Save Money WIth a Free Discount Prescription Card

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A large number of the population needs regular medication in order to keep their bodies healthy. Even if you are one of the lucky few that does not need medicine on a regular basis, you will need to buy medication at some point or another in your lifetime. Unfortunately buying medicine is a costly exercise.

There are lots of ways that people try in order to cut costs when it comes to buying medications. Some people buy generic brands instead of opting for name brands that they trust. This is often not a good idea, as some cheaper brands do not work as effectively as name brands. One way to avoid doing this is by getting a free discount prescription card.

If you cannot get your hands on one of these cards for free you can also purchase a discount card from a pharmacy. While a discount card may not give you the exact benefits that a free discount prescription card can it is still worthwhile to get one.

The cards that you can get from the pharmacy have very few restrictions. Often they can be shared between family members. If you are fortunate enough to qualify for the free discount prescription card, try to use it whenever you can. In some instances you could get up to a 20 percent discount. As medicine is expensive, a 20 percent discount could be a large savings.


See You Tomorrow John Mayer

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Tomorrow will be the John Mayer concert that I will be watching together with my cousin Tessa, my sister VJ and her boyfriend Ronie, my friend Dennis and my hubby. I am so excited and I can’t wait to see John Mayer perform live. He is really one of those artist that I love and won’t get tired listening to.

It is raining now and PAGASA is saying that there is a low pressure area in the Mindanao region but we are hoping that it will be a good weather tomorrow as the concert will be held at the Mall of Asia open concert grounds.

I will be off from work at 1:30 PM and concert starts at 8 PM so I will fetch my daughter first before finally meeting with my cousin and sister to watch the concert. I am sure this concert will be a blast and I really can’t wait.

Excited much!!


Get An Affordable Update to Your Master Bathroom With Home Depot Coupon Codes

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Remaking your master bathroom into a retreat isn’t as hard as it might seem. You need to make sure you have in mind exactly what you want to do. Look through design magazines, architectural books, and relevant websites. Next, you have to imagine how to take the concepts you’ve seen on paper and on screen and translate them into the space and dimensions you have in your bathroom.

It’s possible that after researching the possibilities, you want to change the feel of your master bath. Tearing down walls and re-doing the plumbing may be completely unnecessary. You can bring a new feel to your bathroom with a few noticeable and budget-friendly updates.

For starters, look at your fixtures. Upgrading towel bars, the toilet paper holder, and toothbrush container can be a good and inexpensive place to start your bathroom improvements. Changing the knobs on drawers in your bathroom can also improve the look of the bathroom without requiring you to purchase and install new cabinets. Next, consider getting an improved faucet and sink. Among the most attractive sink and faucet sets are sinks with designs painted on them and sink bowls that sit on top of the counter. Bowl-style sinks come in different shapes and sizes.

Finally, evaluate whether a new shade of paint would putting the final touch on your upgraded master bath. Look at the bathrooms you found appealing online and in magazines and see if you can re-create the look, at least in part, with a nice do-it-yourself paint job. Also, look at replacing your floor mats and shower curtain to create the style you’d like to achieve.

Before you fill up your shopping cart, be sure to trawl for online deals. www.offers.com, free shipping offers, and even buying some like-new items from an online auction can make your bathroom improvement project more affordable.


LSAT Prep to Avoid Debt

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Law as a hobby? For some people law is a passion that transends work, but I want to warn you about the pitfalls of entering into such an expensive path unprepared. Student loan default rates rose from 6.7 to 7 percent according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Education. The largest default rate came from for-profit schools, which are becoming a larger presence in law school offerings. Default rates at for-profit institutions were almost double the rate of those of public institutions.

The competition to gain admittance to law school has become frightening. The Law School Admissions Council announced a 13 percent increase in requests to take the Law School Admissions Test compared to the previous year. And even though legal jobs are becoming scarcer due to legal outsourcing and an economy that remains slow, law school tuition continues to raise at rates that are outpacing inflation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 4,000 legal positions were eliminated in June and July. This added to an overall loss of 17,000 jobs in legal sector in the past 12 months of the report. This bleak outlook combined with a growing demand for seats at law school has made a career in law a difficult prospect for many. Unless students have special skills that are in demand or a degree from an elite institution, law might not be the best career for students to enter.

LSAT prep has become a necessity in this environment. Without an excellent score on the LSAT, students can expect a rocky road amidst this transitioning economy. Law school might be a dream for many students, but the reality for recent graduates from schools that are not considered elite could be a low paying job combined with massive student loan debt. The road to avoid this fate begins with proper preparation and a score on the LSAT that merits attending law school.


How to Choose Your Kids Backpack

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There are many choices when it comes to choosing your kid’s backpack. Kids backpacks come in many options from simple to complex. Although you want your child to like the backpack so that he uses it, there are a few factors to consider.

The right fit for your child is essential. The base of the backpack should rest against the lower back and no further. This is where the child’s back is strongest and will prevent back problems. If the backpack is worn too low, the child will lean forward and develop bad posture as well as the possibility of back and neck injuries.

The straps on a backpack should be padded at the shoulders and be adjustable. The padding will reduce pressure on the child’s shoulders and back. A double-strapped backpack is better than the popular single-strapped backpacks as the weight is distributed more evenly, which is better for the child’s spine alignment. Extra straps are helpful as they assist in transferring the weight. Hip and chest belts help by causing the work to be shared throughout the body. Waist straps stabilize the backpack decreasing stress on the back, neck and shoulders. Look for an outer pocket or two to store goods that need to be reached in a hurry, such as a bus ticket. The adjustable straps ensure that the backpack fits snugly and is more comfortable to carry.

