Justice for the Victims

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Anyone who is experiencing arthritis pain can have a hip replacement. Or if someone had an accident and has hip fracture that they need a hip replacement to repair physical joint damage. Whatever their reason is to have a hip replacement, it is for health reasons to alleviate pain or repair a physical damage to their body and not just for cosmetic surgery to make them look beautiful.

That is why I felt really bad when I heard about Depuy hip recall. DePuy Orthopedics, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson recalled thousands of their hip replacement system after receiving complains from patients of severe pain, inflammation, tissue damage and the like. The side effects that these patients are complaining about were so bad that sometimes a second hip replacement surgery is needed to correct the problem.

These patients are victims as all they want is a cure form the pain or damage that they are experiencing and all that they will get is this. Thankfully lawyers from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm can help these patients to file a product liability claims. Just like one of their cases on product liability claims, the Accutane lawsuit, lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath can help the victims to file a claim so they can get something for their future medical bills and as payment for the damage and inconvenience caused to them by DePuy.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.


My Thoughts about the Election

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Most of you know that my sister ran as Kagawad in the recent barangay election. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

We were actually surprised with the result of the election as we all know that she has a big chance to win since she is carrying the name of my mom who is a three-term barangay chairman. Almost everybody in our barangay, if not all, loves my mom and they are even convincing my mom to make anyone from our family run as chairman to replace her. But neither I nor my brother is interested in politics. My sister expressed interest in running but she is still young to run as Chairman, so my mom and my dad thought that it will be better that she run as Kagawad so she will get training first before taking on the big responsibility of being a Chairman.

My parents did not let her be under a party and she run as an Independent candidate but one of the parties running is supporting her. They even had a meeting with my dad to get my father’s support so my father will help them get the support of my mom’s supporters and they will do the same to help my sister get the vote of their supporters.

And that is what my father and my mother did, they introduce them to our supporters and my parents really worked hard to convince my mom’s supporters to vote for them. My father had a hunch already that they will not be true to their word and that there is a possibility that they will not campaign for my sister and instead will ask their supporters to do a single vote. Single voting is a strategy that a candidate can use so he can guarantee a certain percentage of the votes required to win. But my dad said that he talked to them man-to-man and they promised that they will not do that and my father believed them.

But that is not what happened. Come canvassing time, my father and my brother was at the polling stations and they witnessed the pattern of votes coming from their precinct: they only wrote in their ballot a name for the Chairman and only two names for kagawads and no vote for my sister.

My sister was number 1 in the precincts coming from our supporters but the votes coming from the precincts of the candidates whom my dad had a meeting with has a big population and so when my brother tallied all the votes, my sister got booted out from the Top 7 candidates after the votes coming from their precinct was added.

It was a sad realization for us and we really learned the hard way. My sister could have been a better public servant as she will continue what my mom has done for our barangay and my mom’s constituents can real attest to my mom’s achievements. But sad to say they did not thought of what benefits our barangay will get if true leaders will be elected all because of their selfish dreams.

My sister is the youngest candidate but they thought of her as a big treat, thus this is what they did,. But all is good. As what I have been telling my parents who got really sad and frustrated at first, it is their lost not ours.


For Better Results

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As people grow old, they begin to start having insecurities with themselves. They keep themselves busy and they try to do things for them to feel that their friends, relatives and partners still want them and for them to feel good about their looks.

And so, most of them now always make sure that as they grow old, they are physically fit by considering a well balanced diet and by exercising as well. Some take hgh releasers as an option to make them feel young and healthier. And likewise, they are even willing to spend large amount of money for the use of technology because they think that it will give them the best results.

But let’s take note that we should always be careful with all the things we do for ourselves especially for our body. We can’t take the risk of putting our health into danger. Let’s always be reminded that not everything can make us feel good so it is better if we always take safety precautions before we make decisions.


Avoiding Temptations

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My sister and I had plans earlier of having dinner at our favorite restaurant at Binondo. We were supposed to go there because we planned to have our charm bracelets cleanse by our Chinese friend.

