SG Day 4: Adventure Cove Waterpark

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Our last day in Singapore was still as busy as our first 3 days. We had breakfast again at the hotel and we let the kids swim at the hotel pool while having breakfast. Then at around 9:30 AM we transferred to Adventure Cove Park as we have tickets to that as well as part of the package of the hotel.

The park was really big, clean, and well-maintained and you can really see a lot of lifeguards on duty so you can be assured of the safety of the kids as well. We initially tried the river ride but halfway in the ride, it will pass by a cave which looks scary and dark (even I myself got scared), that Bela and Cobi chickened out and decided to just walk to reach the other attractions in the park.

Bela was still all game and she tried the giant slide with her dad as well the swimming pool where there are real fishes so you can snorkel.

Too bad we can only stay here until 1 PM maximum as we have to check out from our hotel at 2 PM plus we have to leave by 3:30 PM to catch our 5 PM flight. Bela and Cobi would have enjoyed it more if we were able to stay longer. At least we have a reason to come back to Singapore.

As soon as we reached the hotel, we just checked out and then we tried the Sentosa Express to go to Vivo City Mall for lunch. The kids were requesting that we tried the train since they saw it but our IT was always full that it was only on the last day that we were able to do it.

After lunch we went back to our hotel to pick up our luggage, bought some souvenirs and then met up with the cab driver that we booked for our airport transfer then head to the airport for our 5 PM flight.

And to sum it up, it was a very relaxing vacation for our family. We both thought that it will be stressful since we don’t have extra hands to help us with the kids but it was a good bonding moment for our family. It helped too that we stayed in Resorts World area so we don’t have to commute to go to the theme parks and go back to the hotel after a long day. Also, Bela was being a big sister already and she is helping us take care of Cobi.

That is why we are planning another vacation, hopefully, in November to celebrate Bela’s birthday.


SG 2013: Day 3 - Universal Studios and SEA Aquarium

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A few days after our Singapore tour will be the birthday of my father. I would have wanted to treat him and my mom and invite them to join us in our Singapore vacation but we have a limited budget this time. And so I just decided to get him cheap humidors instead for our birthday present.

Hopefully, next time we travel, I will have extra budget again so they can come with us too.

We spent our 3rd day in Singapore at Universal Studios. Universal Studios is not open until 10 AM so we were able to rest a bit before another busy day. We had breakfast at the hotel and since we are already in Resorts World, we just walk to reach Universal Studios.

I love Singapore’s Universal Studios as it is not that big so it is not that tiring for me and Howell and the kids. It is also a Monday so we almost had the theme park all to ourselves as there is not much people lining up for each attractions.

We went to the Madagascar section first and tried the boat ride and Carousel ride. They so love the carousel ride that they were able to ride it more than 3 times I think.

Then we went around to try out the other rides and they were also able to watch the Madagascar Boogie (too bad Cobi accidentally deleted the video that I took of the show).

I was so proud of Bela as she was really all game to try out all the rides in the park. Imagine she tried the Canopy Flyer and the Jurassic Park ride which I will never dare ride. LOL.

At 5:45 PM, we decided to leave as we have tickets to the SEA Aquarium too for the same day. I checked the website before we left and they are open until 8 PM but to my surprise, they are only open until 7 PM. I asked the staff about it and I was informed that the 8 PM closing time was only effective during the Chinese New Year week which ended the Sunday before our visit.

As per the advertisement, they say that it is the biggest aquarium in the whole world. They have great collection of fishes, but I think the place is just small and I don’t think that it is bigger than Manila’s Ocean Park. They have one tall aquarium tank inside so hubby was teasing me that I might have read it wrong and it might have been the tallest and not the biggest aquarium in the world.

But nevertheless, Bela and Cobi enjoyed it even though we only have an hour to explore the park.


SG 2013 Day 2: SG Zoo

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On our second day, we started early as we want to be early at the zoo as we know a whole day is not enough to enjoy all the shows and attractions in the zoo. We checkout before leaving the hotel and left our things at the concierge.