Once you have chosen your child’s backpack make sure that it is not too heavy. A heavy backpack is the easiest way to develop back injuries. The backpack should not weigh more than a tenth of the child’s body weight.

Once you have considered all of these factors and allowed your child to choose the color and design of his choice, you are well on your way to success. Orthopedically, a backpack is a much better option than a carry bag or shoulder bag.


New Business for Our Parents

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Since my sideline is really doing well, I have talked to my brother as I want to put up a business for my parents so they will have an additional source of income. I initially thought of putting up a Cellphone Accessory store for them since my brother can help them out because he is always at our cellphone store in Greenhills. My brother said that it can be a good business since they only need a small start up capital.

My brother also suggested putting up a laptop store. We actually sell second hand laptops in our cell phone store now but demands are increasing and so my brother wanted to put up a separate store just for the laptop but he still needs additional capital. That is why when he learned that I want to put up a business for my parents, he immediately thought of the laptop business so we can share the capital.

Our target is to be able to start with the business by November just in time for the Christmas season. I hope this business goes well too like our cellphone store as this will be a good source of income for my parents who are now both retired and is just busy taking care of their grand children.


Keeping the Perfect House Perfect

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If you're like most folks, you probably spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect house. Hubby and I always make a list of the things we want to have in a home, and sometimes it can take a while before we find a property we like well enough to buy. But, the longer we stay in one place, the more we begin to notice things that aren't perfect.

What do you do when this happens? Sometimes it just isn't the best solution to pack up and move again, and that's when you need a plan. I recently wanted to make some changes to the house. As I added items to the list, the cost for the renovations went from a minor investment to a major one.

I found myself wondering how people find the funds to renovate their homes. One of my friends just finished a renovation project, so I called her up to talk. It turns out she and her husband worked with Mortgage refinance Maryland specialists to get the money they needed. They were able to do this because they had equity in the house. When they refinanced, they received the equity back.

Since hubby and I recently bought our home, we don't have enough equity to take this route, but it may be something you can consider. If you think you want to refinance your home, ask yourself the following three questions:

- What will the total cost of the refinance be?

- Does the property have equity?

- Will you live in the house long enough to rebuild the equity before you need to sell it?

If you already have equity and you plan to stay in your home long enough for the house to regain equity, then a refinanced loan may be just the thing you need to upgrade your home so it stays perfect for you.


The Latest Adventure: Considering Debt Consolidation

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Life is always an adventure, but sometimes it gets a little bit too hectic. When that happens, it's usually a result of either health or finances. Lately, finances have been the big problem because there are so many people struggling and losing their jobs and their homes. If you're in that situation, don't be ashamed and don't feel like you're the only one. You're most definitely not alone in the problems that you're currently facing. You can get back on track, no matter how bad the situation has become. Everyone has the chance to get things straightened around if they really want to.

You might be able to do it yourself, but if you don't feel like you can handle it then consider debt consolidation. It can be a hard thing to swallow your pride and ask for help, but think of your family. They deserve so many good things, and so do you. Until the economy started to have so many problems, you didn't really have any financial worries. Now, though, things are different. You won't be the only person who has consulted a consolidation company in recent months. Put your pride aside and get the help that you need, so you're better able to move forward with your life.

It's no fun to struggle with money, but the sooner you check into debt consolidation the sooner you'll be It's no fun to struggle with money, but the sooner you check into debt consolidation the sooner you'll be on the road to a financial recovery. Then you can go on to your next life adventure, and hopefully it'll be a much more enjoyable one. The economy will recover, but it might be slow going for a lot of people when it comes to getting their jobs back or getting the same kind of salary that they were used to making. You'll get there, and there's no harm in letting a debt company help you out in the meantime.


All about Saving Time and Money with Moving Companies

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When you have a husband, wife, kids and responsibilities, you are always on the hunt to find products and services that save you time and money. When you hear a friend mention moving, visions of moving companies pulling up in moving trucks to your house compete with images of you and your friends struggling to move boxes and furniture into a rented truck. Hiring one of those moving companies certainly sounds better than moving stuff yourself, for several reasons listed below.

Moving Expenses

Depending on your reason for the move, you may be able to turn your moving expenses into a tax deduction. If your move is a relocation for a new job and the company does not pay for your move, you can write off your moving expenses on your taxes. Since you have to pay to move one way or the other and it is an expense you can write off, it sure makes hiring a moving company and professional movers more attractive.

Time is on Your Side

A move can eat up a lot of the small amounts of free time that you do have. From packing boxes for you to simply moving boxes into the truck, time is on your side when movers do all of this for you. Especially in a long distance move, you can send your belonging on their merry way, hop on a plane with your family and be at your new home in a few hours, rather than the days it may take you if you hit the open road with your moving truck and belongings in tow. It also a much safer option to have professional movers do the transport.

Sometimes spending money buys you time. Time that is better spent doing something fun, spending time with family and friends, catching up on your sleep and getting settled in your new home, job and area.


Saddest Christmas Ever?

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Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. As soon as the “BER” months enter I am excited already and I will already start my Christmas shopping list and will do my Christmas shopping as early as September. Then I will make sure that I will also shop for clothes for my family so that they have something new to wear on Christmas and New Year.

It is not just the shopping that I love about this holiday season but the festive feeling where everybody feels so happy and blessed and they love to spread the love to everybody.

But honestly for this year, I am really not looking forward for Christmas. I have reasons which I would rather keep to myself. My wish is that I will find in my heart to accept the situation because no matter how much I resist and no matter how much I hate it, this will be our setup from now on and I should just learn to accept it.


