Alternatives for Companies

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Because of the financial pressure that the economic recession is causing, more and more companies are looking at letting their employees use their own private vehicle and just reimburse the cost to the company instead of providing each mobile employee with a company owned vehicle. This can save companies thousands of dollars.

But the dilemma that the companies are facing is that they will need a separate staff to manage the reimbursement of expenses of each of their mobile employees. Good thing there is CRS (Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc).

CRS has a Car allowance program whereby they help companies manage the reimbursement of expenses of their mobile employees. Each employee will be given their own reimbursement schedule which covers all components to calculate their reimbursement rate. Each employee will also be given their own username and password so they can log in to the CRS website anytime to check all their reimbursement data. Companies will also be given a username and password so they can also monitor reimbursement data for all their mobile employees. CRS can also do the reimbursement on behalf of the company so this is really a great help for companies.

I am sure more companies will embrace CRS’s reimbursement program as this will give them more savings.


Day 6: Aug 11, 2009 / Vienna, Austria

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Our bus was scheduled to leave at 8 AM to Vienna via Euro Lines so we woke up early on our last day in Prague. We were up at 6 AM as we still need to prepare our things. We left the house at 6:50 AM and Geri took us to the bus station. She called the cab company the night before so our cab was waiting for us outside Joanne’s house when we went down. We reached the bus station around 7:10 AM and we just stayed inside the bus station while waiting for our bus. The bus station has free wifi access so I was able to check my email and log in to Twitter.

We said our goodbyes and thank you to Geri and we board the bus at 7:30 AM. The bus left on time and we arrived in Vienna around 12 nn. We just bought a single journey ticket first for the metro and we took the metro and tram going to the hotel. I emailed the hotel before we left to ask for travel directions via public transportation so we were able to reach the hotel with no problem.

The hotel that I booked (Hotel in Hernals), was big but it is a little old (I will just post a separate hotel review of this hotel) and it is a bit far from downtown although it is just walking distance to the tram station. After checking in, we had lunch at the Chinese restaurant just below the hotel.

After having lunch at 2 PM, we walk to the nearest metro station (around 5-6 blocks from our hotel). We only bought a single journey ticket and we did not realize that they don’t sell metro tickets at the nearest tram station from our hotel and so we have to walk to the nearest metro station. Since we will be in Vienna for four days, we bought a week pass.

We went downtown (Stephenplatz station) and we visited St. Stephen’s Church and St. Peter’s Church. I saw that Zara was on sale and went shopping for clothes for Bela there. We also tried their gelato in one of the stores in the town square in Stephenplatz.
By 7 PM, hubby was still in the mood to go around as the sun is still up but I was already so tired after that long day so we decided to just go back to our hotel and call it a day.

You can view more pictures here.


Christmas shopping

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Have you started your Christmas shopping already? I hit the mall last Friday while waiting for hubby and I was able to do some shopping for our upcoming MBAP Christmas Party this coming Sunday.

Actually, this is the only Christmas shopping I have done so far as I have not started on my long list yet. But I have been checking the online sites already as I might just shop there as it is cheaper.

1. For Bela’s teachers, my aunts, and my female cousins, I am thinking of ordering lotions, mist and hand cream from Bath and Body Works. They are actually on sale and they even offer discounts on shipping too.
2. For my dad, I am still looking for a cigar store where I can purchase his favorite cigar brand.
3. For my mom, I think I will just buy her clothes from my new favorite online shopping site, Causeway. I am still waiting for my orders to be delivered and if the items all have nice quality, I will definitely order more for my Christmas gifts to my relatives.
4. For Bela, I am checking out Amazon for Leap Frog educational toys. I saw their new product, Zippity, and it is really expensive. I read reviews online and they say that the games doesn’t grow with the kids so in time, the kids might get bored playing with it. So I am now considering Leap Frog’s Click start or VTech’s Little Einsteins laptop.

5. For hubby, he wants the Transformers toy but I am not sure where I can order it.

As for my gift, hubby already knows already what I want….wink.


I love to Eat

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Last Sunday, we went to Serendra and had dinner at Contis. The food was really yummy, so as usual, I was so full after eating. But even though I was already full, I still manage to eat my share of Sonjas Cupcakes for dessert. Who can resist those cupcakes when it really looks yummy.

