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Posted by abie on 12:22 AM in
I am so happy with the HP Mini notebook that hubby got me a month ago. Although I have to get used to the small screen and we still yet to upgrade the memory as I find it a little slow especially if I have lots of windows open and I am multitasking, but overall I am happy with it. I especially love the size of this laptop as it is so compact and small that I can even bring it with me when I take Bela to her ballet and swimming class so I can work while waiting for her class to finish.

My sister is also looking at buying one of those laptop computers of HP as her laptop needs replacement already so she is asking for my feedback on the netbook that I am currently using. I will really recommend it to her if she is not a heavy user like me who only needs Microsoft applications and is always on the go. But if she will use memory intensive applications like graphics software such as Adobe, then she might as well get the higher model of HP.


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