Barney Show naman.

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