Santos Clan Reunion

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This picture was taken during the funeral of our Tito Elpie:

bela 044

This is the entire Santos clan. Well actually, this is still not the entire clan as we have some relatives who were not able to make it for the funeral. My aunt has been talking with our other relatives during the funeral and they all agreed to have a reunion on the birthday of our late Tito Elpie on September. (So I really have to use the best weight loss pills so I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by September).

I am excited already for this reunion. My aunt volunteered that we will be in charge for the planning. I actually dreamt about it and I dreamed that we even have a photo booth where each family can have their pictures taken. Everybody enjoyed the photo booth as they were able to bring home a souvenir for the reunion so I will really try to work our budget so we can have a photo booth for our reunion.

I can’t remember the last time the Santos clan had a family reunion. We only see each other if somebody from our relatives will pass away so hopefully this reunion will push through so at least we can get to catch up with each other’s lives.


May Blessings

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Howell and I can’t be thankful enough for the shower of blessings that we have received this month. Indeed we are truly blessed and God really provides.

Howell received a number of bookings for his photography gig this month and he already has a booking for June. He also received two offers and was hired as a technical consultant and a computer security spokesperson so this is an additional income for him.

As for me, work has been overflowing. Thanks to my angels (the mythical five) who have been helping me get extra rackets and gigs. I hope that it will always be like this every month as it is really a big help for us financially especially that our family is growing.

God has really been so good to us. What they say is really true that with prayers, hard work and our DZI bracelets (hehehe), more blessings will continue to come our way.



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It has really been a busy month for me both at work and at home. There is an on going project in the office which keeps me very busy that is why I am so stressed out. Then there has been a number of changes at home that is also causing me so much stress. Add to that my anxiety since I am about to give birth any time soon. (I guess I would really need clearpores cleansing products so I will not have acne breakouts again because of all the stress that I am going through).

I have been asking hubby for the longest time now to fix our second room so that it will be ready when our baby boy arrives. But he has been really busy too and he always have rackets or meetings even during weekend that he hasn’t find the time yet to start with the room renovation project.

Oh well, I just really hope that things will get better by the time I give birth. Being the OC person that I am, I can’t help but really think that we are still not ready for the coming of our baby boy. We still have a lot to do but because my tummy is big already, there is really nothing much that I can really do so I just really have to rely on hubby and trust him that he will get the job done before baby boy arrives.


Good Mommy

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During my last check up a few weeks ago, I am already 142 pounds that is why I am dreading Saturday because it is the time for me to visit my OB again and I am scared to find out how many pounds I gained after only two weeks. (But honestly, no matter how many pounds I gained, I will definitely need weight loss supplements after I give birth to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight).

You see after my last visit to my doctor and after she told me that there is a big chance that I might deliver via CS again, I haven’t been really conscious with what I am eating. Just like yesterday and the other day, I had chocolate muffin and cinnamon swirl with Strawberry Frapuccino for breakfast which I know is really high is sugar. My thinking is, I will delivery via CS anyways so why should I go on a diet.

But I guess I have to watch what I eat also especially now that whatever I eat goes to my baby.


On Loosing Weight

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This is hubby a few years ago:

And this is hubby now, a few pounds heavier. LOL.

bela 122
I guess what they say is true that the more you get older, the more weight you will gain. But hubby really needs to loose weight as recommended by his doctor. That is why I am looking for elliptical machines so he can do exercise even at home to help him loose weight. He is actually enrolled at Slimmers but because of his busy schedule, he hasn’t even set his foot at Slimmers World even for just one session. LOL.

I am also considering letting him try South Beach diet which is highly recommended by my friend Jody because his husband is under this program and she said that it is really effective.

I don’t mean to torture hubby (LOL) and force him to loose weight but I just really wanted him to stay healthy.


My New Yaya

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I have a new nanny. She has been with us for a month now. I got her from an agency as I got desperate already since we have no nanny for almost three months now and since I am about to give birth soon, hubby suggested that we go try out getting yaya from an agency.

Of course I still have complains like she wakes up late in the morning that sometimes we skip breakfast because there is nothing to eat. But hubby said that I should extend my patience as we really can’t find the perfect yaya. I would always find something to complain about and so hubby said that I should have a change in mind set and be more patient with our house help, and who knows things might work out for us this way.

