Thinking Out Loud

Posted by abie on 12:22 PM in ,
You know that it is time to go on a diet when people still think that you are pregnant even if you have given birth a year ago. LOL.

Well this is the situation where I am at now as I still hear questions like “When are you due?” from acquaintances every time they see me. So I will just smile back in response to their questions as I know that they do not intend to hurt my feeling because I don’t need to look in the mirror to figure out that I still look pregnant.

And now that Christmas season is almost hear and it is time to shop for my Christmas outfit, I can’t help but check those trendy maternity dresses from Babies N’ Bellies as I know that they are the perfect fit for me (with my still bulging tummy that makes me look I am 5 months or more pregnant. LOL). At least if I shop from them, I will not feel depress as I am sure that I will find a sophisticated and fashionable dress that will perfectly fit me.


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