Collection = Investment

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Hubby is a collector of all sort of things and one of his precious collection is his coin collections which he collected from the different places and countries that he visited. But his love for coin collection has leveled up as he is now considering to buy gold coins.

He discovered the site of United States Gold Bureau and has done some reading and has learned a lot about gold investment. Since we can’t afford investing in gold bar for now, he thought of starting our gold investment with these gold coins. Aside from the fact that it is a very nice addition to his coin collection, it is also a good investment choice as its value will surely appreciate in time. And if ever we need cash, there is no problem converting it to cash since gold coins are universally accepted.

Hubby is really interested in gold investment so he will surely contact one of the experienced staff of United States Gold Bureau to help us get the best value for gold coins available in the market.


To Upgrade or Not?

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I just received a text message from my brother and he told me that we have a second hand laptop in our store. I asked him before to let me know if we have a laptop in our store as I am planning to replace my old laptop as it is acting up already and won’t keep up with the demands of my busy online life. LOL. Now I am thinking if I should get it or not.

The technical specification of the laptop is ok – the capacity of the hard disk, the speed of the CPU, the capacity of the RAM is above what my current laptop has and is more than enough for the simple desktop processing that I require. It even comes with a laptop warranty so even if it is a pre-owned gadget, I will still feel secure in buying it as it is still under warranty.

What do you think guys? Should I upgrade or not? I have to negotiate first with my brother and see if he will agree that I will pay when able. LOL.


Finally Home

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We spent four days in the hospital and last June 24, we were discharged from the hospital and was home a little after lunch.

It was nice to be back at home. I missed our room, I missed our TV and most especially I miss my princess. Bela will only visit us at the hospital after going to school but she will go home with her wowo and tita and will stay there for the night while we are at the hospital. I am sure she misses us so much too as she kept on asking her dad to go home with her. That is why as soon as we arrived home, I asked Howell to take Bela to watch Toy Story 3.

Bela is still adjusting to the new set up now that her baby brother is here. I hope that she will be able to adjust easily as it really breaks my heart every time I see her feel jealous every time we attend to Jacobo.


Where to Find Fashionable Nursing Uniforms

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The health industry is one of the growing industries nowadays. That is why a lot of my friends are working now as nurses or physical therapist in different hospitals across different states. Before, uniforms of nurses are just plain white scrub suit. But don’t you just love it if you are working as a nurse and you can wear colorful or fashionable medical scrubs and uniforms at work?

That is why my friends are really happy because the hospital where they are working now order their nursing uniforms from Scrubs and Beyond. They have scrub suits of different styles, prints, and colors for men, women, and even pregnant nurses. They even have seasonal medical scrubs just like their summer collection in bright colors or down to earth tones. Scrubs and Beyond not only sells nursing uniforms but nurses shoes and even accessories like Stethoscopes, medical kits and tools and even medical reference books to complete all the needed tools and uniforms of medical staff in a hospital. Their prices are so affordable and they sometimes offer free ground shipping and other promos and discount. I am sure I will love to wear these uniforms from Scrubs and Beyond if I am working as a nurse too.


Preparing for Summer

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Summer is almost here and we all know how hot it can get during the summer months. That is why every year before the summer arrives it is important to have your air conditioning system inspected to make sure that it is running well and efficiently. If you don't do this and your a/c system breaks down in the middle of the hot summer season you could experience a few days of uncomfortable heat and also have difficulty finding someone to service your system as this is a busy time for a/c repair companies.

Luckily if you live in the Phoenix area this won't be a problem as Jay's Comfort Team is a Phoenix area company that provides air conditioning phoenix area repair service. They promise the fastest response time in the Phoenix area and they will provide same day emergency service if you request it. So they will not leave you sweltering in the heat for days. To avoid this kind of last minute problem Jay's also provides maintenance service check up and maintenance service to keep your system running well, and to help you avoid a bigger more expensive repair service at a later time.

Jay’s Comfort Team is a wise choice for anyone requiring a/c repair or maintenance service. They have been in the business for over 20 years. They also provide phoenix air conditioning installation service for those wanting to install an a/c system or upgrade their current system to a more energy efficient system, such as a geothermal heating and cooling system. Installation of such systems can help save 30% to 60% of one's electricity bill. Jay's Comfort team are well known in the Phoenix area for their great service and they have gained the trust and confidence of their many loyal customers. You can request a service call for repairs or maintenance online, or you can give them a call, and you can also request a quote. Jays' will respond in a timely manner. So if you have a need for air conditioners phoenix area services, just call Air Conditioning by Jay’s Comfort Team.


New Passion

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We visited a pottery gallery last weekend with my cousin and now my cousin got really interested in trying out pottery and ceramic art. Her mom enrolled her to a pottery class when she was still young and after our visit at the pottery gallery, her passion for making ceramic and pottery has come back. So now she is looking at investing at pottery supplies like slab rollers, pottery wheels and the like so she can have her own pottery studio at home.

