Good Mommy

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During my last check up a few weeks ago, I am already 142 pounds that is why I am dreading Saturday because it is the time for me to visit my OB again and I am scared to find out how many pounds I gained after only two weeks. (But honestly, no matter how many pounds I gained, I will definitely need weight loss supplements after I give birth to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight).

You see after my last visit to my doctor and after she told me that there is a big chance that I might deliver via CS again, I haven’t been really conscious with what I am eating. Just like yesterday and the other day, I had chocolate muffin and cinnamon swirl with Strawberry Frapuccino for breakfast which I know is really high is sugar. My thinking is, I will delivery via CS anyways so why should I go on a diet.

But I guess I have to watch what I eat also especially now that whatever I eat goes to my baby.


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