Missing my friend jacq

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Last weekend, we went to La Luz Resort to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Then I noticed a couple walking in the beach and the girl just look like my best friend Jacq, who is now in LA. Wala lang, na miss ko lang sya bigla.

She just got married last December in LA and too bad I was not able to be a part of this special event in her life. Hope they can come back here in the Philippines soon or we’ll have a budget to come and visit them again in LA.

Miss you jacq….

Fooling around at Universal Studios

With her hubby, Neil


Yaya diaries part 2

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Today is the 4th day of my yaya. These are the things that we’ve noticed:

  1. My mom really doesn’t like her. LOL. But I’m aware that she is really against hiring a yaya so it is understandable that she would hate all the yayas that I would hire. Even though we have a yaya, my mom would still stay at our house when we’re at work so she can supervise the yaya and can oversee how she is taking care of Bela. So most of the time, the yaya is always with my mom and I’ve noticed that my mom is really not happy with how she worked.
  2. She always wakes up late. Everyday, naauna pa magising si Howell sa kanya and we have to wake her up so she can start cooking breakfast and prepare our baon.
  3. According to my sister and mom, she is always sleeping specially after lunch.
  4. So far, I’m quite happy with how she worked but I’ve noticed that you have to repeat the instructions to her several times before she can understand it.
  5. She loves watching basketball. There’s a basketball league in our barangay now and she loves to watch the games than take care of Bela. LOL.

Last night when we arrived, my yaya talked to me and this is how the conversation goes:

Yaya: Ate, may sasabihin pala ako sayo. Aalis pala ako.
Me: Saan ka punta, mag day off ka ba?
Yaya: Hindi po. Kse po kanina montik na masagasaan si Bela ng Tricycab (I don’t know if she is referring to a tricycle or a side car). Tapos po sabi ng mommy mo, pag nasagasaan si Bela, papatayin nya ako.

I was really laughing this time because I know that my mom was only joking when she said that.
Me: Ay ganon ba. Joke lang yun. Di naman nya gagawin sayo yun. Ganon lang talaga expressions nya.
Yaya: Nakausap ko na po si Manang Siony. Susunduin na lang daw po nya ako dito.

Manang Siony is the one who gave us the yaya.

Yaya: Di ko po kse kaya mag alaga ng bata at sinabi ko po sa tita ko at sabi po nya, mahirap daw po talaga pag may alagang bata kse nakataya buhay mo.
Me: Cge, ikaw bahala. Ok lang sa akin.

Well at least, she is the one who admitted that she couldn’t take care of Bela. Kse tingin ko if we’re really not happy with her service, either Howell and I would really find it difficult to tell her that we are letting her go. At least, she made the decision for us and she really made the situation for us easier.

Manang Siony promised to give us a new yaya. Yung ibibigay daw nya, nag aalaga na daw talaga ng bata dati. Yung yaya kse na binigay nya sa amin ngayon eh first time pa lang sa Manila so kami pa lang ang una nyang napasukan kaya medyo naninibago pa sya. And I think, she was not informed by Manang Siony that she have to take care of my daughter. Ang alam lang ata nyang work nya is taga luto ata taga lnis ng bahay. Kse noong unang gabi nya sa amin, nagulat sya noong sinabi ko na may anak ako.

Hopefully, maayos naman yung ipapalit na yaya sa amin ni Manang Siony.


yaya diaries

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We now have a yaya for Bela.

My daughter is now 1 year and 4 months old and ever since I gave birth to her, we didn’t hire a yaya to take care of her. My mom doesn’t like the idea of hiring a yaya. She wants to personally take care of the baby since nasa house lang naman daw sya (retired na kse sya kaya di na sya nag wo-work ngayon). And since first apo nya si Bela, sobrang happy talaga sya in taking care of my daughter.

Kaya we decided not to hire a yaya na lang but instead we hire a house help. We we’re able to get one of our neighbors to be our house help but she doesn’t stay with us. What she does is just come in the morning to prepare breakfast, cook our baon, wash & sterilize Bela’s bottles, clean and tidy up the house, wash bela and our clothes. Then she’ll leave na after doing all that.

This usually works for us. But now that Bela is already 1 year old, sobrang likot na nya and I know na hirap na din si mommy na alagaan sya. So we decided to talk to my mom and she agreed naman. Siguro nahihirapan na din talaga sya. LOL.

So our search for yaya began. Syempre, we always consult my mom every time we found a prospective yaya for us but every time, she always have reasons or negative feedbacks about the yaya we are hiring. So it’s been months now since we started looking for our yaya. Then I talked to my dad and he said, if I listen to my mom, I might have four children already and still I won’t have any yaya for my daughter. He said that my mom is like that even when we are still kids. She has a bad experience kse with our yaya when we are still kids so she strongly dislikes the idea of us hiring a yaya for our daughter.

So I was really happy when my brother texted me last week and said that the yaya that we ordered daw has arrived na. My dad has a friend pala, who scouts for yayas and provides yayas to those who needed them and my dad ordered one for us (Yun yung term ng daddy ko, umorder na daw sya ng yaya. LOL) And I know na hindi na talaga makakatangi mommy ko kapag daddy ko na nag decide kaya, wala na syang nagawa kung di pumayag na.
Last night dumating na yung yaya naming and mukhang ok naman sya. Pag gising ko, nakaluto na sya and nag lilinis na sa taas and nakalinis na sya sa baba. Mukhang gusto din sya ni Bela, kse nakikipag laro na agad si Bela sa kanya noong nakita sya ni Bela kaninang umaga. Hopefully, ok talaga sya and sana mag kasundo sila ng mommy ko.


La Luz, here we come....

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We’re off to La Luz beach Resort tomorrow in San Juan Batangas to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

I’m so excited for Bela because this will be her first time at the beach. Bela loves the water so much so I’m really sure that she will have a wonderful time tomorrow.

I’m also excited because this will be our first vacation with my family this year. We we’re not able to travel that much last year because I just gave birth and due to financial reasons, so this will be my much awaited break with my family.
We’ll stay there from Friday to Saturday. I’ll post the pictures as soon as we get back.


Back to being a blogger

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I can't believe it's been 6 months now since I last posted an entry here in my blog. Natawa lang kse ako sa message ni cynch kse nag leave ako ng message sa tag board nya and ang reply nya sa akin eh mag update naman daw ako ng blog ko. Bigla ko tuloy naalala na may blog nga pala ako. lol.

So here I am starting to blog again.

A lot of things happened in my life. My beautiful daughter just turned 1 last November 16 so I was really busy preparing for her birthday. Siguro it's also one of the reasons baket hindi ako nakakapag blog. Syempre first baby kaya I was really excited preparing for her birthday. Pero walang mas excited kesa sa mga lolo at lola. Since Bela is the first apo on my side, everybody was really excited and was really involved in the preparations for her birthday.

We had a Tinkerbell themed party (we wanted something kse na di pa gaanong nagagamit as a birthday theme) last November 18 at Puerta Real Gardens.

The party was a blast. Everybody had fun, even the adults. Pero sobrangnakakapagod pala mag prepare ng children’s party. I swear mas na tense pa ako kesa noong wedding namin. Pero it was all worth it and nawala talaga lahat ngpagod ko after kong makita na enjoy na enjoy si Bela. Kahit yung mga lolo atlola na nagagalit sa akin dahil kina career ko daw masyado ang birthday ni Bela,tuwang tuwa noong nakita nila kung gaano kasaya si Bela.

You can view more pictures of Bela’s 1st birthday here:

Ysabela Margrette’s 1st Birthday Pictures

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