Luckily, she was able to talk to one of the staff in the pottery gallery and she gave my cousin the site of AMACO/Brent where they order their pottery supplies like wheel throwing, pottery wheels, clay extruders and even ware cart.

AMACO/Brent has been in the business for forty years now and so they are the leading supplier when it comes to ceramic and pottery supplies. They even offer promos like cash gift and free shipping which is really an unbeatable offer. Their products are really top of the line that some of their products even come with a 10 year warranty which goes to show how durable their product is.

If you check their site, you will discover that they have a wide range of products for ceramic and pottery supplies. Truly, they are a one stop source for all your ceramic and pottery needs.


The Eighty Meme, Part One

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1. What curse word do you use the most? I try to refine from cursing.

2. Do you own an iPod? Yup.

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most? My husband and my mom.

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed? Yes.

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01? I am bad with dates.

6. What was the last movie you watched? New moon.

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Yes, my mom. LOL.

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep? No.

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week? No.

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? They really can’t understand women. LOL.

11. What are you looking forward to? Jacobo’s Christening, Jacobo’s first day at Gymboree, Little Gym, etc, Jacobo’s first birthday. Everything about Jacobo’s first.

12. Do you own any band t-shirts? No.

13. What will you be doing in one hour? Work and blog.

14. Is anyone in love with you? Yes, my husband, my daughter, my son.

15. Last time you cried? Last night.

16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop? Laptop.

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? No, I had enough piercing already.

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos? No.

19. What were you doing before this? Watching TV and taking care of my baby.

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor? A few weeks ago.

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function? 10 hours. LOL.

22. Do you eat breakfast daily? Yes.


Moved In

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Just days before Jacobo arrives, we were finally able to move to our new room which is bigger compared to the current room where we are staying. We spent our first night in this room last June 15.

Howell and my dad removed all the built in cabinets and repainted the wall and changed the flooring. The room is still bare as it only has our bed, Bela’s bed and my closet. There is a big free space on the wall facing our bed and it would really be nice to have an LCD TV installed on it so I am really tempted to buy one for our room. Even Bela is requesting to have a television in our room. But I am scared to make any big purchases now because I know hubby has a lot of expenses under his shoulder now and then I have to think of the added expense with the coming of Jacobo so I guess that LCD TV can wait. I am really hoping that business will continue to do good in the coming months so I can save up for this TV.


Investment Options

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Now that business is doing good, I am thinking of doing some investments instead of just letting our money stay idle in the bank. A friend is into gold investments and she suggested that I should try to buy gold eagle coins.

Gold eagle coins is a very good starting point for gold investment as it is affordable compared to buying gold bars. It is even considered as America's most beautiful coins so aside from the fact that it is a good investment, it can also be a good addition for coin collectors.

Gold has always been one of the best form of investment as it is a tangible asset that is widely accepted, thus can easily be converted to cash. It also has a high resale value and it doesn’t depreciate in time as compared to other forms of investment.

Instead of spending my money on shopping now that business is doing good, I really think that buying gold eagle coins is really a wise investment.


Romain Jerome Replica Watches

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Romain Jerome is one watch firm which dreamt of doing inconceivable experiment for its watches and fulfilled its dream to become immortal in the history of watches. Time itself salutes this name which has gone beyond the scope of watches to make its product technically superior and aesthetically exotic plus tinker with the spirit of mankind. It traversed the past and the future to make our current time, a true present with its watches. It has revolutionized many concepts in the process of watch production and instilled immeasurable hope for the future technology.

The soul of Romain Jerome is carried forward by the Titanic DNA series and Moon Dust DNA series. Making these series true to their names, Titanic DNA is made with inclusion of small quantity of steel remnants of the Titanic ship while the Moon Dust DNA comprises of actual moon dust from the space. Such prowess is in true sense called being a pioneer. This feat has not yet been accomplished by another watch company which puts this brand leagues above and miles away from rest of its contemporaries.

Welcome yourself to the world of charm and enigma and reunite with the past and the future in the most stylish manner. Romain Jerome imitation horologes are out in the market with their latest offering which is entirely a copy of the authentic brand and priced much below than those. The exactness in their imitation is so absolute that even a connoisseur will get deceived by the looks of these replica time gadgets. Become a self-indulgent person and bring some sunshine in your life with the exciting collection of these fake watches but be prepared to keep them away from water to ensure their long life. Set your foot in the world of bustling style and unbeatable buoyancy rolling on the power of DNA reproduction watches.


Giving Birth Now?

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Looks like I will be giving birth earlier than we expected. LOL I am already scheduled for June 24 since I will deliver via Caesarian delivery but I guess my baby has his own mind and he has his own plan on when he wants to come out. LOL.

I was on leave for two days since I accompany Bela for her first two days in big school but I had bleeding today and I was asked by my doctor to see her tomorrow and if I feel contraction anytime tonight, I have to go directly to the delivery room.

