Worth the Risk

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I was never a business minded person like my brother. He has several of businesses and I can say that all are very successful. Honestly, I envy him because I’ve been dreaming of having my own business as a great investment because I know that I cannot forever work in the office since I also get old.

Unfortunately, no matter how eager I am to put up my own business, I just can’t because I don’t exactly know how to handle everything. Of course I don’t want to risk my money into something that I am not sure about.

So instead of doing thing, I would rather switch with other plans to have an additional investment for our family that I know is all worth it. Hubby and I are planning to buy gold eagle coins, as this will surely be of greater value, as it doesn’t depreciate in time just like the other expensive and luxurious things that we buy.

Because of this, hubby and I always make sure that we will allot enough money so we can start buying these coins.



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I did it, I did it. O yeah, o yeah, o yeah. I am just rejoicing because I was able to finish my To-do list before we leave for Bicol tomorrow. I was already panicking and I feel so stressed out just a few hours ago because it is almost time for us to leave and I still have some items that haven’t been checked on my to-do list. I will be bringing my laptop and my Smartbro USB with me but I am not sure if I can get a good signal there so I am really not sure if I can go online tomorrow until Saturday. So I really wanted to make sure that everything that I have to submit has been submitted so even if I don’t get a chance to go online during the weekend, everything has been covered.

Maybe it is better if I wish that I will not get a good connection when I am there so I can use that two days to take rest and slow down a bit.

It is 1:15 AM already and I will be waking up in two hours so I better grab a little sleep before our flight. Have a good weekend everyone.


Get a Designer Look Without Designer Cost

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Most college students can barely afford food, let alone designer clothes. Most college students build their identity with college, and personal fashion is a large part of that identity. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing if you know where to look and take the time to search. Additionally, a few designer clothes can go a long way if you properly pair them with the right pieces. Of course, the most important rule to abide by has to do with you, not with what you wear.

Consignment shops and second-hand clothing stores offer some of the best deals and hidden fashion treasures. It takes time to search through the massive amount of clothes at each store, but once you find something, it is usually a unique piece. You will not typically wear the same clothes that you see anyone else wearing. Unique pieces are a great advantage of thrift store shopping. The items you find could also reflect the area’s style and history as most donations to thrift stores come from your immediate area.

If you’re lucky, you can find designer clothes in thrift stores. If not, you can get a few high-dollar items and pair them with the thrift store finds. Wear a pair of designer jeans with an endless combination of vintage t-shirts or sweaters. With a more expensive pair of boots, you can have a solid foundation to match torn up jeans or a pair of common dress pants. By having a few solid pieces, you can experiment with older or no-name brands and develop a truly unique style.

The most important thing to remember with fashion is how you wear it. You can buy thousands of dollars worth of clothes, but if you don’t inject your personality into what you wear, you’ll just look like a mannequin. Wear the clothes; don’t let them wear you.


Exploring Cruise Offers To Exotic Getaways

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Finding the best deals on cruise offers online can be tricky business, but the right site can steer you in the proper direction. Many cruises will discount rooms closer to the cruise dates or give deals early in the season. Knowing when to book the cruise can save you money.

Catch the early bird specials. If you're lucky enough to know a year or more ahead what your vacation schedule looks like, don't be afraid to book well in advance. Many cruise offers are really early bird discounts and the closer to a cruise date it gets, the higher the cost is.

On the flip side, waiting for a last minute deal also has its appeal. If you don't mind sleeping in a less than ideal cabin or are willing to wait for cancellations and can depart on a whim, catching a last-minute deal on a cruise line as they are trying to fill up their empty cabins can also be a bargain.

Look for group discounts. If you are traveling with a large group or are planning on taking children or grandchildren on a family vacation, check with the cruise line for their group rates. Sometimes, if you can pull together a group from your friends, acquaintances and co-workers, all of you can enjoy the company as well as a reduced rate.

Websites that offer special pricing act much like travel agents and can find you some great deals as well. Look into booking a cruise with a well-known site and begin to plan your next vacation on one of these floating resorts. Don’t forget to check if a cruise line is all-inclusive or if dining is free. Additional port charges and taxes vary with each cruise line so be sure to factor in all the expenses before booking.