I was already planning to order my favorite food as I was also craving for it for a very long time now. I even told myself that I’ll forget about my diet for our dinner so I can eat whatever I want. But around 4:00 in the afternoon, my sister called me and she asked if we can just reschedule our plans tomorrow since she has to finish her pending works at the office because she was absent for two days.

I was disappointed at first but happy though because I won’t be able to worry about my diet and look further about phentermine reviews. But then, if we are still going to make up with our plans, then I guess I won’t be able to avoid eating.

So I guess, I just have to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll just leave the decisions to my sister if we should go or not.


Catching Up With the Old Times

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I bumped into a friend this afternoon and it was a surprise that she’s just working along the vicinity where I work. We accidentally met at a restaurant during lunch and she was with her co-workers while I was alone since I was just about to buy food and eat at the office.

And since we haven’t seen each other for quite some time, she invited me to sit with her but I was hesitant at first as she was with her office mates. But then she told me that we’d just have our separate table so we can talk and catch up with things.

So as we talk, she told me that her mom is undergoing herbal colon cleanse since last two months. I was shocked at that moment because I remembered that the last time I saw her mom, she looks so healthy and well. But as you know, I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to this kind of topic that’s why I tried to our subject for I would rather talk about happy thoughts.

And as we have limited time, before lunch break ended, we exchanged digits and we both agreed to meet again. We haven’t planned for the exact date yet, but we made sure that we’ll fix our schedules.


Sunday Stealing: The Presuppose You're Living in New England Meme

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1. Have you turned the heat on in your house yet this fall? Nope.

2. Do you allow your pets on the furniture? Nope.

3. What were your final words for September? Hello Christmas

4. What are your first words for October? Need to work more!

5. Do you think you’ve ever seen a ghost? I think so.

6. What is the one color that represents this time of year? Purple as always

7. Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year? Ears.

8. What is your favorite thing to do at the county fair? food

9. What do you like when you have a cold? None!!

10. Are you willing to spend over $100 for a piece of winter clothing, like boots or a coat? Yes! Definitely.

12. What do you have too much of in your kitchen? Food.

13. What gripes do you have about this time of year? gossips

14. Other than yourself, are you responsible for getting anyone ready in the morning? Yes.

15. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? I’m not the one doing it.

16. So, it’s after Labor Day. Will you still be wearing white? Yes, why not?

17. What shows are you most looking forward to this Fall? No idea for now.

18. What three things have you just not gotten around to from the summer, but probably should do before snow flies? Travel!!


The Power of Social Media Marketing Services

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Aside from the Internet, we can’t deny that Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to name just a few, has been a part of our daily lives already. Almost everybody I know (including my mom), either has a Facebook or Twitter account and even both to communicate and socialize with their group of networks.

That is why companies have realized that social media solutions can be a good tool also in doing their online marketing. I have seen air line companies send tweets in Twitter and they even communicate and interact with their followers, who are also their prospective clients, and I must say that it is really an effective marketing campaign.

So if you want to use social media networking to promote your company, you can check out the website of ThinkBIGsites. ThinkBIGsites offer social media marketing services where they assign a dedicated social media expert for your company who will study everything about your company, products, services, etc so they will know the best social media site to promote your products to and on how to interact and communicate better with your followers. This social media expert will also do research on the web to get the most useful content related to your product that they can use in their social networking to better promote your product.

Since ThinkBIGsites is an SEO company, they not only can help you in using the social networking sites for your online marketing but they can also implement SEO strategies too to help your website increase traffic.


Pay Per Click Program = Targeted Web Traffic

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Almost every home now has Internet connection and almost always, everybody searched for everything and anything on the Internet. Because of this, Internet has become the most powerful and effective marketing media. That is why it is really important for companies to establish their own websites to showcase their products and eventually attract new clients.

