My Workaholic Hubby

Posted by abie on 1:52 AM in
For two consecutive days now, my husband always needs to work overtime for a project that they have in the office. He sometimes will arrive home around 12 am or 1 am already and then he still has to wake up early the next day to go back to work again.

He is really very workaholic as he always wants to make sure that everything is taken cared of in the office. I guess that is really a part of his job as a supervisor and I really can’t do anything but to understand and support him because that is part of what his company his paying him. But I have to make sure that even though he works really hard, his health is still taken cared of that is why I want to look for organic vitamins that hubby can take to strengthen his immune system so he won't get sick even if he has a very hectic and busy schedule.

Now hubby went home around 12 AM already and sad to say he has to wake up early again tomorrow as he is taking the Saturday function. And since it is a weekend and Bela has classes every Saturday, he will be our driver in the afternoon after he works overtime to take us to Bela’s swimming class. I don't know where Howell is getting his energy just to make us happy. I better treat hubby to a sumptuous dinner after Bela’s class for all the handwork that he is doing for us.


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