Buy Levitra and Be Happy Again

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Every day presents new challenges and opportunities, and adapting to life’s changes dictates the type of impact one leaves on the world. The successful man rebuilds and reinvents himself every day. Whether it’s as a father, at his job, or with his craft or trade, adaptation makes a man stronger and more successful. You should not treat your sexual performance any differently. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you can either feel bad for yourself, or adapt and buy Levitra.

Simply put, Levitra treats erectile dysfunction. There’s no need to talk around it or make a gimmick of it. You don’t need to see TV commercials with former football coaches to know what it does and why you need it. Levitra helps you gain an erection and maintain it when you’re aroused. Deciding to buy Levitra is acknowledging a challenge and adapting to it. It shows your commitment to your happiness and your partner’s happiness.

The daily stresses placed on people affect them in different ways. Odds are, if you suffer from any erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. You may have high cholesterol or you may be overworked and have a problem letting your mind relax. Whatever the cause of your erectile dysfunction, you have an opportunity to gain control and confidence again.

Understandably, it could uncomfortable to talk to others about erectile dysfunction or admit that you may need Levitra, but you’re creating unnecessary anxiety. The men who buy Levitra aren’t ashamed; they’re refusing to let an obstacle stand in the way of their happiness. It’d be a shame if you didn’t buy Levitra only because you’re embarrassed. It’s time to live life on your terms. The opportunity is here, so take advantage. Men can feel pity and make excuses, or they can adapt and thrive.


Still Busy...

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We will be leaving tomorrow for Bicol for the “30 days” of my mother in law. This is the first time that I will be leaving Cobi and as early as now, I am feeling sad already. It will just be a short trip though as we will fly back to Manila Saturday afternoon. I am really thankful that hubby agreed that we leave on Saturday even though the rest of his family is leaving on Sunday. I really requested from hubby that we will just stay overnight if Cobi is not coming as I don’t want to be away from Cobi that long and I have to breastfeed him also.

But on the other hand, it will be a great break for me because at least I can sleep early even for just one night. Ever since Cobi arrived, I have sleepless nights already since he feeds almost every hour. And sometimes, I sleep sitting down while I carry him on my lap as he wakes up almost instantly if I put him down so I just let him stay on my lap so he can at least sleep for more than an hour before he wakes up to feed again. At least even for one night I will be able to sleep lying down again. LOL.

But before we leave tomorrow, I still have a lot of pending work to finish so I better go back to working now.


Good Decision

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Now that our family is growing, Howell and I really have to be serious with our finances and we really have to make wise decisions on our investments so we can be assured that the future of our kids will be secured.

That is why on my spare time while I am still on maternity leave, I have been doing a lot of reading and research about investments which led me to the page of United States Gold Bureau. I learned a lot from their site which really convinced me that gold is a very good investment.

I showed hubby my notes and we are now contacting the experienced hard assets professionals of United States Gold Bureau so we can buy gold bullion. Gold is a very good investment because it doesn’t depreciate in time and can be easily converted to cash.

I am sure that one way to secure our kids future is by doing wise investments like this so we know that we are making a good decision.


Cobi, Bela and Me

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This picture was just taken yesterday after Bela’s swimming class at Colegio de San Agustin and you can see how fat I am. LOL. I haven’t loose any weight and the worst part is I even gained weight. Now how pathetic is that? But I am really hoping that the lack of sleep and my breastfeeding will help me loose weight soon.

But I am really happy because Cobi is doing really ok. Thanks to prenate dha prenatal vitamins that I took while I was pregnant because Cobi is growing up to be a very healthy baby. He actually gained 3.4 pounds already only after a month and I am sure he will be as smart as his sister because the prenatal vitamins that I took when I was pregnant has ingredients that will really help in Cobi’s fetal brain and retinal development.

I am really thankful that Cobi is growing up to be a healthy baby boy and I continue to pray that he and his sister will stay fit and healthy.


