On Hubby's Health

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Howell had his check up last Friday when we brought Bela to her pediatrician since his doctor holds the same clinic as Bela’s doctor. And he really has to go back for a check up since he has to know the result of his blood exam. The doctor also ordered for an ultrasound to check his liver and thankfully, nothing is wrong and he just have to continue drinking his supplements everyday.

That is why I always make sure that he has his supply of medicines and supplements so he will not fail to take his medicine everyday. Thankfully, there is JazzMedical where we can order our medical supplies. Since their store is online, I can order for Howell’s medicines and supplements even without leaving the comforts of our house. An added bonus is that their prices are really low compared to other stores and they even have 24/7 customer service so I can contact them anytime of day.

I am really thankful that the doctor assured us that there is nothing to worry with hubby’s health. But the doctor asked Howell to have a diet so that would be a challenge for me – to monitor Howell’s food intake so he can loose a little weight.


Family Outing 2010: Awilihan Private Paradise Resort

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Finally after weeks and weeks of coordination and planning, our family outing pushed through last week. We went to Awilihan Private Paradise Resort in Tanaun, Batangas.

We were informed that we can check in anytime and since the kids are all excited and they want to maximize our stay there, we decided to leave early. Bela was awake by 4 AM and she was helping the elders in packing our stuff in the car as she is so excited to leave. We were able to leave Manila around 5 AM and in less than two hours, we reached Awilihan.

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The kids tried the pool right away and they swam until it is dark already. Bela was really having fun as she has a lot of playmates while swimming. She even enjoyed jumping to the pool like what her titos are doing. The kids will only take a break when it is eating already but will go back to the pool shortly after eating.

Since we had a very early start for the day, most of us were already in bed by 9 PM while the teenagers and our videoke addict aunt (lol) tried the videoke and they also had fun with their pictorial at the gazebo.

The kids all wake up early again the next day except for Bela but when she opened her eyes, she wanted to jump to the pool right away. Our check out time is at 12 noon but we extended our stay until 3 PM as they still did not get enough of day one.

We left the resort around 3:30 PM and we head home (instead of dropping by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa as what we originally planned) as we are all dead tired already. It was another fun family bonding time. Hope we can do this more often.

You can view more pictures here.


Safety Should be # 1 Priority

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My friend is in the construction business. We had dinner last night and we noticed that he was a bit bothered and we found out that it is because of the accident that happened on site. The worker was brought to the hospital for minor injuries. The worker is doing ok now and thank goodness nothing major happened.

I guess accidents can never really be avoided. My friend’s construction business followed all the strict guidelines to make sure that the construction site is safe for all the workers and they provide their employees all the safety precautions needed to avoid any accidents like safety glasses, hard hats, safety harness, work gloves and even safety boots.

My friend said that if not for these safety equipments, he couldn’t imagine how badly his worker would have been injured so he is thankful that he only uses safety equipments from Discount Safety Gear shop.

What he likes about Discount Safety Gear is that he gets to buy top brands and high quality safety equipments that are within his budget. In these times of economic recession it is really important to find shops like Discount Safety Gear that offers affordable rates for businessmen like him. And even if their rates are affordable, the equipment bought from them are really of high quality and will really ensure the safety of the workers using it, just like what happened to the worker of my friend.

Discount Safety Gear shop also have a wide collection of safety equipments so you will surely find what you are looking for from their shop. They even have fast turn around time for orders and they even offer free shipping for orders $150 up within the continental US so this gives additional savings.

My friend is happy that he did not think twice when he bought all his safety equipment from Discount Safety Gear as it really was a big factor in avoiding major inquiries from happening at his construction site.


Sickie in the House

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I was reading about colon cleanse and I suddenly remembered our ordeal for this week. Bela was sick since Tuesday. Her fever is on and off, running from 36 – 40. C Last Thursday before we left for work, we checked her temperature and it is already back to normal so hubby and I decided to go to work that day. But then I received a text from my mom and informed me that Bela’s fever is back to 39 C again.

My mom brought her to the doctor and was advised to have a CBC exam on Saturday if she still has fever. When we arrived home, I checked Bela’s temperature and it is already 40 C. We all panicked and my dad drove us to the Emergency Room of Chinese General Hospital.

They did all the routine exam for Bela – CBC and urinalysis. It is Bela’s first time at the Emergency Room and so she was really scared. When the medical technician took sample of her blood, Bela was really in tears and she was just looking at my eye while she kept on saying “Mom, mom.” This brought me in tears also as I don’t want to see my daughter like that. If only I can protect her from all the pain, I would. It is too painful for me to see my daughter in that situation. We were allowed to go home as her temperature is already down to 37.2 C and were just advised to return the next day for the results of her CBC and urinalysis.

