Good Cry

Posted by abie on 11:50 PM in
Hubby and I were working last night. I was checking at life insurance rates online while hubby was catching up with his emails. I don’t know what was the topic of our conversation but all of a sudden, it became one serious talk.

He opened up about his real feelings, his fears, and his worries with the death of her mom. I opened up too about how I feel with our situation and we had a good cry. It is only last night that we were able to talk about it. Ever since we found out that mama has big C, hubby has been really busy because he spends most of his time at the hospital as he wants to spend all his time with his mom. That is why we rarely get to sit down and talk.

When mama died, I always asked hubby how he was and he just always tells me that he is okay. But last night was different. He was really honest about how he really feels and I am really glad that he finally opened up. We cried together.

I know that there is really a deep void in hubby’s life now. But he knows that we are just always there for him to fill up that void. I know it will take a while, months or even years, but I know we will be okay because that is how mama wants it to be.


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