My Saturday

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Saturday is always a busy day for me:

• We have to start our day early to make it on time to Bela’s ballet class at 9:15 AM
• After lunch, we have to prepare again for Bela’s swimming class at Colegio de San Agustin.
• Then I have to do errands like do our groceries and buy for Cobi and Bela’s stuff as it is the only day that Howell is free to drive us.
• After a long day, I still have to go online to work and I am really thankful for today as I was greeted with tons of work to do when I opened my email which means additional $$ on my account. LOL.
• Since yesterday, I started to store the breast milk that I was able to express as I need to leave a supply for Cobi while I will be gone for two days to accompany Howell in Bicol on July 30 – 31 to offer mass and prayer as it will be a month already when my mother-in-law passed away. So while Cobi is sleeping, I have to express milk so I have something to keep for storage.
• I am also busy planning for Cobi’s Christening, Bela’s 5th birthday party and Cobi’s 1st birthday party.

All this I am doing when I only have less than four hours of sleep every night.


On Lawsuits

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I have been blogging for almost five years now and my life has been kind of open as I post stories here on updates about our life for our friends and relatives to read. But if there is one information that I would keep private, then it will be my credit information. I don’t like other people, even my friends and my relatives, to gain access to my credit information as I believe that it is something personal.

But this kind of information has not been respected by TransUnion, a credit reporting company, when they illegally sold credit information to marketing companies in the United States. This happened between 1987 and 2000 so anyone who filed for a credit loan during the said period should really suspect that they are one of the victims of the wrong doings of TransUnion.

What TransUnion did was very unethical and is illegal so their victims really has the right to file TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit so they can claim monetary damages from TransUnion. This is a complex process which requires the help of experience professionals like O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath who has the expertise in dealing with this kinds of lawsuits.

So if you are one of the victims of TransUnion, contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm now so they can start helping you on how to get your TransUnion claims.


Printer Talk

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Looking for a supplier where we can buy laser printer cartridge has always been our problem. Aside from the fact that it is difficult to look for a supplier that carries printer cartridges for all brands of printers, it is also very expensive that a big part of the budget goes to the purchase of toner supplies.

But this problem has been solved when we discovered the online store, Printer-Cartridges. They sell all kinds of printer cartridge for every printer brand, make and model so it is really a one stop shop for us for all our printer supplies needs. What we like best about Printer-Cartridges is that they have very affordable prices and they even offer free shipping for all orders of $45 or more so it is really a big saving for us as shipping cost can be so expensive also. And they even guarantee same day shipping for all orders placed before 5 PM from Monday to Friday otherwise customers can get a 20% discount. All their printer cartridges are very reliable and as a proof, they give one year warranty to all their products which shows how confident they are to the products they are selling.

Printer-Cartridges is really the answer for all our printer supplies needs.


For your Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Needs

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A number of companies now have widened their scope to reach more clients by expanding their branches to other cities and even other countries. Working in this type of setup has posed a challenge for the employees to meet and collaborate since distance and time is a factor that they have to consider.

But employee collaboration and meeting is important for a business to grow and be successful that is why companies that have a global scope should consider the communication services such as audio, video and Web conferencing.

With the effects of global recession still affecting companies, businesses should find video, web and Audio conferencing solutions that is affordable and that is what Conference Group offers, they offer flexible and affordable communication solutions. And what’s best from Conference Group is that they will work with their clients to help them determine the type of communication solution that will work best for the company’s requirements. They even offer additional services to their clients like translation, transcription, operator support and CDs and playback services.

So weather the company needs Video conference solutions or just web and audio conference implementation, the Conference Group can really provide the best communication technology that will help the company succeed.


Busy Saturday

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We started our day early as today is the general assembly of the Grade School Parents’ Association at St. Scholastica. Start of the assembly is at 8 AM so it means we have to leave at 7:30 the latest to make it there on time. Bela also has a ballet class at 9:15 AM so she has to go with us too.

I slept around 3 AM already so I was really so lazy to get out of bed the morning of July 17. Then I have to express milk too so Cobi has some milk to drink while I am out. We left a little past 7:30 AM and we just made it to the assembly. It was a big gathering as it is the general assembly for all the grade school parents. It started around 8:30 AM and was finished before 12 noon. But it was actually a nice thing that we attended as we really learned a lot about the school’s direction, policies and the different activities that their students are busy with.