But it is not enough that a company has a website as it is still not a guarantee that it will attract clients. It is important that a website has a good positioning in the World Wide Web so that their website will always land in the first page of popular search engines such as Google.

Companies who own a website can get the help of ThinkBIGsites in increasing their web traffic to get better page rank and web positioning. ThinkBIGsites can employ search engine optimization techniques to your website to increase web traffic.

They also offer pay per click program which offers faster result than other SEO strategies. What is best with ThinkBIGsites’ ppc management program is that it offers targeted web traffic to your sites. ThinkBIGsites will help the advertiser in selecting the best keyword to bid on and once those keywords have been used by an individual to do a search, then the PPC service will work and the advertisement link will be shown to the person doing a search for better marketing of your company’s products.


Importance of Search Engine Optimization Company

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Since there are thousands and thousands of sites in the World Wide Web, it is very important to have a strong web presence so your company’s website will always land in the top page of any search engine. But search engine optimization is a very complicated process and results can’t be seen and felt by companies overnight. That is why it is very important to get the services of search engine optimization company like ThinkBIGsites who really knows what they are doing.

ThinkBIGsites does not implement tricks like spamming techniques and use of shadow domains to increase website traffic. They only implement legitimate process like organic search engine optimization strategies that really works and show results. They first analyze the site to suggest the best SEO technique to implement. Then they have keyword and link building management which are just some of the techniques and strategies that they can use to increase website traffic and improve web presence.

ThinkBIGsites does not promise their clients result overnight as this is not how a successful SEO works. It takes a great deal of time and work as this is how an effective SEO should be. So if you don’t want to be tricked, contact ThinkBIGsites now so you can start seeing results for your website.


Internet & SEO

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The internet nowadays has been the best marketing tool for any business. Imagine, with the Internet, you can reach a wider audience thus a business is not limited by distance or time as their clients can be anyone across the globe.

But in order for the Internet to be an effective tool, the company’s website should employ website optimization techniques so they will always land in the first page of Google search engine every time a prospective client does a search. Otherwise, if your site lands in the last page of a search engine result, then you will just end up being ignored by prospective clients.

That is why it is very important for companies to get the services of SEO companies like ThinkBIGsites so they can get help on how to increase traffic to their site and improve their web presence. ThinkBIGsites offers different SEO packages that promise results and will surely increase web traffic and improve the page ranking and web presence of your company’s site. Aside from these packages, ThinkBIGsites also offers tips on their site like organic search engine optimization, website design and content, link building and the like as their value added service to their clients.

In today’s modern world, it is not just enough that you have a website but it is also very important that your website have great web presence in order to reach your prospective clients.


Meeting de Avance

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I am glad the meeting de avance went well last night as per my husband. I did not watch last night as I find it too stressful as I know my mom’s detractors who are now running as chairman might say invented things again against my mom (as what they always do every election for the past three-terms of my mom). I am really not good in dealing with rumors and I get really affected that I will really feel bad about it.

So I told my sister that I will just stay at home and we will just support her in spirit. And besides, Bela and Cobi were still awake until 11 PM last night so I have to take care of them. I just asked my husband to check on my dad and wait for the meeting de avance to finish as my dad is a bit emotional too like me especially if he hears bad things about us which has no truth and basis.

But I am glad it went well. I was even hearing a lot of compliments for my sister’s speech as it was really good and with substance.

I am excited and can’t wait to see the results of the election tomorrow.


Book Worm

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Reading is one the things that I love doing to relax. Like when I am breastfeeding Cobi, I try to read books to keep me awake especially during the night. But I must say buying books can be a bit expensive too especially for a mom like me who tries to prioritize my expenses so I can help my husband with our household expenses.

Thanks to my friend who suggested that instead of buying books, I can just Rent books from Booksfree.com. Booksfree.com is a Book rental site where I can subscribe to their monthly service at a very low monthly fee and I can choose from thousands of their book titles. Once I entered my choices, they will ship the books to me for free and I can return it anytime I want without any late fees. As soon as I am finish with my first batch of book rental, I can return it to them and they will send my next batch of book rental for free again. It is like I have my own personal book delivery service so I can get to read different titles of book everyday.

