My Thoughts about the Election

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Most of you know that my sister ran as Kagawad in the recent barangay election. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

We were actually surprised with the result of the election as we all know that she has a big chance to win since she is carrying the name of my mom who is a three-term barangay chairman. Almost everybody in our barangay, if not all, loves my mom and they are even convincing my mom to make anyone from our family run as chairman to replace her. But neither I nor my brother is interested in politics. My sister expressed interest in running but she is still young to run as Chairman, so my mom and my dad thought that it will be better that she run as Kagawad so she will get training first before taking on the big responsibility of being a Chairman.

My parents did not let her be under a party and she run as an Independent candidate but one of the parties running is supporting her. They even had a meeting with my dad to get my father’s support so my father will help them get the support of my mom’s supporters and they will do the same to help my sister get the vote of their supporters.

And that is what my father and my mother did, they introduce them to our supporters and my parents really worked hard to convince my mom’s supporters to vote for them. My father had a hunch already that they will not be true to their word and that there is a possibility that they will not campaign for my sister and instead will ask their supporters to do a single vote. Single voting is a strategy that a candidate can use so he can guarantee a certain percentage of the votes required to win. But my dad said that he talked to them man-to-man and they promised that they will not do that and my father believed them.

But that is not what happened. Come canvassing time, my father and my brother was at the polling stations and they witnessed the pattern of votes coming from their precinct: they only wrote in their ballot a name for the Chairman and only two names for kagawads and no vote for my sister.

My sister was number 1 in the precincts coming from our supporters but the votes coming from the precincts of the candidates whom my dad had a meeting with has a big population and so when my brother tallied all the votes, my sister got booted out from the Top 7 candidates after the votes coming from their precinct was added.

It was a sad realization for us and we really learned the hard way. My sister could have been a better public servant as she will continue what my mom has done for our barangay and my mom’s constituents can real attest to my mom’s achievements. But sad to say they did not thought of what benefits our barangay will get if true leaders will be elected all because of their selfish dreams.

My sister is the youngest candidate but they thought of her as a big treat, thus this is what they did,. But all is good. As what I have been telling my parents who got really sad and frustrated at first, it is their lost not ours.


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