Yeah Right!

Posted by abie on 3:53 PM in

A while ago, a chum of mine gave me a ring and asked if I’ve got any ideas about these gold bullion things. And I told her about what’ve read at the site. Both of us agreed that it can be a good asset because it doesn’t depreciate easily and she added some business terms that’s totally alien to me and I was like, “Yeah, right!” whenever I hear unfamiliar phrases. Hope she’ll forgive me when she read this, it’s just that I’m not good at business terms at least I concurred with her.

It’s been a while since I heard that word. I became aware of it when I read it on a site, got magnetized by the word gold, LOL. I think it’s a good form of investment but up to now, my hubby and I are still undecided about it because this involves a big amount of money. Hopefully, he’ll consider it, because I know that it’ll be a great aid for us when it comes to financial matter.


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