Let Your Child Help You Cook

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It’s really never too early to let your child join you in the kitchen. As soon as they can stand on a sturdy stool without wobbling, or sit in a chair with a safe booster seat, they can start cooking with you. Between two-and-a-half and three years is a good age to start.

First, take the time to make the kitchen as safe as possible. Push sharp knives that are on the countertop out of the way. Don’t allow your child to go into drawers or cabinets unless you are sure there is nothing dangerous in them. And, of course, supervise them carefully if you are going to let them anywhere around the stove.

Let your child measure flour or sugar into a measuring cup. Give him the proper size cup and let them do the dipping, leveling, and transferring to the bowl or pot. You can always help them put more in if it didn’t all survive the transfer.

If you are chopping items for inclusion into a dish, let your child help transfer them to the bowl or pan. One way to do this safely is to chop a few pieces and then lay the knife down while they pick up the chopped pieces and drop them in the bowl. Then chop a few more, and repeat until everything has been added.

Older children can measure liquid ingredients. Mark the spot on the measuring cup so it is easier for them to see. And, of course, children, no matter what their ages, can stir. Little ones will find that the most fun. Get it started so it won’t be too hard, then give them the spoon and let them finish. Afterward, let them help you scrape the mixture from the bowl into the pan. Websites such as foodily.com have many simple recipes you can do with your children as a fun-filled family activity.


Cousin Moving to Manhattan

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Recently my husband's cousin in New York has been looking at finding a new place to live. Everybody knows it's expensive to live in New York, but he's totally in love with the city and wouldn't want to settle down anywhere else. He's looking at some new New York condos for sale in Harlem that look really nice. He was telling my husband that they have private security entrances and they're close to all sorts of fun places. It's right there in Upper Manhattan close to all the train lines and with plenty of good places to eat nearby. It would give my husband and me a nice place to visit when we go to the US, lol.

He was telling us how now is a great time to buy because companies are making deals since the real estate market has been down. Even so, there have been new developments put up lately, and the developers are working hard to get all the condos filled. Interest rates have gone down to stimulate the economy, and he's afraid if he waits too much longer he'll end up paying a lot more, especially for a luxury condo in Manhattan.

The place is really nice. He says it's adjacent to a hotel, it has its own gym, and there's a rooftop terrace lounge area that has some amazing views. Because it's so close to the subway station, it's easy to get from there to anywhere in Manhattan, or even off the island. He got me excited talking about it. I hope we can make it out to New York to see the place if he ends up buying it.


The Idea is to Plan Meals Ahead!

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Similar to finding the best cell phone plans, planning meals ahead takes time and organization. However, it can save you lots of time in the end. Taking the time to work out a meal schedule can also save you money if you’re not running to the supermarket for ingredients, or to a fast food restaurant for quick meals.

Getting in the habit of sitting down once a week when things are quiet in order to make your meal plan has several immediate benefits:

- You can make one trip to the grocery store instead of several.
- Take advantage of sales to buy in bulk.
- Maximize leftovers by planning them for a meal later that week.
- Reduce your stress at dinner time by having a firm plan.
- Save money by not having to eat out as often.

To get started take an inventory of what ingredients you have on hand. Look through your fridge to find out exactly what is already there. Then look at your weekly schedule; don’t plan to make an elaborate dinner on the days the kids have piano lessons or such-- hot dogs and macaroni and cheese is just fine from time to time.

One night a week plan to make a double portion of a casserole or something else that will freeze. That way, you have one less night of cooking the following week and can just whip out that casserole and have it hot and ready on nights when you’re crunched for time.

Another option is to set aside one day on the weekend to cook and freeze the meals for the week. The downside to that is you lose a day out of your weekend when you could be spending it with your family. However you choose to handle the daily meals you will save yourself much time, energy and money if you plan ahead!


MBAP / Twitter Xmas Party

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Yehey, our official party planner Jacqui already started to plan for the MBAP Christmas party. We first asked for everybody’s availability and since December is a busy month for most of us, so we decided to have it early.

Majority voted for November 7 and we will have the party at Shakey’s Blue Wave Macapagal. We all agreed to extend the invitation to our Twitter friends as well so it will be a grand Twitter EB too.

We will have exchange gift for all the kids and the white elephant game for the mommies and daddies. We already started to collect contributions so either Jacqui or I can go to Shakeys this weekend to pay the P2000 reservation fee.

We will be getting the party package from Shakeys so we don’t have to worry about the party games, hosting, balloons and loots bags for kids. We are also asking for raffle donations from our overseas Twitter friends. LOL.

Everybody is really excited as we are sure that it will be a blast.


Photographing Jewelry

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If you want to make a living with photography, you need to know what you are doing. You may want to take a few classes on photography, and by then you will have the basic knowledge. Photographing jewelry such as John Hardy jewelry is a craft, and one that you need to learn if you are going to end up with beautiful images.

First, you want to acquire a good camera, one that has a lot of features in order to play with the image settings. Finding one with many different exposure settings is best, as you will be photographing the jewelry in many different lights and settings. You'll also want a tripod so your pictures don't come out blurry in any way. Make sure you have a good lens with your camera as well.

Next, make sure the background you are photographing in is clutter-free. If you want a white backdrop, try using a pure white tablecloth or sheet. A lot of jewelry is shiny, which may produce a glare in the picture so you will need to make sure you get the perfect angle that reduces any of this glare.

A close-up image is crucial for jewelry photography, as many people will want to see the details in each piece. This is where you will want to purchase a macro lens, which allows for close-ups and details to emerge.

After you have taken the required photos, you will want to use photo editing software so that you can crop, re-size and adjust your images to how you like them. The best way to get good at photographing jewelry is to practice. Try many different pieces that vary in color, shape and size. You will soon learn how easy it will become to adjust your lighting and settings in order to get the perfect picture.


