Travel Tip

Posted by abie on 2:59 PM in
If there is one important tip that I learned from my friends regarding travel is that I should always have a soft and hard copy of our travel documents with me so we have a reference just in case anything happens. Thanks to document scanning software, I was able to produce soft copy of our passports and visas and printed them for my hard copy which I kept in my hand bag for emergency purposes.

I also emailed the soft copy of these documents and I was actually able to use it already when I was at the mall and was doing an online check in of our flight from Hong Kong to JFK airport. I have to check in online at exactly 6 PM to get good seats so I did it at the mall while I was out so I don’t have my travel documents with me and those information are required to check in online. Thankfully, I have all of it in my Yahoo Mail so I was able to get the information that I need, checked-in online and get good seats for us for our long haul flight

So next time you travel, do what I did so you have a back up plan in case anything happens with your important travel documents.


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