Then last Monday, we went to Bela’s school for our Parent’s Visit and PTC. After her class, we had lunch at Shakeys. I had spaghetti, mojo potatoes, chicken and pizza. (Boy I guess if I continue eating like this, I would really need the best weight loss supplement.) I even thought that I was pregnant because I always eat twice or thrice as much as I would normally eat before.

Oh well, who can say no to good food right. Especially we really miss eating Filipino food when we were away for three weeks so since we came back, Howell and I have been really pigging out. LOL.


Day 5: Aug 10, 2009 / Prague, Czech Republic

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Because we walk almost the whole day the day before, our initial plan to wake up early and explore Prague again did not materialize. It is a Monday so Howell’s friend, Joanne, already left for work when we woke up. Ger, on the other hand is already waiting for us. After taking a bath, I had the time to chat with Bela again and then I prepared breakfast afterwards.

Since Geri works on a flexi time, she was able to take us to the foot of the stairs leading to the Prague Castle before she went to work. We hike up to Prague Castle and we realized that we really need exercise as we are really catching our breath when we reached the top.

We went inside and line up to go inside St. Vito’s Cathedral and as usual, the cathedral was breathtaking. After our tour inside the Cathedral, we went around the Prague Castle grounds for more pictorial.

We went out and lie down under the tree in a small park outside Prague castle and we were able to take a nap (that is how tired we are). Then we went to Charles Bridge again and walk up to the other side where we saw a Chinese restaurant and had our lunch there.

After lunch, we had a photo opp again at the viewing deck at the end of the Charles Bridge. We walked beside the river and we stayed at the park near National Theater while waiting for Geri. After meeting up with Geri, we walked pass the National Theater to go to the Jewish Community.

We then went souvenir shopping at the souvenir shops near the Charles Bridge Museum. After that, we decided to cross the Charles Bridge again for more night pictorial (did you notice how many times we cross the bridge? We just love this bridge, perfect for photo op. LOL). Then we had dinner at Mc Donalds. After dinner, we took a tram and alight in front of the National Museum to take a picture of the Charles Bridge at night from afar. Too bad it was raining so the lights of the bridge were off.

Then we decided to call it a day and went home as we still have to pack our things and say our thank you and goodbye to Joanne.

You can view more pictures here.


Delta Country This Time

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Don’t you love going on vacation? Who wouldn’t? Especially in this day and age where we live a very busy life, going on vacation is one of my favorite things to do to relax and be stress free.

My husband and I love the outdoors and nature. I was doing some research online when I land on the site of Delta County Colorado Tourism. I haven’t been to any of this cities and I got really excited when I learned that there are a lot of great places that we can go there to have fun and just relax.

We can enjoy nature and explore the Black Canyon National Park where we can set up a campsite and follow the trail leading to the canyon. I am sure my husband will have a grand time doing this. Or we can just visit the different wineries in the Delta Country and try out their wines.

Oh if only I have the money, I will immediately pack my bags and visit the Delta Country.

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Coolest Site

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Our Sunday

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I had a fun day with my family today. I ordered cupcakes decorating kit from Marta’s cakes for the cupcake decorating activity that hubby and I will be doing for our Parent’s visit at Bela’s school tomorrow. I have to pick it up today at Serendra and since it is one of Bela’s favorite place, we decided to tag her along when we pick up the cupcakes.

We went to Malate Church first to hear mass at 4 PM and after, we pick up my cousin Tessa from her Photography class in Fort Santiago as she wants to go with us to practice what she learned from class today. Then we head to Boni High Street as Bela loves to play at the grass field near the Crocs store. Then we went to Cupcakes by Sonjas to try out their famous and delicious cupcakes in Serendra. After that we head to Marta’s Cakes to pick up my order.

It was only 7 PM but my cousin is already hungry so we decided to have dinner in Conti’s. OMG, the food that we ordered there was really yummy. I had the Baked Salmon (it melts in your mouth. LOL), hubby got the American Grilled Ribs which is also really juicy and my cousin ordered Chicken Ala Kiev. Yaya had Pansit Molo and Tuna sandwich and then we ate the cupcakes that we got from Sonjas (outside of the store because the snobbish manager warned us after she saw us taking pictures of the cupcakes that we are not allowed to eat the cupcakes as we did not buy it from them.)