Three Ways to Make Your Life Stress-free: Starting with Movers

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I am learning that the older I get the more my life becomes about managing stress. There are too many things that can come up that will give you a headache. There are medical bills, child stresses, and just the stress of the daily grind that can wear you down. I am learning that the best thing you can do is manage that stress. Here are a few helpful hints to manage some of the biggest stressors in your life.


No one likes moving. It’s a chore that you rope your friends into doing. Try this for your next move: hire movers. This is the best decision you can make. Hiring a moving company, while a bit expensive, makes sense for a couple of reasons. First, they will insure everything they move. So if a table gets scratched they will pay for it. You also don’t have to put your friends and family out. Let the moving company do it. This is the most stress-free way to move.


Your wedding day is supposed to be a great day but it often becomes a hassle. The best advice you can get is to not focus on one day but rather prepare you and your spouse for a lifetime ahead. The food, dancing, open bar, and gifts can all become secondary if you don’t get so caught up in the moment. Just worry about the entire span of a marriage and not so much about the wedding day. You’ll live easy after that.


This is an area that can stress people out for years. It’s hard to say what job you should or shouldn’t do but if you are looking for a job look for three key ingredients: time off, location, and compensation. If it pays you well but limits the time you have to spend there, that’s the definition of stress free.


Sports Betting Affiliate Programs -- Your Key to Money Making

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If you own a website that gets numerous impressions per day, you might just be sitting on a goldmine. In addition, if you have a love for sports and have the capability to feel the pulse of ongoing games, earning money from sports may just be next big thing in your life. In order to earn unprecedented amounts of cash making use of your sports love and your website, you can rely on one of the affiliate programs that offer you an opportunity to receive huge payments.

It is no longer a secret for most of the webmasters that affiliate programs are an excellent way to turn your website into a money making machine. However, with increasing competition, lower commissions, and decreasing sales, it is not wise to go for just about any affiliate program. It is important to be watchful of which sector you are going to choose for signing up an affiliate program. The rapidly increasing popularity of online sports betting has made this task much easier.

Online sports betting, having become a multi-billion dollar industry, has reached into the daily lives of countless people from all over the world in recent years. Along with its exponential growth, money making opportunities for affiliates have grown hand in hand in the sports sector. You can easily choose a good online sports betting related affiliate program by reading affiliate program reviews written by experts. These affiliate program reviews are often the honest and genuine opinions of several people who have themselves tried and tested each one of the popular affiliate programs in this sector.

This sports betting industry is still growing and has a lot of potential for new marketers and webmasters to dive in and reap benefits. This is why it might be really worthwhile if you seriously consider this opportunity now before time flies away.


iTouch for Her

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I am so sorry if there are times that I don’t reply to text messages right away. You see, Bela has been so addicted with the games and applications on my iPhone that I don’t get to use my iPhone when I am at home. Sometimes I will find out that I have a text message after a day or so when Bela is not busy playing with it and so I get the chance to check on the messages.

I admit that partly it is my fault since I installed dozens of games for kids on my phone so she has something to play with when we are on the road. But ever since she tried playing the games on my phone, she got hooked that the first thing that comes out of her mouth when she welcomes me when I arrived home from work is “Mom, can I play with your phone?”

I was telling hubby that Bela should have her own iPhone. But since it is a very expensive gadget for a five year old toddler, maybe we should just get her an iTouch instead. Her birthday is coming soon so maybe this is a perfect birthday gift for her.


Taking an Adventure by Car? Make Sure You Have Good Auto Insurance

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If you're planning on taking an adventure in your car or truck, you'll want to be prepared. That way, you'll maximize your fun and minimize your chances of having a problem far from home. Check your tires, your windshield wipers, and other basics in order to make sure that everything is working just the way it should be. If you're not sure about something, take your car to a mechanic that you trust so you can have it checked out and repaired. There's no guarantee an accident or breakdown won't find you, but you can help to protect yourself from harm.

Another way you can protect yourself is through making sure you have good auto insurance. Having good coverage for your vehicle can help you feel more secure and can also help you if you should break down on the road. Take a look at your coverage and see what it really involves. If you're going on a long trip, especially if your car is an older one, you may want to get mechanical breakdown insurance, towing coverage, rental car coverage, and other related options. That way you can have peace of mind and enjoy your vacation more easily.

You should also make sure you take food and water with you, and that you have a first aid kit and an emergency kit with things like flares, fix-a-flat, and other items you might need if you experience a problem. Once you get everything planned out and in order, you can really relax on your travels. If you have a family with you - especially young children - being prepared is the best way to feel safe and secure. While your hotel and where you eat are important, there's nothing that matters more on a long road trip than the reliability of your car and insurance.


Get Justice

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I had problems with acne before and so I was a bit alarmed when I heard the news about Accutane. Accutane is a medicine used to treat severe acne when all other treatments and antibiotics have been tried already. But studies show that this medicine can cause injuries such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and ulcerative colitis. This are serious illnesses as it gives individuals infected with it pain, cramping, diarrhea, bleeding, and frequent bowel movements.

Thankfully, the lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath law firm can help those who have been victims of Accutane medicine in filing for an Accutane Lawsuit. Their lawyers are backed by experience and education so they know how to deal with complex product liability claims like this.

Those who have used Accutane and have contracted an inflammatory bowel disease should not just feel sorry for themselves and just regret their decision in using this medicine as lawyers from O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath law firm can help them get justice and get compensated for all past and future hospital and medical bills that they will incur brought about by this disease.


