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I guess that is how I can describe us now after travelling and moving from one place to the next. We really should have taken hgh supplements before this trip so we have the extra energy that we need to last the long drive, the long walks, the late night sleeping and partying with friends and other adventures. At least next time we will know better.

But this has been a very nice experience for my family. Imagine we were able to go to New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto and our last stop Washington DC. We have a lot of good memories that we can bring home with us. I had fun (though I am really physically drained already) and I am sure my whole family including my mom had a blast too.

Now I am wishing we would still have extra money again for our next family adventure. My best buddy Dennis is suggesting we go to Australia next and my good friend Joan and Kuya Abel is planning for a Thailand trip next year. Hope all this will really come to reality. I can’t wait.


Light Fixtures

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We are still here in the US and we will be staying here for another week before we go back to Manila. When we get back, we will surely be busy as we are scheduled to move to our new house anytime starting first week of June to first week of July.

The house that we bought is fairly new as it is only 5 years old and so we don't need to do any major repair and renovations. According to hubby, all we need are fluorescent lighting fixtures to set the mood and theme for our house. That is why I have been doing my research already and I am thankful to have discovered Echolightingdesign as they offer discount lighting fixtures that is perfect for the limited budget that we have to accessorize and liven up the mood of our new house. They have more than 40,000 choices to choose from so I am sure we will find the perfect lighting fixture for our home. Hubby and I believe that we don't need expensive furniture and appliances for our new home as the right lighting fixture is enough to bring the right mood and ambiance for our house.

Hubby checked the site and he already have a short list of the pendant lighting, Ceiling lighting, and outdoor lighting that he likes for our house. He was even able to find discount ceiling fans for our maid's room and the living room area as ceiling fans is a must as we know how humid the weather can be in our part of the world.

Everyday, hubby and I kept talking about our plans for our new home. Even our daughter is so excited too. In just a few days, we will be setting foot and spending our first night in our new home so we all can't wait.


Old Friends

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One of the reasons why I am so excited for this trip was that I will be able to reunite with good friends whom I haven’t seen for more than five years now. Most of them haven’t gone back home to the Philippines so it is only when we go to the US that we can get to spend time with them and catch up with each other’s lives.

Our first stop: Sison Family

Benhur is a classmate and best buddy of my husband from high school. They moved to New York when Ben got a job as a Physical Therapist in New York three years ago and they haven’t gone back home since they left.

Second Stop: Jacq, Niel and Audree

Jacq is my friend from college and it is only when we go to the US that we get to see Jacq and her family.

Third Stop: Frances and Francis
Fran is also my friend from college and I just found out when we arrived in Los Angeles that they are in the California area also so Jacq drove us to their place for a reunion.

Fourth Stop: Ella, Anna, Jr and the rest of the Guese / Apayor Family

Ella and Anna are my childhood friends and they haven't been back home for more than a decade so it is only when I go to LA that I get to see them again so it is really nice to be reunited with them even just for a few days.

Fifth Stop: Santos Family in Canada

Tito Tek and Tita Baby are my mom’s childhood friend. They often go home to the Philippines but it is the first time that my mom visited them in Canada so they are all excited to give my mom a tour of Toronto. Kuya Abel is the son of Tito Tek and Tita Baby and Joan is her wife whom I met the last time Howell and I went to Toronto and we became good friends after that.

It is a very nice feeling to be able to see my old friends again. We do communicate through Facebook but it is still different to be able to see them in person. Next week, I will be seeing my good friend, co-mommy and former colleague Ems and her family and my online friend Glo so I am really excited.


On Migraine, Diabetes and Product Liability Claims

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My uncle has a bad case of migraine and he usually have to take medicine to take the pain away. That is why when I have migraine attacks, I consulted him on what medicine to take to cure my migraine. But he informed me that I should be careful when taking drugs fro migraine especially if I am pregnant (not that I am) because there are certain medicine that can increase the risk of causing birth defects to kids when taken by women who are pregnant.

Those with migraine are not the only ones who should get worried. Those with diabetes should be careful too with the medicine that they are taking as there is one medicine named Actos that has proven to increase the risk of contracting actos bladder cancer when taken.

The only thing that these victims can do if they discovered that they have incur an injury is to contact lawyers like those of Watts Guerra Craft LLP as they are the experts who can help the victims file a pharmaceutical case and hopefully, get justice.


Travel Tip

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If there is one important tip that I learned from my friends regarding travel is that I should always have a soft and hard copy of our travel documents with me so we have a reference just in case anything happens. Thanks to document scanning software, I was able to produce soft copy of our passports and visas and printed them for my hard copy which I kept in my hand bag for emergency purposes.

I also emailed the soft copy of these documents and I was actually able to use it already when I was at the mall and was doing an online check in of our flight from Hong Kong to JFK airport. I have to check in online at exactly 6 PM to get good seats so I did it at the mall while I was out so I don’t have my travel documents with me and those information are required to check in online. Thankfully, I have all of it in my Yahoo Mail so I was able to get the information that I need, checked-in online and get good seats for us for our long haul flight

So next time you travel, do what I did so you have a back up plan in case anything happens with your important travel documents.