Then we went to A Different Bookstore where hubby and Bela had some storytelling time and we end up buying the book because Bela love it so much. Then we went to Boni High Street, check out Club Princess (because I thought they do haircuts too and I want Bela to have her much needed haircut), and Hobbes & Landes.

It was already 9:30 PM when we finally realized that we are all tired already and it is time to call it a day.


Going on Vacation

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My good friend is going on training to Canada for three weeks and will go on vacation to the US after the training. We have been exchanging notes as I have been to some of the places that he wishes to visit after his training.

His plan is to go to New York and Miami. I gave him a list of the places he can go in New York and I told him he should not miss Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.

As for Miami, I haven’t been to that city but I was able to help him after I gave him the site of Miami Dolphins Tickets. He is an ultimate Miami Dolphins fans and of course he wants to watch a football game while he is in Miami. He was so happy when I gave him the site since he was able to purchase his tickets from there and he was able to get good seats with good price too.

I am sure he will have a blast during his vacation.


Time Flies

Bela will be turning 4 in two months and I can’t believe how time flies. Hubby and I can’t believe that it has been four years already since we distributed our Baby Shower Invitation that we ordered from Cards-411 to welcome her.

Since Bela is our first child, we were so excited for her coming that even as early as my first trimester, we were already looking for printable baby shower invitations from http://www.cards-411.com/. They have a lot of baby shower invitations that their design team can customize and they can even put pictures or logos in the invite. They even offer free baby shower invitation.

I know Bela can never be our baby forever that is why we are really cherishing every moment we have with her because before we know it, our baby will already be a lady.


Party Planning Mode: 4th Bday

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In just two months Bela will be turning four years old. I am a bit behind with my party preparations because I was gone for three weeks so I was not able to do anything for Bela’s party.

Before we left for our vacation, I called various Jollibee branches and I panic for a bit because there are only limited Jollibee branches that have a big party venue and the date that I prefer is already booked. So a week before I left on vacation, I made the down payment to reserve my slot.

Before we left also, I already contacted Angelette of Jelly Bellies and she confirmed that I can finalize everything when we get back. Yesterday, she already emailed me the contract for my party requirements. I made the deposit today and I am so happy that I am almost 80% done with my party preparations.

So far here are the things that I have accomplished:

VENUE: Jollibee Blue Wave Macapagal – Booked
Souvenir: c/o Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Cake and Cupcakes: Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Balloon Artist: Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Face Painter: Arts N’ Faces – still waiting for formal quotation for payment of down payment

Venue: Mind Specialists School – informed Admin and Bela’s Teachers. Booked the Auditorium for the party.
Cake and Cookie Lollies - Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Souvenir - Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Party Host / Magician - Wacky Jelly Bellies – paid down payment
Mylar Balloons on stick – still waiting for quote from Jelly Bellies

Now all that is left for us to do is the invite and the tarp. This will be taken cared of by hubby and he already have an idea for the lay out. Also, we will have another party at the Hospicio de San Jose but I can organize this next month as I am so used to organizing parties at Hospicio already.


Back from Honeymoon

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One of my friends just got back from her honeymoon and she shared with us the good news that she is already pregnant. I got really excited for her that I quickly looked for baby shower invitations at http://www.birth-cards.com/.

I know how much they wanted to have a baby already and so I know she will love the idea if I tell her that I will be organizing a baby shower for her before she gives birth. I already have a short list of invitations baby shower that I like from Birth-Cards site which they can custom design for me and they can also print and ship as soon as I approve the design.

I am sure my friend will be happy once she sees the baby shower invite that I will have for her shower.


Day 4: Aug 9, 2009 / Prague, Czech Republic

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Our bus arrived at 5:30 AM and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the castles, the old building and the beauty of the Charles Bridge and I was like “Wowww!!” So I wake Howell up and pointed to him the beauty that kept me awe struck.

Howell has a former officemate who is now posted in Prague. She asked us to just stay in their place. Luckily, I was still able to cancel our hotel reservations without fees. They picked us up from the station around 6:30 AM and we reached their house around 7 AM.

We took a bath, had breakfast at 8 AM and I was able to go online also and talk to Bela before exploring Prague. Joanne took us around Prague. We went to the Disappearing Man, St. Michael Church, the Old Town Square, and the Charles Bridge. Then she hired a vintage car which will take us around Prague up to the Prague castle. This is her treat to us. She paid CZK 600 per person good for 60 minutes.