The Red Gift from Dad

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I need a new laptop that I can use for my work and just the perfect timing because my friend told me about the HP Laptop fair at Mall of Asia where they are selling HP laptops at discounted prices and it even comes with a free Globe Tattoo broadband kit.

So when my husband and I got the chance, we went to Mall of Asia to check it out. I only want a small laptop since I want that I will be able to carry it with me when we go out or when we travel as my work heavily relies on Internet connection and on my laptop. So when I saw this, I know that it is the one:


My new HP mini. Maybe it is the red color that attracts me with it. LOL. The screen is only 10” and since I am used to the 17” and 22” monitor that we have in the office, I find the screen a little small at first. But what do I expect, I want a compact laptop so I have to sacrifice a few perks. But the specifications are ok for the work that I do with it: Intel Atom N470, 1 GB of RAM, 250 GB of HD space.

I actually was having second thoughts at first but then hubby said that he will pay for it and so who am I to say no to blessings right? LOL.

Thank you again dad for your gift. I really love it.



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One of the things that I don’t like when I was pregnant, aside from the morning sickness, was my acne breakouts which I experienced from my first to my last trimester. Thankfully, my acne problems are gone after I give birth and all I need now is an acne scar cream to erase those ugly acne marks.

But you know, no matter how many acne breakouts and morning sickness and dizzy spells I experienced, I will gladly do it again if after all of that, I will be blessed with a very precious child.

As what a friend had said, when you have two kids, the love and attention that you give to them will not be divided but will be multiplied. I know sometimes it is crazy taking care of two kids especially during the first few months when we have to deal with Bela too as she is still adjusting from having a brother. But the joy that my husband and I are experiencing every time we hug and kiss our two kids is just priceless and is something that we will trade for anything.


Safe Hands

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Nothing is free in this world. My husband and I are both working as paid employees and it took a lot of our time and effort before we can get paid. That is why when making investment we always want to make sure that it has less risks so we are not compromising our hard earned money.

We have been browsing the site of United States Gold Bureau and we learned that it is a wise idea to invest in gold like gold coin as it has a very low risk. Unlike other paper investments, the value of gold is not affected by the status of the economy. Just like now when we are experiencing global economic recession, the value of gold still remains to be strong. This is a sign that with gold investment, our hard earned money will be in safe hands.

Hubby and I are really looking at new investments and I think Gold investment is the way to go for us.


Excited Much: John Mayer Concert

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I need to do a research about hgh human growth hormone as this was recommended by our family doctor for my mom but before I do that, I just need to make this post as I am really so excited about it.

On October 1, we will be watching the concert of John Mayer at SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. We were able to get the tickets at discounted price since they offered an early bird promo for tickets purchased before September 10. But it was a real challenge for us in getting the tickets.

September 8, my sister and I went to SM San Lazaro to buy the tickets but unfortunately the system of Ticketnet is offline, thus they can’t issue tickets. So I just called Ticketnet that night to make reservations as we are afraid that the tickets will be sold out. By September 9, we went back again to SM San Lazaro but their printer is not working so they can’t issue tickets again. My sister and I think that it is the system of SM San Lazaro who has a problem and so I told her to try getting our tickets at SM Manila instead. So my sister wake up early on September 10 and went to SM Manila with her boyfriend and finally, she was able to get our tickets.

My sister, her boyfriend, me, Howell, my cousin Tessa and my friend Dennis will be watching the concert together and we are all so excited.


Our Sunday

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Another weekend is almost over but tomorrow will be another busy Sunday for us. Hubby will drop by at our house in Bulacan again to check on the progress of the clean up of the garden that he contracted last week. He said that he will be leaving early so we can attend the 2 PM mass of hubby’s brother at Megamall as we have to meet up with him also for some of the things that he needs to talk to with Howell. Then after mass, we will be going to Greenhills with my sister to do some shopping. I badly need to buy new office clothes because my old ones still doesn’t fit me and I am sure it will take months before I will be able to wear my old clothes again. We don’t plan to stay there for a long time as we need to go home early too as Cobi will be joining us and I still have a lot of pending work to finish tomorrow.

I just wish that we will be able to accomplish our entire itinerary tomorrow so it will be one productive weekend for us.


A Bright and Secure Future

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Giving our kids a bright and secure future has always been the top priority for us. That is why on our spare time, my husband and I always do some research about investment so we can learn about the different investment options that we have.

A friend referred to us the site of United States Gold Bureau where we got a lot of information about gold investment particularly investing in gold coins. Gold has always been a very good investment as it does not depreciate in time. This is the reason why gold is the best way of preserving wealth as it poses very low risk when you invest in gold. It is also universally accepted so it can be easily converted to cash if ever time comes when we need money.

My husband and I are happy to discover United States Gold Bureau as we now have an option on where to invest our money.


My Workaholic Hubby

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For two consecutive days now, my husband always needs to work overtime for a project that they have in the office. He sometimes will arrive home around 12 am or 1 am already and then he still has to wake up early the next day to go back to work again.

He is really very workaholic as he always wants to make sure that everything is taken cared of in the office. I guess that is really a part of his job as a supervisor and I really can’t do anything but to understand and support him because that is part of what his company his paying him. But I have to make sure that even though he works really hard, his health is still taken cared of that is why I want to look for organic vitamins that hubby can take to strengthen his immune system so he won't get sick even if he has a very hectic and busy schedule.

Now hubby went home around 12 AM already and sad to say he has to wake up early again tomorrow as he is taking the Saturday function. And since it is a weekend and Bela has classes every Saturday, he will be our driver in the afternoon after he works overtime to take us to Bela’s swimming class. I don't know where Howell is getting his energy just to make us happy. I better treat hubby to a sumptuous dinner after Bela’s class for all the handwork that he is doing for us.