This is so stressful. I already have everything planned and I will start my maternity leave on the 23rd of June. I still have a lot of pending jobs in the office and I was hoping that I will be able to finish it before I take my maternity leave. Hope that I just need some rest and my baby can wait until the 24th of June.


Another Side of Howell

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Hubby is a very artistic person. He loves to do paintings, drawings, and different other kinds of art work. In fact, every time there is a special occasion, his gift for me would always be one of his art works. Most of the art works in our living are all made by him.

One of his dream projects is to have his own art clay kiln at home so he can learn pottery. This is one type of art that he haven’t tried but he is really interested to try it as he feels that he can create wonderful pottery art with his artistic talent. He also feels that making pottery is a very relaxing form of art which is what he really needs since he has a stressful job.

He was checking the site of AMACO/Brent and he found a lot of pottery supplies like ceramic colors and pottery wheels that he would like to purchase so he can start with his pottery project. One of his first targets is the brent pottery wheels which are considered as the Harley Davidson when it comes to pottery wheels. He wanted to invest in this tool because this is the key to make wonderful pottery projects.

Hubby is really excited already. This is one of his long time dream projects and I am glad that finally he found a store where he can purchase the supplies that he will need to start with his pottery project.


Art Classes for Her

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Our daughter is just four years old but I read that it is during this stage that she will enjoy doodling, doing small art works, finger painting, etc. And it is true as we really observed this behavior from her. Before, she doesn’t even like to hold a crayon or a pen, but now she enjoys coloring and drawing during her spare time when she is already bored playing with her toys or watching the TV.

That is why my husband suggested that we should look for art classes for our daughter for the summer break. But my husband’s requirement is that the school should be partnering with AMACO/Brent. Hubby checked the website of AMACO/Brent and he likes the art lesson plans that they are offering to art teachers. They even have PowerPoint presentations so art teachers will definitely have a good basis for their art class. Their lesson plans includes glass decorating, classroom ceramics, sculpture and a whole lot of other art lessons and techniques.

Another thing that my husband loves about AMACO/Brent’s art products is that it is safe for kids and it is highly effective that it increase students’ success in art. My husband is now looking at different classes like ceramic art education, painting, sculpture, and the like so we can decide which class to enroll our daughter.


Short Trip to SM

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Hubby wanted to do something different yesterday aside from his daily routine since Friday so even though I am still not feeling well, we went to SM before proceeding to UST.

We still need to shop for some of Jacobo’s stuff like newborn diapers and the plastic storage organizers for his clothes and some stuff too for Bela which she needs for school. SM is jam packed with people doing their last minute shopping. Good thing we only need to grab a few items and I asked my yaya to line up already at the cashier while waiting for us so we were done with our shopping after around 30 – 45 minutes.

When we were done shopping, we went straight to UST to visit my mother-in-law. We went home a little late already as Bela was having fun playing with his Tito Padi and she had dinner there also since we brought KFC chicken.

Howell and Bela doze off to bed as soon as we are home. I work for a little bit but my eyes are so tired already that I joined Howell and Bela to bed by 12 am.


Save Big with Gap Coupon Codes

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Looking for the latest styles is easy when you use any one of the Gap Coupon Codes available to you right now. As seasons change, you can be sure that The Gap stays above the fashion lineup at reasonable prices. Save money the moment you sign up for email reminders and notifications about the amazing deals, discounts, and special offers that The Gap has. Whether you're looking for styles for yourself or last minute gifts, you can find everything you need with The Gap. Just browse the offers we have here for you and you'll be sure to see the offer and discount that is right for you and your needs right now.

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Times have changed and if there is one that is certain, it is knowing that you have a choice when it comes to shopping. Whether you enjoy going into stores or prefer to stay away from crowds by shopping online, there is a convenience in using a coupon for your special shopping discount. If you love to shop but feel guilty at times, stop worrying. The money you'll save with these discount coupons will take the guilt away. Just like a great deal should!

The one thing better than shopping is shopping at a sale. Even better is getting a great deal. You can get your great deal right now so start looking for the discount that suits you now.


The Legalities of Online Sports Betting

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Online sports betting (gambling) has become popular in recent years, now that the Internet is so prolific. Thousands of onion bookmakers accept wagers (bets) on sporting events worldwide.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal?

The question of legality in regards to Internet gambling is a complex issue for United States residents.

Opponents of sports betting fear that this type of gambling threatens the integrity of professional and amateur sports because when wagers are made, the temptation to fix matches becomes a possibility. The United States government attempted to prevent illegal bookmaking with the Federal Wire Act of 1961, but this Act does not apply to online gambling because the Supreme Court has not ruled on whether the Federal Wire Act pertains to online gambling. However, in 2002 a lawsuit brought by two Internet gamblers was dismissed because the court ruled that the Wire Act was only applicable to sporting events.

