Get a Designer Look Without Designer Cost

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Most college students can barely afford food, let alone designer clothes. Most college students build their identity with college, and personal fashion is a large part of that identity. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing if you know where to look and take the time to search. Additionally, a few designer clothes can go a long way if you properly pair them with the right pieces. Of course, the most important rule to abide by has to do with you, not with what you wear.

Consignment shops and second-hand clothing stores offer some of the best deals and hidden fashion treasures. It takes time to search through the massive amount of clothes at each store, but once you find something, it is usually a unique piece. You will not typically wear the same clothes that you see anyone else wearing. Unique pieces are a great advantage of thrift store shopping. The items you find could also reflect the area’s style and history as most donations to thrift stores come from your immediate area.

If you’re lucky, you can find designer clothes in thrift stores. If not, you can get a few high-dollar items and pair them with the thrift store finds. Wear a pair of designer jeans with an endless combination of vintage t-shirts or sweaters. With a more expensive pair of boots, you can have a solid foundation to match torn up jeans or a pair of common dress pants. By having a few solid pieces, you can experiment with older or no-name brands and develop a truly unique style.

The most important thing to remember with fashion is how you wear it. You can buy thousands of dollars worth of clothes, but if you don’t inject your personality into what you wear, you’ll just look like a mannequin. Wear the clothes; don’t let them wear you.


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