Aside from books. I can also rent Audio books on cd for my husband too. Check out Booksfree.com if you want to avail of their book rental services too.


Crossing My Fingers

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My good friend Jacqui emailed me the local residents’ rate of Shangri-La Boracay and the rate was really good that I got really tempted to book a flight for my family this coming January. I am already imagining the nice beach at Boracay, the Luxury bed linens in all of their rooms, the nice infinity pool that I am sure Bela will surely enjoy, and the spa where Howell and I can relax. But I have to hold off my vacation plans for now as there is a possibility that we might go with hubby when he goes on training this June. So this means we really have to save as we want to bring Bela, Cobi and my mom with us for this trip.

His application for training has been accepted already and he is just waiting for the budget to be approved and hopefully if all goes as planned (that is if Cobi and my mom will be granted a visa) then it is a go for us to US this June.

It has always been our dream that we can bring our kids to the US so they can enjoy Disneyland and Universal Studios so I am really praying that this trip will push through.

So for now, it will be less shopping for me and I have to ignore all upcoming promos of Cebu Pacific and PAL so we can save enough money for our trip this June.


Xmas Shopping List

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Oh my gosh, we got really busy these past few weeks that I totally forgot that it is almost end of October already and I should really get started with my Christmas shopping if I want to avoid the Christmas shopping rush.

Here are some on my list:

• For the boys in our family, I saw a site to get custom gifts for men this holiday. I love shopping but when it comes to shopping for men, I always run out of ideas so these personalized items is a real saviour for me.
• For Bela, she is actually requesting for a violin and a pet Chua-Chua as he really loves my brother’s Chua chua, Kurt. I love the idea of the violin as we really want her to be musically inclined but I am not so sure with her getting a pet.
• For Cobi, I think I can just get him any toys for babies from Amazon as he is just six months old by Christmas so I am sure he is still not aware on what’s going on around him.
• For my parents, I am thinking of getting them an overnight stay at Sofitel.
• For my sister, I am sure she will love to get another bag from me but since my sideline is not doing well, I have to ask her first if she is willing to split the bill with me so she can get another Long Champ bag.
• For my brother and my sister in law, maybe an overnight accommodation too at Sofitel.

Hubby and I both have a long shopping list so I am really hoping that we can get started with it soon.


VJ Ramos for Kagawad

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It is the election period again. My mom already served her three term as a barangay chairman and so my brother and I thought that we can all say good bye to politics as neither me or my brother wants to run for public office to replace my mom.

But we were surprise when my sister showed interest in running as she wants to continue my mom’s legacy. Of course we will support our sister if this is really what she likes and we know that my mom will be happy with this too as she really wants somebody from us to continue what she has started for our barangay.

So all of us got busy, from my mom, my dad, my aunts and uncles, even Bela and Cobi as we did everything we could to show our support for the candidacy of my sister. We joined her last Saturday when she did a house to house and Howell got busy doing her tarpaulins and sample ballots.
VJRamos Small
VJRamos2 Small

Monday will be Election Day and we are all praying that my sister will make it as one of the Kagawads. To those who are living in Bgy 180, please don’t forget to write my sister’s name in your ballot and we promise you that she will give the same kind of service that my mom has rendered during her three-term as a Barangay Chairman.


New Career

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A good friend of mine just resigned from work so he can pursue his passion in the fashion and beauty industry. It took him a while to arrive at this decision as he is scared at first if he can really give up his career now and start from scratch again with the fashion industry.

But he finally got the courage to finally resign after he discovered Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School located at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244. Regency Beauty Institute is one of the fastest growing beauty schools in the United States. He learned that Regency Beauty Institute can provide him with the best training as they provide comprehensive training to all their students. They also provide the best hands-on training as their campuses are well equipped and mirrors upscale salon. They even have good connections so they can help their students look for work in salons, cruise ships and even runways.