Next day, we called her pediatrician and we were informed that her WBC count is high and so she has to take antibiotics. The infection is the reason why her fever was spiking to 39 – 40 C.

She started taking her antibiotics since last night and thankfully she has no fever the whole day today. She still has no appetite and hope she will get her appetite back soon as she already loose weight. But I am really glad that she is active again and her fever is gone. Hopefully her condition will continue to improve.


Preview: Our Family Outing

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Meet my family:

This picture was taken last weekend when we had our family outing. Just look at my mom and her siblings. All of them are already in their 50’s I don’t think they need wrinkle cream yet as they still look young and vibrant.

I still have to sort through the hundreds of pictures that Howell took on our two day stay in Awilihan Resort and upload it in Flickr and then I will make a post about that vacation here.

But we had the best time ever during our two days stay there. It was a great family bonding that we rarely get to do. We actually had a hard time planning for this outing as we can’t seem to find the right date that is ok for the schedule of all of us and since it is the summer months, we really had a hard time booking for a great place to have our family outing.

But I am glad that everybody was able to make it for our family outing. It is really true that each member of our family will really make a way just to find the time to spend with family.


Our Weekend @ Makati Shangri-La

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Howell requested that we go out of town the weekend after he arrives from his three -week posting in Kolonya, Micronesia. I tried calling all the resorts that I know in Batangas and Subic area but all of them are fully booked already for that weekend. And so our next best option is to spend an overnight stay in one of the city hotels.

Howell requested that I checked the rates of Westin Philippines Plaza and Makati Shangri-La and I let Howell decide which hotel to choose and I ended up booking an overnight stay at Makati Shangri-La for April 10-11.

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We had lunch first at home before going to Shang. We arrived around 1 PM and we were allowed early check in. We got a De Luxe room and it was really big. Bela as always explored our room, checking the bath room, the cabinets, etc.

Around 3 PM Howell and Bela decided to take a dip at the pool. It was a bit crowded that there is no vacant table or beach chair that we can use. Bela tried the kiddie pool first and when Howell joined her, they transferred to the bigger pool. They finished swimming around 6 PM and we went back to our room to change. Howell and Bela were so tired already that we just decided to eat at the nearby restaurants beside our hotel. We ended up eating at Pancake house.

We promised Bela that we will check out the toy store in the mall and so we went to Landmark where she bought new dino toys again and a stuffed toy doggie. We went to our hotel after that and Bela and Howell quickly doze off to sleep.

I stayed until 12 AM because I still need to work on some things. I learned from my aunt that there is no electricity in our place and my dad is having high blood pressure and so I invited my mom and dad to spend the night with us as our room is really too big for just the three of us.

The next day, my mom and dad went home early and did not even have breakfast because my dad has to run some errands. We had breakfast at Spirals Café and there was so much to eat that we are still full even until lunch time.

After eating breakfast, Bela went to the pool again with her Tita Veejay to enjoy the pool again before checking out. They finished swimming around 1 PM already and we went back to our room to prepare our things for checkout.

We had lunch at Savory, which is again located beside our hotel after checking out. After lunch we drive to Mandaluyong to hear mass and went home after that.

You can view more pictures here.


Designer Radiators: Adding Warmth to Your Bathroom

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Let's face it: no one likes to finish a hot morning shower with a rush of cold air greeting you once you step out of the tub. For that reason, designer radiators are a welcome addition to any bathroom. And ukbathrooms is your best source for finding the latest models of designer radiators.

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We offer a selection of bench radiators that are perfect if you want a place to sit down while drying off and warming up. It works the same as a traditional hospital radiator, but designer radiators of this variety can be more aesthetically pleasing because of the way they blend into the surroundings like the cabinet and drawers below your bathroom sink.

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Types of Commercial Refigerators

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Typically, when thinking of refrigeration, the ice-box in the kitchen or deep-freeze in the garage may come to mind, but there is much more to know about these appliances when it comes to finding a commercial refrigerator. Many types of commercial refrigerators available depending on what the business’ needs are.

For smaller businesses that don’t need a lot of space, a refrigerator/freezer similar household kitchen models, but bigger, will do just fine. Reach-in refrigerator/ freezers generally have doors that are half-height and the unit’s depth is standard just like household models. An exterior digital thermometer helps business owners ensure product quality by keeping temperature easily located and referenced.