But our yaya left this morning and she will be gone for a week as she has to go to the province to attend the funeral of her uncle. She promised to be back on Friday so we will see if she will hold true to her promise. If not, then it is another round of nanny hunting again.


Mens Shorts - Different Makes and Models

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What Are The Different Types of Mens Shorts?

There are so many different kinds of mens shorts to choose from and a lot of different materials used in making them. They can be made from such materials as cotton, canvas, silk, nylon, denim or twill. It really depends on what the shorts are for, or what you will be doing in the shorts to help you determine what type you should be wearing for the occasion.

If you are going to be running or exercising, there are certain shorts made out of light materials (like nylon) that are great for these active activities. If you are heading to the beach, a set of board shorts would be a good choice over wearing cargo shorts or jean shorts (also known as denim shorts), which are made from heavier materials and would be better for walking around town and just hanging out. There are also hiking shorts available if you are wanting to take a day trip to that elusive waterfall you've been wanting to see that are suited more for this type of activity.

Important Things To Consider When Buying Mens Shorts

When you are deciding what kind of mens shorts to purchase, you need to look at a lot of different factors and ask yourself some questions. Not only do you need to consider the style and fit of the shorts, but you should also take a look at the washing directions. Do you really want to pay for them to be dry-cleaned all the time? It will be much better and easier if you can wash them with your other clothes yourself.

Also, you want to look at the functionality of the shorts. Are there pockets? How durable is the fabric and how well are the shorts made? Make sure to, physically, check seams, pockets, zippers, buttons, and belt loops. It can save you a lot of trouble!


Living With Erectile Dysfunction

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If you're one of the 30 million men in the United States battling erectile dysfunction, or ED, know that you're not alone. There are many options to help you. First, you must know that it's not the fault of you or your partner. The best thing that you can do for yourself is visit your doctor, no matter how awkward you may feel about doing so. Your doctor will recommend many things to help you live with this disorder and maintain a normal intimate life.

Your doctor will recommend a prescription and before you buy Cialis, for example, you should understand how these medicines work. When a man is aroused, the muscles in the penis relax, allowing blood to flow into the penis, causing an erection. An erection is reversed when a chemical known as phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE5, is released into the blood. Cialis helps a man sustain an erection by blocking PDE5.

If you're a smoker, your doctor will always recommend that you quit because it will improve your health. You should realize that smoking effects circulation and will impact your sex life as well. One of the best ways to quit is to plan ahead and prepare for the big day. Pick a date and stick to it. When that day arrives, throw out all your cigarettes and anything connected with them. Stay busy and enlist your doctor's help. Your doctor may suggest gum, lozenges, the patch, or even a prescription aid.

Exercising regularly benefits your overall health, but will also help with ED. Working out for 20 to 30 minutes five days a week is best, but three days will make a big difference. Schedule exercise into your routine and make it enjoyable; no one wants to spend several hours a week doing something that they hate. By following your doctor's advice, life with ED can be full and pleasurable.


Phone: OK

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My new phone is now operational. Thanks to my sister’s boy friend, Ronnie, for fixing it last night.

I haven’t really used my new phone ever since I got it last week since I haven’t moved my contacts and calendar yet. I tried it before and I ended up erasing my contacts and calendar so I am really afraid to do it myself this time as I have thousands of contacts already saved on my phone. I am really at lost when it comes to Apple gadgets.

So I really asked a favor from my sister’s boyfriend if he can do it for me. He was at our house yesterday and he was able to successfully move all my contacts and calendar. He will come again tonight as he is trying to install games too for free without jail breaking my phone. Hopefully he will be able to make it work so Bela can still use my phone to play her favorite games.

Thanks again Ronnie. I owe you one.


Insuring Your Liability

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There are various coverage types available in automotive insurance, each based on how much of your liability you want insured. The difference among the coverage types is chiefly based on the kind of events the insurance policy covers, and the amount of premiums or excesses the policy holder is required to pay to the insurance company.

Liability insurance
In many jurisdictions car owners are required to carry liability insurance. This ensures that in the event of an accident, the driver can compensate for the damage to property, or liability arising out of injury to people. The "proof of financial responsibility," which is mandatory in the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America, is more flexible liability insurance.