Meanwhile, due to the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, it is illegal in all but a few states in the United States. Some states have been threatened. European nations regulate bookmaking, but it is not criminalized.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does not affect an individual who gambles online; rather, it addresses the financial transaction of gambling. It addresses how Internet gambling accounts are funded in order to restrict certain financial transactions. In other words, banks must identify and block transactions that come from internet gambling sites.

In 2009, Barney Frank submitted a bill to legalize online poker, but unfortunately this bill does not affect sports betting. Delaware's plan to offer legalized sports betting was shut down by the major sports leagues.

In summary, to be safe, Internet gambling should be considered illegal currently, although no arrests have been made in the United States just for placing bets online.


Saving Money on Pet Care

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Everyone is trying to save money these days. And pet care can be a major expenditure in a family’s budget. Not to worry! There are many simple, easy ways to save money while keep your pet happy and healthy!

First, make sure take care of your pet’s health with regular preventative check-ups. Keeping your companions up to date on vaccinations and checkups can prevent more major medical issues from becoming critical and more expensive to treat. Also, preventative medications such as those for heartworm including Sentinel for Dogs, can often be found online at a less expensive cost.

Exercise is important for keep your pet healthy and happy and can cut down on vet bills. So go enjoy a bit of exercise every day—you might even find yourself getting in better shape as well!

Sign up online for manufacturer coupons and special mailings. Often, these companies will send you coupons or coupon codes for their products that you can use at your local stores. Also use those fliers and coupons that fill your mailbox. Check your local newspaper for coupons or ad specials for stores running specials on pet supplies. And the local phone book may also contain coupons and discounts that you can use.

Think about purchasing food in bulk from warehouse discount stores. Keep in mind that you will need proper storage containers, but you’ll find that the savings will be worth it. In addition you’ll be saving by making fewer trips to the store.

If it’s possible, take care of grooming at home. Also, ask your groomer if they offer specials or loyalty programs that you can take advantage of.

Keeping your costs down while caring for your pet will keep you both stress-free, healthy, and happy!



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A lot of love is coming and that is one thing we are so thankful about. Friends and relatives of hubby’s family started to visit my mother in law in the hospital which really cheered her up.

Last night, the parish priest of Quiapo church visited my mother in law and performed some healing services. He even brought the hands of the Black Nazarene with him to touch and heal my mother in law. It was a very emotional thing to witness and all of us prayed for a miracle. This is what hubby and I and the whole family have been praying.

According to hubby, Fr. Suarez, the healing priest will also perform healing services today. Bela and I were not able to go with hubby as I am having an upset stomach again. I hope that I will feel better so we can visit mama later as she is always happy every time Bela entertains her.

The family is just thankful that love is really overflowing and that God has been giving us strength to overcome all the difficulties we are having now.


Finding the Right Property Management

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With the housing market's ups and downs over the last 10 years, property owners stand to make good money from the properties that they own. Some choose to handle the worries themselves by keeping the house in good condition, interacting with renters, managing money and paperwork, and the list goes on. With multiple properties, there are just more lists.

With a property manager, an owner can take a new approach to renting properties. Property managers take over the day-to-day hassle and busywork of the property, while the actual owners can go about their lives, while still earning their profit.

Homes aren't the only properties that managers oversee. Commercial property management is an option as well for locations such as office parks, malls, and even parking lots. These properties can provide a lucrative opportunity for the owner, while being run by a property manager. Big or small, commercial locations can be difficult and tedious to handle, and handing over the reins to someone else can be a big relief, especially since most management companies only charge a small percentage.

When looking for a good property management firm, it's important to keep several things in mind. You'll want to know how much they charge to manage the property, and whether you will find the renters or they will, for a finder's fee. Be sure to know what the property's value is, and decide on the goals that you would like the manager you hire to meet. Check on the proximity of the management's office in relation to the property they will manage, and, of course, be sure to choose a company that has experience in the field and knows what they're doing.

Investing in property is a good idea; hiring a savvy professional from a property management company to run the property is even better.


Payday Loans Can Help Avert Financial Crisis

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Has this ever happened to you? You're on the side of the road with a smoking vehicle, and you're sick to your stomach because, once more, your car has stopped, and you are broke. What are you going to do? Credit cards aren't an option because you either don't have one or they're maxed out. Borrowing from family is awkward and can have disastrous results if things don't work out the way that everyone thinks they should. A payday loan may be your saving grace because you need cash, and you need it fast.

Payday loans go by many different names. No matter how they're labeled, these types of loans are small, short-term loans with very high interest. In a bind, a payday loan can be just the thing you need to bail you out until your next paycheck arrives, and there are many advantages to obtaining one. There are usually no credit checks involved with payday loans, and you can apply over the phone, through the Internet, or in an office. The process takes just a few minutes, and most of the time, the funds are in your bank account within one business day. With no initial costs, payday loans are actually more affordable than overdraft fees. Your personal information stays between you and the company, no one else sees it.

