Achieving the Kate Middleton Look with the Help of Real Hair Extensions

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My friend will be attending the Christmas party of their department and the theme for this year’s Christmas party is “Icons.”

She can’t think of a better character for this theme than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She was the most popular girl for 2011 because she made all girls believe that fairytales do come true when she got married to Prince Charles. I was one of the many individuals who tuned in to watch the royal wedding, as they want to see how one of the most important events in history will unfold.

My friend was able to complete the get up that she needs to better impersonate Kate as she found the perfect dress and the perfect hat to complete the look. The only problem is that my friend has short hair.

Thankfully, clip on hair extensions can come to her rescue. She can buy these extensions from the leading only beauty supply outlet, LeeBeauty so she will be able to get the last piece of accessory that she needs to complete her Kate Middleton look.

We are both excited to see how her overlook will turned out with the help of the real hair extensions from LeeBeauty.


Thinking Out Loud

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You know that it is time to go on a diet when people still think that you are pregnant even if you have given birth a year ago. LOL.

Well this is the situation where I am at now as I still hear questions like “When are you due?” from acquaintances every time they see me. So I will just smile back in response to their questions as I know that they do not intend to hurt my feeling because I don’t need to look in the mirror to figure out that I still look pregnant.

And now that Christmas season is almost hear and it is time to shop for my Christmas outfit, I can’t help but check those trendy maternity dresses from Babies N’ Bellies as I know that they are the perfect fit for me (with my still bulging tummy that makes me look I am 5 months or more pregnant. LOL). At least if I shop from them, I will not feel depress as I am sure that I will find a sophisticated and fashionable dress that will perfectly fit me.


Weekends are for Family

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It all started when we had dinner at our house after our visit at Eternal gardens last All Soul’s Day. Almost everybody was present and my brother just had a brilliant idea to revive the old time tradition of enjoying dinner together at my grand mother’s house. So he suggested that it is a date every Sunday at dinner time.

It has been 3 Sundays already and none of us failed to miss the Sunday dinner at our place. Every Sunday, one of us will sponsor the dinner and my aunt, our resident cook, will prepare lovely meals for our family.

It was a good idea of my brother to revive an old family tradition. My cousins and I enjoyed those times during our childhood and it is one of our cherished childhood memories and now with the new generations of kids in our family, it would be nice that they enjoyed the same kind of family bonding too.


How to quit smoking?

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Do you have any tips on How to quit smoking? My dad is a chain smoker as he can’t live a day without smoking. I think he smokes one pack of cigarette a day which I know is really bad for his health.

He is not complaining about anything related to his health. He actually has normal blood pressure unlike my mom so I know he does not need any help on How to lower cholesterol as I am confident that this one area of his health that I should not worry about.

But he has been smoking for as long as I can remember so I am really concern at the extent of the damage that this bad habit has caused to his lungs. But my dad can be really stubborn and he will not listen to me if I requested for him to go to a doctor to have his lungs checked. He is one big man but he is actually scared to consult a doctor as he admitted that he is aware too of the bad effects that his bad habit has brought to his body. So he believes that seeing a doctor is like finding out how close he is to his death.

And I know my dad. There is nothing that I can do to change his mind that is why I am just trying other options like asking him to take supplements like Acai Berry which is rich in antioxidant which can help flush the bad toxins in his body.

My dad is not getting any younger so I really hope and pray that he will come to his senses and he will learn to take care of his health.


Business Improvement

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It is the Christmas season once again and in our small cell phone business, this month officially starts the busy month as people start to shop for gifts for their loved ones or for themselves after they have received their Christmas bonus.

That is why my brother and I have decided that this is the perfect time that we finally setup one of those POS Systems for our shop. We have been in this business for quite some time now and my brother personally manage the store so he is hands-on in terms of the money coming in and out of the shop. But this is manual work, which is very prone to human mistake and so to better improve our shop’s profitability and accuracy, installing a POS System is really a wise move for us.

Thankfully there is POS Geeks to offer us the best POS System solution for our need. They have different products like the SoftTouch iPos, iTable and more so there is always a solution that will match our business requirement. What we love about POS Geeks is they offer a very affordable POS System with no reoccurring annual license fee, which is perfect for a small business such as ours.

This POS System will definitely be a great tool to help us with our business.


Property Talk

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Since the tenants of our 2 apartments is giving us so much stress and headache, hubby and I are thinking if we should just sell the property. I actually don’t want the location of that property. We just got it at a very affordable price that is why hubby decided to buy it. I did not even take a look at it when the seller was offering us the house. I told hubby that he take a look at it without me as I will surely say No if I see it.

And now we want to check for our credit report so we can get a new property instead after we sold the 2-door apartment. I told hubby that the stress that our two tenants is giving us is not worth it and I would rather get a new property to get rid of the two tenants that we currently have.

I actually wanted the two tenants to evacuate but unfortunately, Philippine law is more in favor of the tenants who does not know how to honor their obligations as the law dictates that we can’t force them to evacuate the property unless they fail to pay 3 months rent and after that, we should give them 3 months allowance, for them to find a new house where they can move to. So frustrating, that is why it would be wise and less stress for us if we will just sell the property.


PPV for Pacquiao Fight

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We have the Pay-Per-View for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight next Sunday to hubby’s delight. He learned of the PPV offer of Sky Cable so he inquired about it. The offer is actually a good deal:

• We have to subscribe to their HD package of P750 per month (this is on top of the current plan that we have) so we can get the PPV for Pacquiao’s fight for free. Plan P750 has no lock in period so we can terminate it anytime (even after the fight of Pacquio. LOL).
• We have to upgrade our Digi Box to HD box and we have to pay P1500 for box. The original price of the box is P3000 but they will deduct the price that we paid for the digi box before so we only have to pay P1500 for the digi box.

So we are ready on the 13th for Pacquiao’s fight. I think my in-laws will also be coming to watch the fight her. A perfect opportunity again to make use of my Shakey’s Super card as I will surely order pizza again to feed our visitors.

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