Cobi, Bela and Me

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This picture was just taken yesterday after Bela’s swimming class at Colegio de San Agustin and you can see how fat I am. LOL. I haven’t loose any weight and the worst part is I even gained weight. Now how pathetic is that? But I am really hoping that the lack of sleep and my breastfeeding will help me loose weight soon.

But I am really happy because Cobi is doing really ok. Thanks to prenate dha prenatal vitamins that I took while I was pregnant because Cobi is growing up to be a very healthy baby. He actually gained 3.4 pounds already only after a month and I am sure he will be as smart as his sister because the prenatal vitamins that I took when I was pregnant has ingredients that will really help in Cobi’s fetal brain and retinal development.

I am really thankful that Cobi is growing up to be a healthy baby boy and I continue to pray that he and his sister will stay fit and healthy.


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