A two-section commercial refrigerator/freezer is what most businesses will need. These are generally found with a side-by-side freezer and refrigerator, but with an additional 16-20 cubic feet of storage space. Stainless steel exteriors are easily cleaned and digital thermometers are a must. A three-section commercial refrigerator/freezer is perfect for businesses that need abundant space to store perishables. The separate compartments help keep different foods apart to prevent cross-contamination. Full-height doors and stainless exteriors help these machines to work well in foodservice environments.

Blast chillers are made to get food to a low temperature in the shortest amount of time possible. Most blast chillers on the market aim to take food from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to under three degrees Fahrenheit in as little as an hour and a half. Quick chilling is extremely important for proper food handling and food safety guidelines. Many varieties are available to meet a business’ specifications.

Display fridges are normally found in convenience or grocery stores and allow the customers to see what’s inside the fridge without opening the doors. Some commercial display refrigerators don’t have doors at all to offer the convenience of customers being able to just grab what they want without the hassle of doors. These freezers and fridges come in all sizes depending upon what a business needs.


To Blog

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I have been very busy online and offline. Since Howell arrived from his three-week stint in Kolonya, we are always out every weekend that I don’t have much time to blog. But just to have a reminder of the things that I need to blog about, I am making a list here (otherwise I might just forget to blog all about it)

• Our weekend at Makati Shangri-La
• Our Family Outing at Aliwan Private Paradise Resort
• Bela’s first week at Summer Class
• Bela’s first day at Aqualogic Swim Company
• Our new nanny
• Review of Makati Shangri-La
• Bela's Vacation Bag

I also have hundreds of pictures to organize and resize so I can upload it to Flickr. Hubby downloaded all of it on my laptop already so hope I can find the time to sort and upload it.

I have tons of work to do so I hope that I can find the time to sit and finish all of them.


Caesars Online is Coming Soon

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On Cars

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When we went on a three-week vacation to Europe, we were lucky to have seen a car exhibit while walking along Champs Elysee:

I can see how much hubby was drooling over this car (the same way he drools over the bmw 3 series). I know because I often see him check out the site of TheCarConnection and he always reads reviews of cars such as this and the chrysler 300.

The Car Connection reviews different cars that are out in the market such as the BMW, Chrysler and even the audi a3. And their reviews are really comprehensive as they give details on the styling, performance, quality, safety, and features and they even provide the specs per car as well as shows pictures of the car in different angles so their readers really get a lot of good information from them especially to those who are planning to buy a car.

I know that one of hubby’s wish is to have one of this cars but it is at the last of his list of priorities right now as he is aiming to purchase a much bigger house for us since our family is already growing. So I guess for the next five years or more, he will just be satisfied reading reviews and looking at the pictures of the cars from The Car Connection’s website.


Long Day

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It has been a very long day for me. We accompanied Bela to her drum lessons and then we proceed to Active Fun in Tiendesitas to attend the 7th birthday party of my inaanak, Jeno. Of course Bela had fun during the party as she joined the games and the other activities and she had a great time playing at the play area for more than an hour. After playing, she even rode the carousel and the train before finally agreeing to go home.

But Howell has to drop by at Megamall to buy something and while Howell went to Building B, Bela and I just stayed at Toy Kingdom and I was able to buy floaters, beach toys and beach ball for Bela and my cousins.

We head home after Megamall and after dinner, I started packing our things that we will need since we will be going to Awilihan Private Paradise Resort in Tanauan, Batangas and we will stay there from April 18 – 19. I am sure Bela will have tons of fun swimming with her titos and titas.

It is already 12: 18 AM and I am still up as I need to finish some more tasks. We will be leaving at 4 AM so wish me luck if I will be able to wake up at 3 AM to prepare. LOL.


For Tomorrow

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So what is our itinerary for tomorrow?

• Hopefully Bela will wake up early so we can enjoy our buffet breakfast at Circles.
• Howell and Bela will definitely go swimming again after breakfast.
• I already requested for late check out so we might have lunch again in any of the nearby restaurants near our hotel.
• I might meet up with my sister at Glorietta as she is asking me to help her look for urban clothes.
• Then we will hear mass at Mandaluyong as hubby’s brother officiates the mass there every 4 PM.
• I guess this is already a long itinerary for us, so we might head home after the mass.

This has been a very relaxing weekend for us. Bela really had a blast already on our first day alone and I am sure she will still have fun playing in the pool with her dad tomorrow. If only budget is not an issue, this activity would have been at the top of our weekend to do list. LOL.