For Your Audio Conferencing Needs

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Being a company that has branches in different parts of the globe, communication can be a real challenge, not to mention expensive. But collaboration and brain storming is an important aspect that is important for any business to succeed so companies really spend dollars to provide a facility that will allow employees from their different branches and even across different parts of the globe with different time zones to communicate through Conference calls.

But Audio conference can be very expensive as it involves long distance charges. Thank goodness there is The Conference Group that provides effective and affordable teleconferencing services like Audio conferencing to their clients. With their Audio conferencing, they provide an international toll-free access to their clients so they have the ability to talk to multiple clients or business partners all at the same time without incurring any long distance charges. They even can provide an operator and they can record and payback all of the Audio conferencing.

We live in a very high tech world and so companies should make use of the technology that is available to make them ahead of their competitors. With the teleconferencing facilities provided by the Conference Group, any business will surely succeed and will surely stay on top.


Goodbye Wires

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Yehey, I am so happy because finally Howell was able to find the time to buy a WiFi router and changed our existing wired connection at home. I have been requesting this to him for months now (before I give birth) because I find the cables lying around in our living room and bedroom really messy. Plus it will be more convenient if we are connected via WiFi as we can easily connect to the net to check our emails even by just using our iPhone.

So I was really happy when he bought a WiFi router over the weekend and immediately installed it as soon as we get home. He got it from Accent Micro in Mall of Asia. I forgot the brand name but the sales clerk who assisted us said that it is a US brand and it is their most saleable WiFi router.

So now I can check my mails just by using my iPhone and I can even do it while I am feeding Cobi which I cannot do if I am using my laptop. My mom is also happy because she owns an iPhone too so you can see her online regularly in facebook.



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Can you recommend the safest diet pills that work. I am still breastfeeding so I am looking for a way to loose weight without posing harm to Cobi. I also delivered via Caesarean section so I am not sure if I can go back to the gym already to work out.

I am really desperate to loose weight. It has been almost three months already and I haven’t shed even one single pound. But now that I am back at work, I am hoping that I will start loosing weight because I don’t eat as often now as compared to when I was just at home when all I do for almost the whole day is just eat. Plus add to that the daily stress that I get when commuting to and from work and my daily exercise in doing my work, so hopefully I will start to loose weight soon.


Still Adjusting

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Agenda for Tonight: Check for car insurance rates as our car’s insurance is due to expire soon and so hubby wants me to check for rates this early so we can get good offers not like our last car insurance which is a little heavy on the budget.

But instead of accomplishing my agenda, I ended up reading tweets of my friends and checking pictures and status of my friends in Facebook. I have been so very lazy these past few days. Probably because I am still adjusting to my new time now as I have to wake up early even if I only slept for less than four hours as I have to go to work. Last Tuesday was my first day back to work after my maternity leave so it has only been a week so my body clock is still adjusting. Thankfully Cobi is cooperative as he wakes up every three hours now to feed instead of every hour during his first month. So at least I get to sleep even for just a few hours before I have to wake up again to prepare for work.

But that is life. I have to work to help my husband with our family’s expenses so I guess I have no choice but to get used to (soon) with my new setup.


Another Investment

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My husband has been going crazy lately deciding what investment we can take next now that our housing loan is already finished. First he wants to purchase another property, then he saw a commercial area and he wants to turn it into a restaurant, and then he wants to develop our property in Bulacan and turn it into a resort. So now he is really confuse as to where we can invest our money.

He doesn’t know that I have been doing some readings about gold investment from the site of United States Gold Bureau and I learned that buying gold coins is a very good investment. Gold is an asset that doesn’t depreciate in time so our investment is safe with gold. It is also universally accepted so we can easily convert it to cash if we need to.

I presented what I gathered to my husband and have asked me to contact the experienced hard asset professionals of United States Gold Bureau so we can get started with our first gold investment.


Sofitel Weekend: Day 2

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We started our second day early. Cobi’s waking time is at 7 AM and so we wake Bela up also so we can get morning sunshine by the bay walk and it was not difficult to wake Bela up as she already has her itinerary set for the day – she will play at the playground, eat breakfast and swim. And so that is what we did.

bela 307bela 321

Cobi and I sit by the pool while Howell and Bela played at the playground. By 8 AM, we decided to have our buffet breakfast at Spiral. Cobi was so behave as he is already full as I breastfeed him while waiting for Howell and Bela and so he was behave while we are eating. Bela had a good breakfast too – she ate congee, rice and egg, croissant and donuts.

bela 386

After breakfast, Cobi and I went back to our spot near the kiddy pool while Howell and Bela went back to our room to change to their swimming clothes and then they both had a good swim.

bela 397bela 419

It was already past 12 already when they get out of the pool. We went straight to our room so they can dress up and pack our things and then we went home straight as we still have the birthday party of my Tita Jie to attend to in the evening.

We have no yaya during that weekend. It was just the four of us. It is the first time for us to go out with no help from my mom, my sister or a nanny. I thought we won’t be able to handle it but it was the most fund weekend we have – quality time and great family bonding. Can’t wait to do this again.

You can view more pictures here.


My Breastfeeding Tools

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It is my second day at work today. Since my target is to breastfeed Cobi for a minimum of six months, I continued expressing milk even while at work. So everyday, I brought along with me my breastfeeding gadgets:

• My Electric Breastpump – This was a gift from my Twitter and Bebot friends. I am really glad that I got the electric pump because it is so much easy to use to express milk. If I have the manual pump, I might be needing compression stockings for my hand as it gets a little painful when expressing milk two to three times a day for 30 minutes per session.
• My Milk Storage Kits – So I can store my milk and freeze it while I am still at work and just bring it home so Cobi has milk for the next day.
• My Fridge to Go – I bought this from Indigo Baby online site and it has a cooling performance of up to 12 hours so I can see to it that my expressed milk is in a cool compartment when I bring it home from the office.
• My Milk Trays – I tried using it today but it takes longer for the milk to freeze using this as compared to freezing milk in the bottle.

