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This picture was taken when I was already 8th moth pregnant. Gosh I really look big already. I was 149 pounds on my full term and when I had my check up last week, I am down to 129 pounds which means I still have to work hard to loose my extra baggage so I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

HHL 552

I read that moyoberry is the ultimate way to lose weight and since it is made of fruit, I might be able to take it even if I am breastfeeding.

When I had Bela, it took me seven months before I was able to loose my pregnancy weight but I am hoping that it will not take that long this time. We will be having the baptism of our baby boy in a month’s time and I am wondering if it is possible for me to loose weight that fast or is it just wishful thinking. LOL.


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