Achieving the Kate Middleton Look with the Help of Real Hair Extensions

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My friend will be attending the Christmas party of their department and the theme for this year’s Christmas party is “Icons.”

She can’t think of a better character for this theme than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She was the most popular girl for 2011 because she made all girls believe that fairytales do come true when she got married to Prince Charles. I was one of the many individuals who tuned in to watch the royal wedding, as they want to see how one of the most important events in history will unfold.

My friend was able to complete the get up that she needs to better impersonate Kate as she found the perfect dress and the perfect hat to complete the look. The only problem is that my friend has short hair.

Thankfully, clip on hair extensions can come to her rescue. She can buy these extensions from the leading only beauty supply outlet, LeeBeauty so she will be able to get the last piece of accessory that she needs to complete her Kate Middleton look.

We are both excited to see how her overlook will turned out with the help of the real hair extensions from LeeBeauty.


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