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Hubby is a very artistic person. He loves to do paintings, drawings, and different other kinds of art work. In fact, every time there is a special occasion, his gift for me would always be one of his art works. Most of the art works in our living are all made by him.

One of his dream projects is to have his own art clay kiln at home so he can learn pottery. This is one type of art that he haven’t tried but he is really interested to try it as he feels that he can create wonderful pottery art with his artistic talent. He also feels that making pottery is a very relaxing form of art which is what he really needs since he has a stressful job.

He was checking the site of AMACO/Brent and he found a lot of pottery supplies like ceramic colors and pottery wheels that he would like to purchase so he can start with his pottery project. One of his first targets is the brent pottery wheels which are considered as the Harley Davidson when it comes to pottery wheels. He wanted to invest in this tool because this is the key to make wonderful pottery projects.

Hubby is really excited already. This is one of his long time dream projects and I am glad that finally he found a store where he can purchase the supplies that he will need to start with his pottery project.


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