Payday loans are causing controversy because of the extremely high interest rates these lenders charge. However, it's important to note that companies issuing payday loans are incurring a great deal of risk because of the very nature of the loan. Payday loans are meant to be short-term loans, lasting no longer than 30 days. Rolling over a payday loan is not recommended because the interest and fees will only compound your financial problem. After your crisis is averted, work on creating an emergency fund, so next time, you'll be prepared.


Three Benefits of Debt Consolidation

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If you're watching the credit card bills pile up, it's easy to feel hopeless. Whether you've had a cut in income, or simply gotten in over your head, credit card debt can be a major source of stress. Credit card companies charge high interest and fees, prey on low income families, and then turn you over to collection agencies as soon as they can. If you're tired of dealing with the hassle and stress that go along with credit card debt, it may be time to consider debt consolidation. This type of program has many benefits, and may help you break out of the hopelessness you feel.

Lower Interest

These companies often work with your creditors to lower your interest rates. While creditors won't lower the rates if you call them yourself, they're often willing to work with a debt consolidation company, especially if the company is offering them a repayment plan. If you're tired of paying extraordinarily high interest rates, look into this type of debt management plan.

Reduced Fees

If you're behind on your bills, chances are you're regularly getting hit with overdue fees. If this is the case, a debt management company may be able to help. Creditors are often willing to negotiate these fees, and consolidation companies work with you to set up a regular, on time payment plan so you can avoid future fees.

Peace of Mind

The best benefit of working with a debt management company is the relief that you'll feel when the collection calls stop. You'll finally have peace of mind, knowing that your credit cards and loans are being paid off. You'll also know that the amount you're paying on your debt fits into your current budget, so you're not robbing Peter to pay Paul. You'll be amazed at the weight that's lifted off your shoulders when your finances are finally under control.


Hang in There Dad

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Every time the weekend comes, I always complain that the weekend is not enough and is just very short. But this weekend has been different and I feel that it is the longest weekend I have and wish that it is all over.

It has been a very stressful week for us especially for hubby. This is the first time I have seen hubby like this. If only I can do something to lessen his pain, his fears, his worries….But I guess the only thing that I can do for now is just be there for him to support him so that he will know that Bela, Jacobo and I are always at his back.

Hang in there dad. As what my good friend Ems told me, “God will not put us in a place He won't help us get through.” God always has a reason for everything. We may not understand it now but I know in his perfect time, we will have a clear understanding and we can accept wholeheartedly the plan that He has laid for us.


Custom Sticker Printing for Your Business

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As a small business owner, you know the value of advertising. Custom sticker printing is a creative and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Whether you're handing out bumper stickers, ordering a custom decal for your car, or printing up stickers to give away at your next business networking event, you're getting your name out there. Custom stickers can boost your visibility, and they're a fun way to advertise your services to potential clients.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers make a great freebie. If you can think of a clever saying related to your business that people will want to put on their cars, you can recruit an entire fleet of vehicles to give you free advertising. For best results, choose a funny or witty saying and print it up on bumper stickers, along with your business information.

Car Decals

Automotive window decals are an inexpensive way to advertise your business. For the price of a one time decal purchase, you can advertise your business to everyone you pass on the road, as well as anyone who passes by your car in a parking lot. Advertising on your car in this manner is one of the easiest ways to make people aware of your business, and may dramatically increase the number of new leads you generate.

Giveaway Stickers

Everyone loves a freebie, and children are no exception. Before you attend your next home show, networking event, or other event in a public venue, you should have some custom stickers printed. Your business contact information and a kid friendly graphic are all that's really needed. The kids will gladly take your stickers, show their parents, and you'll have gained some free advertising. For this method to work, you'll need to be attending an event where children are welcome, and your stickers will have to be something that will appeal to them.


Understanding Cash Loans

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The need for cash often happens unexpectedly. Flat tires, emergency family visits, overdue bills, and a very expensive date or night on the town are just some of the reasons you may find yourself strapped for cash. It may be that your paychecks are simply not paying the bills or a seemingly rash decision to make a lavish purchase has held you up financially and you don't know how to get out of it. From debt consolidation to refinancing your auto loans, there are many options for those trying to resurface after drowning in debt. In addition to consolidating or refinancing, cash loans are a viable option available for those who qualify.

Obtaining a cash loan is an easy, stress-free process that, like other loan programs, starts with a brief application detailing your financial and work status to better assess your candidacy for a loan. Once approved, your line of credit is established that can help you move past your present debt or just a hard time. Repayment options are available for every unique situation. Borrowers who can repay their loan promptly and upfront save on accrued extension fees. These fees are affixed to any monthly payment that cannot be paid on time.

These loans are for those emergency situations where cash in your hand is an urgent necessity. Borrowing cash from a credit or loan lender will not pay off your maxed credit cards or cover the costs of your child's wedding. These small lump sums of cash are lent to those who qualify and can pay back the loan within a reasonable timeframe. When your paycheck won't stretch, you have no one else to borrow from, and you foresee an imminent change for the better in your financial security but simply need help in the interim, cash loan programs may be your best bet.


