Saving Money on Pet Care

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Everyone is trying to save money these days. And pet care can be a major expenditure in a family’s budget. Not to worry! There are many simple, easy ways to save money while keep your pet happy and healthy!

First, make sure take care of your pet’s health with regular preventative check-ups. Keeping your companions up to date on vaccinations and checkups can prevent more major medical issues from becoming critical and more expensive to treat. Also, preventative medications such as those for heartworm including Sentinel for Dogs, can often be found online at a less expensive cost.

Exercise is important for keep your pet healthy and happy and can cut down on vet bills. So go enjoy a bit of exercise every day—you might even find yourself getting in better shape as well!

Sign up online for manufacturer coupons and special mailings. Often, these companies will send you coupons or coupon codes for their products that you can use at your local stores. Also use those fliers and coupons that fill your mailbox. Check your local newspaper for coupons or ad specials for stores running specials on pet supplies. And the local phone book may also contain coupons and discounts that you can use.

Think about purchasing food in bulk from warehouse discount stores. Keep in mind that you will need proper storage containers, but you’ll find that the savings will be worth it. In addition you’ll be saving by making fewer trips to the store.

If it’s possible, take care of grooming at home. Also, ask your groomer if they offer specials or loyalty programs that you can take advantage of.

Keeping your costs down while caring for your pet will keep you both stress-free, healthy, and happy!


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