Besides covering automobile accidents involving the vehicle of the insured, liability insurance also covers events involving a rental car. There are full coverage policies also which extend to the rental car. These are considered "comprehensive" policies. Premiums on full coverage policies are based on a number of factors, such as the value of the car insured. Since insurance companies tend not to entertain claims that exceed the value of the policy holder's car, comprehensive policies do not cover rental cars as their value may exceed that of the insured's car. Insurance for rental cars is the responsibility of the rental car companies themselves.

Nowadays, some of these policies have become unnecessary because most credit card companies these days take care of the insurance of rental cars if the car is rented using their credit card.

Third Party Liability
Automotive insurance policies also cover liabilities incurred due to human injury or damage to property of others caused in a traffic accident, provided the insured driver is held responsible. How much of the liability will be covered by the insurance depends on the type of insurance and on the jurisdiction under which the traffic accident occurred.


What Makes an Affiliate Program Tick?

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A presence in cyberspace is de rigueur for any retailer today, even if he prefers to focus on a brick-and-mortar establishment. Affiliate programs have been good for merchants who want to make a mark online, but do not have the means to reach out entirely on their own.

Starting a program and enrolling affiliates is not the end of the story, though. A good affiliate program needs a lot of hard work to sustain the momentum that will make it a success. A good affiliate program will help you to use your affiliate's web presence to channel visitors to your own portal. A quick look at some of the hallmarks of successful affiliate programs will provide an insight into what makes them tick.

The first rule is to reach out to a relevant audience. Amazon did this very successfully by linking itself with websites that popularized books. This way, it could cover a huge audience ranging from students to auto enthusiasts to home remedy believers. Affiliates also prefer to pick merchants who are related to their site's content, as this translates into greater returns.

Be prepared to respond promptly to your affiliates and troubleshoot issues as they pop up. Consistency in this department reaps rich rewards later. Compensation scheme should be clear and easy to comprehend; you may get away with loopholes initially but affiliates wise up very quickly to such situations. Also, pay on time.

Of course, it goes without saying that a merchant should have a sound value proposition in place for the final customer as well; or else an affiliate's efforts will simply go down the drain. Site Built It! is just one example of excellent propositions for both affiliates and customers that built lasting loyalty.

Affiliate programs are a good idea for almost any field. A little persistence and patience should see you reaping huge benefits from a program of your own.


Common Poker Mistakes: Thinking Suited Cards are Awesome

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New players don't always have a really good sense of the value of their hole cards, which results in playing hands too frequently and pushing those hands down to the river when they should have been dropped. These costly mistakes are the result of many misconceptions, but one of the most common is assuming that suited cards are much better than non-suited cards. While suited cards are statistically better, the difference isn't that immense, so it's important to play these cards reasonably.

The primary area in which this is problematic is low suited cards. This will frequently be a pair up like the four of diamonds and eight of diamonds, where the cards themselves are of little or no value, but the chance at the flush is so enticing that some players jump in anyway. There are many reasons to avoid this.

The primary reason is that the simple math says that your flush only has about an 11 percent chance to be a flush by the final card. This is low in and of itself, but the reality is that it also puts you in a dangerous situation. If you were to flop two additional diamonds (in the scenario mentioned above), you may hold out for that final diamond, even through large betting that makes your pot odds terrible.

In addition, when working with low suited cards, there is still the possibility that an opponent also has suited cards in the same suit, but with a higher set of cards than yours. Thus, if the flush does come, you may well get beaten by a better flush.

Whether you're playing with friends at Caesars Online or in the Bellagio, remember to prioritize the value of the cards themselves over whether or not they are connected or suited. While these are valuable additions, they do not overwrite the need for solid cards in your hand.


I Have a New Toy

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Because Howell lost his cell phone, I am getting a new toy….Howell lost his Iphone last week. I was mad at first when I learned about it because it is my gift for him. But I soon realized that I know he doesn’t want that to happen.

The only spare phone that we have at home is an old, old Nokia 1100 that we bought for our former nanny. Even the housing looks hideous (LOL) but Howell said that he is ok with that phone and he doesn’t have to buy a new phone.

But my mom and my siblings are all saying that he deserves a much better phone. Imagine the boss using an old, outdated phone. LOL. I was supposed to get the Iphone that we have in the store but then we found out about Globe’s 0% offer for all their cell phones. We went to Globe last Friday to apply for a new line for Howell as we already cut his subscription with Smart as we are not happy with their service and their offer for Plan 800 or Plan 1200 is so irresistible. So we ended up signing for a two-year contract for Plan 1200 to get the Iphone 3GS 32 GB payable at 0% interest in 1 year. And guess what, hubby said that he will just use my current Iphone and I can have the 3GS and we will share for the monthly payments for the new Iphone. Amazing (I so love hubby). LOL.