@29 weeks

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Last Wednesday, I took a leave from work since it is the day after Howell arrived from his three-week posting so we can spend some quality time together as most of you have noticed how much I mentioned here in my blog how much I miss him.

While waiting for Bela’s class to finish, we dropped by at Chinese General so I can have my monthly checkup. I am already on my 29th week and I am almost at the last leg of my pregnancy.

My OB checked the heartbeat of the baby and she said that everything is okay but she warned me that I have to lessen my sugar and sweets as my Glucose Tolerance test showed that my reading are higher than normal. But other than that, my OB said that we just have to wait for the coming of the baby. This reminds me that I should check on NC health insurance for our second baby as I want him covered too as soon as he is eligible for a health insurance. This has always been our number one priority especially for our kids.

In just a few months we will be seeing our baby boy. Bela, Howell, and I and the rest of my family and hubby’s family are all excited for his coming….


How we ended our day

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Though I just sat almost half of the day as I just waited for Bela and Howell while they enjoy swimming, I still feel very tired when we ended our day today.

When finally Howell and Bela were done swimming, we checked out the restaurants beside our hotel and we decided to eat at Pancake House. I had their Roast Beef Special set, Howell tried their Sirloin Steak, and Bela had a small bite of their 2-piece chicken meal. Then we had Banana Walnut pancake for dessert.

After seeing that the mall is just in front of our hotel, Bela insisted that we should drop by the toy store after dinner. Obviously, we did not leave the store without hearing the sound of their POS systems since Bela went home with some loot again.

After that short shopping time at Landmark, we went back immediately to our hotel as I feel so tired already. I guess hubby and Bela were so tired also as they agreed with me when I told them that it is time to go back to the hotel. In fact, both of them are sleeping like a log now. I wonder how we will spend our day tomorrow but I am excited already for our buffet breakfast at Circles.


Happy Bday Wowa

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It was my mom’s birthday last April 6, 2010 (well actually, she is confused if her birthday is on the 5th or the 6th because she just found out a few years ago when she applied for a passport that the birth date written on her birth certificate is April 5. LOL)

March 2010 156
It was the same day that Howell will be arriving form his three weeks posting in Kolonya. Howell is arriving at 8:40 PM and so my parents suggested that we just have dinner after fetching Howell. We met up at Hap Chan in front of CCP Complex with my siblings after fetching Howell around 9:30 Pm for a late dinner.

My mom was really happy as we are all with her on her special day to celebrate her birthday. After dinner, we checked out the bazaar at harbor Square and Bela and Howell played in the game booths open there where they won a bunny.

It was already past 11:30 when we reached home, tired but happy – because Howell is already back here with us and thankful for the wonderful and meaningful birthday celebration of my mom.


Now @ Makati Shang

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Summer is already here and you can really feel the heat of the sun. All of the resorts that I called are already fully booked for this weekend so we just settled to spend our weekend here at Makati Shangri-la.

It is our first time here at Makati Shang and so far, we like their service. Bela and Howell are now enjoying a dip at the pool. There are a lot of kids too so Bela is really having fun making new friends and playing frisbee with them (Unfortunately, I forgot to bring down our camcorder. I could have captured those great moments with it. Hopefully I will not forget to bring it down tomorrow if Bela and Howell decide to have a dip at the pool again).

I on the other hand is busy blogging and tweeting as they have free wifi at the pool area (yehey). It is only almost 5 PM and I don’t think Bela will be getting out of the pool anytime soon so I guess I can finish a lot of work while waiting for Howell and Bela to finish.


To Makati Shangri-La

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Howell, Bela and I are really excited for tomorrow. Well, it would have been better if we can go on an Outer Banks vacation and enjoy the beach and the scenery in Outer Banks but since I am already seven months pregnant now, there is no way I will be allowed to ride a plane or go on long travels. So instead, we just settled for an overnight stay at Makati Shangri-La.

I booked for our weekend at Makati Shangri-La while Howell was still in Kolonya. He asked me to look for a hotel where we can spend our weekends as soon as he gets back and it is his treat for us. He has been away for three weeks because of work and he just got back last Tuesday and I am sure he misses us so much that is why he really wanted to spend some quality time with us.

I haven’t packed our things yet as we went to Mall of Asia today to do some errands but I can easily do that tomorrow. We will leave the house around 11 AM and we will just have lunch outside and hopefully they can offer us early check in so Bela and Howell can enjoy the pool right after lunch.

We are all so excited already…

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