Old Friends

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One of the reasons why I am so excited for this trip was that I will be able to reunite with good friends whom I haven’t seen for more than five years now. Most of them haven’t gone back home to the Philippines so it is only when we go to the US that we can get to spend time with them and catch up with each other’s lives.

Our first stop: Sison Family

Benhur is a classmate and best buddy of my husband from high school. They moved to New York when Ben got a job as a Physical Therapist in New York three years ago and they haven’t gone back home since they left.

Second Stop: Jacq, Niel and Audree

Jacq is my friend from college and it is only when we go to the US that we get to see Jacq and her family.

Third Stop: Frances and Francis
Fran is also my friend from college and I just found out when we arrived in Los Angeles that they are in the California area also so Jacq drove us to their place for a reunion.

Fourth Stop: Ella, Anna, Jr and the rest of the Guese / Apayor Family

Ella and Anna are my childhood friends and they haven't been back home for more than a decade so it is only when I go to LA that I get to see them again so it is really nice to be reunited with them even just for a few days.

Fifth Stop: Santos Family in Canada

Tito Tek and Tita Baby are my mom’s childhood friend. They often go home to the Philippines but it is the first time that my mom visited them in Canada so they are all excited to give my mom a tour of Toronto. Kuya Abel is the son of Tito Tek and Tita Baby and Joan is her wife whom I met the last time Howell and I went to Toronto and we became good friends after that.

It is a very nice feeling to be able to see my old friends again. We do communicate through Facebook but it is still different to be able to see them in person. Next week, I will be seeing my good friend, co-mommy and former colleague Ems and her family and my online friend Glo so I am really excited.


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