The Spirit of Thanksgiving

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Christmas is very fast approaching and as you can see along streets, buildings and houses, there are so many Christmas decors and Christmas songs are playing everywhere you go and these things excite most of the people a lot.

By now, you are probably looking for gifts for your relatives or perhaps you're trying to figure out great christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife. It's been a tradition to almost everyone that we give gifts to other people in the spirit of thanksgiving but it doesn’t mean that we can only give material things because after all, love and respect are still the most important.

As for myself, I'm already starting to shop for Christmas for my family and friends. It will be easier to shop now because there are few people who are shopping as well compared to month of December, plus, prices will indeed go up as soon as December strikes.

I'm really excited for this season. This is my favorite holiday as our clan is very complete and we can definitely enjoy our bonding together.


Best Credit Card Deals to the Rescue

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Are you ready to do your Christmas shopping? If you are like me who have a very long Christmas shopping list, then you must prepare as early as now and start looking for the best credit card deals that you can apply.

We all know that December is the busiest time of the year as people start to cram to complete their shopping list. So it would be better to shop way in advance to avoid the crowds who are in a mad rush for their Christmas shopping. The only problem is, you don’t have a budget until the Christmas bonus has been released which happens on the 1st week of November, the earliest.

So the solution would then be to start with your credit card application so you will be armed with a good credit card like citibank credit cards so you have the means to shop even if your bonus hasn’t been released yet.

If you know how to manage your credit card right, then you don’t have to worry if you will use it for all your purchases as long as you will be able to pay for everything in full upon receipt of your much awaited Christmas bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Start your application for a credit card so you can begin shopping and so by December, you can just relax instead of joining the crowds who are stressing over their Christmas shopping.


Meeting the Kids from Ulingan

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I fell in love…..

We had a very fulfilling Sunday as we spent it with the kids from Ulingan. The daughter of my good friend Peachy celebrated her 3rd birthday, and instead of celebrating it with a grand party, my friend decided to invite the kids from Ulingan village for a party at Jollibee.

Ulingan (Charcoal City) is a community in Tondo, Manila where young kids gather charcoal as their livelihood to provide for their families. Most of the kids don’t go to school even if there is a nearby school in Ulingan since they believe that poverty and education don’t fit together. That is why a non-profit organization called Project PEARLS is helping this community.

Their mission is to help unprivileged Filipino children to have a better life by giving them PEARLS:

One of their priority projects is their feeding program to feed the hungry and malnourished children of Ulingan. Imagine these kids still working even with empty stomachs, so they can gather charcoal that they can sell to help their families earn a living. Project PEARLS also give scholarships so underprivileged kids can have an opportunity to have better education. They also have monthly medical and dental missions to look after the health of the families living in Ulingan.

I am so glad that I was able to meet the kids and some of the parents from Ulingan. I scoured over my discount coupons and vouchers so I can shop for a lot of grocery items that we will donate to the kids in lieu of the gifts to the birthday celebrant.

I like to say congratulations to my friend, Peachy. You truly made the kids happy that day and I am thankful to be a part of it. Now I can’t wait for the celebration of my daughter’s 6th birthday with the kids of Hospicio de San Jose orphanage as I am sure it will have the same effect on me.

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That is how I am every time I go out. I don’t want to bring cash with me as I feel safer if I only have my credit cards in my bag.

And so I realized, since I am so dependent on credit cards and I use it for all my purchases, then I would get great benefit if I will get visa reward cards.

This is how Good Sam’s Credit Card Rewards work:
• I can get 5 points for every $1 of purchase on Good Sam products and services
• I can get 1 point for every $1 spent wherever Visa is accepted
• I can get free camping, Good Sam membership, free fuel and even cash back rewards

At least every time I use my card, I can get something like a freebie or rewards. How cool is that?

Too bad I only realized this now. If not, I have accumulated enough points already to redeem something big. But at least I can use this for my upcoming Christmas shopping which I am sure will max out my credit limit but at least I will get reward points in return.


Candy / Dessert Station for your Party Needs

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Dessert Table, anyone?

This is the candy/dessert station that my SIL together with his brother, DIY for the birthday of her daughter last Sunday. So cute and so shabby looking. It just looks like those candy and dessert stations that I usually see online.

And since we realized that this could be a good business, my cousin, my siblings and I decided that we would start offering this service.

So for your party needs, contact us at:

Email: clod0327@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0917-5842934

So we can discuss the rates.


My Dream: To Travel Around the World

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Aside from bags, traveling with my family is one of the things that I am addicted to. That is why my friends and families are teasing me that I can get Travel Counselor Jobs as I know where to get the good deals and the right information for a perfect vacation.

I have a dream of going around the globe and to conquer at least one city per continent. So far my husband and I have been to Asia, Europe and North America.

After watching the movie Rio, Brazil is now our top candidate for South America. My dad said that it is very affordable there and the value of their money is almost the same as here in the Philippines. The only problem is the steep airfare.

Santorini in Greece is also in my list. If we have a chance to go back to Europe, this will be my next take. I think I can spend 3 weeks here. Hehe.

But things are a bit tight for us financially as this is the first year for the monthly amortization of the property that we bought and so we are still adjusting. And after our US trip last May, I don’t think we still have a budget left for another major trip.

But I hope that in time we can travel around the world again especially now that we have our 2 kids to enjoy our vacations with.

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