My friend believes that he can easily look for a job after he graduates from Regency Beauty Institute and so he really feels confident that he made the right decision to resign so he can start a new career in the beauty and fashion industry.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.


I Love To Eat

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I guess I really have to read about diet pill reviews to help me loose weight as there is really no way that I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight without diet pills. As I am typing this message, my mom is already cooking our dinner and I can smell from the living room how delicious it will be. And aside from dinner, we are also on our way to my brother’s house as it is the birthday of my sister-in-law. They prepared spaghetti and chicken and I am planning to buy ice cream so I am sure I will be a few pounds heavier after this night.

The last time I checked, I already loose four pounds but since we don’t have a bathroom scale I am not sure now if I continued loosing weight or I am back to square one after going back to my normal eating pattern. Oh well, I can always start again. LOL.


I Heart Chocolates

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My boss is really spoiling us as she always brings something every time we have a meeting. Just like today, she brought my favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate to our meeting and so I was munching and munching on the chocolates until I lost count already on how many small bars I finished. I will surely need weight loss pills that work as this has been our routine every time we have a meeting. Last week she brought Cadbury cookies and my other boss brought Ferrero Rocher. Last week, we munch on chocolates too.

As much as I want to go on a diet, I really can’t control myself if I see chocolates in front of me. Chocolates are really my weakness. LOL. I remember when I was pregnant with my first born, I eat chocolates everyday that my doctor ordered to check my sugar level just to make sure that I am still within the normal level.

But I am not complaining as chocolates are one of the things that make me feel really good. So even with the added pounds, I will not think twice in eating my favorite chocolate.


Best Gift

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Christmas is coming and I need to start shopping for gifts for all my family and friends. I started my Christmas shopping list already but I got stuck when I was listing my gift for my parents as I am already running out of idea on what to give my parents.

I checked out the site of United States Gold Bureau as recommended by a friend and I really learned a lot about gold investment after visiting their site. This gave me an idea to buy gold coin as an initial gold investment for my parents. At least it will be a very meaningful gift as this can be an investment that they can use to secure their future.

I already contacted the experienced hard asset professionals of United States Gold Bureau and I know that with their expertise and wide contacts, they can give me the best price of gold coins that is available in the market.

This will really be the best gift that I can give for my parents this Christmas.


Getting an NBI Clearance

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Last Friday, I took a leave from work so I can go to NBI to get my clearance as I need it to renew my clearance from work. I went to the NBI office located at Victory Mall in Caloocan. I was accompanied by my dad and we went there early to avoid the long queue.

We arrived around 8:30 AM and I was surprised to find out that there is a long queue already. Hubby knew somebody from there and so I decided to look for him so he can accompany me and avoid the long lines. LOL. But I am glad I did that because after he filed my application, they discovered that I have a name sake with a case. Her name is Joy Ramos and her case is slight physical injury.

Since my name has a hit in their database, I have to go through their quality control to make sure that I am not that person. I was interviewed by one of their officers. I got scared at first when I learned that I will be interviewed but it is just a simple process actually. The officer just asked for my address to verify my residency and he just has to see me in person to verify that I am not the “Joy Ramos” who is in their file.

After the interview, hubby’s friend accompanied me to the releasing section and I just waited for less than 10 minutes and I got my clearance. What a breeze.

Thank you really to hubby’s friend (which I decide not to reveal here. LOL) who assisted me. You really made my life easy.


Gadget Talk

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I am so happy with the HP Mini notebook that hubby got me a month ago. Although I have to get used to the small screen and we still yet to upgrade the memory as I find it a little slow especially if I have lots of windows open and I am multitasking, but overall I am happy with it. I especially love the size of this laptop as it is so compact and small that I can even bring it with me when I take Bela to her ballet and swimming class so I can work while waiting for her class to finish.

