Art Classes for Her

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Our daughter is just four years old but I read that it is during this stage that she will enjoy doodling, doing small art works, finger painting, etc. And it is true as we really observed this behavior from her. Before, she doesn’t even like to hold a crayon or a pen, but now she enjoys coloring and drawing during her spare time when she is already bored playing with her toys or watching the TV.

That is why my husband suggested that we should look for art classes for our daughter for the summer break. But my husband’s requirement is that the school should be partnering with AMACO/Brent. Hubby checked the website of AMACO/Brent and he likes the art lesson plans that they are offering to art teachers. They even have PowerPoint presentations so art teachers will definitely have a good basis for their art class. Their lesson plans includes glass decorating, classroom ceramics, sculpture and a whole lot of other art lessons and techniques.

Another thing that my husband loves about AMACO/Brent’s art products is that it is safe for kids and it is highly effective that it increase students’ success in art. My husband is now looking at different classes like ceramic art education, painting, sculpture, and the like so we can decide which class to enroll our daughter.


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