We went home after the assembly as I need to express milk again as I want to accompany Bela to her swimming class at Colegio San Agustin. We had lunch and left the house around 2:20 PM. Thankfully there was no heavy traffic on our way to Makati and we are just in time for Bela’s swimming class. I was glad that I came to watch her as I was really happy with her big improvement. Now I can say that she really knows how to swim and now I am planning to enroll her for the whole year.

We also dropped by at Robinson’s place after Bela’s class as Howell needs to pick up something from Manny Pacquiao’s store and then we went home after that.

Woohhh, it was really one long day and it is almost 12 AM already (start of another day) and I am still up to catch up with work while Cobi is still sleeping.


Middle East Jobs Can Mean a Big Income

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Even if you've never considered it before, getting a job in another country may be something to think about. With the economy so poor in so many places, people have to move around if they're to have the kind of job they want - at least in some, specific fields. For some of these people, Middle East jobs are the answer. There are thousands of jobs in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and other places in that region. Many of them are service industry jobs, but there are all kinds of choices there.

No matter what job you're interested in doing, you'll be able to find something that you're happy with and that you can make money at. You might not be sure about living in the Middle East, but many people from other countries live there, and they enjoy it. The cost of living is often very low when compared to other countries, and the accommodations can be quite good, depending on where you are. There are different cultural values there, and you may be expected to act a bit differently than you would in your home country. Reading up on the culture that you'll be going into and remaining polite and open-minded can really help you if you take a job in the Middle East.

Since there's a lot of money to be made it would seem as though everyone would be flocking to these jobs, but there are a lot of people who aren't willing to move away from their homes. Because of that, you have an opportunity to get a great job where you can make a good living. If you're considering going to the Middle East for a job, make sure that you do your research and work with a reputable company that can help you get the job and get settled in your new home.


Sleeping Pattern

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It is almost 1 AM already and I am still up. Cobi sleeps in the morning and is awake almost the entire night as he wakes up almost every hour to feed. We also suspects that he has reflux as he vomits after every feeding so I have to carry him all the time while feeding and even thirty minutes after feeding so he will not vomit. That is why he is so used to us carrying him all the time that once we put him down to his crib, he wakes up instantly that we have to carry him again or feed him to put him back to sleep.

I am sure he will continue to have this sleeping routine within the next few months so I have to change my sleeping pattern also and get used to a lot of sleepless nights. But at least even if I don’t find diet pills that work, this is one way to help me loose weight. I haven’t hit the weighing scale though so I am not sure if those sleepless nights is indeed helping me to loose weight or not.


The Art of Multitasking

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I have always been a multitasker. I love doing a lot of things at the same time. I feel that I can do more if I multi task rather than doing things one at a time.

And so it is no surprise that I will still multitask as I do my mommy duties. While breastfeeding Cobi, I blog, read apidexin reviews, shop online, read emails and even tweet and chat with my friends.

At first, I actually thought that I won’t be able to do it but as I learn the ropes of breastfeeding and as Cobi and I became comfortable doing it, I started to go back with my old habit of multitasking. As what they always say, old habits die hard. LOL.

But at least I am being more productive. Instead of just watching TV, I get to finish my pending work as I do my duties to my precious Cobi.


Our Sunday

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Finally after being on house arrest for almost three weeks now, I was finally able to go out with hubby, Bela and Cobi. We were supposed to hear mass that will be officiated by Howell’s brother in Megamall but we left late already so we were not able to catch the 2 PM mass.

Since we are in the Pasig area already, I asked hubby if we can drop by at Valle Verde 6 to check on the clubhouse before I finally book it next week for Cobi’s party. It was already 3 PM when we left Valle Verde and we have to catch the 4 PM mass at San Felipe Neri in Mandaluyong. There was heavy traffic going there and we got stuck in front of El Pueblo so hubby suggested that we drop by Little Gym so Bela can say hi to her former teachers. We also had our merienda at Mcdonalds as Bela requested to get rice and chicken.