Make Just One Payment for All of Your Bills

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People who are trying to get out from under a mountain of debt will find it very helpful to consolidate all of their bills. Debt consolidation will not only simplify the process of making payments, it can also reduce the cost of paying back the money that is owed by reducing one's interest rates.

Many credit card accounts today will carry interest rates of 20% or more. If you can consolidate those bills into a single loan that carries an interest rate of 10%, you can save several hundred dollars a month and pay off your debt much faster. There are several different options for consolidation.

The best option right now, because mortgage rates are at record lows, is to tap into the equity you have in your house. If your credit is solid, you could refinance your mortgage and pay off your credit cards by getting an interest rate of 5% or less. If you cannot refinance your home loan, check with your bank about a home equity loan. This type of loan allows you to borrow against the equity in your home; the interest rate is not as low as a mortgage but it is still much better than what many credit card companies charge.

If you do not own a home or do not have enough equity in the home to tap into, there are other options. Banks and Credit Unions offer consolidation loans that carry interest charges which are (likely) an improvement over what you are paying on your credit cards. In addition to saving money in interest payments, you will also be switching from a revolving account to a fixed term which means that you will be paying off the debt sooner. If you have questions about consolidating your debts, a credit counseling company can be an excellent resource.


Get Well Soon Lola Mama

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My mother in law is in the hospital now. Hubby went to bed early last night and it was only this morning when he was able to read the text of her elder sister about the condition of her mom. Her mom was suffering from extreme stomach pain and so they brought her to UST for check up last night and were then recommended to stay there for the night.

Hubby was so worried that he took a leave from work today so he can go to the hospital to check on her mom. They did series of tests like endoscope and x-ray and I think the doctor is recommending an operation as her ulcer is at its worst already (I don’t know the correct medical term).

Hubby is really worried for her mom, of course any son would be. He went back to the hospital again as he wants to check his mom and he wants to be there for his mother. As per his last conversation with his sister, they will conduct a CT Scan also tomorrow morning.

I just hope and pray that my mother in law will feel better soon.


Try Your Game Before You Buy

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Free online games are a great way to try out a game before you purchase it. Most online games give you a free trial that varies depending on the game. This is great in a few ways. For one, you can find out if you like the game and not have to spend a dime if you do not. Another thing that is great is that free online games let you have the time to become involved in the game and its story. Lastly, free online games give you a chance to see how the skill level is and how the game controls work.

Like It or Not

Free online games allow you the chance to see exactly what you think of a game. Typically there is a set amount of time for you to take the game for a spin, so to speak. You can try out part of the story and complete a few levels before your time is up. This is an excellent way to be sure that you want to invest your money on the game.

Get Involved

During your free trial, you can be swept into a game and never want to stop playing. Some games have intricate plots, multiple levels, and visually pleasing graphics so that it becomes more than just a game. The time you get to play for free is pivotal in deciding on whether to purchase the game or not.

Controlling Your Game

Game controls are very important in online games. You may find a game you like but not like the controls and how the game plays. That is why free online games are so very important in your decision making on whether you intend to purchase a game.

The deciding factor in purchasing online games is most definitely the option of playing it first and making an educated decision.


We Love To Shop

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I am so thankful that I have discovered the wonderful world of blogging because it has opened its door for me for a lot of things. One of the things that I am thankful about is that I have found a lot of great online friends whom I share the same passion with. Since most of us are all married and have kids, we share a common wave length that even though we don’t get to see each other that often, it is as if we have been friends for a long time already.

Aside from parenting and married life, one of our favorite topics is shopping especially when it comes to Clinique products and other make ups. Our favorite site to visit is the site of White’s East Hampton as they have all kinds of high-end cosmetics like Estee lauder makeup, Yves Saint Laurent, Clarins, Shiseido, and our favorite Clinique makeup. What we also love about White’s East Hampton is that they are an all in one shop as they also sell natural and herbal products and hard to find products like Burt’s Bees. They even have a pharmacy so they just don’t sell cosmetics and skin care products but they also have a full range of health care products as well.

Now you know why we enjoy the company of each other. Because not only we share the same passion for our love of our husband and kids, but we all love shopping.


Cigar Talk

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My friend is not in the mood today when we met up with him and the reason behind is that he was not able to get his supply of Padron cigars. You see, he only buys his cigars from local stores here and so he is dependent on the stocks of the store. So if the store runs out of stocks of his favorite cigar, then he has no choice but to wait for the stocks to come so he can have his cigar supply.

He only cheered up when hubby and I gave him the site of Cigar Place where he can order his stocks of cheap cigars. Cigar Place ships internationally so our friend can order his stocks of cigar and even cigar accessories like cigar humidifier anytime he wants.