I haven’t opened the phone yet as I will ask hubby or my sister to fix it for me. I am an idiot when it comes to Iphone so I have to ask other people to do it for me. I am excited already. Hubby promised to fix it for me later when he arrives from his team building exercise.


Real Estate: Good Investment

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One of Howell’s goals is to invest in as much real estate property as we can so we would still have a source of income when we finally get to retire (which Howell is planning to do anytime soon. LOL).

Real estate is a good investment the value of the house and the land doesn’t depreciate and there is even a chance that its value would increase. Just like the Tamarindo Real Estate which is located in Costa Rica. It is becoming a very popular place that is why hundreds of condos and home developers are building properties here. The location is what contributed to its popularity since it is located along the beach.

It is a perfect choice for investment since its value will definitely increase in time. And that is one of the qualities that my husband is eyeing every time he wants to buy a property – that it has a potential for growth and value increase.


Build Wealth With Silver Commodities

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If you struggle to stay on top of your finances, you aren't alone. Many people find it very difficult to budget and therefore end up deep in debt. Turning bad spending habits around takes a great deal of effort and doesn't happen over night. There are steps that you can take to aid in the process and hopefully turn your bad financial situation into a positive one. One such step is to begin redirecting the money you used to spend on needless items towards the purchase of silver commodities.

Silver is one of the most popular precious metals and, in the past, has shown a good return on initial investments. You can purchase silver in a variety of forms such as coins, bullion, or bars. Each type carries a different price so the type that you purchase should be determined by your budget. If you don't have much money to begin investing, you might want to start with bullion and advance to the silver bars in the future.

Investing in silver can be a great way to turn around your finances for several reasons. First, you will still be fulfilling your urge to spend money but it will now be used for building your nest egg rather than towards items you don't need. Second, purchasing silver will provide a tangible item to make you feel wealthier just by seeing the pile grow. Last, when you want to resell your silver, you will hopefully have a good return on your initial investment.

Very few people have their finances perfectly in order. If your finances could use a boost, you can begin purchasing silver as a first step. Don't worry if you only have a little money to invest. Just purchase silver here and there as you have the money and eventually, your wealth will begin to increase.


Compare Mortgage Rates to Save Money

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If you're considering purchasing or refinancing a home, be sure to take some time to compare mortgage rates. Recent changes in the housing market have caused rates to drop, making this an excellent time to buy. If you currently have a mortgage, you might also research these rates--refinancing might save you quite a bit of money over time.

As you compare rates, be sure to ask the right questions. You'll need to know what type of mortgage you're getting, whether the rate is fixed or adjustable, and other important details. A reputable mortgage broker or lender will be willing to take their time, work with you, and answer any questions that you may have.

Don't give in to pressure to sign right away; be sure to take your time and evaluate a variety of lenders. Choosing the right mortgage lender may take a little while, but you'll be glad that you invested the time. After all, buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you'll ever make.

Educate yourself before you meet with potential lenders. Research current mortgage industry trends, current interest rates, and property values in your area. Doing this homework will help you to be well prepared to negotiate. When you know what the current trends in the housing market are, you'll be able to pick up on anything that stands out as fishy.

Choosing the mortgage that's right for you is an incredibly important task. You want to walk out of the negotiations feeling good about your choices, with a mortgage that you can afford. When you compare mortgage rates ahead of time, you'll know that you're saving money, getting the best possible rate, and making a deal that you can live with for a lifetime. And after all, isn't that what buying a home is all about?


Just Me & Bela

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It is just me and Bela for tonight. Howell is out for two days and one night to attend a team building sessions together with his other colleagues for one of the organizations that he is a member of. He left early, around 5:30 AM, because their call time is at 6 AM so Bela was still sleeping when he left.

Bela and I woke up early too but it was just a quiet morning. I was greeted with good news when I opened my email and so I started working immediately. Bela has a drum lessons at 1:30 PM so we left the house around 1 PM with my mom, my dad and yaya. After her drum lessons, we proceeded to St. Luke’s for Bela’s check up. Bela fell asleep on our way home, so instead of eating merienda at SM, we just went straight home.

