9 Spoons @ Bay Leaf Hotel

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Since we go straight to Bela and Cobis swimming class after Cobi’s Gymboree class, we always dine out for lunch. So we get to try different restos and the latest one we tried was the new 9 Spoons Restaurant at Bay Leaf Hotel.

My cousin was the one who recommended this restaurant. It is at the Pent House of the hotel and it has a very nice view of the Intramuros Golf Course. Bela had fun enjoying the view while waiting for our food.

Enjoying the viewLunch @ 9 Spoons, Bay Leaf Hotel

We ordered Chicken Bites for the kids, which they were able to finish, and Bibimbop for hubby and me. Their serving was big that we just shared the Bibimbop. But we were just a bit disappointed, as we still love the Bibimbop from our favorite Korean Restaurant better. For dessert we ordered Mango Banana-Q Crepe.

The food was just so-so. I am not sure if we just did not order the right food as I remember I read good reviews about this resto. But we might go back to try out some of their dishes in their menu.


Addicted to Steve Jobs' Book

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Looks like hubby will need Reading glasses for men, as he is totally addicted to the autobiography book of Steve Jobs. This is really something as hubby can only read up to 50 pages of a book max as he gets bored easily. LOL. We are both reading it in iBooks and it is almost 3500 pages.

Well the book is really good as it tells the real story behind Steve Jobs, no holds barred. The book shows his real personality – how his staff and the people around him loved and hated him, how a complete genius and innovator he is, and his business style and work principles.

It is amazing at how a small company, which started only in a garage, can grow to a company such as Apple, which brought a lot of innovations in the computing, digital, music and books industry.

My husband and I are a big fan of Steve Jobs and all the more we respected him as we read through the book.


M/V Logos Hope, the Floating Book Fair

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We will have a date with the kids later together with my good friend Peachy and her family on board M/V Logos Hope, the floating book fair. (I am sure after this, I have to check on the Air and Space museum as my kids will surely ask about model planes next).

M/V Logos Hope arrived at Pier 15 of South Harbor last Thursday and will be in Manila until March 25 to sell reasonably priced books and entertain visitors.

M/V Logos Hope is part of GBA (Good Books for All) ships, which is based in Germany, and their aim is to bring knowledge, help and hope around the world. It has docked to 60 ports in 39 countries and had almost 2.5 million visitors already.

The M/V Logos Hope will be open to the public every Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Entrance to the ship is P20 and kids aged 12 years and below are free.

There will be shows and activities for the whole family to enjoy and below are the schedule:

Feb. 24 - International Night with performances showcasing various cultures
Feb. 26 and March 4 - Open Ship Day with family-oriented activities such as plays.
March 10 - African Choir would perform in the evening.

After Manila, ship will sail to Subic and will stay there from March 16 until April 8.


St. Jude & Casa Roces

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It has been a while since we last hear mass at St. Jude. We often attend the 6 PM mass and novena at St. Jude every Thursday but we have no means of transportation now as Bela is using our car to go to and from school.

So when the car was available one Thursday, hubby and I took this opportunity so we can hear mass and attend the novena. I was telling hubby that I am really glad that he is my husband. We inspire each other to have a stronger faith in God. We always put God at the center of our relationship, maybe that is the reason why we are a happy family because we know that we don’t have to worry about anything, as we know that HE is in charge.
Mass & Novena @ St. Jude

After mass, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Casa Roces that is within the compound of St. Jude. It became an early Valentine’s date for us as we rarely had a chance to go out on a date as a couple as we always tag along our kids wit us. LOL

Grilled Pork Ribs, paborito ni HowellPescado & Salsa VerdeMarinated Artichoke Salad & Devil's Cake


Our Big Journey for 2011

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Where did my January go? I can’t believe that it is already February and the first month of 2012 pass by just like that. This made me realize that in just a few months, we will be celebrating our first year of paying the monthly amortization for the dream house that we bought. And I realized that my husband is correct, time will just fly and before we know it, we are through paying our debt for our housing loan.

I remember that it was December of last year when we sealed the deal with the previous owner of the house. We started packing our stuff last April as the previous owner promised that we can move in by June.

But there has been a problem with the processing of their visa that their scheduled departure got delayed for 2 months. So when we moved in last September, our boxes has been lying around our old house for months now that when we started unpacking them, hubby discovered that cockroaches started to thrive inside the box.

Of course hubby doesn’t want to bring in those pests in our new home that he contacted Houston Pest Control right away so they can identify where the cockroaches can enter and where they will nest so they can remedy it before we started to bring our boxes from our old house to our new one.

And we are glad we decided to contact Houston Pest Control, as at least we won’t start our new life in our new home surrounded by pests.

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