The Vintage Sight Seeing tour will tour you around Prague and you will be allowed to go down and explore the Prague Castle and will take you back to Charles Bridge after. After the tour, Joanne took us to the Astronomical clock. There is a clock show here every hour so tourists flock in front of the clock every hour to watch the show. Joann left us there to let us explore the city on our own.

We had lunch at El Toro Negro Restaurant which is just right in front of the Astronomical clock because it is already 12:30 so we will just be in time for the clock show. Our lunch cost CZK 1000. The clock show is really simple actually: the two small windows will open where the 12 apostles will be shown one by one.

After the show and lunch, we explore the Old Town Square and Church of St. Nicholas and had our picture taken at these famous places. Then we met up with Geri (the Filipina living with Joanne), and she took us around Prague by foot.

We walked across Charles Bridge again, went to Wenceslao Square and did some shopping at New York, New York as Howell was looking for comfortable slippers and I also did some window shopping in the shops there like Zara and Mango. Then we took a metro to go to the National Museum.

After this we went home as Joanne prepared dinner for us. It was a very tiring and long day but I really enjoyed it. Prague is very picturesque. Everywhere I look is picture perfect. After dinner I quickly doze of to sleep and call it a day.

You can view more pictures here.


Sinking of Superferry 9

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Have you heard of the sinking of the Superferry 9 just recently? There are a casualties and a number have died because of the terrible accident. 29 of Star Cinema’s crew members were part of the passengers of the Super Ferry 9. Unfortunately, one of the crew, their cameraman, died from the accident (I wonder if they have key man insurance for him).

If I remember it correctly, it is a Super ferry ship that hade a ship accident also a couple of months back and now, another accident. What is worse is they are still selling tickets even if Marina already ordered suspension of their operation until their ships get inspected.

That is the reason why I will really prefer to fly than to travel via sea. The irony is we are a country that is made of thousands of islands and what should be our main mode of transportation is I think the number one cause of transportation tragedy.


Time to Start with my Halloween Party Preps

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It’s the time of the year again when I start looking for Halloween Invitations and start planning for our Halloween party. I am so thankful that I discovered the site http://www.invitations-shoppe.com/ because I never had problems looking for Halloween Party Invitations.

What I like about Invitations-Shoppe is that I don’t have to stick with generic Invitations Halloween as they customized their designs per client and I can even add pictures to my Halloween Invitation to give it a more personalize look.

They are really my trusted source for all my invitation needs.


Day 3: Aug 8, 2009 / Frankfurt, Germany

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I was still jet lag so I was already wide awake at 2 AM (as it is already 8 AM Manila time). I was trying to wake Howell up but he is already used to time difference, so I lie down in bed doing nothing.

By 6 AM, I managed to wake Howell up so we are already out of the hotel by 7 AM. We walk to the nearest tram station from our hotel where we bought our day pass ticket (Euro 5.8) for the metro and tram. The tram and metro will take us downtown.

We alight at Romer Dom station where St. Bartolome Church and the Ruins can be found. We had a photo op in the ruins and in front of the church. Then we walked to Romer. This is like their plaza where you can find souvenir shops, their city halls, restaurants, and sometimes there is a fair happening here. Since we are so early, we were able to take nice shots because we have the plaza all to ourselves.

After our photo shoot, we had breakfast at Starbucks near Romer Dom as I am dying to have my frapuccino already. After breakfast we bought my water globe and ref magnet at the souvenir shops then we went to Eisernen Steges (bridge), had a photo shoot there also and bought tickets for the river cruise along River main (if my memory serves me right, price for the cruise is Euro 7).

While waiting for the cruise, we check out the flea market across the bridge. By 10:45, we waited in the docking station of the boat for the lunch river cruise. The cruise lasted for an hour and we were able to see Frankfurt’s Power Plant, the Railway Bridge, the bridge connecting the city to Sachsenhawsen, the museums in Sachsenhawsen, among others.