When it was sleeping time already, Bela was looking for her dad and she was saying “Why is daddy always leaving? He will go far, far away again for a long time.” But I told her that daddy will be home the next day and will play with her. Bela and I played some more before going to sleep and it was already 11 PM when she finally went to sleep. I still have a lot of work to finish but I was already feeling sleepy too so I shut down my laptop and went to bed with my princess.


Seniors Benefit Dramatically from Aquatic Exercise

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Above ground pools are a great option for seniors who need exercise. Exercise will keep you strong and healthy but you still need to keep your work out program gentle enough to prevent injury. Swimming and water aerobics are the perfect solution. When you have a pool in the privacy of your own property, you don't need to compete with anyone else for pool space.

Exercise has many benefits and aquatic exercise hits all the targets. You can gently increase your heart rate and get a great aerobic workout by swimming laps or even just moving in the water. The resistance of the water adds strength training without the strain or risk of injury that lifting weights in a gym presents. The risk and the negative side effects of osteoporosis can be greatly reduced with moderate strength training and there are many exercises that can be done in the water to leverage the advantage of resistance work without hurting one's self. Blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease can both be prevented and improved upon with regular exercise and swimming is the perfect way to get the benefit you need. Meditation also has vast health benefits and pool exercises are especially soothing and meditative in nature. You can accomplish so much by just spending a little time regularly in your pool. It's really a multi-task and pleasurable experience.

When you have your own pool, you don't have to worry that other people will crowd your space. Children who want to play and be rowdy at the pool won't be bothering or splashing your face when you have your own private swimming retreat. Self consciousness isn't an issue either when no one is peeping at you. If you don't have a pool already installed, getting an above ground pool is easy and will save you money as well. You will be fitter and happier than ever.


Experiencing the Fun of Playing Online Games

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Playing online games is a very popular way that many people around the world choose to spend their free time. And the games just keep getting better and better with the use of high-end technology in developing them. The newer online games also have phenomenal graphics in them. They are pretty simple to install and easy to use on your computer.

There are so many games available to match any age, any taste and any mood. One of the great benefits of online gaming is that there is such a wide variety of different types and different genres out there to choose from -- the opportunities are endless! Many of the online game websites let you try out a game before you choose to buy it. So, if you don't really like the game you are playing, then it's easy to quit and choose another one to try instead. Therefore, you are not trapped playing a game you don't like just because you paid a lot of money for it!

Different Types of Online Games Available

If you like the challenge of identifying priorities and reorganizing tasks, then check out some of the online time management games available. You can test your skills at fashion, farming, cake making, hotel management and many others that are great for both children and adults alike!

There are also online puzzle and hidden object games that have you solving mysteries, finding treasure or figuring out how something goes together. These games can help in developing your logic and reasoning skills. And if you like card games like Solitaire, Uno, Skip-Bo, or Poker, there are many of those to play online as well.

Go try out some online games today and see what you've been missing out on! There are new games being created all the time and you can always find something fun to play!


Dell Coupon Codes: Discounts Without the Worry

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You need a new computer. This is a truth you can no longer deny. Your present machine is a crippled thing, aged and breaking. Its programs whirl slow; its memory is failing. It's a familiar frustration now and little more. You have to replace it. But finding the time or the money is no simple thing because quality is never cheap and bargains seem to require endless searching. But they don't have to: with Dell coupon codes, you can seek out immediate discounts. No longer waste your day with dull comparisons. Instead, let yourself enjoy the quick thrill of saving and the novelty of shopping.

Few relish the notion of a budget. They wail against it, wanting only the best and not just the affordable. They believe these two are mutually exclusive, unable to meet or satisfy. But they can, and Dell codes prove it. With these, you can look for the top selections without wincing with their costs. Compare monitors, printers, laptops, digital cameras and more. Everything you need to create the perfect home office is now available, without the worry of high prices.

These coupons are not fleeting things. They are instead updated daily (often hourly), offering you discounts throughout the year. This grants you the freedom to save when it truly matters most. Choose the right time to find the right product. It's your decision.

Dell coupon codes allow you to experience an unparalleled efficiency: discover unexpected reductions without the expected hassle. You search; you find; you select. It is an easy process that will work with your budget and your sanity. You need a new computer, but you also need to save. Now you can do both. Practicality is simple once again.


