LSAT Prep to Avoid Debt

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Law as a hobby? For some people law is a passion that transends work, but I want to warn you about the pitfalls of entering into such an expensive path unprepared. Student loan default rates rose from 6.7 to 7 percent according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Education. The largest default rate came from for-profit schools, which are becoming a larger presence in law school offerings. Default rates at for-profit institutions were almost double the rate of those of public institutions.

The competition to gain admittance to law school has become frightening. The Law School Admissions Council announced a 13 percent increase in requests to take the Law School Admissions Test compared to the previous year. And even though legal jobs are becoming scarcer due to legal outsourcing and an economy that remains slow, law school tuition continues to raise at rates that are outpacing inflation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 4,000 legal positions were eliminated in June and July. This added to an overall loss of 17,000 jobs in legal sector in the past 12 months of the report. This bleak outlook combined with a growing demand for seats at law school has made a career in law a difficult prospect for many. Unless students have special skills that are in demand or a degree from an elite institution, law might not be the best career for students to enter.

LSAT prep has become a necessity in this environment. Without an excellent score on the LSAT, students can expect a rocky road amidst this transitioning economy. Law school might be a dream for many students, but the reality for recent graduates from schools that are not considered elite could be a low paying job combined with massive student loan debt. The road to avoid this fate begins with proper preparation and a score on the LSAT that merits attending law school.


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