My sister is also looking at buying one of those laptop computers of HP as her laptop needs replacement already so she is asking for my feedback on the netbook that I am currently using. I will really recommend it to her if she is not a heavy user like me who only needs Microsoft applications and is always on the go. But if she will use memory intensive applications like graphics software such as Adobe, then she might as well get the higher model of HP.


Artist in the Kitchen

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It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time, talent and not to mention money, before one can become a chef. That is why if one earns that status, he is really proud to wear his chef coat as it is his status symbol for being a true artist in the kitchen.

Restaurant owners acknowledge the great talent of these chefs and they know that the life of the best restaurant depends on how great the chef is. And so one way to give due credit to the chefs is by providing them with the best chef coats from ID by Landau.

As their tagline says “Nothing Says Chef Like a Chef Coat from ID by Landau” and this is true as they provide nothing but the best chef uniforms from coats to chef pants and even hats. Their chef coats are specially designed with the needs of the chefs in mind that is why it offers great features like a collar that reflects heat and a Houndstooth fabric that is bleach resistant.

If your chefs are dressed by ID by Landau, they will really feel recognized and special which will make your chef presentable to restaurant guests and can help make your chef be inspired to create more great food.


Yeah Right!

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A while ago, a chum of mine gave me a ring and asked if I’ve got any ideas about these gold bullion things. And I told her about what’ve read at the site. Both of us agreed that it can be a good asset because it doesn’t depreciate easily and she added some business terms that’s totally alien to me and I was like, “Yeah, right!” whenever I hear unfamiliar phrases. Hope she’ll forgive me when she read this, it’s just that I’m not good at business terms at least I concurred with her.

It’s been a while since I heard that word. I became aware of it when I read it on a site, got magnetized by the word gold, LOL. I think it’s a good form of investment but up to now, my hubby and I are still undecided about it because this involves a big amount of money. Hopefully, he’ll consider it, because I know that it’ll be a great aid for us when it comes to financial matter.


Need Some Break

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What a stressful week I had. So many office tasks and a handful of problem at home which mainly made by my sweet bratinela; but of course, it was just a kiss away by her and a sweet smile from my little boy and everything’s going to be fine once again.

I think I need a vacation. Hubby and I need to relax and have fun with our two angels; it’s been a while since our last trip. We need to rejuvenate and unwind; I don’t want to look like hag this coming holiday season plus the thought that stress can cause different diseases, quite scary huh. Bet I need to surf the net to find a good place for us to go and have fun.


Watch TV Online

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I will really need the best eye wrinkle cream as I can’t stop myself from staying up late to watch my favorite TV series. Thanks to my sister who gave me a link on where I can watch online or download episodes after episodes of my favorite TV series.

I used to be a couch potato and I can stay up the whole day in bed (even without breakfast and lunch) just watching all my favorite TV series from Sex and the City, to all the CSI shows, to Amazing Race, Survivor, House, and many more. But things have change ever since I became a mom. Well aside from the fact that I have less time now to watch as I have to take care of my two kids and finish some work too while I am at home, I also can’t get my time on the TV as my daughter is just so addicted with Play House Disney.

Whoever setup this website was a real genius. At least now I can download all my favorite shows, load it on my iPhone and watch it while I breastfeed Cobi. Amazing!


Planning Another Business

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I may not be the right person to discuss how to manage money properly for I know in myself that I spend a lot of money buying my wants. But even though I'm quite a shopaholic type, I know that I'm still able to support my family financially because I still know how to budget my money.

Actually, I'm planning to invest on other business and I'm also thinking to consider gold bullion as a great investment because I've learned that it can be a good source of money since it's value doesn't depreciate in time. I'm planning to suggest this to hubby but I don't know of he will approve this but then, I know he will because this is for the benefit of our family especially to our children.

As of now, I'm still researching for the possible pros and cons of the businesses that I'm planning to have. I hope that I'll be able to push through with this since this can be a great help in our family finances.

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