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i've been tagged by Apple.

RULES:Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

Here are some 7 Random facts about my life:
  1. My current shopping addictions: Gingersnaps clothes for Bela (sa sobrang addict ko, tinatawagan na ako ng store pag may bago silang stock. Ganon na nila ako kakilala don LOL), Bela’s DVDs, and Bela’s toys.
  2. I just love my new yaya – she’s so efficient, masipag, may initiative, magaling sa bata at kasundo ni Bela. I’m willing to bribe her or give her anything she requested wag lang sya umalis sa akin. Pero di nya to dapat malaman at baka lumaki ulo.
  3. I’ve already started planning for Bela’s 2nd birthday party and sabi ng mga friends ko sobrang addict ko na daw ata sa party planning,
  4. I just discovered how cooking can be so much fun, but since my new yaya knows how to cook I’m beginning to rely on her for preparing our meals.
  5. Madali ako ma stress and mag panic. And kapag stress ako, sobrang toyoin ko and kawawa si hubby ko kse sya sumasalo ng lahat ng toyo ko.
  6. I love Sundays. Sunday is a special day for me because it’s our family-bonding day. After Bela’s class at Little Gym, we always drop by at Fun Ranch as our Sunday treat for Bela before going to mass.
  7. I’m still not ready yet to have another baby.

I’m tagging the following: Cynch, Jane, Kitts, Mec, Nice, Peachy, Pheng


America's Next Top Model Finalist

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Last Thursday, June 21, we had a surprise birthday party for my brother at Gerry’s Grill – Promenade, Greenhills.

We just had a simple dinner with his friends.

After dinner while we are waiting for my dad to pick up the car from the parking lot, we asked Bela to do some poses while his Tatay is taking a picture of her. Sabi lang namin “Bela pose for tatay.”

Tignan nyo kung ano mga poses nya:

Ewan ko nga kung saan nya natutunan tong mga pose na to eh. Kakanood ko siguro ng America’s Next Top Model, na pick up nya yung mga poses ng mga finalist. LOL.


More blessings....

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2 weeks after my daughter was born, she was diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Meaning she has a hole in her heart. I was really crying hard when my daughter’s cardiologist break to us the news. But in spite of that, we never loose hope. We just kept on praying and continued to hope that God will do miracles for us.

We are lucky because compared to other babies who have this condition, the hole in Bela’s heart has a bigger chance of closing because according to her cardio, the hole is just small (0.33 mm) and the position of the hole is not life threatening so she does not need any operation.

Sabi ng cardio nya, she just has to continuously gain weight as she grows up because the fat and the muscles that will build up as she gains weight will be the one to patch the hole. In most cases daw, specially sa case ni Bela, nag sasara naman daw yung butas before the child turns 3 years old.

So we we’re really happy last Saturday when the cardiologist gave us the good news na sarado na yung butas sa heart ni Bela. Indeed, God is really good. Sabi nga ng cardio ni Bela, swerte daw kami kse di malakas mag gain ng weigth si Bela, but in spite of that nagsara pa din yung hole. Sobrang happy namin at finally, we need not worry about Bela’s heart condition.

Kaya to celebrate, nag decide kami na I treat si Bela sa Sesame Street Concert sa Aliw Theater. I remember, I was talking to Jane about it and sabi ko nag se-second thoughts ako kse baka di naman tapusin ni Bela yung show or baka matakot sa mga monster na character eh masayang lang yung ticket. Di kse gaanong type ni Bela yung mga monster pero super love nya si Big Bird, Count & Elmo. Pero deadma na. After ng check up ni Bela sa Chinese, dumiretso na ako agad sa SM to purchase the ticket. Yun nga lang wala na akong nabiling ticket for Sunday (July 24) so di ko na ma-me-meet si Jane & Jacqui in person. Friday na yung nabili ko na ticket but swerte pa din kse I was still able to purchase aisle seats, row H nga lang.

Super excited na talaga kami ni Howell to watch the concert with Bela. Hope mag enjoy sya.


Happy Birthday Dani

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Last June 2, was Daniella Veronica's 1st Birthday celebration. Dani is the daugther of Kitts & Gary, a fellow n@wie.

Thanks again for inviting us. It was really one fun party. Super enjoy si Bela. Sa uulitin...hehehe...

And noong party, na meet ko din si Apple. Sya kse ang over all party planner. It was nice meeting you and Austin. Congrats for organizing another successful party. Pwede mo na talaga gawin yang full time job.


2 weekends ago

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Last May 27, was Bela’s first day of Class at Little Gym. Bela was really excited. Of course, she is very restless. There are times that she would not want to join the activity because she just wants to explore all the gym equipments there. Pero sabi naman ni Teacher Clara, ok lang daw yun because they encourage exploration sa kids (mangatwiran pa daw ba…hehehe).

Bela's classmates - Joaquin & Sandro
After her class sa LG, we headed sa Tiendesitas. Matagal na kse naming gusto I check yung place pero since malayo sa amin, we were not able to do so. Kaya after ng class, nag aya agad si Howell don.

First we checked the Little Lamb’s Spa to inquire about their infant’s massage. Sakto Barney ang palabas sa TV nila sa reception area and Bela just sat there and watched Barney. Plus marami pang toys sa play area, and so Bela doesn’t want to get out of there. So pina massage ko na sila mag ama.

At first, I was a bit reluctant to avail the Infant’s massage for Bela because I know my daughter can’t just stay in one place for an extended period of time. But she was behave the whole time. They just provided her with toys to keep her busy and she just played with it for the whole 30 minutes.

After the massage, we just checked out the place but didn’t try the rides because Bela’s not a fan of it.

We left Fun Ranch around 5 PM then we just head straight to church to hear mass.

Well, that's what kept us busy two weekends ago....


My Starfish

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Bela has been enrolled in the Bert Lozada Swimming Class since February. Bela loves the water. During bath time, it’s really difficult to take her out of her tub. That’s why after she finish her class at Gymboree, we decided to enroll her to the My Baby & Me class of Bert Lozada.

She is under the Starfish class. This is a pre-swimming class with the parent in the water. We thought that we really made a right choice in enrolling her because Bela just so love the class. She loves participating the different activities (games, songs, and structured activities), which helped her build her water confidence.

Below are just some of the pictures that I took (sensya na hindi ako sanay sa cam ng hubby ko):

More pictures here: Swimming Class at ACE Water Spa


Sanfo Treats

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chocolate & caramel coated apple
(Photo grabbed from anton's blog)

Oh I just love these apples. I was first able to taste it in LA, at Disneyland. And I have been craving for it ever since.

Good thing, meron ng Sanfo Treats dito sa atin ngayon.

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