We arrived at the zoo around half pass 8 and there was a queue already. We started our day at the zoo with a visit to the Panda, which is a preview to a new park that they will be opening this year which is the River Safari.

After that, we went around to see all the animals that we can visit in the time that we have as we know how much Bela would love this.

We were also able to watch almost all the shows – Elephants at Work and at Play, Safari Fights Back and the Sea Lion show to the delight of our kids.

We were also able to enjoy the elephant ride. This was my first time and the entire time I was just saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh” but I have to conquer my fear because I want to experience this with the kids.

The kids were also able to try feeding the elephants. We were late for the show and so we were at the last row in the theater so I have to squeeze myself in the crowd after the show so I can buy baskets of goodies for the elphant feeding.

After Singapore Zoo, we also met up with my college friend and her family and went to Night Safari with them. We had dinner at Night Safari then did some souvenir shopping and went back to our hotel.

As soon as we arrived at Peninsula Excelsior, we just grabbed our bags and head straight to Festive Hotel in Resorts World where we will be staying until our 4th day.


Kitchen Organizer

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One of my wish list for our home is an organizer to keep everything in order. I don’t really get to spend time cleaning and organizing and I highly rely on our house help to do that which is not an effective method as everything turns to be total chaos after a while.

That is why I got really excited when I saw this ovis for kitchen cabinet organizer online. This is one way to keep things in order in our kitchen.

I will definitely show this to hubby and I am sure he will like it too.


SG 2013 Day 1

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This is a long delayed post but just like what I always say. It is better late than never.

Last November, I was able to book a promo fare to Singapore. The price is still a little bit expensive as compared to Piso fare rates of Cebu Pacific but at least I was able to book tickets for a weekend and a long weekend at that.

So last February 23, we took the Cebu Pacific flight to Singapore. This is the first time that we will be travelling out of the country and it is just me and my husband with the kids. We usually travel with my cousins or with my parents, but this time, it is just us so my husband and I were really praying that everything will be just alright.

We took the 2nd flight at 10 AM as I don’t want to wake up that early to be at the airport. Our flight was on time and we arrive in Singapore a little pass 2 PM. We were also lucky as the budget terminal is under renovation so we landed at Terminal 2 of Singapore’s international airport which is far better than the budget terminal.

Upon arrival, we got a taxi and we went straight to our hotel, Pacific Excelsior in the Marina Bay area. We just rest for a bit at the hotel then we went out for a quick city tour.

We went to the Merlion, Esplanade and we also went to the Sky Park of the Marina Bay Sands. After this, the kids are all tired and hungry already so we went to Raffles Mall, which is just across our hotel, for dinner and went back to our hotel and call it a day.


For Cobi's Concert Birthday Party

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Since we might be having a Hi5 themed party for Cobi for his 3rd birthday, hubby is really excited once more as I know he just loves to perform. He and my daughter always sings for our guests every time we have a party so I know he will like the idea that he will sing again, but this time it is with his son.

He is so excited that he was looking at the new epiphone dot electric guitar which he plans to buy so he can play too as the two of them sing. Well I am thinking to let them sing Hi5 songs but our entertainer for the party, Jives, will take care of that so maybe they can sing a Maroon 5 song because that is Cobi’s favorite now.

Oh well, I am sure it is still all up to the husband on what song they will end up singing and I am sure whatever song they choose, it would still be one good performance (of course, I’m the number fan. I’m the wife and the mom. LOL).



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Last Saturday, hubby was scheduled for a pre-birthday shoot at Bonifacio High Street. So we thought of it as a perfect time to try out the new restaurant that is popular in the US, IHOP, which has opened its doors to Filipinos foodies two weeks ago.

I heard feedbacks from friends that we have to brace ourselves for the long queue but I thought they are just teasing us. I met up with my buddies from work at 8 AM and I thought that it will still be early and we did not expect any long line but I was wrong:

This is the queue at IHOP at 8 AM. The waiting time of 1-2 hours is really ridiculous. I hate lining up for food and I don’t think 2 hours wait time is not worth it just to eat American branded pancakes.

Oh well. I’m sure the hype will die down. Maybe we will try again after 3 months.

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