More Projects

Posted by abie on 7:25 PM in
Now that hubby is making progress with his mini project for our second room, expenses are starting to pile up too. Now that we started on the project, we wanted to do things that we never considered before. Like dismantling the built in cabinet in the room and just buy a new cabinet for hubby and put that cabinet in the room which we will not be occupying so we will have more space.

Bela said that she wants her own room already and so hubby is thinking to repaint the room that we will be vacating to pink so it can be Bela’s room. And if she changes her mind, we can turn this into the kids’ playroom so we might need to buy rubber mats.

And I can also envision a flat screen TV in our room….LOL. I just hope that more work will come so we will have budget for all of these projects.


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