Cigar Place sells all brands of cigar like Black Pearl Cobre, Graycliff G2, Ramon Allones, CAO Cigars and Acid cigars to name just a few. Aside from premium cigars, Cigar Place also sells cheap cigars and other cigar accessories so even if you are on a budget or not, you can definitely find your brand of cigar from Cigar Place. One of the best things about Cigar Place is that they have a 24 hour turnaround so your orders can be ship right away. They even offer promos like First of the month $1 shipping or Early Bird Special to give their clients more discounts.

My friend got really excited as now he has found an online store where he can regularly order his supply of his favorite cigars.


Ready For Big School

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June 15 will be Bela’s first day at St. Scholastica. I am excited because this will be another adventure for Bela as she enters big school but scared in a way because I know that it will be a big adjustment for her. That is why I already filed a leave from June 15 – 16 so at least I will be with her during her first two days at big school. I wanted to take a leave for a week but since I will be going on maternity leave soon, I have a lot of things to finish at work before I go on maternity leave so I can’t afford to be away from the office that long.

Her things for school are all complete. Thank you to my sister since she was the one who shop for the remaining things that Bela needs for school like the plain white rubber shoes for her P.E, the bag tags, the wrapper and the plastic cover and she was even the one who covered the books of Bela.

My little girl is already ready for big school. I really hope that she will have lots of fun and lots of learning on her new school. I can’t wait to see what will happen next week.


For our Dad this Father's Day

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Father’s day is coming soon and we are already thinking for a nice gift to give our dad. My dad has no other vices except cigar so we are thinking that giving him premium cigars like CAO cigars will be a nice gift for him.

Since my siblings know that I am always online, they have tasked me to look for a shop where we can purchase our gift for our dad. Good thing I discovered the online store, Cigar Place. They have a wide range of selection for cigars of different brands like Acid cigars, 5 Vegas, Rosa Cuba and other brands. And since they sell all kinds of cigars of different prices, I am sure I will find something that will definitely fit our budget. They even sell hard to find cigars so I am sure I will find something here that my dad will really love and appreciate. I even checked out their accessories section and I will also get cigar humidor to protect the cigars that we will be giving our dad.

Father’s Day is a special day for the greatest man in our life so we really want to make it special for our dad as our way of thanking him for being the best dad for us.


To the Rescue

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Are you one of those printer owners who find it hard to look for laser printer cartridge for your laser printer? Printer is one of the busiest equipment in an office environment that is why offices should have enough supplies of printer cartridges to respond to the demands of the printing needs of their employees. But with the numerous types of printer models out there, companies sometimes find it hard to find a store where they can get their printer supplies.

But companies need not worry as there is an online store named Printer-Cartridges where companies can order their bulk toner supplies without any problems. Printer-Cartridges make shopping for printer cartridges and ink refill easy as they have in their online store 300 different brand name printer models. Customers can search for the printer cartridge that they need by brand, by printer model or by cartridge number and their orders will be processed and shipped within the same day. They even offer free shipping for orders $45 and up. All their printer cartridges come with a one year warranty which only proves that their cartridges are really of high quality.

Thank goodness that there is a reliable printer cartridge online store like Printer-Cartridges so companies doesn’t have to worry anymore on where they can order their printer cartridge supply.


Bed Talk

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I will be giving birth in a month’s time and we are planning to get a second nanny. We only have one spare room left where the two nannies can stay and so we are on the look now for bunk beds for sale.

Thank goodness I discovered Mom's Bunk House which was recommended to me by a friend. I checked out their site and fell in love with the different types of wood bunk bed that they are selling. Their bunk beds use solid wood so I will be guaranteed that it is of top quality. They can even ship my order for free within two days since all the bunk beds that are displayed on their website are all on stock so they can ship my order right away. Since it is a family owned and family run business, they guarantee good customer service for 100% customer satisfaction which is really important for a paying customer like me. Hubby loves the fact that their beds are made of wood so it has a classic look.

Now we are thinking too to replace our bed as we really fell in love with the craftsmanship of their beds and the coordinating furniture pieces while we are browsing their site.


More Projects

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Now that hubby is making progress with his mini project for our second room, expenses are starting to pile up too. Now that we started on the project, we wanted to do things that we never considered before. Like dismantling the built in cabinet in the room and just buy a new cabinet for hubby and put that cabinet in the room which we will not be occupying so we will have more space.

Bela said that she wants her own room already and so hubby is thinking to repaint the room that we will be vacating to pink so it can be Bela’s room. And if she changes her mind, we can turn this into the kids’ playroom so we might need to buy rubber mats.

And I can also envision a flat screen TV in our room….LOL. I just hope that more work will come so we will have budget for all of these projects.


On Contact Lenses

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Back when the days when I was still wearing contacts lenses before I had my lasik surgery, I always have a hard time looking for a store that is affordable where I can buy my stocks of contact lens. My doctor recommended the disposable lenses but I find it too expensive so I always end up buying the extended wear type. If only I have discovered Price Contact Lenses, then I would have saved a lot.