After the cruise, we had lunch at the flea market, visited St. Catherine Church and checked out Historiches Museum (Euro 4 excluding the temporary exhibitions) where we got to discover Frankfurt’s history. Then we attended the anticipated mass at St. Leonard when we found out that the mass is in English. After the mass, they asked guests like us to stand up and introduce ourselves to the whole community and they gave us a souvenir from St.Catherine church. We met a lot of Filipinos there and we were even able to sign the condolence book for our late Pres. Cory Aquino which we were not able to do while we are in Manila. A representative of the Philippine consulate was also present during the mass and he asked Howell to be the official photographer while the Filipinos are signing the guest book to be sent to Malacanang.

One of the Filipinos that we met at the church, the Alcantara family went with us to Hbf to direct us to the station where we will take the bus going to Prague. By 7 PM, we went back to our hotel to freshen up and get our things then went to Hbf again, have dinner at Burger King and waited for our bus which is scheduled to leave at 10:45 PM.

The bus arrived at 10:30 PM and left exactly at 10:45 PM and we just slept the entire trip.

You can view more Frankfurt pictures here.


Why not have a Halloween Party too?

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I just finished watching with my daughter, the Halloween episode of Dora the Explorer show. My daughter had fun watching Boots and Dora did their trick or treating and so I thought of looking for Halloween Party Invitations and organize my own Halloween party too.

I quickly checked out http://www.invitations-shoppe.com/ to check out some sample Party Halloween Invitations. Their site has a wide range of Invitations Halloween that I can choose from or I can even have a Halloween Invitation custom designed for me and they can even give me thank you cards.

I am really excited to get the invitations from Invitations-Shoppe as I know my daughter will have a blast in this party.


Day 1-2: Aug 6-7, 2009 / Frankfurt, Germany

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I have not been updating my blogs for weeks now and it is only this month that I was able to find time again to blog. That is why I am looking for seo tools as I am sure that my Alexa ranking has dropped due to no recent activities on my site.

One of the reasons why I was not able to update my site was hubby and I were away on vacation for three weeks and so I really tried not to go online and just spend some quality time with hubby while we are away.

And so I wish to start my comeback to blogging by creating a post about our recent vacation, my dream vacation, our Euro tour.


August 6, 2009: Frankfurt, Germany

My dad drove me to the airport to catch my 4:45 PM flight via Gulf Air. Good thing I was at the airport early as the flight was full and there was a really a long line for the Gulf Air booth. My flight IT is Manila – Bahrain – Frankfurt. I had a 2 hours stop over at Bahrain and it is already 5 AM Manila time so I was really feeling tired and dizzy already because of the long flight.

I arrived at Frankfurt airport the next day (Aug 7) and Howell picked me up around 7 AM. We went straight to the hotel. Howell still has training so I just chatted with Bela while I was alone in the hotel. Howell went back to the hotel during lunch time and we ate at the nearest Mc Donald’s restaurant.

After lunch, Howell went back to the office and I just slept when I reached the hotel. Howell was back around 3 PM. He was trying to wake me up because he wanted to take me downtown while the weather is nice but I was too tired to get up so I ended sleeping the whole day. I did not even get up to eat dinner. LOL.


Looking for Halloween Invitations?

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Happy Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner and being the OC party planner that I am, I am already starting my search for the best Halloween Invitations for the party that I am organizing.

The party invitations Halloween sets the initial impression on the party, and so I believe that to encourage the guests to attend, I should send the coolest invitations. I ordered our scary Halloween invitation for last year from Holiday-Invitations that is why I am checking their site at http://www.holiday-invitations.com/ since we were happy with their service. The design for the invites was specially custom designed for us and they even threw free thank you cards.

So check them out as they even have free Halloween invitations from their site.



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Tomorrow is Labor Day in the US and Canada so Howell and I will be on holiday. Our dear President declared September 7 to be a special non-working holiday. I normally don’t care with this kind of holiday declarations as we follow our own set of holidays. But I was kind of disappointed upon hearing this (ok I maybe selfish as my cousins and friends are all happy because at least this week suddenly became a long weekend.) But you have to think also of those employees who are paid per day. (Alright, this is just a diversion because I have other reasons why I was not happy with Gloria’s declaration).

We scheduled our PTC and school visit at Bela’s school for tomorrow and since it is our holiday, this means that we don’t have to file a leave to attend to Bela’s school activities (and I only have 2 days of vacation leaves left after my 20 day vacation). But since September 7 suddenly became a holiday, Bela will have no class tomorrow and so it means we have to reschedule our PTC and we have to take a leave for that. Darn I am really pissed. LOL.


