Sleeping Pattern

Posted by abie on 12:39 AM in ,
It is almost 1 AM already and I am still up. Cobi sleeps in the morning and is awake almost the entire night as he wakes up almost every hour to feed. We also suspects that he has reflux as he vomits after every feeding so I have to carry him all the time while feeding and even thirty minutes after feeding so he will not vomit. That is why he is so used to us carrying him all the time that once we put him down to his crib, he wakes up instantly that we have to carry him again or feed him to put him back to sleep.

I am sure he will continue to have this sleeping routine within the next few months so I have to change my sleeping pattern also and get used to a lot of sleepless nights. But at least even if I don’t find diet pills that work, this is one way to help me loose weight. I haven’t hit the weighing scale though so I am not sure if those sleepless nights is indeed helping me to loose weight or not.


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