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One of the things that I don’t like when I was pregnant, aside from the morning sickness, was my acne breakouts which I experienced from my first to my last trimester. Thankfully, my acne problems are gone after I give birth and all I need now is an acne scar cream to erase those ugly acne marks.

But you know, no matter how many acne breakouts and morning sickness and dizzy spells I experienced, I will gladly do it again if after all of that, I will be blessed with a very precious child.

As what a friend had said, when you have two kids, the love and attention that you give to them will not be divided but will be multiplied. I know sometimes it is crazy taking care of two kids especially during the first few months when we have to deal with Bela too as she is still adjusting from having a brother. But the joy that my husband and I are experiencing every time we hug and kiss our two kids is just priceless and is something that we will trade for anything.


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