Price Contact Lenses is where my friend orders her Acuvue oasis contacts. What is nice about this site is that the customer just have to submit her orders online and they will search for all the information on the web like coupon codes, rebates, promos and discount and even shipping and handling cost and what Price Contact Lenses will do is that they will compute for the best deal based on the information that they gathered to give their customers the best online deals for your contact lens order. They sell all brands of contacts from Acuvue oasis, Bausch and Lomb, Biomedics, Ciba Vision and others so it is guaranteed that whatever contact lens brand you are using, Price Contact Lenses will surely find the best deal for you on the internet. So next time you want to buy contacts lens, try checking out Price Contact Lenses website.


Printer for Bela

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We have one desktop PC at home and one laptop but we don’t have a printer. One of the reasons why we decided not to buy a printer is because we know how pricey printer cartridges can get and we don’t really need to print that often so we decided that there is no need for us to have our own printer at home.

But Bela will be going to big school this coming school opening and for sure they will have tons of assignments that we will definitely need a printer at home so we can readily print whatever she needs for school.

Thankfully I discovered the site of Printer-Cartridges. This is where my friend purchases their printer cartridge for their home use. What is best about this shop is that their printer ink cartridges and refill kits are so affordable that anyone can really afford to have their own printer at home. They even ship the same day if you place your order from Monday to Friday before 5 PM. They also offer free shipping for orders $45 and up.

Now I have no reason not to buy a printer for our home use as I finally found a shop where I can purchase affordable and reliable printer ink cartridges.


Hubby's Dream Business

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One of hubby’s dreams is to build a resort in our lot in Bulacan. It has been a long time dream of my aunt who passed away already and hubby wants to fulfill my aunt’s dream. I was hesitant at first with hubby’s plan as I know that we will need a lot of money to start with this business and I know that it is difficult to maintain the swimming pools in the resort.

But hubby said that he has done his research already and he has been reading about above ground pool filters and pool cartridge filters from the site of Spa-Daddy. Spa-Daddy recommended three fundamental products to maintain sparkling clean water in the pool, hot tub or spa.

The first one is a filter like hot tub filters to filter all the dirt and bacteria from the water. The second one is a sanitizer to kill the bacteria and the third one is a clarifier. All of these products are available from Spa-daddy. From pool filter replacement cartridge to filter flossers, sanitizers, clarifiers and all other spa and pool care needs, you will surely find at Spa-Daddy.

Hubby really did his research because he got me really convince about the business that he is planning. I hope that we will be able to save up so hubby’s dream of constructing a resort will soon come true.


Weekend Roundup

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I was not feeling well last Friday and so we went home right away after Bela, my mom and my dad fetched me from work. I was really feeling week as I vomited twice or thrice already that I just had dinner and went straight to bed. I was not even able to wait for Bela to go to bed as that is how sick I feel.

The next day, I feel a little bit well. In fact I was able to work almost the whole day and was able to finish half of my to- do list. Howell arrived around 4 PM and he is inviting me to watch Sex and the City the movie but I don’t want to push myself too much that day so even though I am excited to watch SATC, I declined hubby’s offer.

On Sunday, we went to hear mass around 9:30 AM and then Howell did a clean up again of our mess in our second room and then he drive to Bulacan to bring it there so he can continue his mini project for our second room. We have a party to attend to at 3 PM and so we left as soon as hubby arrived from Bulacan. Bela had fun at the party while I made chika with my college friends. The party was finish at 6 PM.

Bela wanted to go to SM MOA but I was too tired already because of my big tummy and so we just decided to go home. I was able to work for a little more that night and went to bed at 1:30 AM.


Initial Plans

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Howell has been a bit busy in cleaning and renovating our house at Bulacan. Last week, he went there with my dad to check on the things that need repair or replacement like windows and ceilings.

I still don’t have any idea on what are they planning to do with our house. Howell asked for my uncle’s suggestions who is an architect on how we can improve the house, maximize the space and what furniture we should buy that will match the theme of our house.

And so, since we have our initial list, hubby asked me to checked the stuffs that we need online since he knew that I will also buy gold bullion from the internet. And so when I had a free time for it, I immediately searched some sites and fortunately I found cheaper furniture that best suits our house.

Maybe, when we already finalized our schedule on when to start the renovation, we might start ordering for all the things that we need so that the house will be finished just in time for the planned reunion.


What Shall We Name Thee?

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One of the reasons why I always stay up late (and one of the culprits why I need best acne treatment) is because I am doing some research on nice names that we will give our baby.

So have we made up our mind yet on what to name our baby boy? I think we are 90% convince already on the name that we have chosen but we will keep it as a secret first.

The first name was actually suggested by a friend and it is one of the names that he listed in our message card during our wedding. The second name was chosen by Bela and there is no way that she will agree to change it. Ever since we found out that I am pregnant, she has been calling our baby with that name. The name is actually cute and is one of the names in my list of favorite names so we just gave in to Bela’s request.

So just wait for our announcement cards after I gave birth to unravel the name that we will be giving our baby boy.

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