I am happy that Cobi is still getting breast milk even if I have to go back to work already. I just hope that I will really meet my goal of breastfeeding Cobi for at least six months.


Visit to our House in Bulacan

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Last Sunday, we were able to take time off from our busy schedule so we can go home to our house in Bulacan to check on it and boy we are so surprise with what we saw. Aside from the missing refrigerator and sewing machine, we also noticed that the grass in the garden has grown already that it almost covered the front of the house. Hubby needs to buy a grass cutter and protective glasses (as the grasses are really long and sharp and might hurt his eyes) soon so he can come back this coming weekend to have the grass cut. Otherwise, we might not be able to see our house as it will all be covered with grass.


Hubby is really considering us moving here. He already have some layout options for the house renovation so we can move in here soon. I like the fact that the house is bigger as compared to our house now and the lawn and garden is big so the kids can play inside the garden safely. The only thing that is stopping me from agreeing with hubby’s plan is that it is a bit far from where Bela is studying now and from where I want Cobi to study in the future and I really hate our nosey neighbors whom I think don’t have other much better things to do the whole day but to spread rumors around . So I told hubby that we will try to go home here every weekend so I can get to have a taste of how life is there in the province and then we will decide from there.


For all Your Marine Engine Needs

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My dad works as a former seaman but he retired more than a decade ago so he was happy when he was able to talk to one of his former colleague. His friend shared with him their current problem with one of their boats as he knows my dad has extensive experience since he worked as a seaman for more than ten years.

And so my dad was more than happy to help him and he shared to his friend the site where they can order affordable and reliable Marine engine, the site of US Engine Inc. US Engine Inc is a store which sells rebuilt engines for all types of vehicles like Mercruiser engines, Marine engines and the like. Their engines are guaranteed to be safe because it has been manufactured by their experienced technicians with the help of the leading soft parts sources so all their rebuilt engines pass the standard of the automotive machining industry. It also comes with a seven year warranty which just shows their confidence for all their products.

Before an engine is rebuilt, all hard and soft components of an engine, like their Boat engine for example, will be individually tested first before they get assembled based on the O.E.M specifications. After assembly, it will be inspected, tested, re-adjusted and then it will be inspected twice before they will be packed and shipped to their clients. That is how rigid they test and inspect all their rebuilt engines making it very safe for use.

The friend of my dad was so happy with this information shared by my dad and he is sure that US Engine Inc is the answer to their problem.


Sofitel Weekend: Day 1

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Because I wanted to have a last adventure (aka bonding time) with my family before I go back to work, we decided to book an overnight stay at Sofitel. I got a membership for a year with Advantage Plus since the membership fee is just a few hundred bucks higher than the rate for overnight accommodation and we just used the free overnight accommodation for our stay from August 28 – 29.

We left after lunch since we have to wait for Howell to get back home since he dropped by at our house in Bulacan to do some errands. Bela did not attend her ballet class and swimming class that day so we can enjoy our family time together.

bela 038
bela 092
bela 130
bela 062
bela 207
bela 161

We reached the hotel around 1:30 PM and there was a long queue in the reception. By 2 PM we were able to checked in already and go to our room. The free room that we got is just the standard room and comparing it with the rooms that we got in Makati Shang and Pan Pacific, theirs was smaller.

Bela was so excited to go to the pool as she saw it on our way to the reception area so we just rested for a bit and by 3:30 PM, we already went down to the pool area. I guess the hotel was fully booked during that weekend as there are a lot of people in the swimming pool area and we did not even get a chair with shade. Bela and Howell went swimming right away while me and Cobi just watched them as they enjoy the pool.

Surprisingly by 5 PM, Bela wanted to get out of the pool already and she wanted to go to the playground but we told her that she has to change first before she can play. So we went to our room and after changing, we decided to have dinner as we are all hungry already. We decided to have dinner in Dampa and we will just have breakfast in Spiral the next day.

After dinner, Cobi and I went to our room as he is sleeping already while Bela and Howell played for a bit at the playground as Bela won’t stop until he gets to explore the playground. As soon as they are back in our room, I just changed Bela to her PJs and she and her dad doze off to sleep after that.

Here are more pictures.


Cake & Party Supplies: Bela's 5th Bday

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It is September already and this means I only have a few months left before Bela’s fifth birthday party. It will just be a simple and small celebration this time for our close friends, relatives and classmates. Bela just requested that she wanted to have a Princess Tea Party with her friends from school so we decided to throw her a simple party with the party theme that she wants.

Before, by this time, I already booked all the suppliers that I need for the party and have ordered all the party supplies that I need online. But since I got busy preparing for Cobi’s Baptism, my preparation for Bela’s party was put on hold. I was only able to go back to my party preparations last month. So far I have booked the following already:

• Magician
• Kiddie Salon
• Balloon Artist
• Venue

The only thing that is left for me to book is the cake supplier and I have to order the other party supplies like tableware, goody bag, balloons, and toys for the game prizes.

I am really on a tight budget for this party so I am really thankful that I found suppliers that are within my budget and I discovered Partypro.com where I can get my party supplies at discounted and bulk prices.