It was 3:30 already when we left El Pueblo and we reached San Felipe Neri a few minutes before the mass starts so we were able to say hello to Padi (Howell’s brother) before he starts the mass.

Hubby and Bela even wanted to go to Megamall after the mass but Cobi and I are too tired already so we call it a day and went home.


Good Cry

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Hubby and I were working last night. I was checking at life insurance rates online while hubby was catching up with his emails. I don’t know what was the topic of our conversation but all of a sudden, it became one serious talk.

He opened up about his real feelings, his fears, and his worries with the death of her mom. I opened up too about how I feel with our situation and we had a good cry. It is only last night that we were able to talk about it. Ever since we found out that mama has big C, hubby has been really busy because he spends most of his time at the hospital as he wants to spend all his time with his mom. That is why we rarely get to sit down and talk.

When mama died, I always asked hubby how he was and he just always tells me that he is okay. But last night was different. He was really honest about how he really feels and I am really glad that he finally opened up. We cried together.

I know that there is really a deep void in hubby’s life now. But he knows that we are just always there for him to fill up that void. I know it will take a while, months or even years, but I know we will be okay because that is how mama wants it to be.


Old Navy’s Star Spangled Sale

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It’s the fourth of July and before I check the site www.agespotsremoval.net, let me post here first this amazing sale from Old Navy.

Presenting Old Navy’s Star Spangled Sale where they offer 50% discount on selected items plus they even offer free shipping for orders $75 and up. I love it every time Old Navy has a sale as the prices are really affordable and even cheaper compared to local stores here even if I add the shipping cost. In fact, I made some shopping for baby boy’s outfit from Old Navy during their recent sale and I was able to collect a wardrobe for my baby boy up to the time he will reach six months old.

I was checking the items on sale and I saw a lot of cute polos and shorts for my baby boy and I am thinking to do same shopping again. Do check out their site to grab great deals.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!



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This picture was taken when I was already 8th moth pregnant. Gosh I really look big already. I was 149 pounds on my full term and when I had my check up last week, I am down to 129 pounds which means I still have to work hard to loose my extra baggage so I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

HHL 552

I read that moyoberry is the ultimate way to lose weight and since it is made of fruit, I might be able to take it even if I am breastfeeding.

When I had Bela, it took me seven months before I was able to loose my pregnancy weight but I am hoping that it will not take that long this time. We will be having the baptism of our baby boy in a month’s time and I am wondering if it is possible for me to loose weight that fast or is it just wishful thinking. LOL.


Missing Hubby

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Hubby left last Friday night as they will be bringing their mom to her hometown in Sorsogon, Bicol where she will be buried as per her request. We were not able to go with him as I was not allowed by my doctor to travel as it has just been a week since my Caesarian delivery so it will be dangerous for me to take long distance travel.

I don’t know if it is post partum or I just miss hubby or I just feel really bad because I am not beside him during this difficult phase in his life that I really feel sad and guilty for staying here at home. I know he understands my situation and he never really made me feel guilty about it but still I feel bad.

The burial will be this Tuesday and I am sure they will choose not to travel back to Manila on the same day as they are still tired and I also want hubby to take a good rest first before he drives for another 13 hours or more going back to Manila so the earliest that he will arrive in Manila is late Wednesday evening.

I so miss hubby already....



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Hair Treatment
blackhead treatment
Full Body Massage
Manicure and Pedicure

These are the things that I would like to do if ever I will find the time. I miss pampering myself and I haven’t done this in a long time ever since I got pregnant. But I don’t know though if these treatments are allowed for a breastfeeding mom like me. I better check with my OB first before I schedule any of these treatments just to be sure if it will not have any side effects to my baby.

I was reading the posts in my Yahoo Groups and I saw one post of a breastfeeding mom and she is asking if coffee and iced tea and hair treatments are ok for breastfeeding moms. I drink one to two cups of coffee almost everyday now to battle my sleepiness but I am not sure though if this is just okay. I guess I better do some readings and research just to be sure.

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