Catching Up With the Old Times

Posted by abie on 9:33 PM
I bumped into a friend this afternoon and it was a surprise that she’s just working along the vicinity where I work. We accidentally met at a restaurant during lunch and she was with her co-workers while I was alone since I was just about to buy food and eat at the office.

And since we haven’t seen each other for quite some time, she invited me to sit with her but I was hesitant at first as she was with her office mates. But then she told me that we’d just have our separate table so we can talk and catch up with things.

So as we talk, she told me that her mom is undergoing herbal colon cleanse since last two months. I was shocked at that moment because I remembered that the last time I saw her mom, she looks so healthy and well. But as you know, I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to this kind of topic that’s why I tried to our subject for I would rather talk about happy thoughts.

And as we have limited time, before lunch break ended, we exchanged digits and we both agreed to meet again. We haven’t planned for the exact date yet, but we made sure that we’ll fix our schedules.


Herbal colon cleanse is a great you can avoid colon cancer.

Herbal colon cleanse is a great you can avoid colon cancer.

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