For Him

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My husband is one of those typical male who never wants to dress up or wear jewelries and accessories to complement his outfit. But we can never deny that there are really times when he needs to dress up properly and a nice accessory should always go with a great outfit. That is why for our upcoming anniversary, I am thinking of giving him a very fine timepeace of great craftsmanship and durability that I am sure hubby can’t resist to wear and that is one of the rare timepieces of IWC Watches.

IWC Watches are available from Lussori who is an authorized purveyor of these rare and fine timepieces. They sell different brands of the finest timepieces like Bell and Ross, Hermes, Omega, Mont Blanc to name just a few. They have been in the business of selling the finest timepieces for more than ten years already.

Their shop is located at Main Street in downtown Los Altos, CA where you can talk to their in house gemologists, custom jewelers and certified watchmakers who only uses state of the art equipment to give nothing but the best service to their most discriminating clients.


For Tomorrow

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It will be one busy Saturday for us again. Here is a line up of our itinerary for tomorrow:

• Bela will have a ballet class at St. Scholastica in the morning
• Howell will have to go to the office to work overtime
• Bela will have a swimming class in the afternoon
• Howell will try to drop by one of his clients for his sideline while Bela is having her class
• I need to drop by at Glorietta 5 to check on something (wink, wink)
• We will drop by at Greenhills after as I need to help my brother with something.

Just thinking about it makes me feel tired already. Plus Bela and I might need to take the public transportation on our way home from her ballet class if Howell will not be able to finish his work after Bela’s class. But at least I will get to spend some quality time with Bela as this is my last weekend before I go back to work.


Picture, Picture!!

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My husband loves taking pictures. Some of my friends even call him trigger happy because he just won’t stop shooting. In fact he is now doing photography as a sideline and he covers all types of events from weddings, birthdays, baptism, reunion, etc.

Of course his most favorite subject for his photography is his two kids. So you can just imagine how many gigabytes of pictures are saved on our PC and how many piles of DVD of pictures we keep.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the time to send those pictures for developing. So when I saw the digital frame of my friend, it gave me an idea to get one which I will display in our living room so our guests can see the beautiful pictures of my kids. I just need to insert my memory card or USB device to the digital frame and voila, all of the pictures will be randomly displayed.

Howell was happy with the idea and in fact he is already ordering one for us already.


Portland Computer Repair Rocks

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I was able to sleep early that night but then I as awaken by a call from my mom. She was panicking as she can’t access her files from her computer and when she did a virus scan, she found out that her PC has a virus.

Of course I want to help my mom but sometimes after a long day of troubleshooting servers and PC at work, I just want to rest instead of doing some troubleshooting again at home. So I hooked my mom up with Portland computer repair.

My mom wants to call on me every time she has computer problems because she is scared to call professionals as she knows nothing about PC repair and so she is scared because she doesn’t know how to explain her problems. But she will not feel this if she will consult Portland pc repair because they always speak to their clients in layman’s terms so their client will clearly understand the problem.

Portland computer support is also the best when it comes to virus as they know how to removes viruses, malware, and spyware so they can help my mom in cleaning her PC from virus so she can recover her files. They also do phone and onsite support.

My mom is really happy as she now knows someone who can help her with her PC problems.


Equal Opportunity

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My husband and I have a few friends who are former US military and now have positions as an office employee in the state department. I kept on asking hubby how did that happened and it is only after learning about MilitaryDegree.com that I understood.

MilitaryDegree.com offers online military degrees to those serving in the military. Soldiers who are in active duty can use their free time to study online to obtain a degree so they can apply for office work when they exit the military. What is good about MilitaryDegree.com is that they give US Military personnel opportunity to earn a college degree for free since they can use their educational benefits for the service they rendered in the military to pay for their tuition.

With MilitaryDegree.com, US military personnel and their families will be given a chance to have an equal opportunity to compete with the college graduates if they apply for work after they exit the military.


I am a Mom

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Bela and Cobi, the two most important people in my life. Sometimes they drive me crazy. You know kids, they can be unruly sometimes. But I will surely miss Bela and Cobi as I go back to work next week. I don’t want to be sentimental and emotional about it but the more I think of my dreaded September 7 (which is my first day back to work), the more I feel sad and depressed. I think I will have a terrible separation anxiety this time.

I have been so used to being around the two of them since I was on maternity leave that I don’t know how I can adjust being away from them even just for a few hours. Bela is even handling it even better than me because every time we talked about it and every time I tell her that I am really sad now that I am going back to work, she will just say “It’s okay mom, don’t be sad. I will just fetch you from work everyday so you will not be sad.”

Hay, if only it will be that simple. But I know I can’t afford to quit my job so I guess I have to find away to cure my depression soon as I have to be ready to go back to work in just five days.


The Story of our Door Knob

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We have a new door hardware. My husband, Bela and I are out that night as we attended the send-off party hosted by our good friend Meg for Fr. Lito at their house in Cavite. We were having a good time catching up, enjoying good food and listening to CB as he plays good music for us while he plays the piano when I thought of checking my phone and I was surprised to see that I have sixteen missed calls from my mom.

When I called her, she told me that she and Cobi went out and the nanny picked the wrong key and so they can’t get inside our house. She asked us to hurry up because Cobi’s milk and bottle is inside the house and so they can’t get it since they don’t have the key.

We have to leave the party early even if we still wanted to stay longer to chat with our friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time already but we really have to go home because I am sure in no time, Cobi will be ask for his milk.

We have just left the village and when I called my mom, she already asked somebody to destroy the door knob so they can open the house because Cobi has been crying already because of hunger.

It is so sad that we have to leave the party early but I am happy because my mom was able to find a way to gain access to Cobi’s milk and bottles as I really don’t want him to cry and cry because of hunger.

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