Europe Tour: Sneak Preview

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I have tons of pictures to share here from our last travel but it is taking a while for me to upload it because of my slow laptop. We have accumulated close to 10, 000 pictures from our last trip which I have to sort and upload (maybe I will need an industrial computer so I can do this faster). But because of my very, very slow computer, it has been two weeks already since we arrived and I have just uploaded the first half of our pictures in Facebook and then I have to upload it also to my Flickr account (which I need to upgrade to Pro first as I have reached my limit already for the free account).

But just to give you a sneak preview, here are some pictures for each of the cities that we visited:

1. Frankfurt, Germany: Dom Romer

This is like their plaza and where their city hall is.

2. Prague, Czech Republic: Charles Bridge

Everywhere in Prague is picturesque that is why I love Prague. This picture was taken at the viewing deck at the end of the Charles Bridge where you can get a good view of the castles and old buildings in Prague.

3. Vienna, Austria: Schronbrunn Palace

This picture was taken on top of the hill inside the Schronbrunn Palace.

4. Venice, Italy: Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal

This picture was taken in Rialto Bridge with the view of the Grand Canal. If I were to go back in Europe, I will definitely come back in Venice.

5. Rome, Italy: Colosseo

The Colosseo is just a walking distance from our hotel. We love this area also as you can really have a feel of the old Rome.

The second picture was taken during the Papal Audience held in the summer house of the Pope at Castel Gandolf. This was really the highlight of our trip. Every penny we spent for this trip was all worth it because getting the blessing of the Pope and seeing him in person (and he was just a few feet away from us) was really priceless.

6. Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

A picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. Every hour, the Eiffel Tower will light up for a few minutes.


Halloween Party for his Birthday

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Have you checked out http://www.holiday-invitations.com/? They have lots of cool Halloween Party Invitations that you can order from their site.

I was looking for birthday Halloween invitations since it will be the birthday of my cousin and we thought of having a Halloween theme for his party. I checked out Holiday-Invitations and I learned that they make party invitations Halloween which they can even custom design with the picture of my cousin. They can even print and ship it the same day I approve the design.

Now that I am finish looking for scary Halloween invites, I can start concentrating in planning for my cousin’s birthday party.


Long Weekend

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It is Labour Day in Canada this coming September 7 so we are on a holiday. Howell is on holiday too so it will be a long weekend for us. Howell will be working tomorrow though but at least we have Sunday and Monday to enjoy with Bela.

Hubby wants to visit our house in Bulacan (he has been planning this for months now) so we will see if it will push through this time. Actually Howell has a lot of things planned for the weekend. He also wants to go to Subic Zafari as he really wants to make it up with as he knows that Bela just stayed at home during weekends during the time that we are on vacation.

As for me, I still have a lot of pending tasks to finish plus I still have to finish my paper for my Development Communication subject in school. But honestly, I am just so looking forward for this weekend as I know that I will be able to find time to catch up with my sleep which I badly need.


Another Party

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Planning for parties is really one of my favorite things to do. So when my friend told me that she is pregnant, I did not waste any time and I started planning for her baby shower right away.

The first thing that I checked is the site of CardsShoppe to look for the perfect baby shower invites. You see, I always order my baby shower invitation from them as I love their special design and their speedy delivery. Check this Invitations Baby Shower that I saw from http://www.cardsshoppe.com/.

Isn’t it cute? Now that I am done with the invitations, I just have to prepare the guest list so I can start distributing the invites as soon as I receive them.


Happy Bday Tita

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Last August 31 was the birthday of our favorite Tita. We already had a family dinner last August 30 but two of my cousins and my sister were not able to make it .so we decided to go out again for dinner on her birthday.

We meet up at our Nanay Puti’s house around 7:30 PM. By 8:00 PM we are already at Amici and as usual, the restaurant is full. Luckily we were able to get a table that can accommodate 20 people (that is how big our family is).

Of course we ordered pizza, pasta and Amici’s famous Gelato. The kids enjoyed eating the Toothpaste flavored Mint Choco Gelato. LOL.

Happy again Tita Jie and we love you so much!!

Here are some pictures taken using my cousin’s newly purchased Nikon camera.

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