Good Joke

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“You’re so pregnant, but you’re so beautiful.”

Guess who said this to me. Not my husband or even my close friends and relatives, but a complete stranger. Who would have thought that I will receive this complement now that I am pregnant and I would even need an acne treatment? LOL.

I was waiting for my dad at the drop off area of my office building one afternoon. I noticed a foreigner looking and smiling at me. I just dismissed it and just turned my back on him but then he approached me and shook my hands while he said his piece. I was speechless and I don’t know what to say or how to react because I haven’t really received this kind of complement (except from hubby of course) in a long while now. And since it is coming from a stranger, it made me really more surprised.

Oh well, maybe he is just joking and he just wants to make me smile that day and he was really successful because hubby and I have been laughing about it all night. It was really a good joke. LOL.


Impromptu Family Outing @ Amana WaterPark Resort

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Last Sunday, we had an impromptu family outing at Amana WaterPark Resort. Howell wants to go to our house in Bulacan to do some cleaning and he decided to invite my other cousins so we can have a mini family outing again as his treat for Mother’s Day. I was really not up to his plan but everybody that he invited said yes.

It was already 10 AM when we finally decided to go. My aunt went to the market right away to buy some food for our mini outing. We left Manila almost 11:30 AM already and we reached our house in Bulacan around 12:30 PM. We stayed at our house first to cook food and have lunch.

While they are busy preparing our lunch, Howell, my uncle and I checked out two resorts near our house to make reservations since we are late already. We chose Amana since we will be allowed to stay until 12 AM if we checked in at 3 PM unlike Villa Concepcion where we will only be allowed to stay until 5 PM which I think is too short a time for the kids to enjoy the pool.

bela 016bela 058bela 151bela 183bela 126
After lunch, we rested for a bit and then head straight to Amana. Since it is a long weekend and it is Mother’s Day, the place was really crowded. But this did not stop the kids as they quickly change to their swimming attire and dive to the pool right away. We left the resort around 8 PM so the kids really had a lot of time to enjoy the water and to cool off for a bit.

The kids especially Bela really had fun and it really one good way to spend our weekend.

You can view more pictures here.


Bohol This Time?

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As I posted in my previous post, we went to Amana Water Park, a resort near our house in Bulacan, last Sunday. We checked in at around 3 PM but the sun hasn’t set yet and we find it still too hot so the adults decided to just stay in our cottage while the kids jumped to the kiddie pool right away.

While we are waiting for the sun to set, we were able to have some talks about our plans for our next family adventure. Last time we went on a family adventure was last 2007 where all of us (total of 21 persons) had a three-day vacation in Hong Kong.

Now we are planning to go to Bohol by December or January (this is just six months after I give birth so I will need the top diet pill so I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight right away before our family outing).

Bohol is really a family place and it is really one of my favorite out of town destinations so I can’t wait to bring my whole family there. It will be a first time for most of my relatives there so it will really be fun and I am excited to take them around places that I love in Bohol.

Hope this plan will really push through so I really have to keep an eye for Cebu Pacific promo as I will be booking for a minimum of 20 pax for this trip.


Quick Trip @ Amana Waterpark

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As soon as we woke up last Sunday, Howell was already convincing us if we can go to our house in Bulacan to do some cleaning and then go swimming after. I was too lazy at first, but everybody was up for Howell’s plan, and so even without any preparations, we quickly packed our bags and drive north.

We left the house around 11:30 AM already. We dropped by our house first where we cooked and had lunch. While my aunts and my cousins are busy cooking, Howell, my uncle and I checked out Villa Concepcion and Amana so we can make a reservations since it is already late.

We decided to go to Amana Waterpark. The place is a bit crowded since it is a long weekend (I just hope that the pool is clean and we won’t be getting any skin disease like eczema even if it is crowded).

It was so hot and humid but of course the kids really had fun especially Bela. I will make a separate post about our quick trip at Amana and I will post some pictures here also. Howell went around to take pictures of the place and I will post it here so you can have a preview of Amana Water Park, one of the famous resorts in Pandi, Bulacan (our hometown.)


Makeup Guru

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One of the things that I was not able to get from my mom was her passion and love for make up. My mom can’t even go out of the house without her make up on. But you know, it is actually my frustration.

If only I can bring back time, back in those days when I was still single and I have all the time in the world, I would have enrolled at Regency Beauty Institute, a Cosmetology school in South Carolina.