Busy Thursday

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We arrived in New York from Los Angeles at 1 AM already and so we just slept the whole morning when we reached the house of hubby’s friend after picking us up from the airport. I was supposed to meet up with my Canadian Embassy buddies who are also in vacation in New York but the kids are still sleeping and we don’t think that we can leave the kids behind with my mom as we know how tired she is also from our trip that I am sure she has no energy left to take care of the kids.

And so after eating lunch, we just thought to do our laundry:

This is actually the first time that I enjoyed doing laundry as all I have to do is put everything in the machine and when it is done all that is left for me to do is sort and fold it. Even Bela had fun waiting for our laundry to finish.

After laundry, we just packed our bags for our Toronto leg and before we know it, it is already 8 PM and we should leave already to catch our 10 PM bus to Toronto.


Half Way Through

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We are almost halfway through our vacation. So far:

• We have travelled from Manila to New York and stayed there for three days. We were able to visit Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge. I also saw the Pop up display for Top of the Rock but we ran out of time already.
• From New York we flew to the west coast and went to Los Angeles where we visited Disneyland, Universal Studios, City Walk and we also drove two hours to go to Sea World in San Diego. From Los Angeles, we also went to Las Vegas and checked out the Grand Canyon and the Vegas Strip.
• From Los Angeles, we went back to New York and now we are in Canada for more adventure. My mom’s friend planned our itinerary and it includes CN Tower and Niagara Falls so we all can’t wait for another tiring but exciting tour of Toronto.



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Last May 7 was our flight from Manila to JFK. Since Howell is taking a different flight, it was only me and my mom with Bela and Cobi on this flight. I was actually worried for Cobi as this is his first airplane ride so I actually don’t know what to expect from him. He also easily gets bored that is why I am worried that he might throw tantrums too especially for our Hong Kong to JFK leg which is around 15 hours.

Arrived Safely in NY. Ty Lord for protecting us. Both kids super behave & cooperative

But I am surprise and happy for my two kids. They were so behave that I was even able to read laptop reviews during our flight as I was able to find time while both of them are busy (Bela was busy with his artwork or iTouch and Leapster while Cobi is busy sleeping or eating or watching Play House Disney).

I just wish that they will also be behave during the entire duration of our trip as for sure this will be tiring as we will be moving from one place to another.


All Our Bags are Packed...Not

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Before, I always pack in advance every time we go on a trip just to be sure that I will not forget anything but I am so busy these past few weeks that it is only now (2 days before our trip) that I am starting to pack for our things.

Doing inventory of padalas. Para sure na wala maiwan

I am currently doing an inventory now of all the pasalubongs that I will bring for my friends in the US. It won’t fit in one bag so I have to distribute them to our luggages and my mom’s so I wrote down everything just to be sure which one goes to who.

I am also helping hubby pack his stuff as he is leaving later. He have to go ahead of us as his office was not able to book him a flight with the same as ours.

We were able to finish everything by 2 AM and it was a success as we were able to fit everything (except for the Martys Cracklings and Kornets of Glo from me and Aggie. Sorry sis).

Now it is time for us to go to bed as hubby has to wake up by 4 AM for his 7:45 AM flight.


Is Excited

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Yehey, in just a few weeks (I mean days…I am so used to saying weeks as we have been waiting for this vacation for months now and we really can’t believe that we will be leaving in just 5 days), we will be flying for our three week US vacation.

We will be meeting up with friends and relatives in all our destinations (do you think I will still have a chance to loose at least 10 pounds in a week if I use the best diet pills that work so I will be in the best shape if I meet up with them?) so all the more I am excited as it is my chance to catch up with their lives after more than five yeas of not seeing them.

Our first stop will be in New York where we will be meeting with my online friend Glo, hubby’s high school friend Benhur, hubby’s colleague Hector and hubby’s relative Kuya Andie and family.

Then we will fly to Los Angeles where we will be meeting up with my college friend Jacq and her family and our former neighbour and childhood friend the Apayor family.

Then we will head back to New York and then go to Toronto where we will be meeting up with the Santos family.

And for our last stop, we will go to Washington DC to meet up with Glo and my online friend, kumare and former colleague Ems and her family.

I am really excited already. Now if only I can finish all my work by tomorrow then I can start packing for this trip.


The Biggest Looser

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The Biggest Looser. I love this project that hubby’s company organized to encourage their employees to start living healthy and maintain an ideal body weight. According to hubby, those who will join will have to pay P500 registration fee and who ever is the biggest looser after a few weeks or so, will get everything from the pot money.

They had a weigh in several weeks ago and just look at how heavy hubby is (he said he is even heavier than Manny Pacquiao):

I wonder if he can take the best diet pills for men to help him loose weight so he can bring home the price money. LOL. But with or without the price, I really want Howell to win because his doctor advised him that he really needs to loose at least 20 pounds so joining this contest might be a good way for him to be inspired to reach his ideal weight.

So to hubby, good luck to you.

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