The advantage of enrolling at Regency Beauty Institute is that you will be guaranteed to get the best training as they have very experienced educators. Students can also get hands on experience as their campuses are all modern and salon-like so their students can get nothing but the best training. Another advantage of enrolling at Regency Beauty Institute is that they have a program whereby they help their students after the course to get a job in the beauty, fashion and health industry as they have connections to salon and spa owners.

Imagining me as a makeup guru really puts a smile on my face. If only I can really turn back time.


My Thoughts for the May 10 Elections

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It is just 6 days before election and do you really think that COMELEC is ready? My sister is a watcher for one of the candidates and they conducted a testing of the PCOS machines yesterday and guess what, almost all the PCOS machines delivered to that school is not reading the votes right when they compared it to the manual count. Do you think they still have time to fix it before the elections on May 10?

I doubt it. To think that it is really not the real deal automation as what they eliminated with this system is just the manual counting of votes. I don’t think there is some real hard core programming involved here as from what I understand, PCOS machines are just used to read and tally the votes and it is not even working.

Will they declare a failure of election? So what will happen now? Honestly I am scared of what the outcome of the elections will be and I am really starting to loose hope for our country.


Imagining About Caribbean Hotels: We Can’t Wait to Hit The Beach

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I so miss the beach. Since I am pregnant, we have been refraining from traveling long distance because of my condition. But my family loves the sun and the sand so much that my daughter has been bugging us to take her to the beach this summer. If only I am not pregnant, I would have said yes to my dear princess right away. And besides I tried calling all the resorts and they are all fully booked already for all weekends until June. So I promised her that once I give birth, we will definitely take her to the beach and who know, if budget permits, we might try out the Ocho Rios hotels. Imagining the calming sound of the waves of the ocean while enjoying spa service or simply watching my family having fun as they enjoy the beach and the different water activities is just priceless. Imagining this makes me excited already that I started checking out different caribbean hotels. I particularly love Breezes Resorts, one of the all inclusive hotels in the Caribbean. What I love about the all-inclusive package is that I don’t have to worry about anything as soon a we reached the resort as everything is included in the package - meals (from breakfast buffets to dinner), entertainment., land and water sports, even hotel taxes and airport transfer. This means that once we reached the resort, all we have to do is just have fun, relax and enjoy. I can’t wait to feel the sand on my feet again, lounge in the beach chair and enjoy the heat of the sun and enjoy a bonding moment with my precious family.


Lucky number 4

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Lucky number 4. Yup, four is our lucky number as I checked our housing loan and we have four months left and we are finish paying for our house and lot in Bulacan.

This means that we can have another investment. We initially want to invest on another real estate property but we thought that this time we can try gold investment and buy gold coins instead.

Gold is a very stable and good investment. Gold doesn’t depreciate in time and since it is widely accepted, we can easily convert it to cash. It is so easy to store also as it only occupies a small space so we can store it in a safe at home or in an independent bank.

We checked out the site of United States Gold Bureau and they have experienced staff who can help us with our gold investments. I am sure we will never go wrong if we choose gold as another form of our investment.


Our DZI Bracelets

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Hubby and I were finally able to go to Binondo yesterday to buy our dzi bracelets. Ever since Jacqui introduced us to the world of feng shui, all of our friend got really hooked as it seems to be really bringing luck for them. LOL.

So yesterday morning we left Bela with our yaya and troop to Binondo. We left late than what we initially planned as I still have to do some errands so we just went straight to our favorite store there and we’re not able to buy any pasalubongs from Eng Bee Tin. I don’t have my Iphone with me now where the picture of our bracelet is saved but I will post it here soon.

Hope with prayers and with our lucky charms, 2010 will really be a good year for our family.


4:30 AM

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We were out the whole day yesterday and when I reached home, we have no Internet connection. I have tons and tone of work to finish online but I guess luck is not on my side so I just tuck myself to bed and went to sleep. I set my alarm at 4:30 AM so I can wake up early and finish work. I still can’t access the Internet from my laptop so I called SMART and they reported that we have good connection in our area. I have to wake up hubby too (bad me) to fix check our connection and thank goodness he was able to make it work.

Now I am typing away and rushing to finish work before its deadline at 8 AM. I hate rushing….Next time I know better and I should finish work first before prioritizing other things.

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